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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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QUOTE(Triss Hawkeye @ Apr 21 2007, 09:13 AM) [snapback]533665[/snapback]
Colonel Mustang looks sexy dead...wonder if Vic was saying something there... ohmy.gif

@Triss Hawkeye - Yeah, but I like him alive better!! biggrin.gif

And, I'd love to have Stormie explain more about the vids!!! (Here, or on the Anime Con thread is fine, too!! ^^)

Also, I'm eagerly awaiting for the Anime Boston Con report from Liz!!!! ^^

I'm hoping for more funny/good Roy/Riza cosplay sightings!!! biggrin.gif
Princess Blade
Tomorrow (April 22) in San Francisco, CA will be the Cherry Blossom Fest! My groupies and I will be debuting our FMA costumes (me as Lust, two friends as Sloth and Greed). Our Sloth's friends will be going as Mustang and Falman (they're the same ones in a picture post I made last month), and I hope to see lots of other FMA cosplayers. I'll definitely take pics for everyone! smile.gif

@Triss Hawkeye
Omg, I saw Vic at a con in San-Fran last year and I took a lot of movies during his panel. In the movie file with the "dead sexy" line, I screamed like a true fangirl, lol. (Yeah. Loud. ^^")
Triss Hawkeye
Yay! ^^

I love Roy over Ed in FullMetal Alchemist, but I have to say Vic is my favourite voice actor of all time. He is definitely one of my heroes! ^^

Well, good luck with your cosplay, I'm sure it will be great!
@Princess Blade - Oh!! That sounds like fun!!!!
Yes, yes, take lots of Roy and other FMA cosplay pics!!
Can't wait to hear your report!! Hope you'll have a great time!! ^^
Thank you so much! biggrin.gif

I love those videos! Especially the Anime Dating Game, it's hilarious! laugh.gif

@Princess Blade
Have fun there! biggrin.gif
Triss Hawkeye
I just joined the Miniskirt Army! =D

Skirt number #1199 reporting in! ^^
It seems that Conventions are really common in US and there are only one or maybe two per year and they are really sad (better to stay away from them >_<!!)
This kind of Character Poll is in my opinion better that just the popularity chart xD.
I haven 't been seen any pics recently.....O.o whenever I find something I first read it and then I'll bring it here =P. Be patient...
Chapter 71 is close!!! (not so close more than two weeks is a long time!!! But time flies xD)
Well, I have to return to my books.
musical alchemist
QUOTE(Triss Hawkeye @ Apr 22 2007, 12:31 PM) [snapback]534302[/snapback]
I just joined the Miniskirt Army! =D

Skirt number #1199 reporting in! ^^

How does one join this army?
Triss Hawkeye
Go to the website, smile.gif
N.C. StormEye
I'm in the army via the Myspace page...Starrie recruited me so she's my MSA Onesan. Or onechan.

Anyway...I can't say much about the videos. All I know is there's even a Travis proposing to a joke of course. Vic leaps into the air and hugs Travis...and damn, Vic is SHORT. Just like Edo-kun. biggrin.gif

Anyway, I have transcripts of my fave moments here.

At the moment I’m on a giggling-fit RoyEd high, even though I don’t like the pairing itself. I mean, it’s not my
fault I find the Travis proposes to Vic video amusing!

And the two times Vic’s been caught on tape saying “Colonel Mustang looks dead Sexy! In a Miniskirt!”.

And that time when, after “Roy” (a Roy cosplayer, ForeverZeroo) dies in a mock battle, he says, “Colonel Mustang is Dead Sexy!” and someone asks, “Is he also sexy dead?”. And after a brief pause…
Vic (as Ed): Colonel Mustang is Sexy Dead!

There’s also the “A Day In The Life” interview video with Travis and Vic. Someone asks what they would do if they had their characters powers for a day. Funniest moments.

Travis: This looks flammable! (boom) Sweet!

Vic: I’d bring steaks and burgers over to your place.
Travis: (laughing) Yeah.
Vic: Travis, medium well. (boom)

Vic: What would I do? I don’t know…
Travis: Oh shut up man! You’d be all ‘clap’ boom, ‘clap’ boom, ‘clap’ boom! (doing alchemy)

Travis: I’d be all groggy in the morning (picks up envelope) what’s this? (boom) Bill.

Travis: (makes motions like he’s lengthening and shortening Ed’s blade)

Vic: I’d turn my blade into a lightsaber. (Fwhing. Fwhing. Fwhing…)

Props to Travis for being waaaay funny.

Oh, there might be a video of me doing a short-rant on YouTube somewhere...I think there is. If not, I'll post one. I've got a video from before I knew FMA doing a "short rant" (not very imaginative) and one after I watched FMA doing a short rant (this has jumping).

biggrin.gif I'm the queen of these things. If anyone asks, yeah, I'm a bean. I'm five-two. Pretty, but five-two. *le sigh*

Triss Hawkeye Hey sister Skirt! It's a running joke with me though that I was recruited simply because I'm one of the few ladies who can run in a miniskirt without flashing anything...maybe because I don't wear TINY ones.

I'm enlisting at the main website itself...but I hope they don't kill me because I'm also a Ranger. What can I say...I'm supporting Vic-sama because he's a Pastor! biggrin.gif

MY goal in life is to be hugged by Vic and Travis. You know one fangirl was brave enough to ask during a panel discussion if she could come up and hug them?

Everyone who Loved the Vids search YouTube...there are funnier ones XP. I left a few transcripts on your post. Try the interviews after the movie. You guys are so lucky to be in the States and can go to cons. Tell me if there are any for next year April-May. I may hit the States just to go to one. Tell me so I can get my "Royai Elitist" handmade shirt ready!


Paca I wuv the long list! I wuv it! Thankies!

Kenji what do you mean I have a big one there? Hmm? *smirks* I know, don't you LOVE that comment?

Princess Blade Wow! Lucky you! Hope your cosplay PWNS the competition!

By the way, Travis and Vic's fave sin is Lust. There are three reasons.

1. She's HOT.
2. She turns out good in the end.
3. She's HOT!

Oh, and there's a fourth.


Current fave Roy Quote - "So is it true she [Psiren] is a perfect ten under the mask?"

I just watched an Episode 13 rerun yesterday. I love the "I LOVE DOGS!" part. Funfact, did you know that Travis was originally rehearsing for Armstrong, and so when it came to that part in Epi 13, Colleen got him to release his inner Armstrong? And when Colleen heard it...she practically fell over. "WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!"

Any more weird questions and whatever, PM me. I'm pathetic today. *le sigh* MSRA rules! Miniskirt-Risembool Army! XP

Oh, and by the way, can the people on Myspace please add me? Triss has already, so...anyone else?

Linky-Linky: Stormie's Myspace - Come on folks! It took me hours in the scorching heat to find a layout that looked pretty!

Another BTW - FANLETTER TO VIC...any fans out there willing to help me compose MY FIRST FANLETTER? Please help!

@Paca - Yap, in the U.S., we have so many Cons!! laugh.gif
BTW, hope your school work is going well!! Yap, already counting for chapter 71!! ^^

@musical alchemist - Welcome to the Royai thread!! I see you are interested in becoming the mini-skirt army!! biggrin.gif But, if you like Royai, or Roy, or Riza, stick around with us also!! happy.gif

Which brings us...
@Kenji - You're not a Roy fan?? Hope you like Riza, then. ^^

Whcih brings us...
@Twilightz - I know you are a royai fan. biggrin.gif You got to stop by more often!! happy.gif

@Stormie - You are a Royai "elitest"?? ohmy.gif I'm like, a Royai "mutt." laugh.gif

From the FMA Character Poll Paca has posted (6th post from the top):

Q12. Who do you think is a potential stalker?

- 1 - Jean Havoc
- 2 - Scar
- 3 - Maes Hughes
- 4 - Roy Mustang
- 5 - 66

I can't imagine Roy as a stalker!! No way!!
But, on the other hand, if Riza went to a date with someone other than Roy, he might follow them for the whole date!! laugh.gif
Whoot!! I am back!! and with some really cute pics this time too!! I've also updated my album..with a little bit more pics..

@Tombow: Hi!! *waves* with regards to ur question above..haha i can imagine hughes as a stalker...especially when the person he is stalking had once expressed interest in his precious daughter..hahaha..the over-protective father!!

And if Riza ever goes out with anyone else other than roy...i agree with you that he will DEFINATELY follow them...with his gloves ready to charcoal-broil the guy..haha!!

OT: i got a new pair of specs..! Want to see??

Old pair

New Pair..(figured since i am going into a new school soon[university!!], that i'd get something new to put on as well..thus the specs..)

Anyway..i hope i can come back to visit soon..!! Been pretty busy lately..haha..hope you guys like the new pics!!
@animefreak_zzz - *glomps!!!* Nice to see you!!!
Those pics are soooo lovely!! I love them!!! Thank you!! happy.gif
And, you are so adorable in those pics!!
I like both pairs, but you look very nice in your new glasses!! ^^

As for Roy being ready to char-broil the guy who's dating Riza...
Yap, totally agree!! Good point!! laugh.gif
@musical alchemist : You are welcome to stay here! smile.gif

@animefreak_zzz: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so nice to see you again!!!! THanks for teh pics!! <3<3

musical alchemist
QUOTE(Tombow @ Apr 24 2007, 03:14 AM) [snapback]534999[/snapback]
@musical alchemist - Welcome to the Royai thread!! I see you are interested in becoming the mini-skirt army!! biggrin.gif But, if you like Royai, or Roy, or Riza, stick around with us also!! happy.gif

Thank you and thank you paca! I'm a big Royai fan, so I'll be keeping up for a while biggrin.gif
@Twilightz - I know you are a royai fan. biggrin.gif You got to stop by more often!! happy.gif

I'm trying. happy.gif

@ animefreak_zzz
Thanks for the pics! biggrin.gif They're so cute.. happy.gif BTW, nice glasses.
Triss Hawkeye
Nice pictures! ^^

@Stormie: I love searching YouTube for con videos, especially for Vic and Travis (both so wonderful! ^^). What's really infuriating me right now is that Vic is at the London Expo in May...I'd love to go, but it's also my sister's birthday so I'm already tied up. T_T

It's funny, whe you typed MSRA (Miniskirt-Rangers Army) I thought you meant MRSA for a moment. Scary stuff.... O_O

Do you think you could give me a link to that 'Day in the Life' video?

Yay for miniskirts! ^^
I have returned!
@animefreak zzz: Thanks for sharing. Those are cute pictures! smile.gif

Eh, to be honest, I don't want anything to do with Vic right now.
I'm kinda upset over what he's trying to do with the Tsubasa dub.
@Paca - Aww.. Those are so niiiice!!
I Love the Chibi ones!! They are so cute!!
And others are looking so nice, too!! Thank you!! happy.gif

@musical alchemist - Aha, I knew it!! You are a big Royai fan!! biggrin.gif
Stay with us, and enjoy the Royai goodness with us!! happy.gif
@musical alchemist - Welcome! Please stay and enjoy more of royai goodness with us! ^-^

@animefreak zzz- I bow down at your pic finding skills...Of course, same goes especially for paca too.

Oh, and who's this Vic everyone is talking about??
*Suddenly feeling very dumb and out of place, so slowly backs up from the computer* ph34r.gif
@ika07 - No need to sneak back away!! laugh.gif
Vic Mignogna is the English voice of Ed. biggrin.gif
(BTW, Travis Willingham is the English voice of Roy. ^^)

Still with GanGan FMA Character Polls posted by Paca: (6th post on the page ^^)
Q5. Who would you want to be your father?

- 1 - Maes Hughes
- 2 - Von Hohenheim
- 3 - Sigu Curtis
- 4 - Alphonse Elric
- 5 - Roy Mustang

I protest for Roy being 5th!! tongue.gif
QUOTE(Tombow @ Apr 25 2007, 11:29 AM) [snapback]535242[/snapback]
Q5. Who would you want to be your father?

- 1 - Maes Hughes
- 2 - Von Hohenheim
- 3 - Sigu Curtis
- 4 - Alphonse Elric
- 5 - Roy Mustang

I protest for Roy being 5th!! tongue.gif

I can imagine Roy BBQ-ing my @$$ if I vote him to be my father tongue.gif XDXDXD
well...if you were a daughter to roy..then don't ever think of finding a boyfriend cuz he'll fry them all..hahaha...

but i think alphonse will be a great father...there would be alot of cats at home though..haha

ok..i am being really lame now..!!
musical alchemist
Roy would be an awesome dad. He reminds me of mine sometimes anyway, you know, without the alchemy. I'd get torched with a bbq lighter or something (If I was really stupid).
Hi all--! Back from Con-ing it up in Boston.
Still incredibly sleep-deprived. Having trouble forming coherent sentences. blink.gif

They are still in post-production tho, so it will be a little while.

That GanGan poll is awesome... thnx for posting that!

PS: If you search YouTube with the keywords "Anime Boston", "Dating Game" or "Masquerade," you'll probably find videos by now. ZOMFG! You NEED to see the Armor!Al that was in the Masquerade. Hosh!t.
@Liz - You are baaaack!!! Missed you!! biggrin.gif
Cant. Wait. For. The. Pics!!!!!
(And the vids!! laugh.gif I'll go search YouTube later!!! ^^)

@musical alchemist - Yay!! I agree!! Roy could be an awesome dad!! biggrin.gif

(Although, if Roy is his dad, Kenji could be walking around with singed hair often!! tongue.gif )

@animefreak_zzz - Yeah, if Roy has a daughter, her boyfriend will be in big trouble!!!
No question about that!! laugh.gif
N.C. StormEye
Actually, if Roy's daughter had a boyfriend who just happened to act similar to Hawkeye, then no, Roy's daughter's BF wouldn't be in trouble. XP

And considering this is Roy's kid we're talking about, she'll probably end up with someone like her Mama. biggrin.gif Yes folks, I will campaign for Roy and Riza to have babies, for they will be the loveliest babies in creation! I mean, haven't you guys heard of genetics? biggrin.gif

Liz we missed you! How'd the con go? Leave us some pics will ya? LINKAGE!! *begs* BTW, I'm on Myspace.

musical alchemist I knew it I knew it! Yesh! Share in the Royai love! YAY! biggrin.gif

Tombow Royai "Elitist" means that I think Roy should only go with Riza and vise versa. No Havocai, no RoyEd, no RizaEd (I read one once...eugh), no RizaScar, no RoyHughes, no...God Roy is such a Manwhore you can pair him with ANYBODY!! But it should be NOBODY BUT RIZA!! *Amen*

Paca I wuv the pics! Awesome! V. kawaii!

I wish I could draw for y'all but I suck with anything but fashion design. However, if any of you want to see that then you can just tell me. I'd be happy to scan them for you.

Off-Topic BTW, my M.S.A. letter came today...they didn't really listen when I said I was a member of both the Rangers and the MSA.

Welcome to the hordes of rabid fangirls and fanboys that make up the illustrious Miniskirt Army, otherwise known reverently as the M.S.A. - the clear dominating fangroup in the FMA Universe. We all know that there is one true choice to make in life, and that choice is simple ... tall, or shrimp. And you my friend, YOU have chosen tall - a wise decision. The rules for joining are simple: love FMA, respect your future Furher, and of course - you must own at LEAST one miniskirt (there is no limit to how many you may have - the more the merrier!) There is also a chain of command, so pay attention to what your higher-ups have to say. And always, ALWAYS, wear the Big Blue with pride. As one of my favorite cheerleader friends said at a con earlier this year,

"Blue is cool, and that's the rule! I'd rather be dead than red!"

How very true. So once again, welcome to the MSA. And know that we all are glad that you have joined our ranks. I certainly am. Only the best of the best can endure the heat. So stand fast, walk tall, and carry a loud snap! I look forward to communicating with everyone of you - but until then, enjoy your fellow enlistees - and welcome to The Few, The Proud, The Miniskirt Army.

Warmest regards,
Travis Willingham a.k.a. Colonel Roy Mustang

Yes folks, that's what it sez. Gosh. What if they found out I own 20+ minis...I'm not kidding here. it's just they're all not TINY. *ehem*

...What the hell to do now...*le sigh* I'm a member of the Rangers and the MSA. Oh dear GOD.

At any rate = Skirt #1209 here. *le dramatic sigh*

I suppose this is my eternal conundrum, not being able to choose. Dear God help me. *le siiiiiiiigh* But I can't chooooose. Vic is nice and v. kind to the FGs, while Travis is hilarious! OH GOD!

Oh well. Never mind. It's not like I'm going to cons anyway. Plus, this is why the Miniskirt-Risembool Army was invented. For people who can't choose and have broken all rules to join BOTH.

My life is too complicated. CAN ANYONE HELP ME??????!!!!

musical alchemist
QUOTE(N.C. StormEye @ Apr 25 2007, 05:56 PM) [snapback]535527[/snapback]
Yes folks, that's what it sez. Gosh. What if they found out I own 20+ minis...I'm not kidding here. it's just they're all not TINY. *ehem*

...What the hell to do now...*le sigh* I'm a member of the Rangers and the MSA. Oh dear GOD.

At any rate = Skirt #1209 here. *le dramatic sigh*

Ha ha! I must've gotten my letter right after you because I'm Mini Skirt #1210! laugh.gif

(edited b/c I quoted more than I should've)
N.C. StormEye
...But I need help musical alchemist. I can't really pick. I mean...I like both Vic and Travis. Should I go off and quit the MSA? I mean, I'm also an unofficial Ranger! Just not as obsessive...

Urgh, maybe I should just go neutral and be a happy Central Sharpshooter. biggrin.gif Problem solved!
@ Stormie If you cannot decide, you can be both. There is a yahoo group known as the MiniSkirt Rangers. They have State Military uniforms that are red. I went to a panel at Sakura-Con that the founders were hosting and was invited to join the Resembool Rangers.

@ Liz GLOMP! I'm soooo happy you are back! Post some links of you can! I have to see your pics from the con.

@ Everyone Long time no talk! I've been fighting a cold, bleh, but I'm much better.

Roy as a dad?!? Hmmmmm? Why can I see a Havoc looking guy being chared?

So to either to remind or inform everybody, we are starting to gear up for Royai Day. At one point of time, a poster requested fan art that had a rain theme to it. Stormie is also gathering fan fict writers to do pieces and I'm working on getting the haikus together. There isn't a finalized theme, but rain is looking like a high contender. Suggestions? Thoughts? Submissions. Send via PM or post on the thread. Thanks!

@N.C. StormEye - Aha, I see that by Royai "Elitist," you mean you are a Royai "Purist."
I knew you meant something "good" by that... biggrin.gif
Tho, I sense that some people who saw Royai "Elitist" in your sig might have taken it wrong way. As in, you are a Royai "snob" and proud of it by displaying it in your sig or something. sad.gif
Just letting you know that there might be some possible misunderstanding arising from that.
I'm afraid that the word "Elitist" could look like you're considering yourself to be the Elite, as in better than others, or looking down on others who do not worship Royai.
(Yes, I know, I know, that that's not what you mean by Royai "Elitist," but I'm just letting you know what some people might take it from seeing your sig... noticed some hint of it from some of the posts commenting on your sig on other thread, and thought you might like to know. ^^)

And, to make the post back on topic... continuing with GanGan FMA Character Polls posted by Paca: (6th post on the page ^^)

Q3. Who do you wish to be married to?

As a wife
- 1 - Riza Hawkeye
- 2 - Winry Rockbell
- 3 - Ranfun

Yes, I think Riza will be an awesome person to married to!! biggrin.gif
(Although, I think Winry and RanFan would be awesome, too!! ^^)
Roy Mustard
Okay, for the father question I wouldn't want Hughes because it's so awkward to have some1 showing people you photo. If Roy had any sons, the sons wouldn't have any gf because they'd all go for Roy as NO. Von? No way...Sigu's scary and a total AL wins! Lots and lots of animals!

For the mother one, it'd be between Riza and Lan Fung, because Winry's just too childish and crazy. (She'd throw tools at me!XD) Riza's a little strict and I don't know about Lan Fung...

Lmao. =)
I'll be back in a coherent mental state sometime soon. I promise...

Oh, thanks Paca for posting links to those EdWin/Roiai pics I was looking for. Just noticed that. PERFECT!

FWIW, our head of ConOps staff was running around taking pics of convention Staff who were cosplaying, and I found this in his gallery:

Not the best pic out there, but...

It's a bad pic (my hair is in my face, stupid expression, etc.) but it will work for now. blink.gif
You can sort of see the trim on the skirt. You can't see my shoes, and they KICKED ASS. If you look close, I'm holding a clipboard. XD
I had it because I was actually on duty at the time, but it totally worked with the costume.

Can't wait to see the studio shots. I saw the raw files, and ZOMFG!!! They came out nice. What was even more awesome was that our staff photographer is ex-military, so he knew exactly how to pose me. I'm pretty used to posing myself, but he did the entire photoshoot to make it look very "official." Hosh!t. He got it DEAD ON too.
Hmm...the regular posting is still annoying, huh? Oh, well, this is good enough for me.

Just saw the most recent chapter. Some nice EdWin stuff going on and now I'm even more worried about Riza than I was when she became the Fuhrer's assistant. Well, Roy, if anything happens to her, you could always send those flowers you have to her hospital room or home. But still, is there going to be any direct interaction between them anytime soon?

In response to the past few questions:
I can imagine Havoc as a stalker.
Al would make a good father, if not Roy.
And Riza would be a good mother-her kids wouldn't be able to get away with much. laugh.gif

And now, I will disappear for another month. tongue.gif
Triss Hawkeye
Oh awesome!! ^^ Very nice and official!
And Riza would be a good mother-her kids wouldn't be able to get away with much.

LOL- she'd potty-train them with firearms... just like Hayate! biggrin.gif

My mom just told me something similar the other day. She said that if I ever had kids, she'd feel sorry for them, because she knows they'd have a strict mommy!

(Fortunately, children are NOT in my future... not at all!)
Carnal Malefactor
Click to view attachment

All your Hayate are belong to me!
OMG, Void! I TOTALLY forgot about that picture! LOL...
That is freakin' classic.

I still can't believe you went to the bar with me while I was cosplaying.
(Why the hellz didn't we get pictures of that? "Hawkeye does Bukowskis!!") laugh.gif

Oh, and I totally forgot, there was a Revy in the Masquerade. She was a last-minute bump from the waitlist on Saturday. She did this jazz-dance routine that was completely kickass.
Jazz dancing with guns = WIN.
I wonder if it's on YouTube? Try searching for "Rev it up, Revy!"
musical alchemist
@ N.C. StormEye We have the same problem in Nevada. If you go to University of Nevada, Reno: Blue, if you go to University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Red. In this case, red is evil...Wolfpack all the way! (That was off topic, sorry). But it's ok (in my eyes) for a Roy fan to like Ed. I thinks he's way too emo, but he's still cool in his own right
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(CodenameElizabeth @ Apr 26 2007, 03:40 PM) [snapback]535834[/snapback]
Oh, and I totally forgot, there was a Revy in the Masquerade. She was a last-minute bump from the waitlist on Saturday. She did this jazz-dance routine that was completely kickass.
Jazz dancing with guns = WIN.
I wonder if it's on YouTube? Try searching for "Rev it up, Revy!"

I saw it last night. It caused arousal.
I saw it last night. It caused arousal.


And what am *I*, chopped liver? laugh.gif
(C'mon. I looked HOT too. You know I did... ADMIT IT!) tongue.gif
Carnal Malefactor
Well, I do love a woman in uniform. wink.gif

The shoes did throw me off a bit, though.
N.C. StormEye
GASP! Tombow I didn't know! I'm so sorry! Oh God I'm so dead! I can change it to Royai Lover instead! Royai Elitist is something I got off an avatar at! I didn't think it would cause so many negative reactions!

Anyway...CAN THE PEOPLE GIVE ME THE CON DETAILS!! Thankiez biggrin.gif. BTW, I'll stick with the neutral Central Sharpshooters. biggrin.gif

Your Humble n00b *hits self on head*,
@Roy Mustard _ Welcome baaaack!!! Nice to see you again!!! biggrin.gif
Yeah, I agree with you, and I think Al will make a nice dad.. ^^
And, that's quite possible about Roy's son's girl friends comparing him to Roy!! laugh.gif

@Liz - OMG, I LUUUV the uniform!! Even with lessor quality pic, you look great!!
can't wait to see the professional studio pics!!

@RoyxRizaFan4ever - Nice to see you!!! Yeah, people with IE are still having trouble with ADDREPLY. There is a posting hints for FASTREPLY on Can't Use ADDREPLY?? thread. It might give your some helpful hints on making fancier posts with FASTREPLY. biggrin.gif
And, you don't have to go away for another month!! Please stop by more often!! ^^

@Abstruse Eulogy - Nice pic of you and Hayate!! And, you went to the bar with Liz in Riza's dress uniform?? And you didn't get any pics of that!!??? Noooo!!! I so wanted to see this!!!

@musical alchemist - That's one good thing about this thread... We are Royai fans, but many of us also like other FMA characters as well, and that's quite ok here.
I guess we are like just one big happily inclusive forum family!! happy.gif

@N.C. StormEye - No problem!! I kow you meant good. ^^ I just thought of mentioning it so that if you encounter strange comments, you might know the possible reason... that's all. happy.gif

Can't wait to see Liz's "Riza in dress uniform" studio pics!!! ^^
Nuuuuuu! RoyxRizaFan4ever!! Don't go away!
Stick around! We like you!!

For some reason, I can onyl use fast reply when I am using IE. As long as I'm using Firefox 2.0, it's fine. I'm sure it's just your browser.

Stormie, "Roiai Elitist" never offended me personally... but I'm pretty hard to offend. No worries. Our fandom is generally pretty chill.

Now, for my next trick, I'll make Void's nose bleed:

I'm going to get out of the way now... laugh.gif
@CodenameElizabeth: Hi!!!!! Welcome back~~~~~!!!!! *hugs* How was everything? It's good to hear that the pics were useful biggrin.gif

@Tombow: THe fma amnga calendar has already been posted in this forum . But there isn't anything new sad.gif 2007 manga calendar...... *really sad* Dx

fma file notebooks
Chibi roy with wings
Fullmetal Alchemist Liquid Mascot - Riza Hawkeye O.o
Liquid Mascot - Roy Mustang
Chibi riza
Roy reading
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(CodenameElizabeth @ Apr 27 2007, 10:14 AM) [snapback]536172[/snapback]

I'm going to get out of the way now... laugh.gif

...who are you standing on?

I think the rocket launcher is a bit of an anachronism, though it certainly does look badass...
Void-- that's my friend Sketch. He was one of the hosts of the gameshow that photo was taken at. He was cosplaying Jiraiya from Naruto...

He's got a webcomic here:



LOL-- Hughes is going to get his ass BBQ'ed for this... laugh.gif
Liz is back with pics!!! happy.gif
Your Riza is so lovely and badass at the same time!! Love it!! biggrin.gif

@Paca - Thanks for these pics!!
Yap, the calender pics are all kinda disappointing because only Winry one was new... sad.gif
But, Roy and Riza in that "fma file notebooks" pics you posted looking awesome!!
And chibis are so cuuuute!! Love them!! biggrin.gif
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