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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@animefreak_zzz - Thanks for awesome Roy pics!! happy.gif
Yeah, the kimono one is nice!! (It says Happy New Year in Kanji)
And the kitty one is so adorable!! (It says "kitty" in Japanese Hirakana)
But, noooo!! You're sick?? Sounds like you got some lung infections!! sad.gif
Please take care, and get well soon!! sad.gif
And wishing you good luck with your A'level results!! ^^
Thanks for the pics animefreak....I remember waiting for my A Level results and it killed me too. But remember its not the end if you don't get exactly what you need. (in many cases now I think its better not to go to Uni, and this is coming from a student)
Oooohhh! HAWT ROY PIX!!
(I'm gonna have to show those to my one friend who is a complete Roy fangirl...)

Damn you, TNFMA!!
"Fergalicious" just came on my IPod AGAIN, and I picked out these lyrics:

"Fergalicious definition make them boys go loco-
They want my treasure so they get their pleasures from my photo..."

I LOL'ed!

Um, I really hope fanboys aren't getting any... um... "pleasures" from my photo.
I feel dirty. laugh.gif
Triss Hawkeye
More Roy pics! *drools*

Hehe, although I love the Royai pairing, I am also a self-confessed rabid Roy fangirl. I guess if he met me he's run away as fast as he could. sad.gif

Ah well. It won't happen anyway. ^^;;
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Elizabeth - Hahahaa! laugh.gif Yeah, sorry about that. smile.gif But if it makes you feel better (and it should), if there's any guys getting "pleasure from your photo," they're definitely going to be classier than the ones who get the same thing out of a photo of Fergie! Now go girl! Go rock out and sing it loud! Let me hear you! "I'm RIZA-LICIOUS!!!" laugh.gif

@ animefreak_zzz - Good luck! happy.gif We'll be crossing our fingers for you!!!! Now get better, ok? Have some soup, curl up on a couch with a blanket and a box of tissues, and watch a good movie. smile.gif The last time I was sick I watched this old Disney movie that I watched when I was about five. smile.gif Funny how simple, nostalgic things like that can make you feel better... I still can't decide if Toaster was supposed to be a boy or a girl... *shrugs* Feel better, though! laugh.gif *gives soup* BTW, thanks for the wonderful pics! wub.gif
Tian Ai
animefreak_zzz - Thank you for the Royai pics!! And I looked through your album awhile ago, I loved all the pictures wub.gif Thank you for taking the time to make it! I wish you a quick recovery sad.gif As TNFMA said, just chill and relax with some hot soup biggrin.gif And best of luck with your results!

CodenameElizabeth - LOL! You never know, there are a lot of "silent" fans that just obsess from afar.. smile.gif It's good to be loved, though, right? wub.gif

TNFMA - The Brave Little Toaster!! biggrin.gif Actually, that movie kind of scared me.. I was re-watching it a year or two ago and it scared me more than it did when I was little blink.gif I think Toaster's a boy.. ph34r.gif
Aww man... I missed the 700th page!!!
Keoni: Lovely job on the Goldfish theme for the album!

AnimeFreak: Thank you for the splendidly delicious Roy pictures. Can I just say that I love the picture of Roy in the Kimono is gorgeous. I wish you best of luck with University results!

The New Fullmetal Alchemist: The Brave Little Toaster was quit an odd little movie. I remember being petrified by it when I was little. Then again, I was also petrified by the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.
Triss Hawkeye
The New FMA: I love the Brave Little Toaster! ^^ I guess it's not every movie that stars talking electronics...
Tian Ai
Edamame - I don't know, a lot of the Disney movies scared me in the "weird-creepy" sort of way.. I remember this one part in Dumbo where he was getting drunk, and there were lines of colorful elephants..?? blink.gif And some of the older movies, like Fantasia had some strange parts.. ph34r.gif Not to mention, this isn't Disney, but I watched something called Pingu when I was little, about a little penguin, and two or three particular episodes scared me soooo much ph34r.gif

Jo21 - No worries, we all missed it biggrin.gif
riza hawkeye 9
hello everyone ^^ !!!

just a quick post... V-day albumm is getting ready and i should post it in a week or so ^^ !!!

i miss you guys very much ... sorry for my lack of posts...i'm kind busy at the moment ;__;

N.C.Stormie says hi to everyone and she hopes to get back as soon as her tests finished ^^ !!!

so, only 9 days until we see our favorites character again ( hopefully)
let's wait for royai goodness in 69 !!!

OT: this is my 100th post \o/ !!!! and of course it would be on this thread ^^

love and hugs to all ºwº/*
Triss Hawkeye
@Tian Ai: The pink elephants creeped me out a little...but how could you be scared of Pingu!!!!!!!!!!! ohmy.gif
^*coughpleasestoppureOTpostscough* (You can post OT, but please try to include at least some content on Royai, Roy, Riza, or FMA on the same post. tongue.gif )

@riza hawkeye 9 - Nice to see you!! (Waving "hi" to N.C.Stormie also!!)
Congratulations for your 100th post!!
Thanks for doing the Royai V-Day Album!! God luck with your study!! *hugs!!*

@Jo21 - No, you didn't miss it... or rather, we all missed it. tongue.gif
(I added part 1 with 26 pages to this one. Sorry!! ^^)
We are aiming for 750th page now. happy.gif

Yay, 9 days to Chapter 69!!!
Triss Hawkeye

9 days....too long...I need my FMA manga fix...

*goes into withdrawl symptoms*
Tian Ai
WOAH, nine days only until 69?! Time flew o.o" Or is it just me..?

Triss Hawkeye - <spoilers for Pingu coming> [spoiler]That one part where Pingu had a dream that there was some giant seal-monster thing and it started eating everything! I was sooo scared, I peeked from behind the chair sad.gif And the episode where they go sledding and he sleds into a snowman or something and gets stuck in there.. his friends turn the fireplace on to thaw him sad.gif sad.gif [/spoiler]

Riza Hawkeye 9 - Hi! Thanks for getting the album ready, can't wait to see it smile.gif Congrats on your 100th post biggrin.gif
Pingu isn't disney.. is it? unsure.gif

And now for some pure Royai content:

Resuming where we left off...
2nd story scanlation:lol:
Click to view attachment
page 1 (actually 7)
Click to view attachment
and page 2

OT: I had "I'm not wearing underwear today" stuck in my head trought this. Oh! And I used the ZOMGFTA-font for the scanlation! I think it looks better than my first scanlationXD

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my 2nd story! You have no idea what that means to me biggrin.gif

@ Starrie: Thank you for posting that link! You write lovely fluff! It's so cute!

@ Anime-chan: Awww, that sounds really bad! I hope you'll feel better soon! sad.gif

I didn't even notice the sudden increase of pages... I guess I'm a bad fangirl

Yay for the new FMA chapter is 4 chapters behind on you guys
hey...i just popped in to say...I made it into results qualifies me for any course i want in the uni!! WHOOP!! Thanks for all that well wishes both for the results as well as my sickness..haha..
i'm still hacking like an old man choking on a fur ball...but at least now i am doing it with a smile..thanks all once again!! biggrin.gif tongue.gif

And...THANKS keoni for that scanlation!!
Tian Ai
animefreak_zzz - CONGRATULATIONS!!! *confetti and soda* YAY!! biggrin.gif I'm so happy for you tongue.gif smile.gif happy.gif Great job, that's really amazing!! Qualifying for any course! happy.gif biggrin.gif

Keoni - Wow, thanks for the two pages! I snorted again when I read the underwear part XD
[peeks out from behind desk]

Is it over????

@ Tombow and TNFM I'm sooooooo incredibly happy that the two of you have resolved everything amicably. This explains a lil bit as to why I took time away from our wonderful thread. I knew I'd possibly step in and do more harm than good.

Leaving that behind....

In regards to those posting about "Fergilicious" and "The Brave Little Toaster," I have this to say...

--"Fergilicious" is a great song!!!! I started quoting it due to CNE and TNFMA's posts. I like to think it's "my" song. Kinda like Kelis' "My Milkshake." [winks at CNE ]

-- "The Brave Little Toaster" I own it and "The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars" (yes, it is a sequeal.) I would love to go in length about this gem of my childhood, but I'm sure Tombow-dono will come by with his Ruler of Anti-OT and crack it up against my skull.


In regards to Royai...

All of you that are getting others caught up on chapters, uploading stories, or artwork. Thank you! It's so fab of all of you to take time out of your lives to share the Royai love. (Also, thank you to those who have sent your delightful comments about Rendezvous. I'm sure you'll l-o-v-e Cupid's Mark.... )

As such, here is a little taste of Cupid's Mark....
Putting his back to the side of the cupboard, Mustang slipped his right hand into his pant’s pocket and pulled out an ignition glove. The air in the office became thick and Hawkeye kept throwing frivolous glances at the three stalk-still officers, for they could all hear something moving in the cupboard. She then watched Mustang reach for the cupboard door, all the while thinking, What did these idiots do to Fuery this time? Mustang’s hand was no more than a few inches away from the handle when the door sprung back towards him and a dark haired, loin cloth wearing man stood in front of him.

Now the anticipation of Chpt. 69 and a finalized edition of Cupid's Mark: Hit or Miss is all we have, and getting to pg 750!

So happy to be back! PM if you want to talk "TBLT," "Fergielicious," or flying monkeys. (I've never been able to watch the "Wizard of Oz" because of those stupid things.)

@Keoni - Thank you so much for the Scanlation!! Love ya!! ^^
(Oh, and as I posted before, if you like, IMO it's fine to skip page 11 through 14 with off topic stuff.) Those are off main story, and IMO skipping them wouldn't affects the main story of the Red Marker. ^^ Thanks for doing this!! happy.gif

@animefreak_zzz - OMG!!! Congratulations!!!! That made my day!!
I'm sooo happy for you!! happy.gif

@Starrieidgirl - I'm so sorry if I scared you, and made you hesitate to come to the thread!!
I apologize!! Gomennasai!! I feel we are so lucky that people we got here are such a wonderful bunch, and I really love everyone here. happy.gif
BTW, Cupid's Mark is so good!! I'm already hooked!! Can't wait to read the rest!! biggrin.gif

Yes, Chpt. 69 coming our way!! Yay!! And, we are inching toward page 750!!

(BTW, TNFM, I'm still looking for the stuff I told you about, and I'll send it to you as soon as I can locate them!! ^^)
Triss Hawkeye
@Tian Ai: I don't think I've seen the first episode you mentioned. But I wasn't scared of the second one...

8 days, 7 hours and 58 minutes until chapter 69...
Tian Ai
Starrieidgirl - HAHA, I love 'Cupid's Mark' already! Can't wait to read the rest biggrin.gif

Triss Hawkeye - Really? sad.gif I was between creeped out and terrified of that one.. parly because of the way they animated the cartoon, maybe? ph34r.gif

Woww, nearly a week till 69! happy.gif
AnimeFreak: Congragulations on getting into University! I wish you the very best of luck.

Starrie: I absolutely loved the preview for Cupid's Mark. I wonder who the misterious loin-clothed man is> happy.gif I am glad to see that you are back!
*Stumbles in* *collapses on floor* sad.gif I’m not dead! How long have I been gone? *counts* ohmy.gif It was a month, wasn't it? Sorry school and... angst. …Sorry…
I've been gone so long that all withdrawal symptoms have subsided.

@SRH: This is totally off topic and you may not see this but... Have you, by chance read Twilight?

Thanks, Keoni and TNFMA for the scanlations. happy.gif and Thank you, Tombow for the translations. biggrin.gif

Just wondering what was the resalts of the awards thing? huh.gif

I haven't been able to write Royai for a long time now... I haven't been able to write anything not at least a little angst-y in a really long time.
But I do promise Royai fic by April.

"Is that the time?! I've gotta go!" Wonderful job on the fics and the arts everyone, I'll be more specific latter.
@No_One - Nice to see you again!! Missed you!! biggrin.gif
I sent you the whole result, but yeah, this thread won couple of awards. happy.gif
We won the Best Thread, and the Best Character Discussion Thread, and Nil-Chan won Best Sig and Best Sig Shop, and MeLRizA won Best Fanartist. happy.gif

Chapter 69 is coming up in little over a week!!
Hope you can stop by more!! ^^

@Starrieidgirl - Loved your special preview!! Thanks!! happy.gif
I'm alive!!

Yup, still live and kicking! (School's a killer XP)
I've missed alot, haven't I?
Firstly, there's a sudden jump in this thread. Did this thread merge with some other thread or something? huh.gif

Would anyone like to fill me in on what I've missed so far? laugh.gif
@ No_One Hey! Glad you good stop by! happy.gif

@ ika07 You are correct. If you were to go to page 705/706 you'll find Tombow-dono's explaination.

@ Tian-Ai and Edamame Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the rest! biggrin.gif

@ Tombow-dono You are very welcome! wink.gif

And I'm happy to announce that I've completed a final edit of the follow-up to Rendezvous, now to just get it added to the C2...

Cupid's Mark: Hit or Miss


46 pages to go! 8 days, 2 hours, 9 minutes til Chpt 69!
@Starrieidgirl - Love the story!! happy.gif

@ika07 - Nice to see you!! ^^
Nah, you only missed 8 or 9 pages. ^^ The rest of the pages came from merging part 1 of this thread (by me.) And, since we missed celebrating 700th page because of it, we are now aiming for celebrating 750th page that would mark 3/4 of the way to the 1,000th page!! happy.gif

As for the Royai goodness, Starrieidgirl got awesomely fluffy Royai fanfics going, and Keoni started Royai 100 theme that's also awesome!! And nice drawings by Tian Ai, and more nice pics posted by animefreak_zzz, and awesome Riza Cosplay pics posted by CodenameElizabeth, and the continuing Lego Royai story by esrz22!! And, Red marker story is being scanlated. biggrin.gif

And, we are counting days for chapter 69!! biggrin.gif
Triss Hawkeye
@Starieiedgirl: WOW! That's a wonderful story! Well done! biggrin.gif
Hi-fives Tombow-san: Nice summary...!!
hahaha..i was wondering why no body celebrated the 700th page...
ok...31 more pages to 750...minna ganbatte~!

hhmmm..we should have something REALLY REALLY big for the 1000th page..!! biggrin.gif
Tian Ai
Starrieidgirl - Haha your story is cute and funny!! biggrin.gif Poor, poor Fuery..

animefreak_zzz - YEAH, we should have a huuuuge party for 1000!! Royai contributions, celebration.. hehe biggrin.gif
Starrie: I loved your story. It was a nice break from some of the more angsty Royai that I have read lately. Lovely job!

How many more days until the next manga chapter? I really think that they are going to focus this manga back on our dear friends at Central. We really haven't seen them for the longest time now.
@ Tombow-dono, Triss Hawkeye, Tian Ai, and Edamame Thank you for your compliments. I too really love this story. I had the biggest smile on my face when I went to bed after finishing it the other night.

What you all do not know, it that I had a different ending, but it just wasn't what I imagined Roy and Riza doing. So the ending that is in Cupid's Mark..., I feel, is more within the realms of their personalities. Plus, I had to use "floozie" again! It's a fun word.

@ Tian Ai Yes
Poor, poor Fuery..
, I said it some time ago in another reply that I'm an evil, evil, evil woman towards Fuery, for the purpose of this story.

@ Animefreak_zzz I'm with you 100% about a 1000pg Royai-abration, as of now, I'm getting excited about 750 pgs. Hopefully discussions about chpt 69 will get us there.

Maybe we should start getting ideas for fanart for our forum? Perhaps a forum logo? I wouldn't mind having a Royai logo made for patches, so I can put one on my denim purse. I've started a collection of character buttons, pins, and patches for the purse. A Royai one would top it all off nicely.
As for the Royai goodness, Starrieidgirl got awesomely fluffy Royai fanfics going, and Keoni started Royai 100 theme that's also awesome!! And nice drawings by Tian Ai, and more nice pics posted by animefreak_zzz, and awesome Riza Cosplay pics posted by CodenameElizabeth, and the continuing Lego Royai story by esrz22!! And, Red marker story is being scanlated.

And, we are counting days for chapter 69!!

whew, I did miss alot! (even if it is just 8-9 pages) Thanks for catching me up, Tombow!
Firstly, Starriedgirl, that was a nice story!
@Keoni: Thank you for scanlating Red Marker for us! You're the bestest!
@ersz22: yay! you're finally updating the lego royai story! I missed it ;-;

Nil-chan just finished making this awesome royai siggy for me! biggrin.gif I'm so happy with it!
Gah! I missed the sevenhudreth page? Oh no! Well, Happy belated 700, everyone. *cheers*

@Ika: Aw, i'm glad you like it. happy.gif
@ Nil-Chan So glad to see you around here! Actually, a lot of us missed the 700th page. Tombow-dono merged the original Royai thread, it had 26 pgs, with this one. In order to preserve the original from deletion.

@ ika07 Thank you very much happy.gif And your siggie is wonderful! The bright green really caught my eye. Kudos to Nil-chan!

Tian Ai
Haha, about the people who keep coming and going, "Ah! I missed the 700th page?!", maybe we should start saying, "No, we're just cool and can't keep quiet about Royai" smile.gif

Ika07 - I love your new siggy!! So pretty and green biggrin.gif

Nil-chan - Ditto above, and I want to say again that you're the best graphic maker I've seen in a long, long time.. please keep making graphics!! tongue.gif

Adding to the events, TNFMA was doing the scanlations at first and did a really great job on the first few pages biggrin.gif Right?
@Tian Ai - Yes, I appreciate TNFMA's contributions very much. happy.gif

@ika07 - Nice Royai sig!! I love it!!

@Nil-chan - Nice to see you!! *glomps!!*
I see you made another Royai fan happy with your awesome sig!! happy.gif
Yeah, we all missed 700th page, but we're aiming for 750th page now. ^^

OT: @CodenameElizabeth - How was your "date" in Boston?? laugh.gif
And, how's the con??

Hopeing to see Chapter 69 in less than a week!!
I'm sooo hoping some Riza scenes!! ^^
BTW, I just stumbled upon this information, that the title of upcoming Chapter 69 is...
Chapter 69: "The Other Side"!! Hmmm... !! ohmy.gif

Also, this important OT announcement!! biggrin.gif

Happy 17th Birthday, No_One!!

Happy 17th b-day, No_one!

"The other side"???
Hmmm...sounds promising XD

Maybe you's lot can help me, since I can almost guarentee a reply here...I need help finishing this wallpaper. What can be added into the blank white space? Nothing too complicated mind. Suggestions welcome.
@Chiyo - If you'd like to be "seasonally correct" then since that one is for New Year/Winter scene, some outside scene with snow on the ground, with maybe Al snowman or something...
Or, even if it may not be completely seasonally accurate, a cherry tree with cherry blossoms, and flower petals falling like snow flakes. laugh.gif
(Gahaha, you can see why I'm not a wallpaper maker!! I'm awful with that kind of stuff!! XDDD)
Anyway, I'm sure others have more useful suggestions!! ^^
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!More than 700 pages!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A little bit late to shout for that XD)

Hi!!!!! *hugs* did I miss something important???? Any news?
Afters hours under the sun and days in the water I'm back!!!!!!!

Happy birthday No_One!!!! Hoping you a great day!!! *hugs*

I have read the two chapters that I missed ( no Roy or Riza sleep.gif) , both are interesting and really good!!!! >_< I want the 69 chapter!!!!!!!
OMG!! Paca!!!! *gromps Paca!!!* Missed you!!!!!!
Of course you missed huge amount of stuff!! laugh.gif
We had awesome Royai Valentine's Day!!
Also, we won Best Thread and Best Character Discussion Thread on the annual Board Award.
And, you got to see CodenameElizabeth's amazing Riza Cosplay pics!!
Hope you can take time to check some of the back pages!! Some nice stuff there!!
Anyway, WELCOME back!! Nice to see you again!! happy.gif
Chiyo: Your wallpaper is criminally cute. I have never seen those illustrations of the characters before. (What in the world are Roy and Riza doing?) I agree with Tombow on the suggestion of the sakura blossoms, although it is not entirely accurate. Perhaps you could also use a traditional Japanese design (like the ones found on kimono).

No_One: Happy Birthday! Best wishes for a great day.

Paca: Wow, long time no see. It is great to see you in the forums again. I missed reading all of your posts. Welcome back!
Tian Xin
Chiyo - Woww, that wallpaper is so pretty! I like the colors and boldness of it happy.gif Hmm.. or maybe you could add some text? ph34r.gif

Tombow - Thanks for the information biggrin.gif "The Other Side".. veeerrryyy interesting.. ph34r.gif

No_One - Happy happy 17th birthday biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif *confetti*

paca - Hi! I haven't met you before, I don't think tongue.gif

EDIT: Crud, I posted and then I looked at my post and went, "Wtf?" I have no idea why I have another name on this forum.. ph34r.gif Sorry, guys.. this is Tian Ai. ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif
oooh, great suggestions guys, but I really like Eda's about the traditional image. I'll get to it and post it asap. While you wait, here's an old wallpaper.
@Chiyo - Awww... that wallpaper is soooo nice!! Thanks for posting that!!
Simply beautiful!! happy.gif

@Tian Ai - Oh!! What happened???!! ohmy.gif

@Edamame - About what Roy is doing in Chiyo's first wallpaper...
The white squarish things on the grill are rice cakes. To eat, they need to be cooked, and one way to do it is grill them like that. They often do it on top of stove, but here Roy is providing the flame, I guess. biggrin.gif
(These rice cakes often puff up when grilled like that, and here they are puffing up to become Ed and Al shapes. XDD )
Tian Ai
Chiyo - Aww, I like the wallpaper! Sweet smile.gif The only thing is that I can still see some of the stuff in the crop of Roy.. around his outline? Riza seems a little short but I think it's just me ph34r.gif

Tombow - I don't know, I had another name on the forum or something and messed up my login and didn't notice? ph34r.gif Nothing big though!!
@Tian Ai - Whew, now I see your familiar avatar and sig, and that feels more like you!! biggrin.gif
It could be that when you were registering, you were trying out several board IDs, and some got through accidentally all the way in the registration process. Happens sometimes!! ^^
Tho, the thing is, by the board rule, each member can keep only one account, so I'm going to have to disable that "other" account. I can wait few days so that in case you have some stuff you'd like to take care of on that account. But, the board is rather strict on this, so in a few days I have to close that one. Sorry!!
I caved, I did traditional art and sakura. Enjoy (I hope)

Tian: You probably can, I crop by mouse and I miss a lot
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