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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Tian Ai
Tombow - Okay, thank you smile.gif Haha, don't worry, there's nothing on that account ph34r.gif I'm sorry, I must've been sleepy when I registered that day ph34r.gif I'm really sorry!

Chiyo - Ohh, I like the traditional one!! smile.gif The background somehow matches.. and the sakura one is very pretty happy.gif Sakura blossoms.. ahhh.. I wish we had them in Illinois.. sad.gif
@Tian Ai - No problem!! The registration process is sometimes confusing, and this kind of things happen sometimes, especially when the Net connection was not working well while doing the registration, and the new member was not sure if the process went through or not.
No big deal... We just can't keep both. That's all. happy.gif

@Chiyo - I vote for traditional one!! That background looks very elegant!! biggrin.gif
Sakura one is very pretty, too, but I think traditional one matches better!! happy.gif
@Chiyo:Yeah..the traditional one's better..the sakura one is kinda distracting... biggrin.gif
Anyway...thanks for posting!!
Whew. Just got back here. Glad to see you all again, was glad to look at all the Royai goodness we've all been passing around. Glad I missed the couple pages worth of little drama spats too...

@ No_One:
@SRH: This is totally off topic and you may not see this but... Have you, by chance read Twilight?
Yes, I have read Twilight! and New Moon! I love those books, very much. And before you ask, no I DID NOT name my wonderful little ones after the Bella and Edward in Twilight. I had those names picked out LONG before Stephenie Meyer decided to release her wonderful talents. Though it is a funny coincidence!

@Tombow: You threw me off for a minute there when you merged the two discussions! But no worries, I figured it out fast enough.

To all new ones I may have missed: Hello, hello! You'll see me pop up from time to time to talk about Royai, and my babies! I have two beautiful twins named Edward and Isabella, and am going to be divorced by the 20th of this month with no hassle, and hopefully on my own by this summer in a house I've always wanted. I love the pairing Royai, and I love all different kinds of animes and what not.

To my old friends, so dear to me: I'm sorry I haven't been able to post, I miss you guys, and I love you! thanks for your support through all this!
I LIIIIIIIIVE!!!! (Bwahahaaa...)

ZOMG_SRH!!! XD Good to see you around here. Also glad to hear that the separation is going to go smoothly for you. Two friends of mine who separated recently had smooth sailing as well. Hope it all goes well for you and the kids.

The wallpapers are really nice, Chi. I like the traditional one as well.

Haven't gotten the chance to read the fics yet, but I'll get around to it. I have been insane busy, and out of town all weekend. In Boston.

(I sh!t you not.)

Click to view attachment


I got the complete set of cosplay pics on CD from my photographer this weekend. There was actually some good stuff in there that didn't make the "final cut" or so to speak, so I'll post the good ones when I have a chance to resize them (they are mega-hi-res right now...)

Alright. Off to take a bath. It's been a rough couple o' days. tongue.gif
Night, y'all!

@ SRH: Oh I see, it is kinda' funny about the names. laugh.gif Sorry to hear about the divorce, I must have missed that when I was trying to catch up the other day. But it sounds like its going ok. sad.gif

@ chiyo: Lovely wallpapers. I second everything that everyone's already said about them. unless some one said they hated them and I missed that...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes I was having a pretty lousy day so I broke my own rule about the forums and school nights... Glad I did, I feel much better now. happy.gif


The Sakura is better IMO...
Suits those kimono etc...better...

The traditional is kinda moody...

Great work Chi...
Tombow: Thank you for the explanation! At first I thought that they were odd paper lanterns. ( I was certainly far off.)

Chiyo: Your finished wallpapers came out so lovely. I especially like the sakura blossom background; I think that it fits the overall compistion of the illustration better.

CodeName Elizabeth: That is such a cute picture of you and Abstruse! Do you happen to know one another personally, or was this your first time meeting. (Now I want to go drinking with some of our forum members.)

Sharpshooter Riza: I wish you and your two beatiful babies the very best of luck during this difficult time. We will all be there for you!
Tian Ai
Sharpshooter Riza - It's good to see you again! I hope you and your twins will get to that house you want smile.gif Remember we're always here for you!!

Codename Elizabeth - Ahh, sounds like you had fun! biggrin.gif Can't wait to see those pictures tongue.gif

No One - Ohh I'm sorry you had a lousy day sad.gif Once again, happy birthday!

What is it, 7 days till Chapter 69? biggrin.gif
Finally read "Cupids Mark"... REALLY CUTE STORY, STARRIE!!! I. Like. ALOT!
(And Cupid!Furey... OMGLOL!!)

You make me like Royai fluff...

Tombow and Edamame: Void and I never met each other before this weekend. He's from Boston, I was going to be in Boston, and we both happen to like alcohol. So, there ya go! Con business is going well. But its keeping me busy...

Now, to keep this post OT, here are the photoshoot-rejects. Most of the shoots my photographer conducts need to be pared down to 50 pics or so, and the rest get tossed to the cutting room floor. I, fortunately, got 'em all on a CD!

Click to view attachment
(My photographer was a huge James Bond fan. 'Nuff said. We were just screwing around here.)

Click to view attachment
(Running towards the camera... BWAHAHAAA!)

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
(A lot of the bridge shots wound up in the "reject pile." And I really liked a lot of them.)

Click to view attachment
(I loved that damned bridge. w00t.)

Click to view attachment
(Is. This. Emo?)

So, I was looking at that last pic, and I laughed because it seemed so out of character.
And I thought, "What would the character be thinking when striking a pose like that?"
And this photo-edit was born:

Click to view attachment
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
I popped in so I could say hi to Paca... but I think I missed her... sad.gif Hi, Paca! *waves on off-chance that you're there*

@ Elizabeth - you went drinking with Void/Abstruse Eulogy???? blink.gif Oh my god!!! That must have been AWESOME!!! laugh.gif I'm in the same boat as Edamame - the day I turn 21 I'm tracking down as many forum people as I can and we'll all go drinking! laugh.gif
Oh, and I did this while I was waiting for my coffee to cool down... (heh-heh-heh... can you tell it was done in under a minute?)

Click to view attachment ... I don't know why it's showing as a "download" rather than a "click and view" - maybe it's the file type? *shrug* No one bother, then - I'll figure it out when I have time and I can make it look purtier. smile.gif

@ SRH - I think you've gone bye-bye by this point like Paca, but keep hanging in there! It's good to see that you're in pretty good spirits about everything - I mean, I'm sure it's not all roses and stuff, but still... Awww, when you get a chance you should post more pictures of Edward and Isabella. smile.gif You know, it's funny, but when I first hear their names I initially think Ed from FMA, but then a split-second later I think of Edgar and Isabella from "Wuthering Heights"... laugh.gif Anyway - good luck with the hearing - hope everthing runs smoothly! Enjoy your new house, too! Take some pictures! smile.gif I wish there was some way we could all send you a house-warming gift over the internet... Hmm... Time for some Wonka-vision!!! *crickets chirp* You know... from the old Gene Wilder movie? ... (I'm watching it on the spanish station right now! laugh.gif)

@ Starrie - I still need to read Cupid's Mark! I think that's what I'll do during lunch tomorrow... *ponders*

To keep on-topic: (kinda... XD)

Click to view attachment

Riza and Black Hayate...

Click to view attachment

My doggy! XD I couldn't resist. smile.gif Tian Ai have been sharing photos of each other's pets, and when I went to photobucket to upload that pic of Riza, I saw my puppy staring at me from the screen, and I gave in to the cuteness! XD His name is Gindo, which is an Armenian word for... dog... XD

I've now officially spent way too much time on the internet... blink.gif I'm going to go finish studying - bye all!
Damn you Liz, the reject pile is brilliant too.

The New FMA: Thanks for that lovely Riza pic, and your dog is adorable

*giggles* you all have to be 21 to drink, I didn't.
I have been abble to chack the pages I had missed; good drawings, lots of photos, lots of pics -thanks animefreak_zzz for alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll those pics (those are a looot!)-, thanks tombow for the translations smile.gif, Congratulations for those who have win smile.gif smile.gif and Wow!!! Great!!! Our topic won!!!!!!! xDDDDDDD.
And I missed the 700 pages sad.gif..... but i will be here for the 1000 pages XDDDD.

Well, now I am back (starting school in some days =_=) co if i find some info i will bring it here happy.gif.

Welcome Back, Paca!
We missed you alot!!!

AWWWWW!!!! It's TNFMA's Puppy!!!!
(I turn into a blubbering idiot when it comes to animals.)

Holy shite. That picture made me ROFL.
I saved it. Oh yeah. It's in my folder of Royai crack, and there it shall remain.
(LOLZ Fergie...)
Tian Ai
CodenameElizabeth - PRETTY! I love the pictures tongue.gif Woww.. I'm jealous of the scenery you get to shoot in >< And HAHA, Emo Riza sad.gif Even Roy makes Emo-Riza smile.. happy.gif

New Fullmetal - Haha Riza-licious biggrin.gif I'll start singing that around friends.. they'll probably give me the "wtf blink.gif" look smile.gif And as I said before, Gindo is sooo handsome!! wub.gif Hehehe..

Paca - Hi!! Nice to see you! Don't worry, we all missed the 700 page-mark tongue.gif We'll probably plan something huge for page 1000.. hehe biggrin.gif

I'm too lazy to get the pictures of my dogs properly uploaded ><
@ Everyone Hi all! Just wanted to stop real quick like.

@ CNE AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH [my version of an evil cackle.] You didn't have to read "Cupid's Mark...", but yeah, Cupid Fuery will be a future doodle.

@ Paca and SRH What's funny is I was thinking about the two of you the other day! I'm so happy that you are both busy and life is getting better. Come back more often when you can!

@ TNFMA Gawd! The photo is too frickin' hilarious! I'm sure Roy would have a copy of that in his lil black book!

I'm off! Catch you all later!
This question concerns Roy and Riza, So I guess this is the best place to put it. I have only watched the anime and intend to soon start reading the manga. The question is this: Does the manga explain why Hawkeye is so loyal to Mustang?
@ Scythoro Hi and Welcome to the Royai thread! Great question btw.

What we do know about Roy and Riza from the manga is that their relationship [spoiler]starts prior to the military[/spoiler]. But that is all I'm going to say for the moment. I recommend that you get your hands on the manga. has chpts 1-6? and ZOMGFTA And I'm not encouraging that you download, is nice because you can read it w/o downloading.

Hopefully that is satisfactory and if you have further questions, do not hesitate. Plus, I'm sure Tombow-dono will direct you to the correct forum should this be deemed so. And, others will also provide their theories or answers as well.

Sit back and enjoy! Please do not be a stranger!
QUOTE(Scythoro @ Mar 7 2007, 11:08 PM) [snapback]514871[/snapback]
This question concerns Roy and Riza, So I guess this is the best place to put it. I have only watched the anime and intend to soon start reading the manga. The question is this: Does the manga explain why Hawkeye is so loyal to Mustang?


The manga gives MUCH more backstory than the anime EVER begins to. I'd hate to spoil anything, so just listen to Starrie, and go and read it. The ReadManga links have actually been updated through chapter 65 (I think) and has the rest of the chapters (thru 68.) It's a bit of a read if you haven't kept up with it, but TRUST ME, IT'S WORTH IT. Especially for Roiai fans.
@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Yeah, sorry about the pages!! And, I'm so glad you are keeping upbeat about the recent "change" in your life!! Glad the "proceeding" is going along smoothly and no contest your your ex.. Hang in there!! We are thinking of you!!
And, yes, I'd love to see more pics of Ed and Bella!! Anytime you get the chance!! *hugs to three of ya!!* happy.gif

@CodenameElizabeth - Gahaha, I'm glad you survived the "date" and had good time drinking with AE/Void!! [spoiler]It's like a union of Royai thread and Penny thread!! XDDD[/spoiler]
And, the Cosplay pics are awesome!! I love the "running" one!! Such a realistic action pic!!
And, love the bridge pics, too!! Very nice!! happy.gif

@No_One - Hey buddy, of course we remember your birthday!! happy.gif
Hope you can stop by more often!! biggrin.gif

@Kenji - Welcome to my hangout!! biggrin.gif
We got nice people here!! I know you like Ed, but if your like Roy and Riza also, then stick around and have fun with us!! happy.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Gahaha, I saw the "rizalicious" pic!! biggrin.gif Yeah, when we try to make Attachment with bmp file it gets like that... don't know why. Try changing the file to jpeg, and that will solve the problem. biggrin.gif
And, love your Riza and Hayate pic!! And, your got cute doggie!! Very nice!! happy.gif

@Chiyo - Don't go away!! I know you like Royai!! Stay with us!! happy.gif

@Paca - We all missed page 700, but let's try to make something big for 1000!! ^^

@Scythoro - Welcome to the Royai thread!! Yes, in FMA managa, Roy and Riza has much more connection. Riza's father was [spoiler]Roy's Alchemy master.[/spoiler] And there is more stuff!!
You got to read FMA manga!! Click on Manga on the Left side of the foryum page for Manga Viewer which has chapter 1 through chapter 67 in English scanlation!! (The latest chapter was chapter 68, and we are currently waiting for chapter 69 to come out in Japan.)

@Starrieidgirl and CodenameElizabeth - Nice job being the welcome guide!! happy.gif

Chapter 69 is just around the corner!!! ^^
...can anyone give me any royai pic?
cutie, Paca is defintiely the person you want if you are looking for pics.

If you browse the thread, you should see a bunch of links to pics.
We all owe her for putting those together!
@Cutie: Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can try to help you. Just say what you want : fanart (i can give you lots of japanese pages) or original ones (from arakawa -manga- or anime) ????? Just tell me happy.gif......( or do as CodenameElizabeth has said, search throu the pages there are lots of links and pics.)

Maybe I should make one post with all the links ...what you think???

@Starrieidgirl :
know on you will see me here more often smile.gif be sure of that XDDD.

@ Scythoro: Welcome~~~!!!!

@SRH: Awwww!!! They are soooo cute!!! x3

Anyone knows a good Corel tutorial?

And to go back to old time x3....some pics...I am not sure if they have been already posted...i don't think that:

roy + riza
page 1 (roy riza)
page 2 (roy riza)
page 3 (just one of roy and two of riza)
page 4 (lot of roiai!)
page 5 (moreee~~ just scroll down xD)
page 6 (Moreeee~~~and cute style x3)
page 7 (riza+roy+riza+roy xDD)
page 8 (roy, riza, some rain ...)
page 9 (just lot of riza)

@cutie - Welcome to the Royai thread!! biggrin.gif
If you are a fan of Roy and Riza, stay and enjoy the Royai goodness with us!! ^^

@Paca - Yes, the good old Paca is baaaack!! biggrin.gif
Thanks for the pics!! Buraha is scary, but I like Winter!! Very sweet! ^^

Few more days to chapter 69!!! (I hope.. ^^ )
Hurrah, Paca has returned with more wonderful pictures. I am so glad that you are back Paca; I missed all of your entertaining links. I can not seem to find any good Corel tutorials. I am seeing a slew of Photoshop and Open Canvas4 Tutorials though. I will keep my eyes peeled.

Cutie: Welcome to the Royai thread! I hope that you enjoy your stay here. Pull up and chair for a little bit and enjoy lots of Royai pictures, artwork, and fan-fictions.

Gah, can not wait until chapter 69...
Triss Hawkeye
Oooh, me neither...

A funny thing - whenever I see the word 'Royal' I think 'Royai' (because in most fonts at first glance a lowercase 'L' looks a bit like an 'i'). So, in Triss-view, I get: Royai Mail, The Royai Bank of Scotland, the Royai Mile etc. I live in a blissful world!! ^^
Chapter 69 soooo close!!! xDDDD

@Tombow: yeah,buraha is scary >_<

Have you seen the new Anime Calendar fma 2007???? No??!!!! How is that possible!!!??
We have a page for Roy and one for Riza ( and buraha)..... (the rest of it is here)
-they are in bad quality because they are photos Dx. But it's the best you can find-
Anyone knows were to get the manga calendar (Comic special calendar fma 2007) ???? I want to see it !!!
@Triss Hawkeye - Haha, the same thing happens to me!! I keep mistaking Royal to Royai!! biggrin.gif

@Paca - Wow, ULTRA EMO Roy!! And, Riza in a skirt with high slit!!
Thanks for bringing them!! ^^ Riza and Braha look great!!
Although, it looks like they hired whole new illustrators. All the characters seem looking bit different, like, drawn by someone who'd never seen the original anime or something!! tongue.gif
I saw the post on 2007 manga calender somewhere, maybe in the FMA manga forum.
I want it, too!! ^^
Triss Hawkeye
Awesome pictures! But I see what you mean, Tombow. The style is quite different.
OMG, thank you, Paca, for the photos of the manga calendar!! O.o
I would love to get my hands on one. Maybe I'll cruise EBay tonight... if I do and if I find any listings, I'll post links here.

Is it just me, or did Riza TOTALLY steal Winry's hairstyle on that pic? SRSLY. Look at her hair in the front-- the way those two shorter peices come down. It's like "Riza Rockbell" or something. And LOL miniskirts!! And WTF is she wearing a FANNYPACK? Sorry, dude. But IMO Riza would never be caught dead with fannypack. (She's like the most stylish character in the manga-- when not in uniform.) She'd find a *much* better method of carrying her gun... laugh.gif

Okay, I'm going off on some bizarre tangent here. It's Saturday, and I'm at work, and I'm tired as sh!t after getting 3 hours of sleep last night. Need to party less on a work-night. Blah. Need to STFU now. blink.gif

PS: Roy at the bar is CLASSIC. <3
Emo!Roy needs to get together with Emo!Riza. They can make each other feel less Emo. XD

The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Wow, Paca! laugh.gif What would we do without you? smile.gif Look at our walls, I suppose! laugh.gif We've all missed you so much! You know, upon further inspection, that pic of Roy reminds me a lot of Spike Speigel from Cobwoy Bebop... blink.gif Well, they were by the same studio...

School's been horrible, and now that spring is pretty much here, all the pollen from the millions of pine trees here is making me feel like I have a horrible cold... bleh...

Glad you liked the Rizalicious pic. happy.gif Nothing too fancy - if I ever get the time, I'll do something nicer...
Princess Blade
Wow, how fast time flies. ^^ Hi everyone!

Thanks for the lovely pics! XD

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist
It's my spring break too. THANK GOODNESS! ^^

Still anxiously awaiting the next manga chapter, no? *crosses fingers for something Royai*

And, because I trust all of you (^^), I was wondering if I could get an opinion on something cosplay-related. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Royai. T.T
I have a group who wants to go to a con dressed as 3 of the 7 Homunculus. I'd be Lust, my lady friend Sloth, and my guy friend Greed. Because the fur collar on Greed's vest gave me the inspiration to have my guy friend be a "pimp" version (with a cape, hat, sunglasses, cane, and "bling"), I was wondering how you all would receive that. ^^'' We kind of want to make a big splash, and if there are any ideas you have for his costume (as well as for me and my friend), or if you have any opinions regarding this idea, I would appreciate it! Thanks. smile.gif
@Princess Blade - Nice to see you!! It's been a little while!! biggrin.gif
I don't know if I can imagine Greed with "bling" properly!! laugh.gif
On the other hand, I think you'll be totally awesome as Lust!!
Please remember to take lots of pics!!! happy.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - I know what you mean about the seasonal allergy thing!! I've been having seasonal Allergy thingy, with stuffy nose and headache and sneezing and all the stuff for weeks now!! sad.gif

@CodenameElizabeth - How was the "300"?? (or, shall I say... which hunky worriers did you like the most??) biggrin.gif

I think Chapter 69 is coming out on March 12, and Japan is way ahead of us in time zone, so it should be coming out some time today!!!! Yay!!!!
Please have some Riza or Roay scene!!!! ^^
sorry everyone...i haven't been here for a while ...


@Paca : thnx! okay, i'll like anime pics of roy, riza, (single) and both together! and oh yeah!!! your pics are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

omg...i'll have to go and sleep now, so i'll come back and post later on....bye!
FYI, Someone posted the Chapter 69 coverpage in the Manga forums:

(Does this mean that we will be getting to see some of our old friends from Central again?) Maybe, maybe not. We know that all of Mustang's buddies are scattered throughout Amestris at the moment, and I doubt they'll reunite anytime soon-- however, i must say that the little Hospital!Havoc cracks me up...

I think we'll be seeing Winry again, and MAYBE more of the Hoho-papa plotline. Dammit. I want the RAW already!

"300" was just... OMFG! O.o
Yes. Certainly lots of high quality man-meat in that movie. XD I do enjoy a well-directed war film, and this was done very well. The special effects were not too over the top, and when they were used, they really seemed to "fit". Yes. I reccommend that everyone see this movie.

TNFMA, Spike Speigel is my #1 Anime love of all time. While I absolutely refuse to get all "OMG HAWTNESS!!!" over cartoon characters, I do allow myself some leeway for Spike. If he were a real person, he would be a hot peice of man-meat.

Cutie's sig pic PWNS my soul.
Hawkeye is on badass muthaf**ka. (SHUT YO MOUTH!!) laugh.gif

I wonder who would win in a battle between Hawkeye and Gen. Armstrong? (aka: "The Blonde Badass Battle-Royale.") Hmmmm. Interesting.

I want to get a sniper rifle to go with my costume now...
Well, I like ROYAI more than EDWIN (ROYAI ROCKS!!!) and i like Hawkeye and Roy because of their characteristics.

So, wat's up in ROYAI ? I've been a little new to this forum, and i HATE reading EVERYTHING from the begining. But i think i'll like it here.

RIZA is sure a cool sharpshooter

i wander if i could learn our school; if there would have been any sharpshooting class, then our teachers would say : "THOSE WHO WANT TO DO THE CLASS FOLLOW MISS HAWKEYE TO THE GROUND AND BE READY WITH YOUR RIFLES EVERYONE! AND THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT TO, GO TO THE MUSIC CLASS OR ART CLASS OR READ A BOOK IN THE LIBRARY!" our teachers are soooooo mean!!!:(

really, i wanted it.

wow, i said something nonsense here...soooooooo sorry!!!

uhm...well lets get to the poing. What is this Chapter 69 about?
Back in the day, my high school used to have a rifle club. (This was back when my *parents* went to school. I saw group photos of the club in my dad's yearbook...) It was ALL GUYS, and in the photo they were all standing there holding their guns with these smug looks on their faces. Like "Hey baby. Like my weapon?"

They never had that club when I was in high school... Stupid PA gun laws... dry.gif

Nothing much up with Roiai plotline in the manga recently. You haven't missed much if you've been keeping up with the scantalations. This thread has been a bit slow lately too. Maybe it will pick up when the next chapter comes out. Stick around and see!! We are a friendly bunch...



Chapter 69 already, KPLZ?
riza hawkeye 9

chapter 69 raw ^^ !!!!!! Kasumicc posted on LJ .. thank you kasumicc !!!!

and [spoiler] ROY !!! OMG ROY !!!!! but no Riza (7 chaps without her ;__;) ...i'm dying to see whats hes talking about .. i hope theres some royai in it ^^[/spoiler]
^Thannnnnnkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!! *hugs*
I need translations!!!!! >_<
*drools while bouncing the kids on her knees* ROY! Gah No Riza....It NEEDS Riza. She's the glue to the spine of the book....err whatever. But we've made progress, Roy's here!

And I'm officially Divorced...and so young... ._. sadness... Gah Anyways, chapter 69 is out, let's all speculate on what happens next. While we're waiting for translations of course.

Welcome to the forum cutie, I'm sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye, or SRH for short. And I randomly give out pictures of my children and share my Royai goodness with everyone.

Though on that note...I must admit I have betrayed Royai and strayed slightly. I found out that I happen to also like the coupling ArcherXHawkeye. But I'll always love Royai. But Archer is smexy....but Roy is smexier... *goes off with the kids and procrastinates while they give her funny looks and gurgle*
Riza Hawkeye 9: Thank you so much for the send-space file. I can not wait to see what this chapter will have in store for us! [spoiler] I am rather worried about Winry's well-being now. Kimbley is one heck of a shady guy. [/spoiler]

Sharpshooter Riza: Archer and Riza, I rather like the sound of that pairing. (I have betrayed Royai as well with TrishaXHoenheim.) I hope that you feel better soon and wish you the very best. happy.gif
Heheh. Well, I guess if supporting another 'ship counts as "betrayal" of a fandom, that I've betrayed Roiai with EdWin a LOOOONG time ago! EdWin was the actually first 'ship I was into in FMA.

And apparently, I've betrayed Riza with Olivia, since the General is currently my favoritie "Badass Blonde B*tch" in the manga...

(And if we want to go so far as to get into slash, the ONLY logically slash-able character I see in FMA is Envy, so Ed/Envy slash defintely has the potential to be HAWT...)

Yeah-- 69 looks like a pretty sweet chapter. I looked thru the RAW already. Can't wait for a translation. OMG!! [spoiler]Olivia kicks SO MUCH ARSE in this chapter. Damn. I love her more and more as each chapter comes out. She's Badass withn a capital B. She'd give Hawkeye a run for her money in a fight... [/spoiler]XD

Oh yeah. And there IS [spoiler] some Roy. Looking all emo driving around with some chick in the back of his car. (But of course, he looks emo since we ALL know that the one who can truly make him smile has been taken away!! Gawd, I sound like a fifteen-year-old fangirl...)[/spoiler] laugh.gif

And yeah. [spoiler] WTF was Winry doing with Kimbley????!? Hope he didn't do anything nasty to her... Ed will beat the piss out of him if he did.[/spoiler]

Back to work... tongue.gif
Triss Hawkeye
Grrr, scanlations needed!!!! Must know what Roy is saying...
Princess Blade
Huh... [spoiler]Roy is back [/spoiler] in Chapter 69. *patiently awaits for translations*

Thanks to Tombow for your suggestions and compliments. ^^
Not sure if we're still going to "pimp" out Greed, but it'd sure be funny lol.
YES I CAN REPLY NOW. Wow, Tombow's a smart cookie. Heeeheeeeee, and he became a Mod too, Tombow you rock. Firefox...doesn't.

The damn site says my last visit was August 2006. My GOD. And 713 pages, are you trying to give people heart attacks? Okay okay, you might not know or remember me, but Hi, I'm Jelly_Belly and if I'm not, you let me know.


What the hell is [spoiler]Roy saying to that fat chick, seriously,[/spoiler] I usually don't care about Ed and his little tails, but Olivia cracks me up. [spoiler]Raven[/spoiler]is dead, baby, you little SUCKER, you!!
OMG!!! Jelly_Belly!!!! Looooong time no see!!!! Nice to see you again!! biggrin.gif
Yeah, I'm a Mod now. XDDD

@riza hawkeye 9 - Thank you for bringing the links for chapter 69 Raw!!!

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - I like other pairs also! I think that's fine!! biggrin.gif

I've finished Page by page summary of Chapter 69!!!

Page 2 has the chapter cover, and it's totally awesome!!!!
All of the Roy's gang is there!! It even has Havoc!! XDD
Then, we got Roy in this chapter!!! Page 27, 28, 29, 30.
Boy he looks handsome!!
If you want, I can translate every words Roy is saying on those pages and post it here. ^^
Here is HisshouBuraiKen's Chapter 69 translations ^^.

QUOTE(CodenameElizabeth @ Mar 12 2007, 09:13 AM) [snapback]516795[/snapback]
I wonder who would win in a battle between Hawkeye and Gen. Armstrong? (aka: "The Blonde Badass Battle-Royale.") Hmmmm. Interesting.

To me it's simple... in any other situation, Armstrong wins, because she is that much crazy.
You should see her in action (page 22) in the latest chapter!!! She is scary!!
Except, if it's over Roy, Riza wins. Or, Riza will die trying. I have no doubt about it. happy.gif

(Totally random OT: BTW, this is my 11111th post, and eta, my lovely forum friend remembered to take a cap of it, and I'm so loving it!!! ^^)
Welcome back to the Royai thread Jelly_Belly!

Thank you so much for the chapter summary! I agree that the cover totally rocks! I am glad to see a picture of the entire gang once again. (Kimbley really frightens the living daylight out of me though.) Congragulations on your 11,111 post.
Hey All!

Wow 0.o we are moving along slowly? Perhaps when we have some scantalated pages it'll be all good.

@ Paca YAY!!!!! So glad to see you and your linkies! You make me happy biggrin.gif

@ Jelly_Belly Welcome back! It's been some time, but it's good to see you!

@ SRH "bouncing babies" awe! I can totally see it. And I'm glad everything is settled for you, but life has a way of working itself out for the better and that is what we all want for you.

@ Tombow One day, I want to have 11,111 posts like you! hey, will you post that piccie of you posting?

'kay. I'm gonna sneak off! rls I hope "Guys and Dolls" is doing well for ya'. Let us know.

On a Royai note....

I had suggested an idea about a patch to rep our thread. Is there anyone out there that is for or against the idea?
@Jelly!!!!!: Nice to see you again!!!! *hugs*

@Tombow: <3 Thankssssssssssssssssssss for that summary T_T.

This chapter was lol great!!!

Happy to heard that you like the links (I will bring more happy.gif)

Enjoy the icons of amazing cuteness, and remember to credit the maker if you use them (which btw isn't me)
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