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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Whoa...for how long have i not been here..?? i wonder...
i apologise for my disappearence.. tongue.gif is a picture is on my blog...
cuz i still can't use the "ADD REPLY" icon...shucks... sad.gif sad.gif check out the pics..!!
here is the link agn..

@ika07: Haha...don't worry..although it is growing least it is not dying off like some of the other threads...*phew* thank god...and all of the royai fans are working hard to keep it alive...Right guys??

@Tombow: Hello!! Haven't been here for a long time!!

ok...*vanishes agn...*

@ ika07 Yay!!!! Pics! And fabulous ones as well. Don't worry, this thread will pick up speed. As soon as Chpt. 67 comes out, w/ it filled w/ Royai [fingers crossed] to give us good stuff to discuss.

@ animefreak_zzz Welcome back! It's been awhile, hope you are well.

@ Tombow I haven't told you, but I love your siggy and avatar. Though I'm sad to say good bye to the Year of the Dog, since I'm a dog. And wouldn't mind being a "dog of the military". [wink, wink]

Mini-skirts all around!

Seven days and counting!

After 3 (or 4, I'm not really sure huh.gif ) days, this thread is still on the same page?! N0!! Where is all the royai love???
haha..just kidding, I just miss all the people who used to post here is all happy.gif

Although many people from before has come back recently (including myself)
But ever faithful Tombow has been here all along! Let's all give a big hand to Tombow! Yay!..

ok, I'm done babbling now. Right at the moment, I have nothing else to contribute to this thread, but hopefully i'll find something later on. biggrin.gif
@animefreak_zzz : I love your avie! happy.gif
@Starrieidgirl : Haha, when you said miniskirts all around, I suddenly got a mental picture of Hughes (I have no idea why i got Hughes...) passing around miniskirts at the bar huh.gif

It seems like my Bella and Eddie are popular here...hmmm...I already have them both hooked on FMA and Sailor Moon. I think I'll keep them on that though until they're at least 3. Thank you all so much for your support and your happiness about my Christmas miracles. I'll be uploading photos soon, I haven't really had the time lately to do anything ^^;;; Taking care of Bella and Eddie is harder than I thought it would be...

But anyways, welcome New people! It's great to see you here, and it's great to see some of our oldies popping back up!

Just a few more days until Chapter 67! Let's hope for some Royai!

Talk to you guys later, I have to go give the little ones a bath before their bedtime.
@ ika07 I'm sure that's what Maes would do. At the bar, drunk as a skunk, handing out crisp blue minis to the ladies. Then be furiously beaten by Riza, Maria, Sciska, and Gracia (she would not let other women suffer.) With Roy laughing is head off and flashing all of his new badges and medals to the waitresses. This would make for a really good one shot....hmmmmmm.

@ SRH Yay! News! Eddie and Bella, soooo cute and watching FMA, I can see it now. BTW, would Roy make a really good Tuxedo Mask? I could see it as a Halloween or masquerade costume. Better yet! A cos-play costume!!!!

Six day? Yes, six days til chapter 67! Please, please let there be a hint, a smidgen, an illusion to Royai.


PS I got my "skirt" number today! Go MSA!
Hey! I'm back.

Starrieiedgirl: Yes, he would make a good Tuxedo Mask! (I know that wasn't directed at me, but I thought I'd throw my opinion out there. Hope you don't mind.)

I've been rereading the manga to get a clue as to Grumman's character. That made me think... Does anyone know approximately where the pic that made people think Riza was going to shoot Roy in Ishbal is?

By the way, if anyone needs a beta reader, I can read/edit fics. I have to send mine off to be beta-ed because I'm afraid I'll read over something. It's so easy to miss little mistakes when you write it yourself!
@ rls No, that's totally cool! I'm glad someone agrees w/ me. I had been thinking about it for a while...but would Riza be a good Sailor Moon? I think Maria would be a good Mercury. Let me know when to stop ^-^

Also, @ rls I have no idea where that is...I'll look thru what I have as well. I'm just scratching my brain to think of who Grumman is, someone may need to throw me a bone.

@rls:It's in chapter 34 pg.27
here it is

@Starriedgirl:that's funny...but I was more thinking that maybe winry could be mercury?? I just think it fits her character better... happy.gif
@ika07 - I love those Roy and Riza pics!!
And yes, usually, a week before the new chapter comes out is the slowest time, plus, I had been taking off for few days from the board here and there during the Christmas and New Year's holidays also. tongue.gif And, many of us who used to post here me got jobs, had busy semesters at school, or got other interests, and so on. Those are quite understandable, and I don't mind. biggrin.gif
We also got some wonderful new posters, and as long as there are people who like to talk about Roy and Riza, this thread will be here to stay... happy.gif
Anyway, your image of Houghes distributing mini-skirts is funny!! And, it's so Houghes!! XDD

@animefreak_zzz - Nice to see you again!! And you brought more update!!
I love your pics!! Thank you!! happy.gif (And, yeah the "reply" thing hasn't been fixed yet... sad.gif )

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Big hugs to Bella & Eddie, our "baby Riza" & "baby Roy"!! happy.gif
Glad you and your twin babies are all doing well!! Hope to see the pics sometime!! happy.gif

@Starrieidgirl - Yes, less than a week for the new chapter!! Yes, mini-skirts all around! happy.gif
(Oh, and Grumman is the General at the East HQ, Roy's chess playmate, and also, Riza's grandfather. I'm hoping he will play some significant role in Roy's fight against Father and the gang in later chapters!!)

@riza'slittlesister - That Riza's "aiming gun" scene... I know which one you're talking abut, but can't remember which chapter. Maybe we can ask on Scene Search thread!! happy.gif
ETA: Wait, ika07 got it!! ^^ Yap, that's it!! Thank you!! biggrin.gif

Hugs to everyone!! ^^
@ ika07 Thank you for the link, I was way ahead then I should have been. But looking at Chpt 57, there is a cell showing us Roy's hands. I noticed that he wasn't wearing his gloves but he had his symbol on the back of his right hand. Did this happen [spoiler]during the battle w/ Lust or, perhaps, during Ishbal?[/spoiler]

Darnit! I'm gonna have to review my Sailor Planets, I was going off of looks versus personalities so Maria could be Pluto for who all knows!

hmm... what page?? Ill look it up. But the chapter is entitled [spoiler]scars of Ishbal, so most likely from the war in Ishbal, and yet still, he makes a mention to he fight with Lust...[/spoiler]
@ Anime_boy_lvr "Scars of Ishbal" is the chapter that showed Roy's hands w/ the scar, page 3 or 4, its early in the chapter. Other than that, I'm just throwing out ideas cuz I have no recollection of him gaining that scar. I may need to ask around. Thank you for looking.

My sources tell me spoiler for end of series, although, I'm having trouble accessing it.
@ Anime_boy_lvr Thank you. I went ahead and posted my question at the Trivia thread. If it has something to do w/ the end of the series, then perhaps it would be best to end this discussion. I shall now enjoy involving this detail of Roy into my fanfict!

thanx everyone..
riza happy.gif

roy x riza

@sara_chan - Awww, lovely Riza in kimono!!
And, that Riza looking at Roy got beautiful eyes!! Very nice!! happy.gif

@Starrieidgirl - What comes to mind is that Roy's battle with Lust, but I'm sure FMA manga expert can tell you more. smile.gif

Meh, I'm still trying to translate some of the Royai doujin comics on the links Paca has posted...
I just can't seem to find any spare time!! sad.gif
@Sara chan:Thank you very much for the wonderful pics! biggrin.gif They're really good!

@Tombow:Don't worry about translating the doujins, I'm sure everyone here will understand. But thank you for always contributing so much for this thread! happy.gif

5 or 6 days left until chapter 67! Let's all pray for royai everyone!
ika07 Thanks so much! I was looking in the wrong spot. It would have taken me forever.

Tombow Thanks for the suggestion! And thanks for explaining who Grumman is, I've hed to explain to several reviewers on my fic. It sounds like he's going to become a pretty major character though.

Sara Nice!

About the scar thing: I noticed that too! I think it could come back in the end, but I was able to figure out where I'm pretty sure it's from. here It's during Roy's battle with Lust, the array is dripping blood. I'm pretty sure the chapter you were talking about is called "Scars of Ishbal" for a different reason. It touches on Knox and Armstrong's emotional scars from Ishbal and Riza's burn scar is shown at the end.
@ rls Thanks for the link. I believe the scar is leftover from the battle. The flames were eminating from the sigil, so I'm sure that 1) had to hurt like h-e-double hockey sticks, and 2) leave an impression from where the flames were coming from. Roy is such a stud! More concerned about his officers than himself. So sweet!

Mmmmmm chapter 67! Ooooo! I found Volume 11 at Borders today, so excited!


PS @ riza'slittlesister Does it bother you that I refer to you at rls? Please let me know.
Oh no, your calling me rls doesn't bother me at all.
@ rls Oh good, I was worried cuz I don't remember anyone else referring to you as "rls."


Since the start of the Royai 12 Days of Christmas, I've done some doodles. A couple of them I'm quite proud of and will post soon. While researching FN 1910s, I came across this link:

The article was interesting in general, but it was the description of "The Lemon" and "The Torch" that raised my eyebrows. Hopefully others may agree w/ me that there are some similarities between the "Lemon" and "Torch" to our beloved "Eyes of the Hawk" and "Flame."

@Starriedgirl:We would love to see your doodles! happy.gif The articles are very interesting also.

I've done some fma drawings myself...but they're usually winry, because I think she is one of the easier characters to draw...but anyway, I've done a drawing of fma characters as wizard of oz characters some time ago. When I get time, I'll try to post it here<---I can't guarantee it's good though dry.gif

I drew roy as a lion, riza as dorothy(It was weird...)Ed as tin man, and winry as a scarecrow...(That was a challenge..)
Characterwise, winry probably should've been Dorothy...but oh well, I wanted riza to be the main character. laugh.gif

behold!! haha...above is the link to my FMA picture album...
some of the pics are mostly familiar ones from the earlier pages...
but if you have missed them...go ahead and take them from my album... more need to sign up for an acount to view my will be constanly updated with pics from other anime though...CLEARLY...FMA cannot be my only love...

it'll be too sad..... smile.gif smile.gif
@ ika07 Thank you for the support. I have to learn a dance routine for this coming weekend, I'll do some coloring and cleaning up of the doodles when I have free time. (Is time ever really free?)

@ animefreak_zzz The album is awesome! I recoginzed some of the pics from DA and google searches. I kept going through them, drooling over Roy pics. A lot of them I found absolutely amazing. If only I had the talent.

@ Everyone How are all of you this fine Sunday? Anyone going back to classes tomorrow?

Four days!!!!!!!


PS @ika07 Would you mind sending me the link of your Wizard of Oz pic. I'd love to see it!
Triss Hawkeye
Chapter 67 is coming soon!!!! The tension is mounting...

Yep, I'm going back to school tomorrow. *grimaces*

I'll be having my Higher prelims at the end of January. Argh....

[@anime freak zzz:thos pics are cool...ohmy.gif]x_X i have to go back tomarrow 2 ughh i think we have to do a report...gahhh i need to finnish this book x_X;; man i hate sundays...
I went back on Tuesday. This week is my review before midterm exams. Ick. Oh well, at least I'll have the next episode to read while I study.

animefreak Thanks for the pics!

ika No one calls me rls, but I don't mind. It's easier than typing out "Riza'sLittleSister".

Hasta luego.
Ohhh, I must be off topic here for just a minute, but I have a few pictures here to share with you all. *waves them like Hughes* Just got them scanned today while the kiddos were taking a nap.

The first one is Me and My husband at our wedding, the second is me at the hospital with one of the twins, the third one is Baby Isabella, and the last one is baby Edward.

67 is so close I can smell it! *laughs* I want Royai in there so bad....

Thanks again for being so nice to me you guys, you're the best!
haha...speaking about school...i have a seven month holiday..
till july this year before my school starts again..

and this time it would be in a new school..a university..i hope..
haha...anyway...glad you guys liked the album..i'll inform everyone here when it is updated!!

*which is what i am doing now...haha...100 fma pics..ADDED!!* more from my collection...i have a total of about 1000 pics...that's why it takes sometime to finish uploading all..anyway..continue to check it out!! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

and to those who have to go back to school..
benkyo ganbatte ne!!

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye: were faster then sure have some precious babies..they are so cute..what's more...TWINS...*faints* tongue.gif
@animefreak_zzz: Wow! seven months holiday?!! That's long! ohmy.gif

@rls :Thank you! I can't help but be lazy and type as less as possible tongue.gif

@SRH:You and your husband look so sweet at your wedding! Your twins are so~ cute! laugh.gif

@Starriedgirl:I'm sorry, I don't have that picture even scanned yet. I will try to post it here when I get the chance. sleep.gif

Geh...I have midterms coming up... I really should start studying now...It's only a little more than a week away. wahh!! I want to procrastinate!! But I better get started on studying for it. Wish me luck, everyone~ wacko.gif

@Starrieidgirl - I'd love to see your Ryiai "doodles"!! happy.gif
And, wow, interesting article about FN 1910!!

@ika07 - FMA oz?? Sounds fun!! Post it, post it!! Please!! biggrin.gif
Oh, but first... study well, and god luck with your Midterm!!

And, same goes for Triss Hawkeye, study well, and good luck with your Higher prelims!! happy.gif

@animefreak_zzz - Awesome album!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! happy.gif
Seven months holiday!!!?? Lucky you!!!

@RoyMustangkitty - Well, hello!! happy.gif

@sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye - Awww... what cute and sweet bundle of joys they are!!
You look beautiful with your baby at the hospital, and your wedding pic is so sweet!!
You and your hubbie look so nice in the wedding picture!! happy.gif

Yes, chapter 67 this week!!!
SRH: The pics are wonderful! your wedding picture is nice, and the twins look precious! You look really happy in both of the pictures that you're in.

This week! Yay. Royai in this chapter would make my week.
Topic starter!

How do you think royai will end in manga?

Be real about it, do you seriously think it will/ or will not happen, and why?


Yay!! I finally can post pictures!!
The above picture is REALLY PRETTY!! picture alums are updated feel free to visit them again...
there are pics from other anime as well.. smile.gif smile.gif

@Tombow: Yeah!! 7 months holiday cuz the university year here only starts in July...but my A'level results are released in March in the mean time..i am going to watch as much anime as I make up for lost time..hahaha!!
@animefreak_zzz - That is a beautiful pic!! Glad you can post pics again!! Yay!! biggrin.gif
(I still love your album!! ^^)

@ika07 - Oh, gosh, how Royai will end in FMA manga?? I have to think hard on that one.
Hope it's better than FMA anime, for sure, tho. rolleyes.gif

@riza'slittlesister - I know!! I'm crossing my fingers for any Riza or Roy scene for the chapter 67!!

I'm going to finish editing Royai Holiday 2006/2007 album.
And, I'll get to translations of Royai doujin omake from links posted by Paca.
(If you see any particular favorites among them.. links are on Paca's post some pages back. tongue.gif .. then let me know... then I'll try to translate those first. biggrin.gif )
Please excuse my slight off topicness for a moment.
The 33rd Forum awards is now open and there are categories you guys my be interested in (Best thread, best member, best FMA character discussion to name but a few.)
I hope you guys join in.


We now return you to your thread, already in progress.
Just stopping by to say hello! biggrin.gif

My mid-term studies aren't going too well... My teachers are giving me more and more work to do rather than reviewing! All these projects are taking up all my time to study for the mid-terms. dry.gif

I'll cram this weekend.

I'll still watch out for royai in chapter 67 though.
I did it a-hugging-gain. Grah. Now I'll never get caught up. XD
Triss Hawkeye
@SRH: Your twins are the cutest! ^^

67 Royai plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz.......
riza hawkeye 9
chapter 67 is out !!!!!

kirara posted on the manga thread and i'm just re-posting it in here ^^ ( if's thats okay ?)

now i'm going to read it !!! omg please let it be royai in this one
talk with you guys later ^^

edit: huge spoilers be aware --> [spoiler]OMG ...i'm gonna die here and now sign of roy or riza ...but ...hoho-papa .....and mei-chan !!!!!!!!!! and a transmutations circle under amestris (at least it is what it looks like)[/spoiler]

edit 2 [spoiler]wait ... theres a mention about mustang and hawkeye on page 13 ....i'll give my life if someone could tell me what it is ?? please [/spoiler]
@riza hawkeye 9 - Thank you!!! happy.gif
The link posted by kirara has a rar file.
If zip file is more convenient, Allashandra posted chapter 67 with zip file also.

I'm posting page by page summary of chapter 67.

Yes, there is a tiny mention of Roy and Riza in chapter 67!!!
(Just a passing mention, but you may be interested to see what sis Alex says about Roy!!! biggrin.gif )

@Popo - Nice job with the award thingy!! biggrin.gif

@ika07 - Good luck with your mid-term!! happy.gif

@esrz22 - Hope you can catch up!! ^^
Triss Hawkeye
Grrr, waiting for the English translation - 3 hours, just three hours...

nope, I won't look at the raw until english version comes out! >3<

grrr...never mind, I couldn't wait for it. I just had to see tombow's translations..

I'm glad roy and riza were at least mentioned in this chapter though.
I couldn't resist reading...

[spoiler]Yay, at least they're mentioned! <-- sign of the withdrawal I'm going through from lack of Royai.

I think Armstrong is hilarious. Her reaction to the prospect of letting Roy get hurt was funny, but she's cool to be concerned about Hawkeye and Havoc. Interesting tidbit about her liking them (she doesn't seem to like many people...) and their training together. *.* Fanfic idea!!!![/spoiler]

Thanks Tombow!
^^ You are welcome!! ^^
There is another funny part by Armstrong in the second half!! laugh.gif

I added page 19 - page 36 of page by page summary for chapter 67 also.
(It now has page by page summary for the whole 36 pages of chapter 67. sleep.gif)
It's on the first post of Chapter 67 Spoiler Party thread. biggrin.gif

Yes, a tiny bitty mention of Roy and Riza out of 36 pages...
Yeah, I said I'm going through withdrawal. I got kind of spoiled with all the Royai a few chapters ago...

It's ok though, I like Armstrong. smile.gif And there's always the next chapter!
Triss Hawkeye
Yeah, a month later... ><

Zomgfta still haven't realised the translation. Grrrr... <.<
Hi *waves* I'm back again.

Yay, 67's out! I hear [spoiler] That Hoho's in it! happy.gif That makes me happy I missed him.[/spoiler] *waiting*...*waiting*.......*twitching*....*fidgeting* No I'm fine! Back to waiting.

@SRH The babies a sooo cute and you look so pretty in the hospital pic.

@animefreak_zzz Lovely album, do not be alarmed if you hear a *yoink-yoink* sound 'cause that's probably just me grabbing my favorites. smile.gif

Here is something I made. Because there as been a lack of Royai for so long. sad.gif ...Anyways hope ya' like.
@No one:Wow! I love that siggy!! (I think it's a siggy??)

Sigh...this thread is so slow now...from one page per day to one post per day..
We gotta give some more love to roy and riza!

Offtopic, but I finally started studying for midterms so I might not be here for a while. But I'll be back by next weekend. I promise. happy.gif

Anyways, I'll miss you all.
Triss Hawkeye
My love for Roy and Riza for today!


C'mon Zomgfta, cmoncmoncmon....
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