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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Hey Everyone! Yay for chpt. 67!

Sorry I've been a way for a bit, but I did it! Doodles to go with our song!

This is for some giggles. As of now, it's my fave thing to imitate.

Hopefully you all enjoy and be on the lookout for more!

@Starriedgirl:Hahaha! That was so funny! I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes after that last doodle! laugh.gif

@ ika07 Thank you! I love it soooo much. It's reminescent of a gag at They have a video where at a point you stop it and there is an easter egg of Ron saying "Follow the butterflies, follow the butterflies..." I may end up doing a version of Roy and Ron chasing butterflies together.

If anyone is interested, I'd be more than happy to allow someone to do a color rendering w/ text. I just could not find the word for dear Riza-chan.

Kisses All!
@Starrieidgirl - I love those "doodles"!! biggrin.gif

Chapter 67 Scanlation is available at ZOMGFT now!! (click on Project on the left)
(Thank you, ZOMGFT!! happy.gif)
Last active thread on the first page. BAH!

@ Tombow-sama Thank you very much! I felt I had to do something, plus you are a very encouraging mod-sama.

Can I get a "woot-woot" for ZOMGFT?

Thread revival!

Wow, pushed back all the way back to page 3.
N.C. StormEye
Hi...I'm Nicki (well, Frankie, but Nicole is my penname) StormEye. I'm kinda new here and was hoping if I could, you know, join this topic/club. I'm a big Royai fan. Uh...

(Dang, I'm way too shy today.)

Well, that's about it.
@N.C. StormEye - Come on in!! No need to be shy!! happy.gif
WELCOME to the board!! And, welcome to the Royai thread!! biggrin.gif
We are the longest running Character discussion thread, and also one of the nicest threads on this board, IMO!! If you like Roy, Riza, and/or Royai, then you are one of us!!
Please enjoy the Royai goodness with us!! happy.gif
(Gosh I miss Nil-chan's awesome Royai thread welcome post!! tongue.gif )

@ika07 - Yeah, looks like we had few more post-happy *coughspamingcough* people in the character discussion forum yesterday. tongue.gif

@Starrieidgirl - Yes, please do w00t for ZOMGFT!! biggrin.gif
They generously share their scanlations every month, and I'm very grateful for them!! smile.gif
BTW, plain Tombow is fine with me... I'm just one of us. Nothing special. happy.gif
N.C. Stormeye: Welcome! We're so glad to have you join us on the thread! Nil-chan is/was our official thread greeter. I'm not 100% sure where she's run off to, but Here's my substitute (not nearly as good as the original) greeting:

Welcome-to-the-most-awesome-SIX-HUNDRED-AND-almost-FIFTY-pages-long-thread-of-all-time- because-it-is-based-on-the-wonderful-and-amazing-pairing-of-Roy-Mustang-and-Riza-Hawkeye- who-so-obviously-belong-together-and-the-thread-that-is-home-to-all-the-awesome-royai-lovers- who-are-so-much-cooler-than-anyone-else-and-who-are-also-the-nicest-people-on-earth-and-are- very-welcoming-and-amazing-and-slightly-spammy-and-very-devoted-to-their-ship-but-still-the-best.
Sit back, enjoy your stay here, and have fun!

Sooo… to have something on topic in here: I know that we all are hoping for Royai soon, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. This is why: [spoiler] We just established that there is going to be fighting near Briggs soon, and they just tricked Raven into offering the immortal army. Those two developments will probably keep the focus up North for a while sad.gif[/spoiler] I hope I'm wrong!
@riza'slittlesister - Wow, that was a good one!! biggrin.gif Very nice!! happy.gif
(Tho it was stretching the forum page, so I added few spaces here and there to fit the forum page. Hope you don't mind!! ^^)
I think that welcome post would make Nil-Chan very proud!! happy.gif

And, yeah, I agree about FMA manga that the focus will be on the North for a while.
But, there is always a chance that Arakawa-sensei might give us a pleasant surprise.
Next month is Valentine's Day month, so, like last year, I'm hoping some hint of Royai in the next chapter!! (Yap, we can always hope!! biggrin.gif )
Triss Hawkeye
At least there was a mention of Roy and Riza...although not one I expected! biggrin.gif

H00t for ZOMGFTA! H00t - like w00t, only better. O,o Go the owls!
riza hawkeye 9
hello !!!
i'm sneaking in to spread my royai love today =3 !!!!and to say that i miss you guys a lot ..i 've been away but since my tests end this week, i'll be posting a lot more for now on !!! ( mostly because i'm on vacation till march =D)

and yes yes yes !!!! roy and riza were mentioned in chap 67 (it was just one page but iy still made me happy )... and i was kind happy to know that armstrong knows riza - it gave me the impression that if they have a scene together they'd probably speak of roy ( not in the good way XD ) and it'd be very funny ... i hope it happens...
and it's sad but i have to agree with riza'slittlesister i can't see royai in the next chapters ...but maybe [spoiler] we have a quick appearance of riza and king brandley ( and perharps roy and grumman - let's pray) since armstrong accepted the immortal army general raven will have to speak with the fuhrer and olivier can try contact roy to plan something... [/spoiler] so theres still hope to 68 ^^

No_One i love the siggy you made ^^ !!! so cute

Starriedgirl the Doodles you made are lovely !!!

N.C.Stormeye you made it !!!! WELCOME to the best thread about the best couple ever !!! let's share the royai love around \o/

and one lat question .. what happend with our christmas/holiday challenge ???
since next month is valetine's day month we could do some challenge ??? what you guys think ? let me know .. we can pick themes from royai 100 themes and share betwwen us .. each one writes a piece ?

so i see you guys next week !!! love ya all !!!
@riza hawkeye - Nice to see you!! happy.gif
I haven't finished making the album for the Royai Holiday challenge!! Sorry!!
But yeah, Valentine's Day challenge sounds good!!
While I'm working on making the album for the Royai Christmas/holiday challenge, would you, or anyone would like to take charge of that one??
Fresh ideas welcomed!! biggrin.gif
Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to stretch the page! I can make the valentine challenge album if we need someone to do that. Just let me know what you need done. I'm with everyone hoping for some surprising Royai for Valentine's Day.

[spoiler] Was anyone else surprised by their calling Roy's other subordinates "hostages" too? It struck me that they were sort of hostages, but Riza was the only "real hostage".[/spoiler]
@riza'slittlesister - Go ahead and organize any Roai Valentine's Day projects with others on this thread. biggrin.gif

QUOTE(riza @ Jan 15 2007, 09:20 PM) [snapback]494523[/snapback]
[spoiler] Was anyone else surprised by their calling Roy's other subordinates "hostages" too? It struck me that they were sort of hostages, but Riza was the only "real hostage".[/spoiler]

I checked the Raw again on that page.

Technically, Armstrong said Mustang's "subordinate(s)" and we don't know for sure that that was plural, since in Japanese language that word could have meant single or plural. So, (assuming Olivier was in fact referring "Mustang's subordinate(s) = in hostage situation,") that could still have meant Riza only.

Another way of reading this is that this does not necessarily goes "Mustang's subordinate = hostage."
In that page of manga, they listed the "facts," and the list goes King Bradley, "Father," Upper Military are all contaminated, hostage, AND Mustang's subordinates situation (them being disbanded and dispersed).
That "Mustang's subordinates situation" could have been simply listed as another situational fact, and it happened to be listed after another situational fact of "some are being taken as hostage(s)" and this "hostage(s)" could have been referring to Winry and Riza.

In this sense, they are NOT saying "Mustang's subordinates = hostages."
Mustang's subordinates are in bad situations... and Armstrong acknowledges that, and she likes to save them, but I'm not quite convinced from reading this that she is viewing Havoc as one of their "hostages" also.

Especially, this being followed by Falman saying "What about Mustang??"
If Armstrong views Riza AND Havoc as hostages, then with the wording here, Armstrong also sees Mustang as a hostage. But, I don't think Armstrong views Mustang as a hostage. Mustang is in bad situation, yes, but he is NOT hostage. Similarly, Mustang's subordinates are in bad situation, yes, but they are NOT hostages.

(Tehehe, this almost looks like we are in a Japanese reading classroom. laugh.gif )

Going technically further, asides from Japanese language, being hostage is effective ONLY if there is some third party who cares about the well being of that hostage. Winry is effective as a hostage (and the deterrent for Ed) because Ed cares about well being of Winry. And Riza is effective as a hostage (and the deterrent for Roy) because Roy cares about well being of Riza.
Roy's subordinates... yeah, I know Roy cares about them, but not the same way Roy cares about Riza. We all know that... right?? biggrin.gif
Hence, I don't know if we can regard Roy's subordinates as "hostages," and similarly, I'm not sure if Armstrong regards Roy's subordinates as "hostages." smile.gif

Gahaha, that was a long boring post!! laugh.gif
riza hawkeye 9
Thanks Tombow you explanation make everything more clear, i was wondering too if armstrong was considering all roy subordinates hostages, but after reading the chapter and your explanation i believe she was just talking about winry and riza smile.gif
Riza is effective as a hostage (and the deterrent for Roy) because Roy cares about well being of Riza.
Roy's subordinates... yeah, I know Roy cares about them, but not the same way Roy cares about Riza. We all know that... right??

with all sure we know that ^^ !!!!! and King brandley too (or he wouldn't have took her as a hostage tongue.gif )

and thanks for making our holiday album !!! it will be awesome !!!

and about valentine's day album i can help too ^^
riza'slittlesister if you need someone to help count on me !!!
and since we are open to ideias , what you guys think about royai 100 themes to be the theme for our valentines challenge ( each one of us pick one or more themes and do some fanfic/fanart about it ^^) i know i already suggest it ... so what you guys think ? others ideias are welcome !
WHooT! I'm back! but i can't stay for long... i got a load of requests that need done...

I think the valentines day idea will be awesome! Hopefully by then i won't be so bogged down with stuff. >_<

@Tombow: THanks so much! Where would we be without you? *hugs*
N.C. StormEye
That had to be the most warm welcome I have ever recieved into a forum. Yet, let me disappoint you quickly. I haven't read much of the manga and have yet to finish the series. If anyone can possibly HAND ME A SCANLATION biggrin.gif then I'd be as happy as Scieska in the Beauty and The Beast library.

Bad analogy. I'm in "deflated ego" mode at the moment. Dear god when I unleash my innate pompous-ness on y'all.

Hawkeye 9-sempai Hai, I made it in alright. Your link was very helpful but the stupid thing (about me) was that I couldn't help remembering I had been in this forum before looking for Royai pics. Aw jeez. Also, I'm willing to help with the album...mostly on the fanfic side but I can also do icons.

Okay, to stay on topic...err...sorry peeps, I got nothing. I'm basically the fic-reader type. Although dear lord do I love Royai. Just not Roy so much.

Sowee folks. Am dedicated Hawkeye fangirl though. Snipers rule! biggrin.gif

Triss Hawkeye I love the TekTeks. If you email me we could trade...I've made some of my own.

Okay...I'm not going to pretend I know much about what you're saying at the moment about the manga chapters. So...err...can somebody keep me posted? Thanks!

More power to the Royai-ness!
Hey N.C. Storm: You can get the manga scanlations at Fruit Tree Alchemist. You should definetly continue reading the manga, as it has an incredible plot line and well-developed and memorable characters. (I would go on, but I'm afraid I would bore you.) You should have no reason to be ashamed about not being up to date on the manga.Heck, I know nothing about RoyXRiza, so I always feel a little out of place in this thread. (I'm and Edwin fan so I'll await the shooting arrows and daggers.) Just take your time and enjoy yourself! (Try not to spoil too much for yourself though happy.gif)

Manga Scanlation links: FMA Manga Scans
Try visting this thread for manga and anime differences: Manga versus Anime
Tombow: Gah! Wow, I wasn't expecting that long of a reply, but it made sense, thanks! (It was a very good idea to go back to the original and try to translate. I wish I could read Japanese... I only know English , Spanish, and Russian.)

N.C.: ZOMGFTA is where most (if not all) of us read scanlations, I saw that Edamame gave you that link. If you want to read anything that's not posted there, has scanlations through (I think) chapter 59. Hope that helps!
Lt. Misha Mustang
Hey Guys Wow I missed alot didnt I =p

Um do you guys remember when I said that i was going put a article that talks about Riza and Roy's relationship? You guy havent seen it right?
@Lt. Misha Mustang - Welcome back!! Nice to see you again!!! happy.gif
Yes, yes, show us an article about Riza and Roy's relationship!! Please!! biggrin.gif

@Edamame - You're always so helpful!! It's wonderful!! ^^
You got to stop by here more often, too!! And, please note that there is no such thing as rivalry between EdxWin fans and Royai fans on this thread!!
We have many posters here who also like EdxWin.. yours truly included!! biggrin.gif

@riza'slittlesister - You can read Spanish and Russian besides English?? That's awesome!!
I think just for this thread alone, we got people who can read English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Malay, Arabic... gush, I can't list them all!!
This thread has so many nice talented people!! One more reason I love this thread!! biggrin.gif

@N.C. StormEye - It's easy to catch up on FMA manga!!
As Edamame has posted, ZOMGFT is our major source of scanlation each month. And, as riza'slittlesister has mentioned, we can read scanlations up to Chapter 59 (currenly FMA manga is on Chapter 67) through Manga viewers on our board!! Just click on Manga on the left side of this page!! biggrin.gif

@Nil-chan - I missed you!!! *glomps Nil-chan!!*
Hope you will get less busy sometime soon, and we will see more of you!!!
This thread is just not the same without you!! happy.gif

And, riza'slittlesister and Hawkeye 9 and N.C. StormEye, yes, please go ahead, and do Valentine's Day projects for the Royai thread the way you like it!!
So far, all the ideas sound good!! happy.gif
Hi All!

I just wanted to drop in a quick update....

I have "doodles" for days 9 and 11. I made an attempt to put them up on DA, but they just would not load right. So in about a day or two, I'll have the links up.

@ N.C. StormEye Welcome, I may have said that already, but twice never hurts. BTW, once you get caught up w/ the manga, you'll be a Royai fan "fo' sho'."

@ Edamame What makes you think we'll throw daggers at you? Have you been abused by some other thread? I have no probs of an EdxWin shipper here, Love is Love. And I believe Ed and Roy should be happy, just not w/ each other wink.gif

Hugs and Kisses all!
Triss Hawkeye
@N.C. Stormeye: W00t, tekteks! Sure, I'll send 'em.

Yeah, the manga is definitely best for Royai and EdWin (yeah, I'm a fan of EdWin too - in the manga, though, there's not as much in the anime. In fact, the anime Winry gets annoying sometimes.)
Starrie and Tombow: Thank you so much. You are both so kind. happy.gif I'll definetly come visit this thread more often, considering that this semester shouldn't be so crazy.
Lt. Misha Mustang
Thanks oh and here you go: happy.gif
Yay! They're up!

Enjoy! I'm having sooooo much doing them.

@Lt. Misha Mustang - Thank you!!!
I might have seen it before, but I lost the page, so that was very helpful!! happy.gif

@Starrieidgirl - Tehehe!!! I love that!! Those are great!! laugh.gif
I'm so adding them to the Royai Christmas Album!! biggrin.gif
@ Tombow Thank you! I had way too much in coming up w/ the "nine Colonels." I'm in the process of Day 10 and I want to clean up Day 1. Day 6 and 12 will probably be last, I need help for Day 12. Maybe you can direct me to where I can ask others for help w/ the 12 subordinates. A list of 2nd'ry characters would help.

@ Edamame You're welcome. In truth I'm a EdxWin fan, I think they would work best or EdXRose. So please join in on the fun, and if anyone ever attempts to start a shipper war. They'll be taken to n00b court. Or be shot down by Riza. End of story.

Okay, I'm off to get ready to watch ep. 37 on [adultswim], I hope I'm not the only one!

QUOTE(Starrieidgirl @ Jan 19 2007, 03:11 AM) [snapback]495421[/snapback]
I need help for Day 12. Maybe you can direct me to where I can ask others for help w/ the 12 subordinates. A list of 2nd'ry characters would help

Hmmm. We need to come up with 12 subordinates??
Let's see..

Mustang's direct subordinates are:

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye,
Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda,
Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc,
Warrant Officer Vato Falman,
Master Sergeant Kain Fuery

But, that's only five. So... in order to make up 12... if includes some others

Lieutenant Colonel Mäes Hughes, (Late Brigadier General)
Major Alex Louis Armstrong,
First Lieutenant Yoki ,
Second Lieutenant Maria Ross,
Sergeant Denny Brosh,
Private Sheska,
And Black Hayate, and that would make 12?? laugh.gif

You can get pics and some info on here. biggrin.gif
N.C. StormEye
Aloha everyone! (Tries out another accent for the benefit of the public.) Your probable awardee for Most-like-Roy-in-terms-of-political-aspirations is here and feeling quite playful.

Okay...masks off. I'm bummed. I just gave my campaign speech today and I'm worried about the results of the elections on Monday. For all intents and purposes...I'm scared.

Edamame Nice to meet you! You can call me N.C. Stormeye, or just plain N.C. Heck, you can call me Stormy. (If you noticed, I'm ripping off a Roy quote. I normally rip off Ed-short quotes, due to my family's incessant desire to point out I'm only 5'3.) Seriously, Stormy in this forum should suffice. N.C. Storm though is kinda cute, but to save on typing, Stormy's cool. Thanks for the manga link! biggrin.gif And don't worry if you're an Edwin fan. Just so we're clear folks, I'M ONE TOO. Except I find Royai a bit more sensual. biggrin.gif

Boy am I a sucker for sensual. (Sign points to me as "Cynical Romantic")

riza's little sister Hello my partner in crime for the Valentine's Day album! Thanks for being so darn helpful with the manga links even if Edamame was a step ahead. Appreciate the hospitality! biggrin.gif I've been to readmanga too of course. My beta, words without, supplied me the link.

Tombow-san Hi, thanks again for the help in the referral. I hope you and the rest will enjoy my additions to the Royai V-Day album. (If only I could post soundbytes I'd sing too. biggrin.gif)

Starrieidgirl I am a DIE HARD Royai fanatic, thank you very much. And I'm gradually adapting to Roy...enough to rip off a quote as a reply to Edamame. biggrin.gif Seriously...I wuv Royai. It's an addiction. biggrin.gif I love the drawings by the way!

Miz Triss Oh how I do love inventing nicknames. I got the TekTeks and I'm sending mine over...just as soon as I finish Ed and Winry. biggrin.gif

9-sempai Hi...haven't heard from you but we should get started on the RoyAi V-day album before school stops it.

I love this forum! Thanks for making me welcome guys! :I'd like to ask which chapter does the whole Riza-becomes-Fuhrer's-lackey start? I mean, what caused it? Research for ficcie.
Starrie: The twelve days of Fma comic is criminally cute. I love Roy chasing after the butterfly and Alphonse's over-active imagination.

Thank you for the warm welcome! Gah, you're taller than me. (Then again, most people are considering I'm an University student and only five feet happy.gif)

My mid terms are finally over today!!

I see that we have few oldies back and some new participants on this thread!

@N.C. StormEye : Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay at the most wonderfulest thread in the whole wide internet! laugh.gif
Oh, and I think it was ch.52 if I'm not mistaken. If it's not, then it should be somewhere around there. But I'm pretty sure it's ch.52.

@Starrie:Those doodles are just plainly awesome. I can't wait for the twelveth one!

@Edamame:I'm a edwin fan also. happy.gif

well, I have nothing to contribute to this thread at the moment, but hopefully I can upload my FMA Wizard of Oz pic here. Can anyone help me understand how to upload a scanned picture on internet?

@ika07 - Glad your mid terms are over and we have you again!! happy.gif
FMA Wizard of Oz pic sounds good!!

Here is how to post the pics (assuming the image is already saved on your computer.)

If you're not using FASTREPLY then you can use "Attachment" function.
Look right under the reply post composing box, and find Select a file, then click on Browse..., select the pic file on your computer, then click OPEN, then click UPLOAD.
When uploading is done (when the going round and round thing stops) click on Manage Current Attachments (1), then click on the icon of "paper with Green cross," and attachment thumbnail will be inserted to where you placed the cursor at that time.

If you are using FASTREPLY, you can't use Attachment file function (or, you just don't want to use attachment) then...
First you need to upload that image to your on-line image hosting account, such as Photo bucket (it's free but need to register) or Imageshack (free and no need to register) to get the URL of the image.

Then, using image function, enter
[image]URL of the pic[/image]
and that should post the image.

Hope that helps?? unsure.gif
Hey Everybody!

@ Tombow Like I said in my PM to you, I wuv you! The list and link are a huge help! Thanks a mil.

@ N.C. Yay! I love ripping off quotes from Roy as well, for some reason, the tidbits of battle info he gives Ed in ep. 13 is what I like to repeat. I hope that's not too strange...

@ Edamame "...criminally cute..." Hmmmm, that shall go into my book of favorite sayings! Thank you very, very much! BTW, Roy chasing butterflies is possibly going to be a running gag on my DA page. I had confirmation on this idea when I watched ep. 37 the other night on [adult swim]. A butterfly lands on Havoc's forehead while he's talking to Black Hayate. It's a sign I tell you! A sign!

@ ika07 Thank you so much! I hope to bust out Days 1, 2, 6, 10, and 12 soon. Maybe we will time out together. I'll have mine up by the time you have the Wizard of Oz pic up.

Take care everyone! I'm off for a full day of work, so tomorrow I can finish my doodles!

I have returned!!
Present for all of you.
Sorry, Riza came out weird in that pic.
@Tombow: Thank you so much for your help. happy.gif I will upload my pic ASAP.

Did anyone here ever listen to 'Savin' me' bt Nickelback? It's a song that reminds me of royai for some reason. (During Ishbal war)

Then again, practically everything reminds me of royai...*sigh*
@Ling_chan - That Roy and Riza is so sweet and lovely!!
Did you draw that? That's awesome!! Thank you for sharing that with us!! happy.gif
And, welcome back!! Nice to see your posts again!! biggrin.gif

@ika07 - I used to listen to Nickelback!! You're right, Savin' me does reminds me of Roy and Riza in Ishval!!

@Starrieidgirl - Can't wait to see the rest of your "doodles"!! biggrin.gif
riza hawkeye 9
hello =D

yay !! more cute doddles ^^ starrieidgirl the 9 one is "criminally cute" ( i'm quoting edamame XD ).. roy chasing butterflies *___* i loved

N.C. Stormy hi o/ !!! good luck with the elections !!! i'm cheering for you !! and about the V-day challenge let's decide some theme for us all , like if we're going to do fanfic or fanart what should be on then ( words/characters and etc) and the submission date should be until february 14th ( obviuosly ^^) if youl want add me on msn and we can talk more ( my msn is Riza'slittlesister fell free to add me too if you want ^^ ... and everyone else that also wants to discuss this topic or others ( i'm always ready for a good royai chit-chat XD)
about the chapter i also think is 52 ( i'm not sure though) but i'm pretty sure that the reason why King brandley took her as a personal aid was [spoiler] roy vs. lust battle , when he saw how worried both of them were with each other and many others situations , but this i the one that gave him the sure [/spoiler]

ika07 yes that sure remenber me of them ^^ and it's good to know that everything reminds you of royai (that makes me not the only one \o/)

less than 20 days for 68 - royai please
Eeek! ._.' I'm alive! I swear it!


Anything big happen in my absence from this thread?
@Summoner Colette - Welcome back!! Nice to see your post here again!! happy.gif
We got tons of more Royai pics posted, as well as nice drawings and cute doodles!! biggrin.gif
We also got fanfics and fanarts and the song for Royai Christmas, which I still haven't had time to finish making into an Album... (I'm getting it... sorry!! >.<)
And, we are planning for the Royai Valentine's Day!! Yay!! happy.gif

@riza hawkeye 9 - I second that!! Chapter 68... Royai pueez!!! happy.gif
N.C. StormEye
Okay...thanks for the helpful information everyone! Gah, and to Starrieidgirl (do you have a nickname?)...nyah. That's not weird. I am...the proffessed anti-Roy (not really though) fangirl quoting Roy. That's weird.

Anyway...any tips on siggy-making for the album anyone? And, oh, I'm sending out a fic challenge if that's okay...


I'm sorry to post and dash but I have to be quick. I have research and a dreambook to complete! Sowee!
Ling-Chan: Your Roy and Riza artwork turned out lovely!
Summoner Collete: Welcome back to the thread!

I really love the idea of the Valentine's Royai album. I can't wait to see and read all the contributions. (My brain keeps on urging me to write a fanfiction, but I just don't have the time with University this semester.)
wow... this is interesting. i do like the concept of Royai.(it is a real pairing in my book) From the time Riza met Roy to now, I love every bit of it.

I never knew about Roy being a student under Riza's father until I read the manga. and the metaphor "queen" is to symbolize Riza. this is really interesting.
Hi, Mikage Elric! Welcome to the thread. We all love Royai, especially "decoding" all of these little clues as to their relationship. We are so active (normally), especially around the release of a new chapter.You can see we've already begun anticipating the possibility of Royai in the next chapter. We're not obsessed, just very dedicated. We promise. wink.gif Welcome aboard! (hah, here I thought I was going to use my family's navy terminology and I wind up with a pun...)

Ling chan: Thank you so much for the lovely pic! It's really good, I didn't think Riza looked really weird.

Summoner Colette: Hey, we missed you!
@Mikage_Elric - Nice to see your post here!! Welcome to the Royai thread!! biggrin.gif
Yeah, we talk about all kind of information about Roy, Riza, and Royai, and post pics, post fanfics, and all the fun stuff!! Please stay and enjoy the Royai stuff with us!! happy.gif

The New Fullmetal Alchemist
haha! Oh, dear Lord... Here I thought I've only been 'gone' from the site for a few weeks, and it's actually been several months! Has that ever happened to any of you? No? Ok, then I guess I am crazy...

So! What's up? ^^
Living on Violent Edge
well i was looking at the earlier posts and pages of this thread...and the pic links are dead. sad.gif i can't really see any great RoyxRiza pics here much.
QUOTE(Living on Violent Edge @ Jan 22 2007, 09:11 PM) [snapback]496578[/snapback]
well i was looking at the earlier posts and pages of this thread...and the pic links are dead. sad.gif i can't really see any great RoyxRiza pics here much.
@Living on Violent Edge - Welcome to the Royai thread!!
About the pics.. sorry about that!! Tho, it's understandable some of the links are dead on earlier posts because the earlier posts are more than 2 years old!! >.<
Try reading some or more RECENT pages, say page 300 and after, and you will see some lovely pics, funny omake, sweet doujin Royai story, and so on. Hope you like them!! biggrin.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist - You're back!!
Actually, I remember your post for "Royai 12Days of Christmas," so it's about a month?? biggrin.gif
Still, that's a long time!! Nice to see you again!! happy.gif
@Living on Violent Edge : Welcome to wonderful royai thread! The pics...yes...they are very old, so they do not work. Like Tombow suggested, there are many more wonderful pics and other royai goodies on pages 300 and after so please enjoy them and enjoy your stay here! biggrin.gif

@The New Fullmetal Alchemist: Welcome back! I don't remember if I met you before, but welcome back! smile.gif

@Mikage Elric: Welcome to the royai thread! Please enjoy your stay here and stick around! happy.gif

That's it for now. I need to sleep... >->

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