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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Riza! RIZA! RIZA! AND ROY! GAH! I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW! I knew Riza would have to be in this chapter since Roy showed up in the last chapter. I agree with what everyone wrote in black, I agree I do.

So I just posted at the Chpt 70 Spoiler Thread, really good stuff going on but they are missing a few things...

Like Roy and Riza!

Ah well, the story isn't really about them. I could, however, go on about how frickin' good looking Roy is in this Chpt. He's so adorable. I think he should just wear that civilian suit of his all the time.

@ CNE Yes, my Roy is way HOT and Asian! He was possibly the best cos-playing Roy there at the Con.

@ Stormie Hahaha! I'm glad you like the piccie! It turns out that Jason had never been glomped, until that me!

@ Everyone Oooooooo We are so close to pg 725 it hurts! But then we are only getting closer to 750! Go Team Royai!

Good night all!
Chapter 70 page by page summary is done!! ^^

@Starrieidgirl - I totally agree!!! Besides all the stuff going on in this chapter, Roy and Riza look sooo good!! ^^

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - I know what you mean!!! I'm sooo happy!! biggrin.gif

@CodenameElizabeth - Haha, yeah, I guess Riza lost some weight!! >.<

@Edamame - Yap, not only it has Roy and Riza, great chapter for Edwin fans as well!! ^^

@Paca - Riza is doing ok. You can read translations, and the summary by now. biggrin.gif

And, this annoouncement:
Happy Birthday, ValÚrie!!
Joyeux Anniversaire!!!
Starrie, your Roy is, like, the best Roy cosplayer EVER. Probably the most convincing I've seen to date.

Tombow-- to bad *THIS* Riza isn't losing anymore weight. Damn fatty-fatness... blink.gif
Thanks for the summary! It will help hold me over until the scantalation comes out.

FWIW, I'll probably be MIA for a while. Convention stuff... and I'll be out of town for a week starting next Wednesday. So keep the Roiai love going strong. (Holy Hell-- this thread is HUGE!! page 725? Jeebuz.)

Thank you so much Tombow! Merci beaucoup ! happy.gif

I came to tell every Royai fans that like last year, I'm organising a Roy and Riza fan art contest. The theme is "rainy day" and you have till may 31 2007 to send me your drawing. Click on my sig for the rules. There are small prizes to win. happy.gif

I think that it is a good way to keep in touch with the members of this thread because I do not post very often.

I'll be waiting for your drawings!

Now, I have to download chapter 70! laugh.gif
Triss Hawkeye
Yay! Roy and Riza in chapter 70!!! Now to wait for the scanlations...
@ Valerie Happy Birthday! Since you are doing Fan Art, I can judge Haikus.

If any of you remember, about a month ago we had some really great Haikus floating about. I won't set any parameters, unless necessary, but let's start getting some more done. Just send them to me in a PM.

When is Royai Day? June 6th? or June 30th? Maybe on Royai Day we can reveal the winners of the Royai Fan Art and Haikus, and hopefully by then...I'll have the Twelfth Day of a Royai Christmas pic done, a third installment in the holiday based Royai Fict I've been writing, and hopefully... a logo for our thread!

Just let me know what everyone thinks. And don't forget about NCStormeye's Twilight based contest. Man, this is fun!

@ Tombow-dono They do look good which [segway]

@ CNE YOU ARE NOT A FATTY-FAT-FAT! I'm sure Mustang would much rather have his woman built like a brickhouse vs. a stick hut! I kinda wish I had gotten that guy's name. dry.gif Or something like his myspace page so that we can crown him "Best Roy Cosplay, Ever" I'm sure that would have either made him happy or weirded out. Either way, I'll miss that guy. wub.gif Maybe I'll see him next year!

so very pg 725
Gah!! some riza scenes!
Yay, finally after a long long awaited months!

[spoiler] wah...who's Pride??!! How could Wrath's son be Pride?? (Wow, that sounds really weird and awkward. XD) I'm happy Riza finally got some scenes in this chapter. She becomes the first one to identify who pride is! I just hope that she doesn't end up like Hughes when he figured out the homunculi's plans...*sigh*[/spoiler]

Wow, only one more page until 725th page! This thread's grown so much! It's only been a year since I found this place too! I was still a lurker then. XD It was about 360 pages then too. ^-^ I can't wait for this year's royai day! Last year's was so much fun. (I was still a lurker then too XD)
Hoping for more growth on royai love, I'm gonna go to sleep. I'll stop by again soon!
N.C. StormEye
Starrie the Roy cosplayer with you is cute! Let's unofficially crown him Best Roy Cosplayer Ever! At least here anyway...biggrin.gif

Okay folks, I'm pretty down today. My mom won't let me read Twilight and New Moon because they involve vampires. So I guess I won't be able to read Steph Meyer's books...ever. *sobs*

But the comp is still on! Don't even think I'm letting that go!

(I can't read .zip files so...err...I can't see the raw. DAMN!!)

Liz can you pweety PWEEZ get me Colleen and Travis' autographs? PWEEZE?? *begs* depressed. Will throw myself into writing now. CRT Chp 8 coming up. I think.
Chapter 80 is teh bomb.
And I agree with ika07...lets hope nothing liek that happens.

Looks like I'm gonna enter your contest, since I promised I'd draw something for you people anyway. But like last time, if I get high enough in that contest, I dont think I'll be taking any prize. ^.^;; (Not saying I WILL get that high...just saying.)

Plus, EdxWin fans are real happy with chapter 70, I went over page 8 all over. xD Good stuff, Tombow did a great job at the translations down at the spoiler party thread.

PS: I bought the "Complete Cinema Guide" for the movie down at the hobby shop...and's in japanese...So, if I sense anything Royai related, can I scan it and give it to you, Tombow? Just asking, cause I dont wanna throw scans at you and demanding translations or anything. You dont have to if you dont want to.
I'm the first 725pg post! Woot!!!!

I'm so excited!

@ Stormie Sorry to hear about you not being able to read the books. Good luck finding the zip files.

@ Jelly_Belly Yay! Good Luck w/ Valerie's contest. If you see anything good in your book, please share w/ us.

@ ika07 Where have you been! I've missed you!

Yay! 25 pgs til 750! Woohoo!
@ValÚrie - Sooo nice to see you!!! *hugs*!! Hope you had an awesome birthday!! happy.gif
You are going to do the Royai Fanart contest again?? Awesome!!
Could we tie it like last year for our Royai Day celebration??
Wow, is it really time to start planning for the Royai Day again??
Last year's Royai Day was awesome!! (Too bad that right after that I went to massive computer trouble, and basically I haven't recovered from it yet. sad.gif )
Anyway, hope you will get awesome fanarts for this year's Royai fanart contest!! ^^

@Liz - I keep telling you, you are not fat!! At least I don't see you fat.
You look beautiful in all your Riza cosplay pics!! happy.gif
Good luck with the Cons!! And, yap, this thread is quite long!!
We are the longest running Character Discussion thread. biggrin.gif

@Starrieidgirl - Royai Day is June 11th. Why June 11th?? Nobody knows why. laugh.gif
I think some fans in Japan decided to do that on June 11th, and it got stuck that way. laugh.gif
Anyway, we had so much fun last year celebrating Royai Day Weekend.
This year, June 11th is Monday, so I'm thinking to start celebrating Royai Day Weekend on Friday June 8, and goes on to celebrate through Monday June 11.
If you, (and maybe with The New Fullmetal Alchemist if she is not too busy with the college stuff ^^,) can do the Haiku portion of the activities, that will be great!! happy.gif

@ika07 - Yeah, last year's Royai Day was so much fun!! happy.gif
Hope you can participate in lots of activities for this year's Royai Day!! ^^

@Stormie - Awww. I'm sorry you are feeling down. *hugs!!*
I think TMI version of chapter 70 scanlation is up, but it's in zip file also..
Maybe MSN V2 will put up chapter 70 scans soon??
Oh, and how's your fanart contest going?? Would you like to make it part of this year's Royai Day activity also?? (Just a thought. ^^)

@Jelly_Belly - Yeah, I enjoyed translating that whole sequences of Edwin scenes. biggrin.gif
And, yes, yes, if you see anything Royai related from the Shambara movie guide, please post the scan!!! I'd love to see if there is any more info to shed the light on non-Royai in the movie!! tongue.gif

Gahh, page 725, only 25 pages more to page 750!!! ^^
(This probably doesn't make much sense to anyone outside of Royai thread posters. laugh.gif )

Amyway, I'm still in high from seeing Roy and Riza in chapter 70!!
Hopefully, we can get ZOMGFT scanlations soon. ^^
Dam bloody hell. I cant upload my scans. I tried and waited for the attachment to upload for half an hour...augh...gayed. I can't even upload them on photobucket...sorry guys.
QUOTE(Jelly_Belly @ Apr 13 2007, 05:04 AM) [snapback]529694[/snapback]
Dam bloody hell. I cant upload my scans. I tried and waited for the attachment to upload for half an hour...augh...gayed. I can't even upload them on photobucket...sorry guys.

@Jelly_Belly - The max size limit for attachment file on our board is 2MB.
Maybe the scanned page is being larger than 2MB. unsure.gif
Anyway, thanks for trying!! ^^

Wow...been a long time since i popped over here...haha..anyway..i just came by to share a few pictures...and to inform all here about the updates to my online anime album...Vol. 13 of FMA was just released not long ago in my country and the story is getting quite exciting...albeit a little long-winded at times..

I'm still waiting for my university that i know which university to go to in july...

To everybody here...hope you like the pics...and for the bigger versions please visit my album...

@tombow-san: *WAVES* Hello...long time no see.. biggrin.gif
@animefreak_zzz - Sooo nice to see you!!! *hugs!!*
Those are nice pics!! I love them!!
The first one with Roy in girl's hairdo is funny & cute at the same time, too!! biggrin.gif
The one with Roy and Riza is cute, too. ^^
The last one reads:
"It's Spring, Mademoiselle!! Let's go view cherry blossoms!!" ^^
Hope you will hear about the university you'll be attending, soon!!
And, hope you can stop by more often!! Missed you!! happy.gif
I've been kinda been lurking around for a couple months or so just wanted to say hi *waves* to the other Royai fans on the forums and send a few images to y'all. I been wanting to scan this for two months now and just finally got to it.

The doujinshi in entirety is loaded here

Please enjoy the scans
@Mitsuko - Welcome to the Royai thread!!
You've been lurking on us for a while?? I'm so glad you decided to post and say hi!! biggrin.gif
If you like Roy, Riza, and/or Royai, then you are one of us!!
Please stay and enjoy the Royai goodness with us!! happy.gif
And, thanks for the scan!! Can you read Japanese?? If so, feel free to translate. biggrin.gif
If not, I'll see if I can translate them sometime later. ^^
StarrieGirl: Royai Day sounds like so much fun. I really like the idea of writing a Royai themed haiku as well. I said that I would contribute something to this thread, and I suppose that I shall have to now! happy.gif Hmmm, I wonder if there is going to be canon Edwin Day...

AnimeFreak: Nice to see you back! The artwork is beautiful. I especially like the artwork of Roy and his pig-tail.

Mitsuko: Welcome to the Royai thread! Thank you so much for the doujinshi link. It looks like it has a heaping helping of both Royai and Edwin; I really like the illustration style.

~My brain still hurst from chapter 70...WHY!!!

Bwuhhh-- I'm sick as sh!t right now. blink.gif

Stormie: currently looking into how Staff can go about getting autographs. We cannot attend the autograph sessions since we will be working., but I have 2 of my friends who are on Guest relations staff looking into it for me.

Mitsuko: OMG, doujin scans! Awesome... I love doujinshi. Tombow uploaded a doujin called "Red MArker" back around Valentines day. If you like doujin, you should check that one out too.

AnimeFreak: WOW. Long time no see! (And YAY. More art for my collection...)

Jelly-- the size is more than likely the issue. Maybe you could link from your DA account or something. DA has let me upload big files in the past... not sure what their limit is.

Valerie: For some reason I really want to enter that fanart contest. I NEED to start drawing again. I suck because I never do it anymore. My goal is to do at least one quick sketch a day, and then finall work up to a fuill drawing. (What? No digital coloring for the contest??!? Guess I'll need to break out my colored pencils...) Sucks that I'm better at drawing Ed and Winry...

LOL-- I finally updated this practice sketch to my DA:;qh=sort%3Atime

And something for the EdWin fans:

W00t! EdWin in Ch. 70! (oops. Sorry. Wrong thread...!)

CNE is going into MIA mode!
Pre-con stress FTW!!! laugh.gif

@Tombow: Those translation-summary of you are great!!! <3

@Mitsuko: Welcome!!! Hope to see you around!

@animefreak: Hi!!! Nice to see you again!!! Great pics!xD

I want to draw , rest and do nothing T_T but I have sooooooooo much to study!!!
*cries x 1000000000000000*T_T save~~ me!!! Dx

I need chapter 71 NOW!!!! Have you seen at what point we are arriving!!! XD
Wow, missing for a day, and a whole new page o-0

anyways, happy friday the thirteenth~! So did anyone actually have any bad luck?? lol

Finally, the awaited 725th page! Yay! Sadly, I will be busy this weekend and I don't think I can contribute anything for this thread...But I'll try to get a fanart or something together for 750th page or royai day.

A thought just occurred to me. Wouldn't it be cool if 750th page and royai day coincided?

Oh, and another song that reminds me of royai:
Rainy day by Ayumi Hamasaki

@Starrie: Thank you! I missed you lots too! *hugs*
@Tombow: Yeah, I really want to participate in this year's royai day. Hopefully I can contribute something useful to the thread..haha. Thanks. ^^

@Edamame - Haha, I konw about the headache from chapter 70!! It got huge revealing, and the chapter is loaded with new information!! I'm still trying to sort them out!! ^^
Can't wait to see the scanlations!! biggrin.gif

@Liz - Wow, you are a good artist!! I love your Royai and Ed, Winry, and Al drawings!! Please post more!! happy.gif
Oh, and good luck with the Con!! I can't wait to hear your report from Anime Boston!! ^^

BTW, Red Marker was brought to us by Tian Ai. I only made that into English. ^^

@Paca - Thanks!! Yeah, I enjoyed translating chapter 70!! That was fun!! biggrin.gif
The next chapter, chapter 71 is coming out on Saturday, May 12. ^^
Meantime, I hope you study well!! happy.gif

@ika07 - I love that Ayumi Hamasaki song!! ^^
Yeah, that would be awesome if page 725 and Royai Day would happen at the same time!! ^^
So many old members have returned X3, Hi!! ...It's nice to see you all again!!!

Here is a place where you will find lots of pics: PIcs! (It's all in japanese, but it's easy...just click on the numbers to go to the next page)

@Tombow: Noooooo!! The chapter is coming out that Saturday!! T_T I'd not be able to see it *dies*

@ika07: Maybe we are in page 800~~~ in that moment XD.

@CodenameElizabeth: So you are sick...poor you!!Get well soon!!!

People some "topics" that we were discussing in other forum:

1)Does Riza know that "all" the dates of Roy are to get info (that all that women are his spies) ??????
2)Why Oliver hates Roy so much?

What to give your opinion? ˝_n -I will post mine later =P-

See, you.

Thanks guys... I feel loved already.

Tombow: hehe... I can read... wait the proper word should be understand... japanese. I usually am calling my stepsister to translate the parts I dont understand...hehe

CodenameElizabeth: I do remember that, actually the one I posted up Inori is from the same artist as Red Marker.
Yeah I love doujinshi, I have a site dedicated to FMA and Rurouni Kenshin doujinshi actually. I just got finished scanning so I thought why not.
There was another doujinshi I was gonna post up where Riza is Roy's maid and he's sick and yeah it got a little ecchi. But it's on my site.
Here's the cover to it actually...

It's an AU doujinshi first story, Roy's a doctor and Riza's a nurse and the second story, Riza is Roy's maid, who has to give him his medicine.

paca: Hmmmm... the Roy's informants thing has been on my mind for awhile since ch 69. It's quite possible she does just due to the fact even Madame Christmas mention her in code.
As for the Olivia thing... well possible rivalry, possible love scorn.
Who knows?
A friend mention to me a possible love triangle between RoyxRizaxOlivia
I dismissed it, but then again who knows.
@Paca - Thanks for the link!! Lots of nice pics!! ^^
About your discussion questions:
1. I'm pretty sure Riza knows. I think she knows that very well, and in fact, playing her part pretending "not knowing" to outsiders. ^^
2. I don't think Olivier hates Roy. Reading Raw, I don't sense much hate or dislikes in Olivier's words, compare to her hate and despise I sensed very much toward General Raven.
I kind of think that's just how she talks.

@Mitsuko - Good then, feel free to translate!! It's all yours. laugh.gif
But, little reminder that I'd like to see this thread keeping very much "family oriented" since viewers of this thread are as young as 10 years old, and we have regular posters who are 11 and 12 years old (though I haven't seen their posts for a while, but I've seen them still visiting and reading this thread) so, please avoid posting any sexually suggestive material or hentaiish material.
In the past I had to turn down several requests to translate doujins here because of the suggestive contents. So... please exercise caution before posting any translated material. ^^
Tho, it's ok that you translate "mature" ones and share privately with more mature viewers of this thread, but on the thread, I'd like to stay on "safe, sanitized and boring" side. smile.gif
@ Mitsuko Welcome! We love new ppl! as i'm sure you learned while lurking on the site You understand Japanese! That's so awesome! Well, thanks for introducing yourself to us! Cant' wait to get to know you better!

@ Paca The "Pic-link Goddess" has returned! Thank you for the discussion material. We need to do more of it.

1) I would think that Roy would want Riza to know at least two or three of his contacts outside of Central, especially now. I have a feeling that Riza will be sending messages thru these ladies when she comes across something.

2) Hahahahahah! A three-some! I think Oliver and Havoc will hook up! Havoc will have the woman of his dreams! unlike Kathrine or the Alexander looking one My feeling is that there is a power rivalry. Possibly started when Roy was at the Academy and he popped off and said something that set Oliver off. Of that's what I'll presume. Great opportunity for some backstory fan fict. If anyone caught the cover for chpt 70, you'll notice how the two leaders and their subordinates line up. It's nice to see the parallels between the two groups.

@ CNE Get well soon! And have ton's of fun at the con! I can't wait to see the Dating Game video! Also, I love your line art of Ed, Winry, and Al! Please do some more!

@ ika07 Hugs! It's so good to see you! Nothing bad happened for me on Friday the 13th, which is rather boring to say. It would have been nice to say that five mirrors cracked, I tripped over a black cat, and my mother broke her back when I stepped on a crack. but that would be horrible, really

@ animefreak_zzz So good to see you! I love the second pic! Please give us more pics and let us know how the path to University is going for you.

@ Edamame A EdxWin Day? Sometime in September would be good. Let's take a poll! And yes, submit for Royai Day. I've talked TNFMA into helping me, so it will be a blast!

Since Mitsuko brought up the doujin w/ Riza as a maid or nurse. What other types of jobs would you like to see either Roy or Riza in?

I would like to see Riza as a dog catcher. Roy being the cop at the front desk watching soaps! Hahahaha!
Yay for more pic links!!!! Thx, Paca!

Speaking of pics, I need some help looking for a specific pic. This was an "official" peice of art that was drawn in 2 parts-- the forst was of Riza and Winry baking pies (or something) and the other was of Roy and Ed bringing flowers to their "ladies." (Can we say 'OTP' anyone?? LOL!!)

I had thought I'd saved it in my "obsessive fangirl" folder, but I checked this morning, and it wasn't there...

Does anyone have this by any chance?
I would be forever grateful.

Still sick as sh!t....

I was thinking... and I probably won't be posting the link to the Dating Game videos here because it IS an "over 18" type of event (for strong language and sexual innuendo) and I know we have underage readers. But, then again, YouTube does not censor anyone according to age, so if you guys look there next week, you'll probably find it...
Happy to here that you found the link useful xD

@CodenameElizabeth: I know a page that has that pic, just

[more to come later----post to be edited]
Hehe, long time no post. xD
I promise to come back next time with my finished Roy sketch.
@paca: thanks for sharing. Those are beautiful pics.
N.C. StormEye
Tombow-dono I am very welcome to including it in this years Royai Day activities! Did you know that Royai day is a day before Philippine Independence Day? I have double celebrations going on!

*waves national flag in patriotic manner*

Liz (Cosplay) Ojo-sama you're the BEST! You're the BOMB! You're as Rizalicious as they come! Thank you so VERY much! And no, you are not fat. Those danged military uniforms aren't meant to be flattering so Riza does look chubby in them anyway. So you are NOT fat. You just have Vogue-itis...the constant search for the skinny model ideal.

It's okay, I've been there.

Anyway...awaiting another non-zip form of Chapter 70. Selim/Saleem as Pride? WAAAAA! This is a lot to process for my anime senses.

Tomorrow for my Psycholoungers (Anime Fanatics-slash-ex-Drawing Students) Reunion I'm going Riza-casual. Any suggestions as to Riza in black?

@Starrieidgirl - Riza and Roy in other occupations??!! Hmmm... let's see...
I want to see Roy as a Fire fighter!! laugh.gif
(It will be such an irony to Roy's Flame Alchemy!! XDD)
Riza as ... uh.. I can't think of Riza's occupation right now... got to think for a while!! biggrin.gif

@Liz - You're still sick!! ohmy.gif Please get well soon!! sad.gif
And, the flower pic you are talking about... was that Valentine's day pic??
I bet Paca can get it for you, but I'll check out, too. ^^
And, as soon as you see the Dating Gave video appears on YouTube, please let us know!!
I got to see this one!!!! laugh.gif

@Nekokitty - Will love to see your Roy sketch here!! ^^

@Paca - Nice pics!!! So lovely!! ^^

@Stormie - Oh, that's good!! Then, your fanart contest is officially part of Roiai thread "Royai Day Weekend" Celebration!! ^^ Maybe you can have due date slightly before that, or by Friday June 8, and announce the winner on Monday June 11?? Or, something like that. It's up to you!! ^^ And, double celebration to all Pinoy members!! ^^
And, Riza in black..oh, yeah, I like Riza in special op black uniform!! (Or whatever called.. tongue.gif )

And, this announcement:
Happy Birthday, MeLRizA!!!!
QUOTE(paca @ Apr 16 2007, 11:08 PM) [snapback]531081[/snapback]
Happy to here that you found the link useful xD

@CodenameElizabeth: I know a page that has that pic, just


wub.gif the chibi one...
Oh, Paca is back in full force!! biggrin.gif
Thank you, Paca!! Love those pics!!! happy.gif
That pic of Roy peeling potato from Roy's Holiday (FMA novel book 4) always gets me!!
So funny!! laugh.gif
And that Detectives Riza & Havoc questioning Roy one!!
(They are questioning Roy about existence of Roy's [spoiler]lovechild[/spoiler].) laugh.gif
N.C. StormEye
(Announcement! I'm on MYSPACE. Look up Solan Stormeye.)

Tombow thanks very much for the info. Due date will be June 8, Winners announced June 11.

And yes! I love doujinshi!
@ MelRiZa Happy Belated Birthday!

@ Paca Thank you for the links. Once again, my love of Roy was re-affirmed. He's so darn hot no pun intended

@ Stormie Yay! Royai Weekend just got better. Plus, congrats on joining MySpace! On there, you can find the MSA page and hopefully, you will join the Skirts!

@ Everyone I hope all of you are doing well! And stop by MelRiZa's DA page, she's put up some amazing new work lately! BTW,Kenji, you need to stop by more!

N.C. StormEye
Starrie sorry, but I hold a Riza-like opinion of Miniskirts in the Army. However, if it's any consolation, I'm actually an owner of several, seeing as my mother is the miniskirt queen of the universe. *le sigh* But considering you asked, I have no problems joining. After all, I'm pretty much a member already...seeing as I'm a rabid Royai fangirl. biggrin.gif

*le sigh* Okay, I'm in. I'm a skirt. Considering I'm wearing one right now. *le sigh, again* And I'm practically 60% Roy, 40% Riza. *sighs*

It should have been 50-50 but I have dark hair and narrow eyes. XD

Okay folks, seeing as we're all waiting with bated breath for the manga scans (once again), I'm pretty much bored enough to plug my fic, Calculated Risk-Taker. Basically just key in PLEEEEEZ!! I need readers! I'm dying here!


By the way...err...folks. Am putting up Myspace group for "Voice Talents Anonymous". People who are a) Voice Actors or cool.gif Aspiring Voice Talents. Yeah, just so you know.

Royai weekend is a few months away. GET READY folks. GET DRAWING!!

What the....!?!?!

Our page has gone quiet...hhhheeeeelllllloooooo....

@ Stormie Congrats! And I'm not a huge miniskirt wearing girl i don't have the thighs to pull 'em off but I like the idea of a fan group having a them to base themselves off of.

Yay for scans! Chpt 71 soon!

Okay, catch you all later!
Hiya Starrie and Stormie!!
I think Liz is busy with the Con prep, and others are busy with the school works, or the real life job works. ^^ (The thread, as well as forums often goes through this kind of cycles. ^^)

If you like, we can start planning for this year's Royai Day, like, if we want any general theme, whether we want fanfic contest or flood also, or any specific themes you like to have for Haiku, or any other ideas. ^^
N.C. StormEye
Aloha Tombow and Starrie! I'm kinda busy writing my twisted Royai fic Snow White and the Eight Dwarves. You can check it out on my author's page. N.C. Stormie's Author Page

Please read and review! biggrin.gif

Oh, and has anyone noticed this forum's existence? <snip>
Hi everybody!!!!

@Stormy: You need readers..? Maybe I go and red some xD.
You join the forum!! xDDD Wiiiiii!

People have disappeared because of school, homework, job.....I am supposed to be studying rolleyes.gif jajjajajajjaa.

Have you heard that there is a new character poll???? It's going to be scaned xDDDDD.

Well, see you~~~!!
*gasp* all the way in second page?!!
Ika to the rescue~~whoosh~~ (can you tell I'm high on life XDD)

@Stormy: Can I call you stormy?? Well, anyways, the royai forum was actually created by the posters on this thread because this thread was having trouble at the time. ^^ I haven't still joined yet, and I really should.

Wow, many wonderful royai doujins, paca's wonderful royai pics, royai day planned planning (does that make sense?^^;;) ... what did I miss??

Sheesh, I had 3 tests today! After the hard chem test, I couldn't even feel my fingers anymore.

Haven't been here in a while.
@paca: I love those pictures. They're so cute. = D

Hmm, I should join that Royai forum, eh?
That'b the fifth forum I've joined. xD
N.C. StormEye
Yeah, I find its layout is quite good actually. I joined yesterday.

Okay, OT-ing. I've got a few funny vids I found on YouTube yesterday. This may be the best Roy cosplayer in existence, actually. I've found him!

Liz-sama note, I worked long and hard for this.

Starrie he could be the guy in your photos. At any rate, his voice is purr-fect.

So, without further ado, the Vids.

Edward's Confession - What he really thinks about Roy...hmm...

Vic, the friendliest voicer ever, makes comments on the best Roy cosplayer ever's mock death

Anime Dating Game - Don't you want to be the girl behind the curtain?

ika07 and Paca yeah, you can call me Stormy. It was my original name but they added -ie instead of it gets confusing with Starrie. Heck, even I mistype sometimes. biggrin.gif

...Well, that's all for now. I've got to continue with Twisted Snow White.

XOXO -Lol,

There are different categories; Let's see where are our characters xD:

New GanGan Character Poll

from Bostaurus//ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO:

Q1. Which character do you want as a boyfriend?

- 1 - Edward Elric
- 2 - Roy Mustang
- 3 - Alphonse Elric
- 4 - Jean Havoc
- 5 - Envy

Just as expected of the protaganist! He dominated with about half the votes! Will the day for Roy to achieve number 1 and change the title to "Flame Alchemist" ever come?

Roy: Sh*t! How could I have lost to Fullmetal!? Maybe they think I'm unpopular with women...!? I better go pick up some girls then!

Ed: Isn't that kinda winning through excessive means...?

Q2. Which character do you want as a girlfriend?

- 1 - Winry Rockbell
- 2 - Riza Hawkeye
- 3 - Ranfun
- 4 - Mei Chang
- 5 - Lust

Supressing her strong rival, 1st Lieut. Hawkeye, Winry took the number 1 spot! Is her frequent devoted worries over Ed even though separated by long distances, a highly-valued point?

Winry: Thank you, everybody. To win over the 1st Lieut...!

Riza: A soldier is only concerned with duty. There is no shame losing in this sort of ranking. No shame...

Q3. Who do you wish to be married to?

As a husband
- 1 - Edward Elric
- 2 - Roy Mustang
- 3 - Maes Hughes

Ed whoops ass! Coming on the trail of Q1, Roy again gets whipped! Family man Hughes gets into the rankings too.

As a wife
- 1 - Riza Hawkeye
- 2 - Winry Rockbell
- 3 - Ranfun

Defeated as a girlfriend prospective, Hawkeye magnificently achieved victory here! She seems to be the universal 'honeybun'?

Ed: Ah ha ha! Champion as both a desired boyfriend and husband! How distressing it is to be so popular... eh, Colonel.

Roy: I even lost here! What has that bean got that I don't have!

Riza: Colonel, there's no point getting desperate over this. There is no joy in winning this sort of ranking. Well, maybe a...

Q4. Who would you like to be your teacher-in-charge?

- 1 - Roy Mustang
- 2 - Izumi Curtis
- 3 - Riza Hawkeye
- 4 - Maes Hughes
- 5 - Alphonse Elric

Despite being the Elrics' master, the strong Izumi's image as a teacher is suppressed, somehow, Roy is number 1! Will the school principal then be the unheard-of teacher who seem to be lost in thought?

Q5. Who would you want to be your father?

- 1 - Maes Hughes
- 2 - Von Hohenheim
- 3 - Sigu Curtis
- 4 - Alphonse Elric
- 5 - Roy Mustang

The original idiotic father character Hughes wins overwhelmingly! Next is Hohenheim! Perhaps the well known past episodes of the story, allows him to put up a brave fight to be number 2!

Hohenheim: Everyone seems to understand that there's a fatherly side to me too, which is similar to Mr Hughes.

Hughes: Is that referring to you running around with your family photo?

Hohenheim: *gulp*

Q6. Who seems to be the hardiest character?

- 1 - Pinako Rockbell
- 2 - Yoki
- 3 - Father
- 4 - Edward Elric
- 5 - Alex Louis Armstrong

Distancing herself from the obstinately-clinging-onto-life Yoki, though he keeps getting bullied ( *snicker* ) by Scar, Pinako has grabbed the number 1 spot! Can it be said solely due to her being the Leopard of Resembool!?

Pinako: It's still a long time before I get beaten by a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears youngens!!

Q7. Who seems to be a miser?

- 1 - Yoki
- 2 - Edward Elric
- 3 - Roy Mustang
- 4 - Greed
- 5 - Solf J Kimblee

I guess, first impressions do count, meeting public expectations, Yoki is tops. However I sympathise ( *snicker* ) for how his chastener, Ed, got number 2 here.

Q8. Who seems to have saved the most money?

- 1 - Riza Hawkeye
- 2 - Alphonse Elric
- 3 - Roy Mustang
- 4 - Vato Falman
- 5 - Madam Christmas

Clearly set on a life-long plan, perhaps due to her image as a career woman, Hawkeye is number 1. Alphonse seems to steadily save up his petty cash ( *snicker* ).

Riza: Alphonse, I heard something from your armor, what did you put in there?

Alphonse: Eh!? It's just the air inside. It's nothing to do with coins... um, ah ( *sweatdrop* ).

Q9. Who's the hardest worker in the background?

- 1 - Vato Falman
- 2 - Edward Elric
- 3 - Jean Havoc
- 4 - Kain Fuery
- 5 - Alphonse Elric

This ranking has plenty of soldiers. Perhaps the impression of the Colonel's subordinates doing hard work is pretty strong?

Falman, Havoc, Fuery: Because the Colonel works us to be bones...

Q10. Who seems to be a two-faced character?

- 1 - Alphonse Elric
- 2 - Envy
- 3 - King Bradley
- 4 - Catherine Elle Armstrong
- 5 - Olivie Milla Armstrong

Why does he call his brother an idiot whenever he follows along with whatever his reckless brother is doing!? As they say "let sleeping dogs lie", for it is frightening to see the usually gentle Alphonse enraged.

Q11. Who would be most likely to say "Let's reach the 100 meter mark together" but will still run ahead of you?

- 1 - Edward Elric
- 2 - Yoki
- 3 - Roy Mustang
- 4 - Paninya
- 5 - Envy

Surprise, surprise, Edward is somehow number 1! Moreover as with Q7, he is in a 1-2 finish with Yoki. In truth, perhaps they are quite alike?

Yoki: That means you and I are the same, eh.

Ed: Who'choo talkin about!!

Q12. Who do you think is a potential stalker?

- 1 - Jean Havoc
- 2 - Scar
- 3 - Maes Hughes
- 4 - Roy Mustang
- 5 - 66

Will Havoc's "keep getting the cold shoulder, no luck in love" image affect his outcome? Will the girl, who can heal his broken heart, appear?

Havoc: Gathering all my current lovers

Q13. Who will likely faint if put on a roller coaster?

- 1 - Vato Falman
- 2 - Sheska
- 3 - Roy Mustang
- 4 - Heymans Breda
- 5 - Edward Elric

The two who seems(?) to have a weak constitution stand high in the rankings. The 2nd ranked Sheska perhaps would be okay if she reads while on the roller coaster!?

Falman: I always seem to get into situations where I faint, don't I...

Q14. Which guy will pass off as a girl when dressed as one?

- 1 - Edward Elric
- 2 - Envy
- 3 - Kain Fuery
- 4 - Lieut. Gen. Grumman
- 5 - Roy Mustang

Ed tops the list with the overwhelming support of his female fans. The result of Lieut. Gen. Grumman who specialises in dressing up as women tamely ending up in 4th place can be said to be...

Grumman: My disguise as a woman is perfect, and yet, why am I only in 4th place, I wonder.

Roy: But... it's scary...

Q15. Which girl will pass off as a guy when dressed as one?

- 1 - Riza Hawkeye
- 2 - Olivie Milla Armstrong
- 3 - Izumi Curtis
- 4 - Paninya
- 5 - Maria Ross

Hawkeye, who seems to be into looking smart in male uniforms, is outright number 1 here. Can Olivie and Izumi possibly really get mistaken as men!?

Paninya: Hmmm. Are the top spots dominated by the dominatrixes...

Izumi, Olivie, Riza : What did you say?

Q16. Who will likely get irritated on being unable to make the appointment for video filming?

- 1 - Edward Elric
- 2 - Scar
- 3 - Olivie Milla Armstrong
- 4 - Izumi Curtis
- 5 - Jean Havoc

Constantly being called "bean, bean", and having an image of always being irritable likely got Ed his number 1 spot. Even though he should have known the alchemy which could have solved the issue.

Q17. Who can come up with a detailed plan for a date?

- 1 - Roy Mustang
- 2 - Jean Havoc
- 3 - Vato Falman
- 4 - Alphonse Elric
- 5 - Heymans Breda

There's a plan which calculated how to bait, hook, and reel women in!? Roy Mustang really distinguishes himself as number 1. Second spot's Havoc seems to have learnt too much of the opposite and failed as a result.

Q18. Establish your comedic duo! Who would you want as your partner?

- 1 - Edward Elric
- 2 - Lin Yao
- 3 - Alphonse Elric
- 4 - Sheska
- 5 - 66

The highly rated(?) Mr. Almighty who plays the fool when he's around Al, and the delinquent comic around Roy. The comedic pair of Ed and Lin would likely be the strongest!?

Lin: Just before this, I had a romantic encounter once I stepped out.

Ed: Is that how being royalty works!

Q19. King of the Night! Who is likely to be the No. 1 host?

- 1 - Roy Mustang
- 2 - Greed
- 3 - Envy
- 4 - Edward Elric
- 5 - Lin Yao

Out of the 20 questions, this is the one which got the most votes for its number 1, and Roy is tops here! With him freely making use of his sweet tongue, the customers would reduced to butter!?

Roy: To the 10 million females of Japan out there, I'm yours

Ed, Lin, Envy, Greed: Welcome

Q20. I want to eat "this person's" cooking! Who would "this person" be?

- 1 - Winry Rockbell
- 2 - Izumi Curtis
- 3 - Riza Hawkeye
- 4 - Pinako Rockbell
- 5 - Edward Elric

Winry would introduce to us the cooking a warm-hearted housewife would make. Izumi would fry some bear meatballs, or something spectacular!?

Edward Elric - 6 times Number 1
Roy Mustang - 4 times Number 1

Ed: I win again this time, Colonel!
Roy: ...Fullmetal, aren't you number 1 even for useless categories...
Ed: Hey, number 1 is number 1!

posted by "anonymous" in Livejournal


@Nekokitty: Yes, go and join!!! smile.gif

@ika07: Did you do well in the exams? Were they easy? Good Luck!!!! smile.gif
@ika07 and Nekokitty, nice to see you!!!

@N.C. StormEye - Ghah!! I love the videos!! Thank you!!!

@Paca - Oh!! The New GanGan Character Poll!!!!
Thank you, thank you, for bringing it here!!!!
Have I told you lately that I LUV YOU!!!! *hugs!!* happy.gif

(To anyone who are recent FMA fans, GanGan is the magazine that carries FMA manga, and they do this, I think, each year!! )

Go, go, Roy, and Riza!! biggrin.gif
Triss Hawkeye
@Stormie: I love those videos! Vic is so funny and I love the dating game (wants to be Chi just so I can get hugged by a Roy cosplayer - I'm serious, that is one of my goals in life).

@Paca: Oh YAY!!!! Thank you soo much!!
QUOTE(Starrieidgirl @ Apr 18 2007, 01:34 PM) [snapback]532045[/snapback]
BTW,Kenji, you need to stop by more!

I am... smile.gif
To be honest...sometimes I forgotten about this thread primarily because I am not a Roy fan...XD
Don't throw daggers at me!! sad.gif
Warggh!! N.C.Stormeye is holding a big one there... tongue.gif

[spoiler]Colonel mustang looks dead sexy! ... In a miniskirt[/spoiler]


Triss Hawkeye
Colonel Mustang looks sexy dead...wonder if Vic was saying something there... ohmy.gif
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