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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - Oh yes, I love those Royai-centric comments on "English Alchemist"!! Royai rulez!! biggrin.gif
And, thank you so much for doing the C2!!
It's really awesome to have that for our thread!! *hugs!!*

@Edamame - Tehehe, the trick is... most of the night when I'm on this board I'm also reading, writing, or studying on the side. (Multi-tasking!! XDD)
But yeah, sometimes lots of times I get pressed for lack of time I have. tongue.gif

Ok then, I'll try to translate "Red Marker." biggrin.gif
(I still want to translate some of the fun omake stuff Paca has posted, so I will see which one I should do first. ^^)
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Tombow - Awww... you're making me blush! wub.gif It's no big deal! But it sounds like Red Marker would be a good Valentine's Day "gift," don't you think? smile.gif

@ Edamame - I second Tombow! Yup, the key is multi-tasking! *nods* Of course, I'm one to talk, considering I'm failing to do that right now... Stupid homework... grumble...

Ok, time for some pics now! smile.gif

Probably one of the most "over-done" poses/pics used, but this is a very good version, I think... And it is cute, despite how often I see it! laugh.gif

Click to view attachment

Ok, if you can look at this without smiling, there's obviously something wrong... wub.gif

Click to view attachment
@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - OMG!! I'm going to squee!! Those pics are sooo Royai!! happy.gif
I'm so loving those pics!! Thanks for posting them!! ^^

So then, that will be my contribution for Royai V'Day!!
I'll make the translations of the Red Marker. biggrin.gif
I'll try to get it done slightly earlier if someone can volunteer to convert it to scanlation. smile.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hooray, Tombow!! "Red Marker" translation! Yaaay! (I'll scanlate if need be - I've never done it before, but if no one else can I'll figure something out)

Nice squee, btw! smile.gif That last one really is too cute, isn't it?

You know what, guys? I'm going to start doing some Royai haikus now... mostly b/c I don't want to write the Napoleon essay I need to do...

Blue, Gold and Dark Eyes
Guns and Long Golden Locks
Military Love
Tian Ai
How cute <3 You're right about the second picture... Darn, I can't stop smiling now! Good thing no one's in the room with me. ^^"

Ahh, Valentine's Day...I shall have to do something to celebrate Royai XD

Yeah, if you find anyone named Roy, ask them if they know anyone named Elizabeth...then tell them that she's the only one for him. XD
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Tian Ai - Hahaha! They'd think I'm nuts! laugh.gif And besides, if they're cute enough, I may too selfish to tell them about you! wink.gif

Ah, yes, the "constant smile" syndrom - it's the bane of every fanperson's existence! Here's a fanfic that I wrote that gave me CS syndrome... it's part of a larger collection of fanfics that i've been doing for fun - the entire premise is this: I take stories people have submitted to me (real-life stories that were annoying or aggravating then, but are funny now) and change everything around so it's FMA-centric... also, Ed is on crack. In every story. smile.gif
Here's one of my more Royai ones:
roy and riza's date
The result of many of these stories is CS syndrome - I've recieved many a review saying, "I'm really glad I'm home alone right now - my parents would think I'm nuts" smile.gif

Ok, Count-Down Update!!!

10 days until ch. 68!!! (keep your fingers crossed for some Central scenes! Maybe Arakawa will do something special...)

15 days until Valentine's Day! (start working on your submissions to celebrate!)

Tian Ai
Fullmetal - CS syndrome, LOL! I like that biggrin.gif

Ahh one of the only bad things about manga is the TORTUROUS WAIT between the chapters! AUGH! *dies*

By the way, would any of you happen to know why the upload personal photo thing isn't working? At least it isn't for me...I was using IE, so I thought maybe that was the problem and tried FF but when I clicked "Browse" to get the picture nothing came up. o_O So I tried IE a couple times and all it gives me is an error message...
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
?? you mean the one for your portal? On this website?? I hate to repeat things you may already be doing, but: My controls - change personal photo - when you go to browse, it'll be looking for pictures that are on your computer, rather than a website like you can with some things... Umm... I guess I don't understand your question, then, b/c I'm pretty sure I'm not helping... ^^;

Oooh, speaking of pics on computers, here's some I found last year (forgot if I got them from the thread or not, but either way, it's due time to let them re-surface!)

Click to view attachment

While this isn't necessarily Valentine's related, I do find it cute that Roy and Riza are the King and Queen of Hearts wink.gif

These are actually for White Day, but you know...

Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment

Haha! I bet they're getting up the nerve to "ask out" their ladies! laugh.gif

Click to view attachment

Tian Ai
Ah, no, it's just when I was trying to upload it gave me an error message that the picture couldn't be uploaded ^^" But that's been resolved, thanks for your help tongue.gif It was just this screwed-up computer...

Cute pictures!! I need to start digging up those Royai pics and get them on here XD

The 'alchemy attempt' part of your signature reminds me of that one time.. I tried making an array out of banana and orange peels 0_o (please don't ask...I didn't have a pencil)
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hahah! I was at my friend's house once while he was teaching another friend how to make balloon animals (they were going to make balloon animals for kids the next day as a favor to a neighbor), and so, being the smart-alecks they are, decided to let me keep myself occupied with a box of crayons and some paper... mostly b/c I went, "oooh, crayons! Wow, a 64 pack!" when I saw them on his desk... so, I started drawing circles... they didn't notice until after I clapped my hands, smacked them down on the paper, and said "damn, it's not working!" They thought it was hilarious (both being hooked on FMA courtesy of moi) but my friend's brother thought I was an idiot... oh, well! smile.gif

I think those pics are cute, too! Someone obviously got *them* something nice for Valentine's day! laugh.gif

Anyone else got any "official" pics?
ZOMG, Royai attack. I leave this thread to go to Kendo practise, and I return to find even more Royai than before.

The New Fullmetal Alchemist: I used to have a fan-fiction account eons ago. (I mean back when I was about thirteen.) I could always make a new account, because I rather enjoy leaving feed-back and comments on people's work. I suppose that I should get around to writing a fiction one of these days. I keep telling myself that...I just need to do it. (I wish that I could write a fan-fiction 'masterpiece' like "He Who Searches for Himself.") The Royai "Chuu" picture was sooo cute. I also like the White Day picture of Ed and Roy.

Tian Ai: Hmmm, you made an array out of banana and orange peels. The alchemists of old would be quite amused...or horrified. biggrin.gif

Tombow: I must learn the great skill of multi-tasking. (It will happen one of these days.)
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Yay, Edamame - get a account! Then you can leave reviews and be a staff on our new C2! happy.gif


I just went to go and vote for the website's new awards, and guess what?! WE'RE GOING TO WIN FOR BEST CHARACTER DISCUSSION! hahahaa!!! laugh.gif Actually, it's hilarious, since we're the only ones in the category! But you know what? VOTE ANYWAY!!!!

Vote for our own MeLRizA for fan artist!
Vote Tombow for best member!!! (and mod! laugh.gif)
Be sure to give Nil-Chan all the credit due to her!

Oh, and...

Vote OUR THREAD for Best Thread!!!

Of course, these are just my very excited opinions, but, please,


I've seriously been maybe the fifth person on the polls! laugh.gif
@ Tombow-dono and ika07 Thank you! It's part of a larger fanfict that I'm intending to submit for New FMA's C2 project.

@ New FMA I'll set myself up tonight w/ an account. And thank's for all of the Royai piccies! I have to say, Roy smelling a rose is quite smexy. And...I bow down in your almighty Haiku abilities! I'm not worthy! (ala "Wayne's World")

@ Jo21 Welcome back! I hope you are proud of the progress we've made. Please set a spell and chat w/ us.

I'm off to be absorbed into the world of

@Starrieidgirl - I can't wait to read the rest of your Royai fanfic!! biggrin.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - That was a nice Royai Haiku!! Wow, maybe we'll seriously start thinking about doing Roayiai Haiku contest!! biggrin.gif
Oh, and the link for the fanfic, I can't access it because I'm not the member... sad.gif
But, the pics are oh so Royai Valentineish!! Nice!!
I was so excited when Roy and Riza came out as the Kin and Queen of hearts... I love that!! biggrin.gif

And, yes!!! We are the sole nominee for Best Character Discussion Thread for this year's Board Award!!! Yay!!!

We are also nominated for the Best thread!! Yay!!! biggrin.gif

And, congratulations go to Nil-chan and Seventh_Sky for being nominated for Best Sig and Best Sig Shop, and MelRiza and Fushigi Rockna for being nominated for Best Fanartist!!

I've always said that this thread is fortunate to have so many nice talented people, and I'm happy to see Nil-chan and Seventh_Sky and MelRiza being nominated!! happy.gif

[spoiler](As for myself, I volunteered, and I was supposed to play Award official who can't get nominated, and I don't know what happened... >.< )[/spoiler]
(But yes, I'm very honored to be nominated for the Best Mod, and the Best Member, alongside those awesome people on the board... ^^ )
Triss Hawkeye
Oooh, the polls are open!

*votes for this thread*

I've noticed that this thread is moving faster now - maybe because of coming up to Valentine's Day! ^^

@New FMA: Thanks for the pictures, they're gorgeous, especially the Chuu one! I completely SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!d at that! Out loud too. I got a couple of funny looks.
Ah... Valentine's Day... is there any royai competition during the Valentine's day season?
@Jo21 - Yes, yes!! I'm reposting riza hawkeye 9's post on Royai Valentine's Day Album!!

QUOTE(riza hawkeye 9 @ Jan 28 2007, 10:26 PM) [snapback]498401[/snapback]
Royai Valentines Day Album

we will accept any kind of art that contains Royai as a theme ^^
fanfics - fanarts - pics - icons - signatures - songs - cosplay - and etc ^^

to the fanfics writers :
the theme is warm fluffy royai

the words chocolate cupid and round were suggest by starriedgirl so the fic would be even more special if you include them ^^

N.C.Stormie suggest a contest with the theme
"Royai fic with Roy POV musing on Hayate"
it can be any kind of fic ( we don't have a lenght limt ), if everyone accept me, NCStormie and Riza'slittlesister will be judging it and the prize will be a royai banner ^^

TNFA created a C2 in FF.NET , so if you're a user of FF.NET PM her to more informatiom

the fics should be posted until February 20th !

this themes can also be used to fanart/icon and others kinds of royai art ^^

i'm collecting everything that has been posted since last week( as pics, cosplays and others ) and we'll include them on our royai V-day album.

It sounds great!! biggrin.gif
@ Tombow-oneesan
Oh... Thanks. haha... never noticed that. Thanks.

@ Tombow-dono
I'd just like to congratulate those of you who take an active role in this thread. Thanks to you this has been nominated for best thread and best character discussion.
Go and vote!
JO21 Welcome back the Royai thread!

I just wanted to extend a congragulations to all the Forum Award Nominees. We will be cheering on all of you. Congratulations. (This thread has so many talented people. tongue.gif )

(Remember to vote for this thread!)
@New FMA: Thank you for all your contributions! The pics are also awesome.

@Tombow: You will translate Red Marker for us? Thank you! I don't know what this thread will do without you. ^^

@Jo21: Welcome back!

I just came back from voting for this thread! Let's all vote, everyone!

Edit: @ Triss Hawkeye: I deleted that post, because it turns out that I'm not allowed to post [IMG] codes...or something like that, I can't really remember. XD Thank you for your concern though!
Triss Hawkeye
Maybe use Imageshack or something?
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Thank you for the kind words, Popo! happy.gif

@ Tombow - seriously? It wouldn't let you access it? That's really weird... I know that last night the site was flooded, so maybe... Hmm... tell you what,

Try Again...

And if that doesn't work...

Try my page and click on "C2 communities" at the bottom...

@ Starrie - You are now officially "pending" for the C2! Just accept the invite you'll recieve via e-mail, and you're all set to go! smile.gif

@ ika07 - is a good site - and it's free! smile.gif It's never given me any problems, and they include three diff. formats to upload the pics onto other sites, etc...

Ok, guys, now before I post today's pics, I'd like to take a moment and say something totally and completely off-topic...

(hence my new avvy!!)


I've been sitting on pins and needles since November when they sent me a letter that said I'd get another letter sometime between January and March! Haha! But now I'm finally in!!! YES!!! It feels so great to finally be able to know where I'm going... smile.gif Too bad the year isn't over yet! laugh.gif

Ok, pic time now! wub.gif

Click to view attachment

I absolutely adore this one, probably b/c of the way that they're looking at each other! laugh.gif They actually look quite nice in post-Victorian-type dress...

Click to view attachment

Haha! laugh.gif Poor Riza has no idea what's going on, does she? Roy seems rather pleased, though... smile.gif
Tian Ai
Fullmetal - I loved the second pic!! <3 AGH CS syndrome attack O_O

Yeah, this thread is the fastest-moving one I've been on EVER...I come on every day and there's like, an extra page or two XD Not that it's a bad thing!!

Yay for Tombow!! biggrin.gif *votes*
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Tian Ai - Hahaha!!! laugh.gif I love it when I inadvertently (didn't know I knew that word! laugh.gif) start phrases that become more and more used as time goes on! CS syndrome being one... that and "WHEEEEEEEEE!!!" among a good number of users... there are a couple of other ones... I forget... Hmm... Oooh! Thanks to a baked-goods auction, there are a lot of people at my school who are now hooked on S'mores brownies (my friend and I "invented" them...)

I want to post more pics... but I have to wait until tomorrow! *whines* I know! Haiku! smile.gif

Death before him - a
Sharp-shooting sniper woman (EDIT: originally did 6 instead of 7... woops!)
"Get your work done now!"

Heeheehee! I actually thought of a variant of the second line during lunch today, forgot it just now, and came it with something totally different! laugh.gif Ah, such is life! happy.gif
Tian Ai
Fullmetal - TRENDSTARTER!! ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

LOL, your haiku made me snort my canteloupe! >XD

I'm currently scouring the Internet for Royai pics to post up here... hey, I know there was a Royai site hosted by this site, called Office Love, but lately it's been down o.o" Anyone know what happened? It was such a great site!!

Ahh, Royai... I've had to deal with about fifty CS attacks this week in schol XD
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
HAHAHAHAAAA!!! I can honestly say I've never had anyone tell me that something made them "snort canteloupe!" That may be in my next "cracked-out adventure" fanfic! All kinds of crazy comments and dialogue ends up there... it's like a black-hole for the absurd! (Hey, that's actually a good synopsis!)

I don't know what happened to that site... I never was really able to navigate much on it, though... that could be just me... Anyway, try cruising back on this thread about 50 or so pages - one poster (who I haven't seen in a while, come to think of it) named paca would post some awesome pics - that and people would post their photobucket gallerys... this weekend I'll dig through and re-post some good ones!

Haha - ah, those CS attacks... someone will think we all have heart problems! laugh.gif seriously, it sounds like a disease!

And am I really a trend-setter when it's all so nerdy? ("nerdy" is probably the best thing in the world, in my opinion...) but still... not "trendy..." "nerdy..." yeah... hey, switch a couple of letters in "trendy" and you get "nerdy!" Cool!
hehe..i told my friend about the royai haiku contest here and this is what he came up with...
pretty funny...hahaha.. laugh.gif

The Miniskirt Club
Roy's the ONLY member

looks like the fun is starting soon...
bring in the HAIKUS!! cool.gif
Tian Ai
I'm a PROUD NERD, MAN!! You pickin' a fight, jock?! BRINGIT!! You'll never be able to take my MANGA THROW ATTACK!! 99999 OVERKILL!

Ahh, I need to sort some time out to look over the whole board... Haven't gotten around to it biggrin.gif

I drew a Royai picture for <3 day yesterday, but I'm embarrassed to post it :S
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Very cute! I'm a "member" of the miniskirt club... I kind of stopped hanging around their forum, b/c I was there for about 3 months and still no word on a skirt number... that and they're none too friendly... at least compared to you all! laugh.gif

animefreak_zzz - let's hear one from you now! Send my compliments to your friend, though! smile.gif
hhhmmm...let me try now then....this one is about Riza...

While she cleans her guns
Roy pops in from behind
*Bang*Bang*Bang*Bang*Bang* ohmy.gif

Omg...this is so lame...dry.gif bwahahaha...
maybe i'll try again if i can come up with something better...
and for the time being...totally ignore the haiku up there..ph34r.gif
@New FMA: Congratulations!! (for getting into Georgia Tech that is) I'm really happy for you! laugh.gif

@animefreak zzz: I <3 your haiku. It's really funny! Reading your haiku made my day. xD
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hahahahahaaa! animefreak_zzz - what are you talking about? That was AWESOME!!!! *claps hands with glee*

Thank you, Ika! happy.gif

Hmm... don't really have one... animefreak's is running through my mind! laugh.gif Curse you, CS syndrome!!! *shakes fist*
@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - The link works tonight!! Thanks!! biggrin.gif
And that first Royai pic is sooo nice!! You are right!! I love the way they are looking at each other!!

And, OT:
Congratulations for getting in to GEORGIA TECH!!!

That is an awesome news!!! I'm so proud of you!!! Way to go!!! happy.gif

@ika07 - I'm not sure what your original problem was, but try saving the image on your computer (if not already done so) then upload it to your on-line image hosting account such as Photo bucket (it's free but need to register) or Imageshack (free and no need to register) to get the URL of the image, and try it with that URL?? unsure.gif

@Tian Ai - Tehehe, yes, we are back to our "normal" speed again!! biggrin.gif
And, you are right. Office Love was there, hosted by our own Chibi Viki-san who is the guardian goddess of this Royai thread. But, when Chibi Viki-san got busy and did not update it for sometime, the Office Love was dropped from the line-up. sad.gif

@animefreak_zzz and everyone, love your Royai Haiku exchanges!! Very nice!! happy.gif
@ TNFMA I sent you a PM and I did accept the offer to be a staff member. Thank you sooooo very, very, very much! Also, congrats on getting into Georgia Tech! The waiting is always the killer part.

@ animefreak_zzz and TNFMA Your haiku's are amazing! It's so wonderful to see people take up this challenge and have fun with it.

@ Tombow I'm rooting for you to win Best Member and Best Mod. Cuz you are just that amazing! And of course for our happy lil family to win Best Thread and Best Character Discussion Thread.

@ Everyone Here is another taste of my V-day fict.

“This way Lieutenant.” Mustang stomped out into the half-foot of snow. Where the h*** is his winter coat? Hawkeye followed, continually watching through the corners of her eyes for any movement. Mustang would never allow himself or any of his subordinates to walk in blindly to any rendezvous or any location, outside of headquarters, without a thorough evaluation and a plan of action. This was obviously an exception.


@Starrieidgirl - Thank you!! ^^
And, thank you for accepting to be the stuff!! That will be great!!
And, love your next "preview" of your Royai V-Day fanfic!! Very nice!! happy.gif

February!!! Only 10 more days to Chapter 68!! (Or something like that. biggrin.gif )
Chapter 68?! YEAH!!!
I have been dead for too long haven't I? Just poppin' in to say hi to everyone and I miss everyone very much! It's great to know that you all are doing great here. I'm doing great too back at my hometown although the weather is so hot. I hope you all have liked the RoyxRiza drawing I have submitted for X'mas 2006. I'm doing something silly (of course it's Royai >D) for Valentine's and I hope I can put it up soon!

Tombow-sama sent me an e-mail saying that I have been nominated for "The DaVinci of Fanarts". It got me speechless (thank you sooo much Tombow-san, lurve ya lots!).. ohmy.gif Thank you for your votes! You guys are soo awesome.. *pandahugs*

I believe most of you have seen my lame fanarts and have given me sooo much support. Thank you once again! I will do my best to make a really good royai V'day fanart for everyone. Thank you!! ^^ You guys are the best e-buddies ever!!

It's a little short but I gotta get a rest now, it's getting late here.

Bleh, I cannot download the new chapters because I'm using dial-up. It kills. I hope they are still up.. I must download them when my uni starts..
The New Fullmetal Alchemist: Congragulations for getting into Georgia Tech! All of your hard work really paid off. Thank you for posting some lovely Royai pictures. It is always a nice way to start the day with a cute couple. I made myself a Fanfiction account, but I'm not to sure how to use it. (I'll help edit stuff. ) huh.gif

Melriza: Congragulations on your nomination~ I can not wait to see your Valentine's fan-art.

Anime Freak and Ika: I love the haiku! I'm getting this mental picture of Riza dressed in an elegant kimono writing haiku to Roy.

Oooh, can't wait until chapter 68. The only problem is I can't seem to download anything. Le sigh...
Tian Ai
Fullmetal - Congratulations on getting into Georgia Tech!! biggrin.gif *confetti confetti*

Melriza - I haven't met you before, but I took a look at the nominations for the fanart poll and I liked yours the best <3 I hope you win! biggrin.gif Lookin' forward to that V'day fanart ^^

Tombow - I don't know you well yet but from what I've seen you're a very very nice person and I think you should win the Best Mod poll biggrin.gif

OMG!! MeLRizA!!! Missed you sooo much!!! *glomps!!!*
Yes!! Email worked!! Yay!!!!
@MeLRizA - Yeah, I did not want you to miss this, and I'm so glad you got my email!! happy.gif
I think it's awesome that you're nominated for the Best Fanartist!! Congratulations!! biggrin.gif
Can't wait to see your Royai V-Day fanart!!!

@Tian Ai - Aww, thank you!! I'm proud of the whole Mod team on our board, and I'm honored to be working as a part of the team. happy.gif
And, yes Mel is anwesome fanartist, and we have many more talented people on our thread!!
I'm so proud of all of them!! biggrin.gif

@Edamame - Ahhh, Riza dressed in an elegant kimono writing haiku to Roy.... nice!!
I like that image very much!! happy.gif

@Jo21 - Yes!! Chapter 68 coming in 10 days (or less, hopefully!! biggrin.gif )
I voted for you Mel-chan!! You're winning! *glomp hugs* And i can't wait to see the finished fan art! wink.gif

*pops in*
Well, I was just notified that I am missed... and i got a PM from Tombow telling me i got nominated for best sig and best Sig Shop. ohmy.gif I feel so loved and honored!

@All new members: I'm so sorry I haven't been here to fulfill my duty!*Draws in quick breath*
Welcome-to-the-most-awesome-thread-of-all-time-that-is-the-Royai-Thread-which-is-dedicated-to- the-most-awesome-pairing-ever-Roy-Mustang-and-Riza-Hawkeye-and-also-the-thread-that-has- the-coolest-people-ever-who-are-the-nicest-of-anyone-you-will-ever-find-on-these-forums-and- which-is-now-six-hundred-and-sixty-one-pages-in-length-because-we-are-the-most-active-people- ever-and-the-thread-that-has-been-voted-the-best-character-discussion-thread-of-all-time.

Depending on whether or not i have time, I'll try to do a valentines fic for everyone.

<Edited to fix the stretching of the forum page. ^^ 02/02/07 ~Tombow>
Tian Ai
Nil-chan - I haven't met you before either but I saw your graphics! SO AWESOME. I voted for you for in the poll biggrin.gif

Wow all the Royai and with <3-day coming up, I'm getting CS 24/7! happy.gif

Since everyone seems to be doing Royai fics/fanarts/haikus, etc for V-day, I decided to draw some stuff in the past 2 days..

[sorry the pictures are big]

Click to view attachment

Took about an hour... I draw very uncleanly... (<- is that even a word?)

Click to view attachment

Took 1.5 hour, ended up looking awkward ._." And smudge ><

Please don't kill me!! I swear I tried, and will keep trying!

<Edited to switch posting of two oversize pics from Image posting to Attachments. ^^ 02/01/07 ~Tombow>
OMG OMg OMG!!! Nil-chan!!! *glomps!!!*
Missed you!!!!!
Yes, yes, you are nominated TWICE!! (Very deservingly so, IMO!!) happy.gif
Congratulations!!!! We are so proud of you!!!! ^^
And, thank you for your awesome welcome post!!! biggrin.gif

@Tian Ai - Awww, those are so sweet!! I love them!! happy.gif
And, I swiched the posting of pics from Image posting to Attachment. Hope you don't mind. ^^
(Click on thumbnail to enlarge the pic. smile.gif )
Tian Ai
Tombow - Thanks for changing that, I had no idea how to do Attachment @@"

It's too bad Office Love isn't there anymore, I loved that site <3
@Tian Ai - You're welcome!! Did you get how to make Attachment??
If not, I'm going to post how to on a thread in Fanart forum, and post the link later. smile.gif
And, yes I miss all the wonderful fanart on Office Love site, and I miss Chibi Viki-san's posts here... sad.gif
I return. Again. Woefully behind here, and I've fallen behind in the Manga.

Valentine's day's coming up, isn't it? I usually pretty much ignor that holiday, but I should probably do something Royai-y for it.
Oh, Office Love is closed? That's sad... sad.gif

I've always liked Touchstone. It's a good site and the history blurbs are really well written.

Sorry I've been gone, I was sick and I didn't have the energy to keep up with all of the amazing posting. I did go vote in the polls though! I can't wait to look at the C2 to read everyone's work!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist



What a great way to start the evening!!! laugh.gif

And what a great way for me to celebrate my 600TH POST!!! *Woot!*

Haha! I seem to have a habit of "celebrating" all "important" numbers in this thread! laugh.gif

Thanks so much, you guys, for all your kind words about my getting into my top school! happy.gif (CS attack!!! Omg!)

You're all so amazing! Truly the greatest of friends!!! *hugs all around! AND COOKIES!!*

But now for the good stuff!!

PREPARE FOR A CS ATTACK!!! ("Constant Smile" or CS syndrome, is when you grin like a raving lunatic for extended periods without the ability to stop due to the high level of "happy chemicals" in your system.) *This has been a public service announcement...*

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This one's pretty... Not "romantic" romantic, but romantic... Yeah... smile.gif

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Guess what tomorrow will bring? My TOP TWO FAVORITE ROYAI PICS *EVER!*

Man, I seem to be using a whole lot of all-caps today... probably the stress from all this stupid busy-work... too bad it takes all night... *grumbles*

Royai Count-down

8 days until ch. 68!! (oh, and the AMV download on's site is actually very good! You guys should check it out!!! (not Royai, but still great!)

13 days until Valentine's Day!!

Tombow!! *hugs to death* I missed you too! I hate being so busy... I really need to stop by more often. *Feels so loved*

*Is blown away by NFA's post* ... well, Hi there. happy.gif I'm glad i could make your night. Congrats on the sith hundred post. Oh, wow, i really like the second pic you've posted. It looks very pretty, calm and water-colory.

@Tian Ai: Nice to meet you! As i said in my post before, welcome to our thread! I hope to get to know you better. happy.gif

*pops out*
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