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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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riza hawkeye 9

just voted for our lovely thread !!!!
since this thread grows so much i will re-post the v-day challenge so everyone will be updated ^^
Royai Valentines Day Album

we will accept any kind of art that contains Royai as a theme ^^
fanfics - fanarts - pics - icons - signatures - songs - cosplay - and etc ^^

to the fanfics writers :
the theme is warm fluffy royai

the words chocolate , cupid and round were suggest by starriedgirl so the fic would be even more special if you include them ^^

N.C.Stormie suggest a contest with the theme
"Royai fic with Roy POV musing on Hayate"
it can be any kind of fic ( we don't have a lenght limt ), if everyone accept me, NCStormie and Riza'slittlesister will be judging it and the prize will be a royai banner ^^

TNFA created a C2 in FF.NET , "chiken soup for the royai soul" , PM her for add your stories or just enjoy our archieve

the fics should be posted until February 20th !

this themes can also be used to fanart/icon and others kinds of royai art ^^

i'm collecting everything that has been posted since last week( as pics, cosplays and others ) and we'll include them on our royai V-day album.

Haiku's posted between the challenge period will be in the collection as well ^^

any doubts or suggestions just PM me, NCStormie or Riza'slittlesister

i was thinking that instead of doing the haiku challenge now, we could wait and do it after the V-day, and we could extend it until royai day on june 11th (wich i believe will be the next special date ? correct me if i'm wrong ^^') i will just add the haikus to our collection, without a contest if that's ok ?

and Tombow thanks so much for doing the doshinji !!! you totally made my v-day !! and i'm hoping you to win the categories that you're participating \o/!!!

TNFA i'm so in love with your pics !!! i wish i could post some ( the forum donesnt let me) and CONGRATULATIONS for being accept in georgia tech !! i'm proud of you !!!!

Starriedgirl yay !!! you have a account and you are staff now !!! i and TNFA are adding stories from the users of this thread fell free to do the same ^^ and i'm can wait to read your fic !!

Melriza and Nil-chan wow !!! i missed you guys !!! welcome back ..and congratulations for the nominations !!! and thanks for doing something for valentines day !!!

you know what ... i miss Paca .. anyone knows about her ?

and i just loved CS sindrome !!! XDDD

7 days to 68 / 12 days to valentines day !!!

bye for now =***
Valentines theme Royai pic. I can't draw to save me life, but I can certainly Lego something up.

Once I find Riza. I think she's under the pile of papers on my desk. >.>

I should actually Write what I've been planning to Write. >.>

I use >.> too much. >.>
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Ah! I spot a Nil-chan lurking here-abouts! (I saw your name on the "who's viewing the thread" thingy...) EDIT: And there she goes again... *poof!* laugh.gif

@ Nil-chan - Thanks for letting us put your Royai fics into the C2! (thanks, Riza 9, for putting them up there! laugh.gif)

Cute pics, BTW, Tian Ai! I don't think I mentioned it earlier... I like them! Especially the first one! wub.gif

Time for some haiku? I think so, too! (hey, it rhymed! I'm a poet, and I didn't even know it! Oop! There I go again! laugh.gif Yeah, that was lame... dry.gif)

soaring bullets fly
like love and wordless feelings;
the pains of a war

(oooh! shady Ishbal reference! laugh.gif)
@Nil-can - Of course we love ya!!! Very much!! happy.gif
But, we understand you have been terribll busy!! Please take care, and stop by when you get the chance. Hugs!! happy.gif

@esrz22 - You're back!! Nice to see you again!! biggrin.gif
Yes, Valentine's Day Royai Lego will be nice!! laugh.gif

@riza hawkeye 9 - Aww.. thanks. ^^
Yeah, I'm totally fine with your Haiku idea!! I like that very much!! biggrin.gif
And, I haven't seen Paca for a long time!! I think someone told me on PM sometime ago that she would be off for a month or so... I miss her, too. sad.gif
BTW, are you having trouble posting pics?? unsure.gif

@riza'slittlesister - Welcome back!! Nice to see you!!!
Aww.. You were sick??!! You ok now?? Glad to see you again!!
Please take care, 'kay?? *hugs!!!*
And, that site is awesome!! Thanks for the link!! happy.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Awwww.. Those pics are soooo Royai!!!
Yes, they keep me smiling... happy.gif
And, congrats for your 600th post!!
[spoiler](But.. I topped that, since I celebrated my 10,000th post here!! Tehehe!! ^^)[/spoiler]
Yap, this is a special place for me, too!! happy.gif
Nice Haiku!! biggrin.gif
Tian Ai
Fullmetal - Ahh, I think the first sheep picture gave me a CL attack instead of CS! (CL = Constant laugh X]) I had to cover my mouth because my dad was in the room...XD

Ooh haikus, I can't write those for my life... I remember once in 3rd grade we were writing haikus, I think I wrote something stupid about a dog..? O-o

Nil-chan - I failed to mention this before but I really especially like your sig!! Ranfan is so awesome ><

Tombow - I don't think I got a chance to look at the fanart on Office Love, but I read some of the fanfics, and loved them <3 There were some pretty talented writers there...
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hoooray, Tombow! - it's just so much more gratifying when you can have such big numbers occur amongst friends, no? That's my philosophy, at least! Congrats on 10,000!!! That's absolutely incredible!!! We could add up the posts of every member in this thread, and we'd be nowhere near matching you! Yet another reason you should win in the polls for best mod/member! laugh.gif

I haven't heard from paca in quite some time, either - so she's taking a break for a while, then? Kinda upsetting, considering she's our grand-master picture-poster! laugh.gif I'm just going to assume that she's busy right at this very moment scouring the earth for amazing fanart! laugh.gif

@ Tian Ai - Haha! That's too funny! I remember when I was in third grade we did a big unit on poetry - we each wrote a bunch of different kinds of poems, and we got them "published" (read: glued into a cardboad backing by some very dedicated, lots-of-time-on-their-hands moms) and read some of our favorites out loud during a special designated class day (parents were invited to atten - very embrassing! >.<) I still remember mine, actually... kinda weird... I was so proud of the first two, but the third kinda fell apart - I remember thinking that it was crappy... which it is... I've come up with so many better third lines since then! laugh.gif Let's see...

"stars shoot through the sky
they soar past the moon and sun" (dude, I'm on a roll!!!)
"people like to watch" (and... I dropped it... damn...) laugh.gif
@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Gahaha, the last line on that Hike makes me go facedesk! biggrin.gif
It's a still good one, tho!! happy.gif

@Tian Ai - Chivi Viki-san who was doing that site, and who used to post here (who was also a Mod when she was here) is an awsome fanartist, and used to post up some really nice Royai fanarts there, and then bring some of them here. You might still be able to find some of her Royai fanarts here. (It's somewhere in these 660 plus pages. biggrin.gif )

ETA: I finally posted "How to Post Pics". biggrin.gif
@ MeLRizA and Nil-chan
Yo!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see... Remember me?! Don't tell me ya all had forgotten about me?!
Nil_Chan: Welcome back! It is so nice to see you return to the Royai thread. Congragulations on your Nomination.

Tian Ai: I love your fanart work of Roy and Riza. Both artworks are so sweet, especially the second one: "Together Forever." I look forward to seeing more.

The New Fullmetal Alchemist:
I wub.gif the haiku and the Royai pictures.

Everyone here is converting me from an Edwin and HohoTrisha fan to a Royai fan.
Triss Hawkeye
Well, I'm a Royai AND an EdWin fan. You can be both... smile.gif
QUOTE(Triss Hawkeye @ Feb 2 2007, 02:59 PM) [snapback]500019[/snapback]
Well, I'm a Royai AND an EdWin fan. You can be both... smile.gif

Same. Nothing contradictory about the two pairings.
Gallorfilinde is one of our friends who is a Royai and Yaoi fan. There's no reason you have to like one pairing and can't like others.

Thanks for the warm welcome, you guys, and thanks to everyone who voted for me! *hugs*'

@Jo21: Of course i remember you! How could i forget you? You were one the first people i met on the Royai thread and the boards! Glad to see you bouncing around!

@Tombow: I think I'll be able to be on more often, now. Finals are over, so I'm free-er than i was. I just need to finish abunch of requests from my shop....

Chapter 68 is almost here, guys!
Sorry I haven't been here for couple of days.
Anyways, Welcome back, Nil-chan and Melriza!

Even though I can't remember whether I've met either of you before (Curse you! My long-term memory problems! XD) I know how much contributions you both made for this thread, and all the help and care you've given to all the members on this thread. Nice to meet you both! laugh.gif

Wow, 2 whole new pages already! This thread's amazing.

@Tombow: Thank you! I never knew what OT meant before. Now I'll be able to use it! biggrin.gif

@The NFMA: I just adore that royai sheep picture. That picture reminded me of the time when my history class got into a discussion about making up the word "sheeping". I'm still kinda confused about that one actually...oh, and i forgot to mention, thank you for the little previous history lesson about Napoleon. I didn't start studying him yet though. We just got done learning the Reign of Terror and Rosbierre. (I don't know how to spell his name xD) I have test coming up this wednesday about that and the stuff that happens before that. Wish me luck!

OT: Well, I've recently started to volunteer at the nearby hospital. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it. happy.gif

Edit: Welcome back, ersz22! Nice to meet you! I love the fullplastic alchemists by the way. It's awesome. Please update more when you get more free time. ^^
Tian Ai
Fullmetal - The last line of your haiku made me gigglesnort XD (<-- I'm sorry, I saw that word on an icon and fell in love with it XD) But the first two lines were very haiku-ish!

Thanks for the people who commented on the fanart! ><

And thanks Tombow, I'm going to take a look at that thread biggrin.gif
riza hawkeye 9
hello !!!

today i'm posting some message for you guys from N.C.Stormy

first she tells that she won't be able to comeback to the forums until she reachs very high scores in Algebra ... but that everything is going ok and she is trying her best at it ( she already got a 100) to comeback soon to our thread
she says that she will return by March 31 ^^ !!

and she asked me to tell you this too (i'm wrapping in a quote )
I've just watched Ep. 37 and laughed my head off. I
happen to have a similar jacket to Roy's...which made me wince a little when I
wore it this morning. biggrin.gif

now it's my turn XDD

Tombow yeah , i can't post pics because i can't use the "ADDReply" ;_;

Tian ai your fanart i really good !!!

don't forget to visit our C2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

*hugs* .... and wait ...only 6 more days *does the happy dance* !!! royai in 68 please !!!!
Tian Ai
Riza Hawkeye 9 - Sorry about my ignorance, what's a C2? @@

I'm glad you liked the fanart >//<

I'm dying to know what's happening in Central!! D8( *sob* *emo*
Hahaha...haikus are so funnie...i've got another one now...
there is still nothing poetic about it..
but i prefer to make pple laugh...

Nurses in small skirts
Roy rubs his hands in glee
"Flame ON" Roy is CHARRED!! ph34r.gif

now for some help in visualising that haiku...

Nurses in small skirts

Roy rubs his hands in glee

"Flame ON" Roy is CHARRED!!

This last picture shows how roy is made to repent..
the tag in front of him says "useless"

haha...ok...end of one minute comedy.. smile.gif smile.gif
@animefreak_zzz - Gahaha, I love that Haiku and the "visual aids"!! So cute!! happy.gif

@Nil-chan - That's good to know!! We'd love to have you here more often!! happy.gif
The thread feels amiss when you are not around!!

@Tian Ai - C2 id a Gallery account at Fanfiction net, and thanks to wonderful posters here, now our thread has our own Gallery to display the works of all the talented posters on our thread!! biggrin.gif
That's awesome!!

@riza hawkeye 9 - Thanks for bringing the message from N.C.Stormy!!
Glad she is doing ok!! biggrin.gif
And, you can still post your pic even if you are using FASRREPLY!!
Check my post on How to pic post and use #2 or #3 to post pic. biggrin.gif

Tombow: Thanks so much for your concern, I'm almost all better! I at least have the energy to post again, honestly my friends were calling to see if I had mono because I wasn't online at all.

Tian Ai: Hi, don't worry about being ignorant, I only found out about C2's a little while ago too. smile.gif They're basically galleries or collections of fanfictions on ( They can all be on a particular theme or random. Our's is (obviously) Royai themed. I hope that helps to explain!

animefreak: Thanks for the pictures, they're quite funny and VERY cute!

Only a few more days until the next chapter!!
animefreak_zzz problem...i had a good laugh too..

whee..i can't wait for the nxt chapter to be out too.. smile.gif
Those new three pics are SO CUTE.
@riza'slittlesister - That's nice to hear!! happy.gif So nice to have you back!!

One week to chapter 68!!! biggrin.gif

Have you voted on our Board Award yet??

Make sure to visit the special sub-forum for the Board Award and vote!! biggrin.gif

Royai thread is being nominated in two categories!! Royai thread was the sole nominee for Best Character Discussion Thread for this year's Board Award!!! Yay!!!

Royai thread is also nominated for the Best thread!! Yay!!! biggrin.gif

And, congratulations go to Nil-chan and Seventh_Sky for being nominated for Best Sig and Best Sig Shop, and MelRiza and Fushigi Rockna for being nominated for Best Fanartist!!

I've always said that this thread is so fortunate to have so many talented posters, and I'm so happy to see Nil-chan and Seventh_Sky and MelRiza and Fushigi Rockna being nominated!!
Makes me very happy!! happy.gif

(I'm honored to be included alongside the awsomest people on our board for Best Mod and Best Member. ^^)
one last thing before i leave the boards for 2 days...

here is a new pic i found...
for more pics..visit my webshots album (the url is in my siggie).. smile.gif

ta-ta for now!! smile.gif
@animefreak_zzz - Thanks for the pic!! Your Album is so full of nice pics!!
I just love it!! happy.gif
Have a nice weekkend, and see you in two days!! biggrin.gif
Tian Ai
Thanks guys for the explanation, that cleared it up smile.gif

animefreak_zzz - That gallery is so pretty! I Favorited it XD

OT: I was just rewatching a couple episodes of FMA with Chinese subtitles, and when they showed Riza's name on the subs I realized my best friend has the exact same Chinese name as the one shown... XD Her English name is Lisha, though...

@Tombow: You definatly deserve 'Best Mod' And 'Best Member'. You're the top poster on the forums! Your amazingly nice and welcoming, well-knowledged about the anime and manga. And, of course you're a royai fan, so that gives you 10,000000 bonus points.

animefreak_zzz: Yes! More of your awesome pictures! One thing i realy missed while i haven't been here were your awesome fanart postings of doooom! That Roy one is amazing.

Almost there, pray for Royai in chapter 68!
Anime Freak: Your latest Royai Haiku made me laugh, especially the last line. The visual aids are a hilarious touch. (I like the picture of Roy with his useless sign.)

Riza's Little Sister:
Welcome back to the thread. We all missed you. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better.

Sigh, can not wait until chapter sixty-eight comes out. sleep.gif I'll have to amuse myself by watching FMA in Spanish, even though the dubbing makes me cringe.
@ Nil-chan
gald to hear that. haha...
@ animefreak_zzz
hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha........... Great haiku ya got there. hahaha... can't stop laughing... hahahahahahaha.......
I'm back!!!! Hi guys!!! Oh my god! I missed all of you! I need to do a little catching up first. So.. Uhm what's new? biggrin.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
OMG!!! It's like the week of the Prodigal Royai Lovers!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif

Hey, Untitled!!! Long time no see!!! How have you been?

@ ika - good luck on your test! Of course, by the time you read this post, you've probably already taken it! laugh.gif But you'll do fine! smile.gif If I had known you were testing on all that junk, I would have e-mailed you some of my notes! (AP classes mean you have tons of information you'd like to give away so you don't have to look at it and think about the AP test in April... for me, anyway...)

@ everybody - Haha! Glad you liked that little haiku of mine (sans the last line...)! Not too shabby for an eight-year-old, eh?

Oh, BTW, since we're all seeming to have so much fun with these haikus, I've decided to add them all onto, and from there onto the C2!!! The entire collection is techinically under my name, but each individual poem has the respective author's forum name! Hope that's ok with everybody... if not, just say so, and I'll take it down, delete it, etc.

EDIT: Here we go!!! smile.gif Royai Haiku!

AND NOW!!!!!! For my FAVORITE TWO ROYAI PICS EVER!!!!!!!!! They're a bit of a stretch, compared to the other pics I've posted, which are all kind of fluffy... But I've also included *why* I love each of these pictures... (my inner art-critic is shining through...)

wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

I love this one b/c of how absolutely emotional it is... It isn't the most fluffy picture in the world, granted, and it's not going to be giving anyone any CS attacks, but I think it's absolutely wonderful, and completely captures their true feelings as well as the dynamics of their relationship...

Click to view attachment

There are a lot of "Royai Wedding" pictures out there, but this one is by far my favorite!!! I love how it looks like an old photograph, and how the artist was sensitive towards the character's personalities when choosing not only how they stood together, but their manner of dress and their expressions... Once again, not CS attack-worthy, but absolutely beautiful, in my opinion...

Click to view attachment
...*sweatdrop* how long have I been gone? Was it 3 long weeks? sad.gif I had finals and then I problems with the site and things.

I see Nil-chan and MeLRizA are back!! biggrin.gif Also Jo 21 I remember you from when I first joined this thread! smile.gif

As of when I voted we were one vote ahead of the penny thread! And Nil-chan and Tombow were waaay ahead in their categories. MeLRizA was ahead but not by too much.

@The New FMA I love that pic too wub.gif In fact check this out. It's my new-ish LJ layout! biggrin.gif
The first post there is for Valentines so send me one...if you want.
Does anyone here, on this thread, have an LJ? We should be friends! I'm able to check my LJ and friends page almost everyday...I'm so addicted.

I also saw, whilst catching up that you were talking about Red Marker (thanks for the dl Tian Ai) here it is put to music!!!

Awe, Royai Valentine's Day wub.gif It sounds sooo lovely, romantic, and fluffy. wub.gif I feel so happy just thinking about it. smile.gif But I have waaay to much on my plate right now to put any effort into producing something for it, sorry but I'll read all the fiction and other contributions and give useful feed back.
Good Luck and happy writing/drawing/grafix making to everyone!
Tian Ai
No One - Thanks for the YouTube link, I'll have to look at it later though because my stupid toolbar just disappeared for the 50th time and I can't control volume without the toolbar... darn speakers. ><

New Fullmetal - I really like the first picture! It's not too OOC and the colors are so beautiful <3

OMG!!! It's like the week of the Prodigal Royai Lovers!!!

It is, isn't it? Look at everyone who has returned! I guess we all came back to support each other in the polls.

@NFA: Thanks for sharing the pics, they're really good!
Hello, I've returned to spam this thread. tongue.gif

@ NFA: Thanks for sharing your gallery, really nice pics you've got.
I feel like drawing some Royai now.
I'll come back with Royai fanart when I get more.
And congralutions on being nominated for best thread.
@No_One and Untitled and Ling_chan, welcome back!!!
So nice to see your posts here again!! happy.gif

@No_One - Nice to see you!! Hope your computer is working fine with this site now?? unsure.gif
And I love the MMV!! And, love your new LJ layout!! Nicely done!! happy.gif
Yap, me too, I'm so looking forward to read everyone's Royai fanfics!! biggrin.gif

@Untitled - Glad you're back!! We got more nice new people, and lots of more new pics and new Royai doujin and Omake being posted, and we even got our own C2 Gallery account for our thread at!! And, we are planning for big Royai Valentine's Day celebration!! happy.gif

@Ling_chan - Thank you!! And, nice to see you!! Yes, yes, please draw something for our Royai Valentine's Day Album!! And, hope you'll stop by here more often!! happy.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Awww.... The wedding pic!! That's totally Royai bliss!!
And the lovely Royai "embrace"!! So beautiful and full of emotion!!
And, you are so good with Royai Haiku!! I love your Royai haiku collection!!

@Nil-chan -Awww thanks!! Yes, yes, we should all get 10,000,000 extra points for being Royai fans!! biggrin.gif

OT: @esrz22 - I love your new avatar!! biggrin.gif

Less than one week for the new chapter!!!!! biggrin.gif
Tian Ai
Tombow - Royai Valentine's Day album? ohmy.gif Was I spacing out again?!

Ling chan - Nothing on the Royai thread will be spam! Hehe tongue.gif

@Tian Ai - It's this one!! biggrin.gif
(Reposting from riza hawkeye 9's post. ^^)

Royai Valentines Day Album

we will accept any kind of art that contains Royai as a theme ^^
fanfics - fanarts - pics - icons - signatures - songs - cosplay - and etc ^^

to the fanfics writers :
the theme is warm fluffy royai

the words chocolate , cupid and round were suggest by starriedgirl so the fic would be even more special if you include them ^^

N.C.Stormie suggest a contest with the theme
"Royai fic with Roy POV musing on Hayate"
it can be any kind of fic ( we don't have a lenght limt ), if everyone accept me, NCStormie and Riza'slittlesister will be judging it and the prize will be a royai banner ^^

TNFA created a C2 in FF.NET , "chiken soup for the royai soul" , PM her for add your stories or just enjoy our archieve

the fics should be posted until February 20th !

this themes can also be used to fanart/icon and others kinds of royai art ^^

i'm collecting everything that has been posted since last week( as pics, cosplays and others ) and we'll include them on our royai V-day album.

Haiku's posted between the challenge period will be in the collection as well ^^

any doubts or suggestions just PM me, NCStormie or Riza'slittlesister

Note: I think NCStormie will be busy for a while, so if you have questions, maybe you can ask riza hawkeye 9 or Riza'slittlesister, I think. biggrin.gif
Yeah... 5 days to the next chap...
Once again, I'm gone a few days and there are three brand new pages! Should we start our countdown to 700 pages? Cuz we are getting close.

Update: My V-day fanfict has been sent to TNFMA for proof-reading. Hopefully either tomorrow or Monday, it will be posted on the C2 at And I've officially titled it "Rendezvous," with a companion piece to follow.

@ Mel-Riza, Nil-Chan, No One, Untitled, RLS, esrz222 and Ling_Chan Sooo very glad to see all of you back! I feel like it's family reunion time!

@ Everyone Keep up w/ the wonderful Haikus! The Royai C2 is fleshing out beautifully!

Hugs and Kisses,

PS I'll keep my fingers crossed for Stormy and paca to rejoin us soon.
Tian Ai
Tombow - Thank you! I need to start reading more carefully biggrin.gif

Just a few more days for the new chapter...
The New Fullmetal Alchemist: The haiku were written by an eight year old? huh.gif I thought that you had written all of them.

Untitled and No One: Welcome back to the wonderful and magical Royai thread! I hope that you guys can participate in the Royai Valentine's Day album. We already have some great submissions.

Heh heh, I wish that I could track down to people who look like Roy and Riza and photograph them. Photography is more my genre than drawing/sketching. I always wanted to do FMA fanart photography using real people. *_*
@Edamame That is a brilliant idea! Perhaps at a con you could ask ppl to participate. Or find volunteers at school, work, or wherever. I'd love to see what you'd come up with. I'd love to volunteer, but I think I look more like Scieska.

OT: watching 12hrs of Ghosthunters today! Yay! No Super Bowl for me!
Edamame: Your photography idea is so cute! You should definately use con pictures. Perhaps you could ask LadyHawke78 to use some of her pics that she posted earlier, they were quite good.

5 days 8 hours 58 minutes and 32 seconds until the timer on ZOMGFTA runs out! Diversion to Central please!

Hmm... I need to remember how to program a timer from my Comp Sci class and make one to put on my desktop. Maybe I can work on that instead of watching the Super Bowl.

Quick Edit: now has every scanlated chapter up, so I can finally delete the files on my computer from the chapters they didn't have! Huzzah!
Tian Ai
Edamame - That's an awesome idea! It'd be sweet if the people were a couple tongue.gif

Um, I'd try to help, but no one around me so far looks like Riza or Roy and I think I'd look more like Ranfan. o.o

I've never heard of, but I know has scans instead of downloading in zips as an alternative if that will help anyone XD
@Edmame: That's a cool idea! But I don't really know anyone who look like either Roy or Riza...anyway, I don't think I look like anyone from FMA...except maybe the fact aout being short with Ed. xD (Believe me, I look nothing like him either, besides being short. First of all, I'm not a blond.)

@Tian ai: is sponsored by the same people who run this FMA site. It doesn't have as much variety of mangas as, but still, it's a very good site.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ No One - Hey, there! Glad you're back! smile.gif Cute LJ, btw! laugh.gif

Oh, and that youtube vid? SO CUTE!!!!! Everyone should go and Check it Out! It was luverly! wub.gif Kinda "spoiler-ish," but you know what? It just makes me look all the more forward to when Tombow will "give" a translated version to all of us as a Valentine's Day gift so I can finally understand what's *really* going on! laugh.gif

@ everybody - glad you guys enjoyed all those Royai pics! (And the haiku)

@ Edamame - Haha! laugh.gif Kind of, I wrote that "stars" one when I was eight years old, all the others I've been doing pretty much on the spot. smile.gif


So, I just got a pm from asunder saying that my sig was too big... Did they mean the pic? B/c I did get it from Nil-chan, and last I checked it was within the pixel size... maybe just the general sig? I'll go with that... Hmm... time for some make-over work!!

Royai Count-down!

10 days until Valentine's Day!!

5 days until FMA ch. 68!!!
Tian Ai
Ika07 - Ahh, I checked it out, it's great =D Not as much clicking around, haha biggrin.gif

New Fullmetal - I've been wanting to watch that video, but my speakers are busted for now.. = ="

By the way, I read the first few chapters of your Cracked-Out Alchemist fic and LAUGHED MY WAY TO WHO-KNOWS-WHERE. DEAR GOD. XD I have yet to read the rest!

@Tian Ai: Yes...clicking around annoys me, so I actually enjoy reading mangas where I don't have to do much clicking. So I usually end up reading mangas as books (if they're already translated) or the site where I can do as much less clicking around as possible. Anyway, mangarun is still the place that has the most mangas on online site (maybe besides don't really know) so I go there often. happy.gif

OT: Have anyone here heard "Link" by L'Arc~en~Ciel? I'm kinda obsessed with it right now. laugh.gif

Oh, and I've been wanting to get a good siggy for the longest time. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to where they got theirs? ...and no, I'm not skilled enough to make my own. sad.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ ika07 - you should ask Nil-Chan!!! She makes beautiful sigs!! Of course, she's probably busy, but still - her work is far and away the most superior of any else I've seen! happy.gif And yes, I like Link! I have it and Lost Heaven... I added them to my "CD" of the movie ost...

@ Tian Ai - DID YOU REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?! Did you really like it????? HOOORAAAAY!!!! laugh.gif I really like the "Date" one... I may post that for V-Day! laugh.gif
heloo ^^ i recently just joined at this forum ^^ *sweats* as you can see from my just-1 post count~! Sorry for my bad english grammar because i live in asia and am just 13 >> btw, I just joined the forum for this thread~!!!!! long live royai-ness ^w^ and BONES is evil and must die! 4 days and 15 minutes to the chapter 68 that contains (I hope) Royai-ness! wink.gif

EDIT: you can check out the for royai (Somewhat?) doujinshi. there is only the banner though, but I reckon it'll be updated quite frequently/ ^^
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