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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Sharpshooter Riza: You have two beautiful babies. Thank you for sharing the photographs with all of us. (Edward's outfit is sooo cute! I love when babies play with their feet.)

Tombow: Thank you for posting all of the fan-art and fan-fiction links! We really have a great deal of talented artists and writers here.

Neko Kitty:
I look forward to seeing your Royai artwork.
The reply thing is still weird, huh?

Okay, I just saw the most recent chapter of FMA and I couldn't help but 'squee' over chibi Ed and Al.

And then I saw the pics of Sharpshooter Riza's twins-and suffered an overload of adorable. Eep. So cute! O.O *happy.gif*

Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about your current situation, Sharpshooter Riza, but at least you have the twins to keep your mind off of things! happy.gif

And I just realized that I've been a member of this forum for just over a year. O_O Wow...
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!
for those of you who celebrate it, anywayz happy.gif

Wow Tombow! That's quite the list! *impressed* There are a few missing though... (you know.. like Nil-chan's 100 Royai stories wink.gif )
but I'm sure they'll be on your completed list smile.gif
You should include the halloweenstuff, too! Lot's of them were really cute! biggrin.gif

ZOMG SRH your kids are the cutest thing! And they're in pink and blue! *goes aww*
I'm really sorry your soon-to-be-ex is being such a jerk. How dare he! *fumes*

I'm really really really sorry I didn't post my valentine's day story! It's just not working! *sobs* This is truely the most horrible story I have ever written. Somehow my plotline just isn't working and Riza keeps getting OC. dry.gif

To make it up to you guys I did write the prologue to a longer story that has been haunting me for months laugh.gif

By Your Side
please tell me what you think okay?

*waves @ RoyxRizaFan4ever
Nice to see you again And congrats on your one year membership laugh.gif
Wow, I haven't dropped by the FMA forums in ages. Glad to see the RoyAi thread still living, but it seems it got way off topic.

Anyways, long live the RoyAi-ness.
Hi Glam, I dont believe weve met, but welcome back! And nice to meet you! happy.gif
Actually this thread is pretty much on topic most of the time, but sometimes stuff just butts in, if you know what I mean. If we would get mathematical, Id say about 90% is Royai and the rest is.. stuff XD

Anyways glad youre back. I hope well see more of you smile.gif
Tombow: Yeah, seeing Riza WOULD be a plus to that scenario. And I'm sure she would try to make sure Winry was safe... I just wonder if Winry would catch on. Probably, but you never know. Thanks for all of the great links!!

Glam: Hi, I don't think I've seen you on here before, but welcome back!
SRH: ZOMG BABIEZ!! biggrin.gif
<3 the pink and blue... It makes me happy!
Thank you so much for sharing! They are getting so big SO FAST! I'm glad to hear that you have family that is suportive, and that they are going to help you through this time. You (and Edward and Isabella) are all very lucky to have their support. Hang in there!

Tombow: Thanks for posting the album! Looks like I was a slacker and didn't get around to doing anything AGAIN this time. I promise to start sucking less next time. Perhaps for Roiai Day (6/11...)

ETA: RoiAi photoshoot was just confirmed today. This will be happening around May (after a few major conventions are past...) Maybe I will be able to post final proofs in time for 6/11... we shall see!

Got to go rehearse for a show... catch y'all later!
@Glam - Welcome back!! You are like, a migrating bird.. stop by every 3 or 6 months!! biggrin.gif
Nice to see you again!! While you're away, we won some Awards on this year's Board Award. happy.gif
And, as far as going OT, nah, we mix in other stuff here and there, but IMO, as a whole, this thread has been moving along Royai pretty much. You should have been here for the Royai Valentine's Day!! That was totally Royai overload (in a good way)!! biggrin.gif

@Keoni - Yeah, I need to find the edited version of that Royai Day album!!
I think lots of stuff are missing on that one. tongue.gif But, Triss Hawkeye wanted to know what we did for last Royai Day, I was posting that to give some idea. biggrin.gif
I also need to finish editing of Royai Winter Holiday/Christmas 2006 Collection. >.<
(I got distracted by the translating Red marker. Gahaha!! tongue.gif )
And, your prologue is awesome!! I cant wait to read the coming story!!
BTW, nice sig and avatar!! ^^

@CodenameElizabeth - OMG, Royai photoshoot will be soooo cool!! Yippiiieeee!! biggrin.gif
Yes, let's include Royai cosplay pics in this year's Royai Day Album!! That will be awesome!! happy.gif

@riza'slittlesister - Yeah, Winry is a pretty smart gal, so I hope she will catch on if/when Riza tries to help. ^^

@Nekokitty - Scan it, scan it!! I wanna see your Royai drawing!! biggrin.gif

@RoyxRizaFan4ever - Congratulations on your one year anniversary of being on this board!! happy.gif

@Edamame - I know, this thread got such talented AND nice people. Makes me so happy to be part of it. happy.gif BTW, you are such an accomplished photographer yourself, too!! ^^
Tian Ai
Tombow - Thank you so much for posting the album! smile.gif Hehehe.. I'll hafta make sure no one's in the room with me when I look through it X)

That's an interesting idea, that Riza would be in there.. yeah, I'm sure she'd try her best to protect Winry without making reckless decisions *coughRoy* Ahh man, now that's got me wondering... ohmy.gif

Ahh I know I didn't submit to the album, but I did something for V-day over a week ago, but wouldn't let me post it up till 3 days after I registered, which coincidentally was the day before V-day.. um anyway, here it is:

Those Eyes

Please tell me what you think!
@Tian Ai - That link says "log in required" and since I'm not a member I can't see it!! sad.gif
Oh, and yes, the Royai Day 2006 Album includes one "very mature" drawing, (which I can't see because I'm not a member there neither. >.<)
Tian Ai
Tombow - Ahh, sorry, I think I gave the link from my account.. try this one

Oh, um if you'd like to see that picture I'll upload it somewhere else and give you a link unsure.gif If the artist will let me..
@Tian Ai - The new link works.. Thanks!! *goes to read* I like it very much!!! happy.gif
And, yeah, if the artist says ok, that will be nice. ^^
@ Tian Ai
nice fanfic... (^^)

Tian Ai
Tombow - I'll try to message the artist somehow, and thanks for reading biggrin.gif

Jo21 - Thank you ><

Thanks to all the people who put stuff into the album! I loved the art and fics ^^ Hehehe biggrin.gif
Aww, that story was the cutest thing! I really loved it Tian Ai!

Thanks Tombow I'm really happy you liked it! happy.gif I've promised myself I'd finish this one, so you can expect more wink.gif
I'll try and find the royai day list smile.gif

@ CodenameElizabeth zomgzomgzomg! That would be so reallly uberly cool!
And I don't think I've told you yet, but you are an awesome cosplayer!

As of today, I'm going to start my very own Roayi 100 fanfic challenge biggrin.gif The thing is I need 100 themes.. I have about 50. Suggestions anyone? happy.gif
@Tian ai: Nice fanfics! ^^

@ CodenameElizabeth: ohmy.gif You look so much like riza!

@Glam: I don't think I've seen you before, but welcome back!

@Keoni: I <3 your avie and siggy! They're so pretty! Oh, and I'm really excited for your royai 100 themes! Although these are quite common, here are some suggestions for your themes^^: fire, rain, mini skirt, umbrella, snow queen, protection, entrusting backs, warmth, ice, dogs of the military, tattoo, unspoken feelings,...sorry, that's all I can come up with. @-@

@riza hawkeye 9: Congratulations! You got into the college you wanted! That's so great! *throws confettis everywhere*
riza hawkeye 9
hi everyone !!! i've been away for too long ;__; nice to see you all again !!!

i just finish reading everything i missed and i really wanna to congratulate you all for all the images, fanfics, pictures and news !!! thank you , my royai fangirls is happy \o/

happy very late V-day and new year !!!!

and since this couple of weeks we had a lot os events ( new year, holidays and etc) i think we should postpone the date for our V-day album until february 25th ^^ what you guys think ??? it gives us like almost a week more !

so as a last reminder ^^

Royai Valentines Day Album

we will accept any kind of art that contains Royai as a theme ^^
fanfics - fanarts - pics - icons - signatures - songs - cosplay - and etc ^^

to the fanfics/fanarts writers :
the theme is warm fluffy royai

the words chocolate , cupid and round were suggest by starriedgirl so the fic would be even more special if you include them ^^

N.C.Stormie suggest a contest with the theme
"Royai fic with Roy POV musing on Hayate"
it can be any kind of fic ( we don't have a lenght limt ), if everyone accept me and Riza'slittlesister will be judging it and the prize will be a royai banner ^^

TNFA created a C2 in FF.NET , "chiken soup for the royai soul" , PM her for add your stories or just enjoy our archieve

the fics should be posted until February 25th !

this themes can also be used to fanart/icon and others kinds of royai art ^^

i'm collecting everything that has been posted since january 15th( as pics, cosplays and others ) and we'll include them on our royai V-day album.

Haiku's posted between the challenge period will be in the collection as well ^^

any doubts or suggestions just PM me or Riza'slittlesister

N.C.Stormie won't be able to finish the album with us ^^ , but she will be back soon !

i'm sorry for the delay, i was waiting for the college results and now i'm so happy because i got in the one i wanted (and it's the best one here in my country \o/), so until my classes start i will be on more often ^^ ( and i promise to catch up )

love and hugs to all !!! w /*

and royai in 69 please *-*
ZOMFG. Those fanfics r0xx0r my b0xx0rs... makes me wish I could write.
TianAi, PLEASE keep writing!!

Extending the deadline sounds good by me. I might be able to actually contribute something so that I don't fail so horribly at life... XD

Nice sig and avatar, Keoni. I haven't watched Chobits (or read the manga... although I OWN it...) in a LONG time!
@riza hawkeye 9 - Nice to see you!! Yes, extending the deadline sounds good!!
Thanks for doing the Album!! ^^
And, congratulations for getting in the college of your choice!! Way to go!! happy.gif

@keoni - Do you have "tea cup"?? or "Gold fish"?? How about "boots"?? biggrin.gif
@ ika07: oooh, thanks for those! You've really helped me a lot! *scribbles* there's nothing wrong with common happy.gif
And thanks! I'm glad you like them. Guess what my favorite color is XD

@ Tombow: LOL laugh.gif where did gold fish come from? XD I'm am so gonna use those! *adds suggestions to list* Thanks a million!

Congratulations Riza-chan! That's really great news!
And good luck on making the Valentine Day Album!

@ CodenameElizabeth: oh! you're making me very curious happy.gif Can't wait to see it.
I <3 Chobits and it's ubercuteness happy.gif My little sister has borowed my dvd's so I'm kinda back into it wink.gif

Muchos apologies if this has been of those 'saw it and thought of you'
@Chiyo - That's so lovely!! Thank you!! happy.gif

@Keoni - Glad you can use "Goldfish"!! laugh.gif

Working on the translation of Roy as "little matchmaker girl" tongue.gif
(Prints are too tiny and can't read some parts, tho. sad.gif )
Glam: Welcome back the the Royai thread. I don't believe that we have 'met' before. happy.gif I hope that you enjoy your stay here and I look forward to your contributions.

Tian Ai and Keoni I look forward to reading both of your Royai Valentine's Day fan-fictions!

Riza Hawkeye 9: Congragulations on getting in the College of your choice! Its nice to see that you are back to the thread.
Tian Ai
Keoni - Thank you, your new av and sig are so cute! Pink!! wub.gif

CodenameElizabeth - I'll keep writing! But you have to keep cosplaying! biggrin.gif

Chiyo - Woww! I really like that picture.. I can't really explain it, but I feel like it describes a particular side of Royai really good..
*Gasp* That picture is so lovely! *saves* Thanks for sharing it with us Chiyo!

*laughs* thanks Edamame biggrin.gif I'll do my best.

@ Tian Ai: Thank you! Can you believe someone told me they're too pink? there's no such thing as too pink tongue.gif
Chiyo, that picture is freakin' sweet. biggrin.gif

And yes, TianAi, I shall keep cosplaying. Although I am way too old for it. laugh.gif I have some super-special FMA stuff planned for later this spring when con-season really takes off.

So, I hear someone is putting together a "100 themes" challenge. (I forget who it is, and I'm too lazy to check the thread now... was it you, Keoni?)

I wrote down a few ideas if anyone is interested:

Poker Face
Patiently Waiting

... I get bored at work.
I actually started writing fanfic yesterday. LOL!!
Tian Ai
Keoni - Too pink?! The only pink thing that makes me sick is BARBIE D:

CodenameElizabeth - Looking forward to the cosplays hehe! wub.gif

Fanfic!! May we read when you're finished? biggrin.gif
Oh! You're the greatest CodenameElizabeth! (yup it was me XD) Those themes are perfect *adds to list* Yay! that makes 100! *dances*
Nah, you're never too old for cosplay! biggrin.gif
Here I finished the Royai artwork I promised.
It took forever because I'm so lazy. D:
Tian Ai
Oh! You're the greatest CodenameElizabeth! (yup it was me XD) Those themes are perfect *adds to list* Yay! that makes 100! *dances*
Nah, you're never too old for cosplay!

Right on! I mean, what about Pinako? biggrin.gif

Nekokitty - Aww, so cute~wub.gif Keep drawing!
@CodenameElizabeth - Nonesense!! You are not old for cosplaying!!
You pwnz Riza cosplay IMO!! ^^

@Nekokitty - Thanks for the lovely Royai drawing!!
I especially love the dance one!! Riza looks very sweet with that hairstyle!! ^^
Teh awesome arts. laugh.gif

Need to get caught up on Stories. >.>

Lego Roy and Riza have been reunited. Now, to get to the updating. laugh.gif
WHOAR!! hahaa...i finaly found a way to go online here in jakarta...
but i can't post pictures at all..the internet connection here is frighteningly sloooowwww...

and firstly to reply a question from four pages ago...
@tian ai: YES..haha i can read chinese...haha...both traditional and modern one..i was originally educated in the modern chinese..but i started reading novels and manga in traditional chinese so i picked it up..yep..i love the language...

@tombow: and i see that there are others who can read that language too!! do you know that chinese is ranked as the most difficult language to learn in the whole wide world? haha..we whould be proud!!

@chiyo: thanks for posting that is such a pretty royai pic!

ok people..i need to disappear again...untill i get back to my own computer at home...hahaha
i'll be back with more pics next time!! smile.gif tongue.gif biggrin.gif
@animefreak_zzz - Nice to see you!! Glad you found the way to get on-line in Jakarta!!
Hope you are having good time there!! happy.gif

@esrz22 - Yes, we are still waiting for Riza to star in your "Plastic Alchemist" Lego production again!! biggrin.gif
Tombow-Amusing, Roy was briefly lost. He had just gotten covered with stuff. Need to clean my desk. I plan to do the Royai Stuff tomorrow.
@CodenameElizabeth - Nonesense!! You are not old for cosplaying!!
You pwnz Riza cosplay IMO!! ^^

Tombow, I'm gonna have to disagree with you there.
This Riza is about 500% better than mine:

(At least the cosplayer in these photos is a LOT more photogenic than I am. I wish I was prettier-- it would help my cosplay a lot. Unfortunately, plastic surgery is out of my budget at the moment. LMAO!! laugh.gif )

My only minor gripe about her cosplay is that she needs to learn how to properly hold a firearm. I highly suggest practicing with the real thing. Guns are AWESOME... (Can't wait until the weather gets warmer. I haven't been out on the shooting range in MONTHS, and I have an itchy trigger-finger right now!)

More "Full Plastic Alchemist" would be total WIN.
I'm looking forward to it.
Neko Kitty: Such lovely Royai artwork! I wonder if Roy can dance without attempting to step on Riza's feet?

CodeNameElizabeth: Wow, another amazing Riza cosplayer. I still think that you are an incredible cosplayer though, and pull Riza off so well. (Don't say that you aren't pretty because you are) I am always stunned when I see cosplayers who look exaclty like their characters. (Hmm, reminds me of my first convention when I stared at a Hohenheim cosplayer for two hours in line, because he looked exactly like his character. It was rather unsettling.I probably scared the poor guy for life. )
Tian Ai
animefreak_zzz - Chinese all the way! Personally I like Traditional better because the changes in Simplified, you can't tell the story inside the words like the way Traditional words tell them.. I just like to use pinyin for convenience when I'm passing notes with friends X)

Tombow - I'm sorry about the Deviantart Royai picture, I sent a message to the artist and she hasn't replied yet.. sad.gif

CodenameElizabeth - Oh, I saw that person's cosplays on another thread.. she is quite good isn't she? But I really like yours too sad.gif Both of you have a different style..

WOAH! You've been on a shooting range?! That's sooo cool!! What's it like? What's the age limit? blink.gif ph34r.gif
wow, that's a great cosplay! I think she coud work on her pose though smile.gif Anyway, I think you're very pretty CodenameElizabeth and your cosplay is awesome, too *nods*

@ animefreak_zzz: Nice to hear from you! I hope you're having a great time there in Jakarta!

@ Edamame: Poor guy laugh.gif The only decent FMA cosplayers I have seen are online. At the last con here Roy was wairing a wig that made him look like he had a dead cat on his head... And I saw an Ed crosplay. S/he had short hair with a clip-on pony tail that kept falling off rolleyes.gif

Yay FPA! biggrin.gif Can't wait!

I've finished my first theme for the Royai 100!!! *dances*
Theme no. 1

just 99 more to go XD

Dutch is one of the most difficult languages in the world, too. And I can speak and read Dutch laugh.gif
It's a Dutch-people-thing, we have to tell everybody we are Dutch, from time to time. ignore it happy.gif Or maybe it's just a Keoni-thing... unsure.gif
Tian Ai
Keoni - I read your first theme, it's so beautiful!! The words flowed so nicely and I really liked your style biggrin.gif Can't wait to read the other themes! Good luck!

Haha, don't worry, there's this Taiwanese-people thing that whenever people say or ask something about us being Chinese we have to clarify, "I'm from Taiwan." Even though to them, Chinese and Taiwanese is the same.. sleep.gif
Jeez I've missed so much!

- animefreak_zzz is in Jakarta
- TNFMA is in London
- SRH posts uber cute baby photos
- Glam reappears
- esrz22 finds Roy (Yay for more FPA)
- CNE aka CodeNameElizabeth-- has more photoshoots, and you are working on a show! Tell me more!
- Tombow is awesome as always
- Tian_Ai posts an amazing Royai pic
- Keoni starts an adventure in 100 themes of Royai
- Riza_Hawkeye-9 gets into college

anything else?????

I have a few updates for all...

1) Part two to Rendezvous is still in progress. Once I've finished typing it out, I'm passing it onto my best friend to proofread, then I'll post it to the C2.

2) Day 12 of a Royai Christmas is on the back burner until have more energy. working fulltime is well...bleh. I intend to have the pic up before Royai Day, I want to have it done by March 15 aka White Day aka the Ides of March.

That's it for now....if I've missed someone, I apologize. I'm becoming an old foegy and i always have sooooo much to do on my days off.

We're 22 pages away from 700 and 17 days until chpt. 69!

Hugs All!

PS Anyone in need of an apprentice? Let me know!
@CodenameElizabeth - I have seen her cosplay of Riza, and I give her healthy respects for her cosplaying of Riza, and it's a very good cosplay, but IMO hers doesn't strike me as an awesome cosplay compared to yours!! The reason... to me, her Riza doesn't look like she can kill anyone with that gun, let alone shoot that thing!! The way she is holding her gun makes it look like that gun is a cigarette lighter or something, and that distracts me from imagining her as Riza I know, especially from FMA manga where Riza was so good of a shooter she served as a sharpshooter in the war!! To me, your cosplay of Riza still wins, hands down. sleep.gif

@Tian Ai - No problem about not getting the Deviantart Royai picture.. Thanks for trying!! happy.gif
(BTW, I have many Taiwanese friends, as well as friends from mainland China, and Hong Kong, so I think I know the differences. biggrin.gif )
And yes, I'm with you, and I like the traditional Chinese writings better than the simplified versions.

@Keoni I love your first theme Royai fanfic!! Your fanfics are so good!! I love reading them!! ^^
BTW, Dutch people are so talented with languages!! Yap, Dutch is a difficult language (I wouldn't even think of trying to master it tongue.gif ) and then you guys are so multi-lingua!! So cool!! biggrin.gif

@Edamame - I can imagine you staring at the guy cosplaying Ho-ho papa, and scaring heck out of him.. LOL!!

@Starrieidgirl - So nice to see you again!! Thanks for the update!! happy.gif
Yeah, you missed my Valentine's Day sig/avatar, and Chinese New Year avatar. biggrin.gif
But, I'm so glad you're doing well with your full-time job, and glad you could stop by!!
Can't wait to read the part 2 of your fanfic and view the Day 12 of a Royai Christmas drawing!! ^^
I am so inactive and I hope no one has forgotten me.. Well, I'm starting my university life and it seems that I'll be very busy. Anyways, I still have some free time =p So, it doesn't mean that I will stop torturing your eyes with my drawings right? Yeah, I haven't been drawing for quite sometime. So, be prepared.

CodenameElizabeth: Yeah, that Riza cosplay is amazing. Yours is still as good though!! I like it very much and you should be the caucasian Riza. Heck yes, and you're very pretty too!! Hey, I'm a lesbian!

Keoni-saaaannnn!!! Your Chii sig and avvy!! I wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif it!!! Gyaaahhhh~

So... I suppose everyone's doing great. The other day I saw someone's Royai fanart. Was is TianAi's? It's really pretty. I hope to see a coloured drawing from her.. Hee... happy.gif
@MeLRizA - Nice to see you!! You started your University student life??
(So are you in Australia now?? unsure.gif)
Anyway, I'm glad to know you can still get on-line and come to the board!! happy.gif
Study well, good luck with your Uni life, and please stop by as much as you can!! *hugs!!*
(BTW, I edited your coding... it's [ ], not <>. biggrin.gif )

And.. so that this post is not OT, here is some Royai drawing from part one of Royai thread:
Riza in pink kimono biggrin.gif
STARRIE!!! You've returned. I missed ya!

MelRiza: How could anyone forget you? Your fanart PWNS!! Glad to see you back! LOLZ-- "The Caucasian Riza"... that made my night! Don't worry, I'm, um... "not necessarily choosy about gender" either! I do have this sort of "inferiority complex" about seeing myself next to Japanese cosplayers. I feel so inadequate seeing my photos next to theirs!

Keoni: <3 the fic!! (Damn you all for being such good writers!) That was one of my themes too... you took "drowning" in a *completely* different direction than I was thinking when I wrote it down. This is why I love themes. It is interesting to see what kind of drabbles people come up with when prompted by random words.

Tombow: The reason that I look like I could kill someone with a prop gun is because I know how to use a *real* one. (That, and I can pull poses out of my ass. Sometimes they are good poses, sometimes BAD.) I just try to look badass when I cosplay Riza, because she IS a badass gangsta. Especially in the manga... biggrin.gif I LOL'ed when you said that other cosplayer was holding the gun like it was a cigarette lighter!! laugh.gif Crazy... that was the only gripe I had about the cosplay.

TianAI: I'm actually not exactly sure how the gun laws are written in my state, but I believe that in order to register a firearm, you must be 18, and if you are supervised by a responsible adult, I do not think most shooting ranges have age limits. I know guys who have been hunting and shooting with their dads since they were, like, twelve.


Alright, now for the next section of my post, entitled "Hey guys!! Look what I found on my Hard Drive!"
(Some of these are PG-13... so, um, I hope I don't get 'banninated' for posting them here.)

These are all screencap manipulations that came from an old Roiai LJ group.

Click to view attachment
I ROFL'ed really hard at this one.
(Ever notice how Hawkeye is the only female EVER present in Roy's office?)

Click to view attachment
Similar to the Lust fanart I posted last week.
This comes from ep48 of the anime.

Click to view attachment
Anyone else remember the SuperBowl "wardrobe malfunction" of 2004? (Janet Jackson's nipslip...)
What if it was Roy and Riza?
The ultimate CRACK is right here. (Gawd-- I've had this one for a long time!)

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I have absolutely NO comment for this...

ENJOY, ALL!! wink.gif
@CodenameElizabeth - BWAHAHA!! Those pics are sooo funny!! XDDD
Yeah, that SuperBowl pic, I guess one has to know the "wardrobe malfunction" incident (yeah, that was "accident," oh sure, right... laugh.gif ) to appreciate that pic. XDD
The first pic.. I'm so LOLing with Roy's comment!! XDD
You got nice collections!! laugh.gif laugh.gif
BTW, about Riza cosplay... Yeah, that's it!! Your Riza got that "Badass" spirit perfectly right, and that makes yours look so much like real Riza!!
(And, you got nice "figures" to fill in the uniform, too!!) biggrin.gif
Keoni: Wow, that was a powerful drabble! The last sentence really hits you. Great work!

Tombow: The Roy and Riza kimono picture is so sweet. Thank you for posting it!

Code Name Elizabeth: Mmmm, early morning crack! The altered pictures are simply hilarious. My room-mates probably think that I'm mad, because I can't stop laughing at the first picture. The last picture really amuses me as well. (That was a great scene in the show...)
Welcome back Starrieidgirl! I see you've done a fine job catching up laugh.gif
I think I missed part one of Rendez-vous.. sad.gif Would you mind posting a link to it, you're making me curious. smile.gif

Thank you so much, Tombow! It makes me really happy to hear that biggrin.gif
Well, we have to be multi-lingual, since so few people speak our language wink.gif

zOMG MeLRizA!!! *tackleGLOMPattack* Nice to see you posting again. Uni-life is so busy! I hope you're enjoying Down-Under happy.gif

LoL laugh.gif I love those pics CodenameElizabeth! The first one is awesome XD And thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my little drabble biggrin.gif Especially because it was one of your themes.I love themes, the give me the inspiration I need. Since I have very little ideas of my own

I'm just really happy the story worked Edamame I wasn't sure it would smile.gif thank you!

I'm writing the second one right now: Gold Fish (XDD)
Maybe if I posted one of my fics here it would do better. Although it has aspects of Ed/Win in it its mainly a Roy/Riza.
Chiyo, you should definetly post your fiction here. I have read a great deal of your Edwin fics, and loved them. However, I still have yet to read one of your Royai themed fics.
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