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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Chiyo: I love the icons of amazing cuteness. The icon of Edward and Winry glomping Alphonse is making me feel warm and fuzzy as do the icons of Roy and Riza. Thank you for the link! (The Roy seducing Ed since 1911 icon... biggrin.gif )
Those are mega-awesome, Chi!

The EdWin "To the Bedroom!" one, and Olivia "GTFO" have got to be my favorites...
(Hawt-monkey-makeup-secks FTW!!) laugh.gif
@Chiyo - I LUV those icons!! They are sooo cute!!
Awesome!! biggrin.gif

@Paca - Yes, yes, more pics!! Thank you!!
And, it's so nice to see your posts again. ^^

@Starrieidgirl - I'm not ignoring your proposal... I have some thoughts on it, and I'll post it sometime later. ^^

@Edamame - I agree!! Kimbley is so quietly scary!! The last scen with him putting hands on Winry's shoulders... chills!! Poor Winry!! sad.gif

(Happy White Day!! smile.gif ) and..

Happy 19th Birthday, Azura Elric!!
Triss Hawkeye
@Chiyo: Icons = awesome!!

@paca: Thank you for all the pictures you supply us with! ^^

@Chiyo: Kya!! Icons!! ^w^

Some manga pages (from preview of the PS games) -raws posted in manga topic by AA battery- :

@Paca - Thanks for bringing the scans!! Riza looks so nice in "disguise"!! happy.gif

I have a proposal of my own...
It's about our thread title... more specifically, about "For Hawkeye (x Roy) Fans Only!" part.
I noticed it while doing the merge, and it sounds kind of excluding, and if it's ok with everyone, I'd like to see our thread title changed to "For Hawkeye (x Roy) Fans, and more!!" biggrin.gif
Whachya think?? Please let me know... ^^
Tombow, I think that changing the title of the thread sounds like a great idea. I have to admit that I was rather tentative about posting in this thread the first time I saw it. The title made the thread sound exclusive, but I was sorely wrong when everybody was so kind and instantly welcomed me. I think that this thread functions beyond the love of Royai; I kind of view this thread as a little mini-community where all are welcomed. Whether or not or not you are a fan of Royai, the people here are always willing to talk and help one another out.

Thank you for the scans. I love reading the raws of Hagaren, because all the Kanji has Furigana so I don't have to sit around with my Kanji dictionary. (Your new siggy is really cute)

Happy White Day Everyone!
@ Tombow I don't feel you are ignoring me. And yes! We should adjust the title of our happy lil thread!

Edamame said it best,
I think that this thread functions beyond the love of Royai; I kind of view this thread as a little mini-community where all are welcomed. Whether or not or not you are a fan of Royai, the people here are always willing to talk and help one another out.

I never realized that the thread title sounded exclusive, because we are such an open thread. I'm afraid to go anywhere else!

So what is the eta (estimated time of arrival) for an English scanlation of chpt 69? I read Tombow-dono's over-view, but I want more! (I sound so two yrs old!)

Happy White Day Everyone! You may find a surprise down the road from me. wink.gif
YESTERDAY was White Day ???

damn it! now i have to wait for another year!!! 'cause i didn't know it was yesterday... UNLUCKY ME!!! sad.gif
Princess Blade
blink.gif Huh, White Day...I completely forgot about that. ^^

I'm okay with the thread name-change, but I also didn't think we were exclusive to just Royai fans. ^^ Everybody here is so nice. *happy sigh* tongue.gif

I'm at work now, I'll post the scanlations later this evening.. RL is being a bit evil lately *le sigh*

About the name change: I'm cool with that, though I never felt intimidated by it. happy.gif Could I add another suggestion?
Maybe you could turn it into Hawkeye x Roy without the () around Roy? That's what made me hesitate to post at first.. because I'm more of a Roy fangirl biggrin.gif To me it was like this entire thread was about Riza, with just a little Roy.

*grouphugs* Love you all! Gotta run! smile.gif
*hugs Keoni!!* ^^

Thanks everyone for your valuable opinions!! Glad you like the idea!! ^^
And, thanks Keoni, that makes sense, and I like that!!
Everyone ok with taking out "( )" from our thread title??
I'll wait little more, so that anyone can post more inputs (if any)!! happy.gif
QUOTE(Tombow @ Mar 15 2007, 07:16 AM) [snapback]517946[/snapback]
I have a proposal of my own...
It's about our thread title... more specifically, about "For Hawkeye (x Roy) Fans Only!" part.
I noticed it while doing the merge, and it sounds kind of excluding, and if it's ok with everyone, I'd like to see our thread title changed to "For Hawkeye (x Roy) Fans, and more!!" biggrin.gif
Whachya think?? Please let me know... ^^

Hmmm... I'm all for it. I never really thought that the thread sounded "exclusive" in any way, although, with a thread that has this many pages and so many active viewers/posters, it DOES take one some time to "earn their stripes"... ie: become a recognized poster. I'm not QUITE sure when that moment came for me, but i believe it was after I went off on my tirade about firearms back in November... laugh.gif

But, we ARE friendly, so why the heck not have the thread title reflect that? Go for it Tombow!

Keoni!! Haven't seen you in a while! I missed you and your awesome pink sig 'o DOOM! laugh.gif
Nice to see you guys again, too biggrin.gif Well, Tombow-san, since you're open for even more suggestions, how about adding The Official Royai Thread as an undertitle? I think that covers about everything. We're widely know as the royai thread anyway

I missed you, too CodenameElizabeth! (I so need to make up a shorter nickname for you XD) mah pink sig is in ur forumz, distroyin ur eyzz laugh.gif
I really hope I didn't miss some of your awesome cosplaypics. *is way to lazy to check back*

As promised, scanlation pages!
Click to view attachment
page 9
Click to view attachment
page 10

Click to view attachment
page 11
Click to view attachment
page 12

Did anyone else notice Riza is reading a Naruto Doujin? laugh.gif
Keoni I agree w/ you about the ()'s and making the title "Hawkeye x Roy: The Official Royai Thread" is very to the point and sensible. And now that you mention it....the cover of what Riza is reading does look a lot like Naruto. Hmmm??????? Oh, I call CodenameElizabeth, CNE. She hasn't asked me to stop referring to her as that, but if it helps you, then I'm glad.

@ Tombow-dono and CNE Hi!

Well I'm keeping my stay short. I need to work on cosplay stuff. Today I bought a pattern for a future State Militart mini-skirt. I gotta rep the MSA when I go to Kumori Con in Sept.

Catch you later!
Princess Blade
Good luck with your cosplay; I'm sure it'll turn out well! ^^ Don't forget to show us pics of your finished costume!

That sounds fine to me, too. smile.gif And thanks for the scans!
@CodenameElizabeth - Glad you like the idea!! ^^

@Keoni - Thank you so much for the scanlations!! *hugs!!*
Missed you, too!! ^^

@Starrieidgirl and Keoni - Thanks for more inputs!! I like the idea of having "Royai thread" in our thread title!! happy.gif
And, Starrieidgirl, your cospalying sounds good! Can't wait to see it!! happy.gif

@Princess Blade - How's your cosplaying of Lust progressing?? ^^

And, to anyone who is celebrating.. Irish descents or otherwise.. tongue.gif
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
@Keoni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* Happy to see you here!!!! Thank for those scanlations happy.gif

I like the idea of "Hawkeye x Roy: The Official Royai Thread" xD

Princess Blade
Ha ha, I haven't started it yet. ^^" I've got a month to do it (event #1 is in April), but i hope school doesn't get in the way too much between now and then. *sigh*
Hahaha Keoni, you're still here huh? Wow.

Royai fanart for you by yours truely

It's not the best but it'll last you for a few minutes. xD

By the way, thanks for the scannies, Keoni!
@Jelly!!: Your drawings are great!!! You draw the boys soooo good (I have a problem with boys, it's hard for me to draw them =_=). I like your style wink.gif
@Jelly_Belly - I love your Roy and Riza drawing!! It looks so sweet and peaceful!!
And, they look very Roy and Riza!! Nice job, and thanks for drawing that!! happy.gif
@ Jelly_Belly : I LOVE THE DRAWING!!!
Triss Hawkeye
@Jelly_Belly: I second and third everything that has already been said about your drawing! Very nice! biggrin.gif
Jelly Belly: I absolutely love the Royai fan art. Roy's expression is hilarious. Riza looks midly amused by Roy's antics. Great job! (I love the illustration in your signature as well.)
*Stupid computer keeps booting me off the internets*

@Tombow I'm all for "Hawkeye x Roy: The Offical Royai Thread" Since that seems to be what it is... also 11,111 posts that's a crazy number! I'd love to get 752 posts, because that's my fav. number. happy.gif (But it would take me forever,)

Jelly!!!!!! It's been a long time, since I've seen you. Hello! And I love your drawing. biggrin.gif

@Keoni Thanks for the scanlations! smile.gif

Sometimes I feel like I betraied Royai, it's not my only 'ship but it was my first... At least it still dominates my photobucket

I need to contribute something... here's all the Royai doujin available and not at jpqueen. And heads up a little heart means hentai... but you're not alowed to see more than the cover unless you've compleated two orders. So I guess that makes it ok that I post it...? unsure.gif

*waits for chapter 69 sanlations*
Hurray! People like it.

Nnnngh, I'm so losing interest in FMA manga now....Ed's face really annoys me. It's annoyed me from the start. sleep.gif Don't hate me for not liking him, cause many people have done that too me. But I wonder what that random scene with Roy's all about.

Oh yeah, I drew my sig too.


@No_One - Nice to see you!! And, thanks for sharing your Royai pic album with us!!
I'm going awww... ahhhh... laugh.gif They are so lovely!!! happy.gif
BTW, the last link does not work for me. I get "Invalid Query" message... unsure.gif

@Jelly_Belly - You are so talented!! I'm glad you opened your own Jelly's fanart thread. biggrin.gif
I missed you, too CodenameElizabeth! (I so need to make up a shorter nickname for you XD) mah pink sig is in ur forumz, distroyin ur eyzz
I really hope I didn't miss some of your awesome cosplaypics. *is way to lazy to check back*

OMFG MY EYEZZ!! (lulz)

There actually have NOT been any more cosplay pics. I think I 'pimped mah cosplay' enough on these forums. So much so that peopla are probably getting sick and tired of it! Maybe there will be more pics after the anime con next month. And Roiai ones to boot! (YAY.) A friend of mine who is a Roy cosplayer (and a REALLY good one!) and I will be two of the hosts of an "Anime Dating Game" event. So we'll probably get some funny pics out of that.

Oh yeah. Everyone on the "Penny" thread has taken to calling me Liz or CNE (I'm not going to mention some of the nicknames Void has for me, though...)

w00t!! Scantalations!!

Hey, all the cool kids are back!
Hello, everyone!!

Jelly-- I really like the fanart! I left some constructive comments back in your fanart thread, and I am now stalking your DA! (I'm not even a big Naruto fan, but I LOVE the sig pics!!) Thanks for posting. You definitely have a skill for expressions. I'm thinking I should start a DA dedicated to RoiAi stuffs... since I have a bunch of stuff I've done that I need to finish up, and my other DA is just a bunch of crap.

Starrie, have you heard from Stormie? Haven seen her around in a while... probably busy with school. Probably the same for TNFMA. Everyone here is starting college! You guys make me feel old. XD
Hi, everyone!! ^^

I see that Jelly Belly has returned! (I don't think I've met you, but I've read some of your old posts, and that makes me feel like I know you just a little biggrin.gif )

Little late, but welcome back!
Also, thank you for the links to wonderful pics and doujins, No one. happy.gif

Just dropping by quickly to say hello or something...I've been busy with school sorry for the lack of inactiveness and all. sleep.gif

Oh, and just to say hi : *waves* Hi! Tombow!! smile.gif
Yay, thanks CodenameElizabeth.

I should draw more. Or shouldnt I. What do you think?
Triss Hawkeye
You most certainly should! And by the way, your signiture is awesome! ^^
@Jelly_Belly - Definitely, MORE!! biggrin.gif Your Roy and Riza was totally awesome!!
I love the way Riza looks on your drawing!! Very pretty!!
I can't wait to see more of your drawings!! biggrin.gif

@ika07 - *waves back!!* ^^
Nice to see you!! I know about the school getting busy... totally understand! smile.gif
Glad you can stop by!! happy.gif

@CodenameElizabeth - I kind of like Liz for your nickname... if you don't mind. ^^
And, about bunch of posters starting college.. I'm glad they all got into the college of their choices!! biggrin.gif
(BTW, if you think that makes you feel old, wait till we get bunch of 11 years old posters!! laugh.gif )
And, no way I'm getting tired of your cosplay picks!! I'd love to see Roy cosplay ones, too!!
Plaase take bunch of pics at the con next month!! ^^
No One: Thank you for the links to all of your lovely Royai pictures and to the doujinshi. I am rather tempted to read them although I should be reading Spanish poetry.

CodeNameElizabeth: I feel rather old as well. I am going to be graduating from University next year. In comparison to many of the other people on this forum, I am beggining to feel ancient. *_*

Ika07:Welcome back to the thread. Best of luck with all of your school work.

Jelly Belly: You should definetly draw more pictures. You have some true talent and I love your artistic style.
I should draw more. Or shouldnt I. What do you think?

Jelly: MOAR ART PLZ!!!

KTHXBI. laugh.gif

Good to see that some others here feel OLD too.
I'm not alone in my ancient-ness...

Geebuz. I'm technically old enough to be the MOTHER of an 11-year-old.
If I had a child while I was in high-school... :/
@ Tombow Hmm... I see it is invalid. I think I know why, anyway here's the raw link I was only trying to save you guys the hassle of filtering through all the "other" stuff, but it won't let me. sad.gif don't get discouraged you'll have to go in a few pages before you'll find a RoyxRiza one but once you do you just click on the pairing link it'll filter everything else out for you. wink.gif
Hope that makes sense. biggrin.gif

Glad you all are enjoying my photo bucket! happy.gif (If your art is in there and you don't want it to be, I can take it out.) I mostly made it so I could easily share them my friend, who loves Royai as much as anyone here, but unfortunately can't get on...

~On a random off-topic note: Today is my mother's birthday!!
Man, I haven't been here in a long time, sorry, I haven't felt like drawing any Royai fanart lately.
But it's ok to post any Hawkeye or Mustang fanart I did of them seperately, right?
@ no One: Thanks for sharing your photobucket! Love the Royai and Heid!
@Nekokitty - Nice to see you here!! ^^
Of course, we'd love to see your Roy fanarts and Riza fanarts!! biggrin.gif

@No_One - Thanks for the link!! ^^
And, "Happy Birthday!!" to your mom!! biggrin.gif

Title changed ^^ ... although, I stopped short of adding "Official" because... well, because technically, nobody bestowed us that title. (And, I don't want to see other existing threads or newly created threads start imitating us, and declaring theirs "official" when nobody made them official, and don't want to be blamed for starting that trend. tongue.gif )
Oh, and the reason I have a space in " Royai" is because of the program that makes only the first letter of each word in Capital letter, and if I take out the space it turns to "royai." ^^

BTW, it's few hours early, but...

Happy 14th Birthday, windxalchemist!!

Haven't seen you for a while!! Hope you are doing great!! biggrin.gif
Triss Hawkeye
Ooh, you got the title changed. ^^
Princess Blade
Yep, that title says it all. smile.gif Yatta!
Whoa a new Royai Threa-- Oh's still this one. xD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY No_One's MUM! *sounds awkward*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY windxalchemist were ever the hell you are!



*gets stoned and collapses*
A new title?!!

I thought for a second there that our thread got deleted because it was too long or something. XD
whew, glad I was wrong.

Happy Birthday, windxalchemist!

Oh, this is a while ago, but I'm sorry that I still haven't posted my riza fanart...I never actually got to finish it... (not yet anyway) So for now, it's only riza's floating head XD
I'll eventually finish it, I hope...
I love these two together. smile.gif My favourite scene was when Riza was spoon feeding Roy after he got [spoiler]cut up.[/spoiler]

Another great scene was when Hawkeye had Roy's back covered when they were fighting Scar. The two make a great combination.
Hi All!!!!!!

It's been sooooo long, but yes, I do intend to post piccies of from Sakura Con, next month.

@ Tombow-dono I was wondering about the quotation marks, but it makes sense. I'm really excited about the new title. It's more concise (sp) and not threatening w/ the whole "...Fans Only..." bit. So thank you!

@ CNE I have not heard from Stormie. I believe that Riza_Hawkeye 9 was staying in contact w/ her. In regards to TNFMA, I'm sure she is busy w/ school. She'll pop in when least expected and it'll be all good biggrin.gif

I'm off! Have a messy room to work on, plus....

I started a new Royai story! YAY!!!!!! It'll be in continuation w/ Rendezvous and Cupid's Mark... I hope to get it done soon.

Have good one!
@archangelkatherin - Welcome to the Royai thread!! biggrin.gif
Yes, I love watching reading the interactions by the two!! ^^

@ika07 and Jelly_Belly - Gahaha, sorry for confusing you two for a moment!! biggrin.gif
Hope you like the new name!! ^^

@Starrieidgirl - Can't wait to read your next Royai story!! happy.gif

Chapter 69 scanlation not there yet??... it's been a while.. unsure.gif
(Just being curious. ^^)
ArchangelKatherin Welcome to the thread of Royai goodness. I hope that you enjoy your stay here!

Starrie: Welcome back! I can not wait to see your Sakura Con photographs as well as read the continuation of Rendezvous and Cupid's Mark.

Tombow: I just checked ZOMG Fruit Tree Alchemist, and Umeko appears to be rather busy from the post she wrote yesterday.
*bounces in)

ha, the curse of the missed B-days harr
Happy belated 14th Birthday WindxAlchemist *hugs*

Welcome archangelkatherin! nice to meet you

@ Liz: Liz it is than. I like that smile.gif CNE reminds me too much of CNN laugh.gif (absolutely no offense, starrie smile.gif )
Nah, I doubt anyone is getting tired of your cosplay. They still haven't been getting tired of my stoopid fics and I've been throwing the out here for almost a year wink.gif
Yay Royai cosplay FTW!

zOMG Jelly Your Alive! Seriously cool to see you again biggrin.gif
That pic is really cool. I'm happy to see your still drawing
BTW: Your Naruto/Ed sigpic wins many internets! I love the expressions laugh.gif

Ooohh! I like the new title, it's fit's really nice!

*bounces off again*
biggrin.gif I'm here a lot lately, aren't I? Loves the new name!! <3

Welcome ArchangelKatherin Everyone here is so nice and the love... anyway have fun! happy.gif

@Nekokitty: I...don't believe I've met you... Hello.
@ no One: Thanks for sharing your photobucket! Love the Royai and Heid!

Kukuku, faze two is underway I see. *sinister smile*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY No_One's MUM! *sounds awkward*

Yes it does and that would be reason #2 for my user-name.

@Starrie: You're going to the Sakura Con! THE Sakura Con, in Seattle?! *flails* I'm going too!! It'll be my first time, so excited...
@Edamame - Thanks for checking ZOMGFT. Hope it will be ready soon. biggrin.gif

@Keoni and No_One - Nice to see you two!! *hugs!!*
Glad you like the change!! happy.gif

For Roy fanfic writers, I just dug up this gem of a thread!!
It's called 100 Mustang Fanfic Themes, and the original source was in Japanese, and someone translated them and posted them. The thing is, some of them are down right hilarious!! XDDD Check it out!! biggrin.gif

ETA: March 25
And, a nice Royai fanfic I found in our Fanfics sub-forum. biggrin.gif

And, it's not ZOMGFT version, but here is Chapter 69 Quick-scanlation by MQ-TMI!!
Princess Blade
Hey everyone, I just thought I'd share some cosplay pics of me and my friends from this weekend. We had a little gathering of cosplayers from my hometown and the surrounding area.

The only Fullmetal characters were Roy, Hughes, and Falman. They told me they have a male Riza, but he couldn't come. XD (I'm not in the group, but their costumes kicked serious arse! And the pic is the attachment). I, on the other hand, cosplayed Tohru from Fruits Basket. ^^"

Other pics are from my gallery:

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