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Full Version: Hawkeye X Roy: The Royai Thread
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Happy Christmas Eve!

@Funderful I think it's really good and cute. happy.gif

@Tombow I'm really sorry about taking your idea for the 12 days of Christmas sad.gif I had a feeling that would happen.

That said I think we're still on 11.
On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
elevin aple wediges,
Ten gloves for flaming, or Ten fingers snapping,
Nine cups of punch, or Nine Colonels slacking,
Eight stacks of orders,
Seven Sin plushes,
Six rounds of ammo,
Five golden stars!
Four hair clips,
Three mini-skirts,
Two new FN Model 1910s,
and Hayate in a new collar!
Now all we have to do is think up a 12...I have one but I wouldn't feel right about adding it to the song...I've already done three of them. Someone else take it.

@MeLRizA Hi! I was starting to wonder where you (and a few others) have gotten to.

@riza hawkeye 9 Ha-ha *laughs* that's a funny little animation. I've seen one that was a little different. He got flame powers a berned everyone then Riza shot him from behind.

I do not post very often, but here is a little drawing I did today to celebrate this event!
Click to view attachment
Triss Hawkeye
Wow! That's wonderful. Merry Christmas everyone!
hi..merry christmas everyone..
this is for you...^O^

riza hawkeye 9
this is totally OT but


\o/ \o/ \o/

A Very Merry Christmas to All!

@No_One I love it! Apple Pies! I just read the 4th volume of FMA today (I got 1 thru 4 for Christmas from my brother!) So apple pie is very fresh in my mind. Plus, dessert was a caramel apple pie! Hahahahaha!

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Twelve subordinates a-laughing,
Eleven apple [pie] wedges,
Ten gloves for flaming, or Ten fingers snapping,
Nine cups of punch, or Nine Colonels slacking, or Nine Colonels a-napping
Eight stacks of orders,
Seven Sin plushes,
Six rounds of ammo,
[Now sing it with gusto !]
Five golden stars!
Four hair clips,
Three mini-skirts,
Two new FN Model 1910s,
and Hayate in a new collar!

Yay!!!! It's finished! I hope you all love it as much as I do! If anyone feels inspired by the song...piccies to go along with it would be nice. I'd love to see Hayate w/ a bow around him.

Hugs and Kisses (cuz I'm too broke to give out gifts),
Triss Hawkeye
Yay! The song is finally finished! biggrin.gif
Arr.. That was late by one day happy.gif I didn't use the computer for the whole day yesterday! We were out the whole day happy.gif

'nyways, since I never made another xmas drawing, I'll just make yah guys a new year drawing! happy.gif

I'll be keepin' in touch!

I love The song it's finally finished! happy.gif

@ValerieNice drawing.
To those who have Boxing Day... Happy (belated) Boxing Day!! biggrin.gif
Sorry I couldn't come here during the Christmas!! I was hoping I could get on-line, but had no chance to get on-line!!

@No_One - No problem about the gloves!! I kind of had a feeling we might have the same idea, too!! laugh.gif

@Starrieidgirl - Thanks for completing the song!! I love it!!
Since they all sounds good, I could include the song as is with all the variations, just the way you arranged, if that's ok with you?? happy.gif

@sara_chan - That is nice Riza!! Thabnk you!! happy.gif

@ValÚrie - So nice to see you!!! That is a lovely Christmas Riza!! Thank you!!

@Funderful - Wow, nice Royai drawing!! Thank you!! biggrin.gif

@Untitled and Triss Hawkeye and riza hawkeye 9 and everyone, hope you had very merry and happy holiday!! biggrin.gif

Anybody got any news from sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye?? Crossing fingers and await for her baby news!!
Roy Mustard
I couldn't go back 100 something pages to read what happened...I remember it was page 554 or something since my last visit this thread is invincible xD
So did anything in particular happen? >_>''
I don't draw Royai anymore,or even FMA...> <lll Even though it's the best Anime!
@Roy Mustard - Nice to see you!!! Welcome back!! Missed you!! happy.gif
That's right, we were still in 500 something pages!! biggrin.gif
Yap, we keep going, and going... laugh.gif
We got some wonderful new posters, too!!
You're still following FMA manga, right??
Stop by more often, and say hi!! Love to see your post here!! happy.gif

Oh, and to everyone: I'll edit everyone's submissions to Royai Christmas Winter Holiday 2006 album shortly!! smile.gif


Royai Christmas/Winter Holiday Season 2006 Fanfics/Fanart Album!!

*Royai fanfics.. (from drabbles to epics!! Or, even poems or haiku!! biggrin.gif )
*Royai fanarts.. (drawings, manga, Picficcage..) or, just about any other of your creations!!
*All submissions will be included in the Royai Christmas/Winter Holiday Season 2006 Album!! biggrin.gif

* The main theme is "Christmas/Winter Holiday Season".
* For fanfics, this year's theme is "What would Roy and Riza give to each other".
* And, suggested word(s) to include are: ribbon, glow, and... snow !!

* Submission period is now through Jan. 5th.


Submission period has been extended, so everyone can have more time!! biggrin.gif
@Tombow Thank you! I'm totally okay with all versions being used. So yes, please use them all!

How much longer til chapter 67?


PS Though I'm a horrible artist, I'll do my best to sketch the song out. I'll post it thru my da account. When I have time...
QUOTE(Starrieidgirl @ Dec 27 2006, 09:40 PM) [snapback]488726[/snapback]
Though I'm a horrible artist, I'll do my best to sketch the song out. I'll post it thru my da account. When I have time...

@Starrieidgirl - Oh, that will be nice!! happy.gif

We still have about two weeks till chapter 67. sad.gif

But, meantime, this special OT announcement!! biggrin.gif

Happy 16th Birthday, seventh_sky!!
Happy Sweet Sixteen!! biggrin.gif
Isabella Marie and Edward Micheal were born at exactly 11:59 and 12:00 Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It took my 17 straight hours of labor, but to see them was worth it. Their father is simply amazed by them, and he can't stop taking pictures (reminds you of someone doesn't it?). It's wonderful to be home, and to be with them, thank you all so much for your support.

I just wanted to stop by and tell you all this before I went back to the kids. I looked at all the wonderful pictures and stuff that went on while I was away, and I'm glad you all finished the song.

I can't wait for chapter 67, but for now, I'll see you all later.
It's a girl!! And, a boy!!

Hooray to sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye and her husband for becoming newly minted proud parents!!!

Congratulations!!! This makes me sooo happy!!! happy.gif

17 hours of labor!! Wow!! But, I'm so relieved to know you and the babies are all fine!!
And, oh my!!! They came out at 11:59 PM Christmas eve and 12:00 Christmas Day!!!
You did it!!! Christmas babies!!!! happy.gif

Hello to Isabella Marie and Edward Micheal!! You have wonderful mom and dad!! biggrin.gif
And, you two recieved beautiful names!! happy.gif

Yap, chapter 67 is two weeks away...
And, I'll get to Royai Christmas/Winter Holiday collection Album making shortly... sorry for putting it off... I'd been quite busy. sad.gif
CONGRADULATIONS!!!!! sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye laugh.gif *hugs* How wonderful a Christmas Eve and a Christmas baby! It's great news! I'm so glad everythings OK and I'm happy to hear from you. biggrin.gif

@Tombow I thought the deadline for the Royai Christmas/Winter Holiday was on the 5th. So your not putting anything off. smile.gif
@srh Yay! I love the name Isabella! And Edward? Hmmmm...not inspired and a certain someone? J/K! Congrats and gets lots and lots of sleep (if you can).

@seventh_sky A Happy Be-lated Birthday to you! Enjoy 16, it was fun for me!

@Tombow Two weeks!!!! Awe man! How will I survive?! [Idea bulb appears]

I know! [Stares @ FMA 2k7 calender]

Ahhhhh, much better.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Blade
I know it's been a reeeeeally long time since I posted in the forums (I blame school; I had a terrible semester, according to my standards T.T), but I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and that I also hope that Roy and/or Riza appear in Chapter 67. smile.gif

@Sharpshooter_Riza_Hawkeye: Much congratulations to you! I'm glad to hear everything went well. What a memorable Christmas. ^^

@seventh_sky: Happy belated birthday!

Talk to you later!
riza hawkeye 9
hello !!!

CONGRATULATIONS sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye i'm so happy to hear from you !!! i'm glad that everything went well !!! i wish you , your husband, Isabella Marie and Edward Micheal all the luck in the world !!! christmas babies ^^ !!! you did it \o/

and i'm here to post my fanfic to the challenge ^^, it isn't fixed yet, ( i'm sorry No_One i couldn't sent you earlier T.T ),and as i probably won't be here until the next weekend ( wich is after the extend date) i'm posting it now ^^ , so i'm so sorry for the lots of mistakes my fic should have ...i'll try to fix them as soon as i get back from my trip ^^

here it goes Mistletoe

i hope you enjoy, it's pure royai fluff ^^

and as i won't be here HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! to you guys !!! love you all =*

and look .. just 12 days left until chapter 67 !!! (and for new years wish i want royai in 67 *-*)

*hugs everyone* !!! bye... i'm gonna miss you ║w║
Yo!!! I am back!!!
Triss Hawkeye
Congratulations sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye! What a wonderful Christmas present!

@riza_hawkeye9: That's a great fic! Thank you for writing it! smile.gif
@No_One - Thanks, yeah, hope we can get few more entries by Jan. 5!! biggrin.gif

@Princess Blade - How nice to see your post again!! Aww... I hope you didn't do too bad at school!! (I'm sure you're a very good student!! happy.gif)
Yap, I'm hoping for any Royai in the chapter 67!! (I can dream, can I?? biggrin.gif )

@Starrieidgirl - Yes, Royai 2k7 calender = wub.gif

@riza hawkeye 9 - I love your Royai Christmas fanfic!!! Thank you!!! happy.gif

@Jo21 - Nice to see you again!! You got to stop by more often!! happy.gif

I'm proposing that on this thread, we nickname sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye's lovely newly born twins, Isabella Marie as baby Riza, and and Edward Micheal as baby Roy!! biggrin.gif

Oh, and this important OT announcement for another one of our "old timer" posters:
Happy Birthday, Kyo_Umerio!!
Triss Hawkeye
Heehee, good idea Tombow! biggrin.gif

Baby Roy and Baby Riza. Welcome to the world. You have one awesome set of parents. smile.gif
OMGoodness! I just got back on the computer and look! I am sooo happy that I came on today! Congratulations, sharpshooter!!!! We're all so happy for you! Imagine, monthes ago we were worrying about what your (then boyfriend) husband would say when he heard you were pregnant. Now he's Hughes! biggrin.gif

Now that I've spazzed, some peopl probably don't remember me and new people have no idea who I am. Well, I'm Riza'sLittleSister aka ThatLittleBlondeAngel ( I missed you guys. My life got sooo busy and then my stupid computer started acting up... Grrrrrr.

Anyways, on topic: Is anyone else stressing about when we're getting our next bit of Royai from the manga? I liked 66, but there was no mention of either person! *mutters mutinously* Oh well, it's just given me more reason to work on my latest fanfic.
Triss Hawkeye
Hiya riza'slittlesister! Yeah, we're all waiting on tenterhooks for chapter 67. I think we'll all keel over and go mad if there isn't any Royai in it. XD
@Tombow Brilliant! A New Year's Challenge! To make a Royai calendar. Hmmmm, do I have time today? Maybe. Next week, most definately.

12 days and counting to Ch. 67...
Hi!!! Everybody!!!! I haven't been here for some days!!!
Happy belated Christmas!!! XDD

@SRH: AWwwwwwwww!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooo happy to hear the more-than-good news!!! You have choosen very cute names happy.gif! I wish you, your husband and your childs the best of lucks!!!! *hugs*

@Riza's little sister: You are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *glomps*

@sara_chan and @Valerie
: Nice drawings.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best wishies for everybody! smile.gif

Very ugly (with an awful background) -the resolution was the lowest sad.gif, nearly second drawing with my new pad, I didn't know how to use the layers.... anyway, you can kill me for that *closes the eyes and waits*-
(whitout the background)

We're already in 2007 in France! biggrin.gif

Congratulation sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye!
Another... 5 hours.

Yay! Cute, paca.
Hi paca and Triss! And everyone else!

paca: Your pic was great! I actually thought the fireworks were ok.

Happy New Year, everyone!!

I've been working on a Royai fanfic and I've been going over all of the manga Royai for ideas. There's actually more than I thought there was! I think I'm going to add to my signature.
I like the Royai pairing. But I've been too shy to post here because it just had too many pages. @_@
I actually like the canon pairings & yaoi and some yuri......
Happy new year!!!! laugh.gif I wish the best for all of you in '07!

Cute pic paca I like the fireworks, happy.gif better than I can do anyway

@riza 9 I'll get right on the editing.

@Ling_chan Welcome on! I was a little shy about joining because of the size too. But you'll soon see that everyone here is very awsome and accepting. happy.gif

@riza'slittlesister Welcome back! I'm glad to see you post again.
Triss Hawkeye
Happy New Year everyone! biggrin.gif
Aww hug. I'm really behind on the Royai thread now. As usual, I'm working on Royai stuff. >.>
Happy Y2K7 Everyone! biggrin.gif

@Ling_chan Welcome a-board! I'm sure Nil-chan will pop in soon to give you the official welcome.

@paca I love, love, love both of your drawings. Riza looks so beautiful and Roy is...well...Roy.

@esrz22 So good to see you again! A belated congrats on your A in chemistry, hopefully you will have more time to do FPA.

Have a splendid day everybody!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Nice to see everyone again! I've missed you guys! *grouphugs*

@ SHR: Awwww! That is sooo cute! Congratulations! I'm really happy to hear everything is allright. Those are beautiful names.

@ paca: Wow, that's totally not bad for a second try, it looks really cute. I like it smile.gif
If you want I have a bunch of tutorials to help you on your digital artwork happy.gif

@ Ling-chan: I know what you mean, joining a large thread can be a bit "scary" biggrin.gif I'm really glad you decided to overcome your shyness though tongue.gif Welcome to the royai-thread!

Guess what I got for my christmas! Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy! *dances* FMA games are virtually impossible to get in my country, so I'm like uberhappy laugh.gif And it has Roy *squeee*

January 5th, maybe I'll draw something... *suffering from a huge writesblock*
Hey everyone-- Happy New Year from sunny Tampa, Florida!! laugh.gif
(I tell ya... since my doctor took me out of work, I have hardly been online at all. I fail at life... LOL!)

Welcome, to all of the newcomers to TEH AWESOME Roiai thread, and welcome back to the ones who are 'coming back' to us.

AND CONGRATS TO SRH on her two AMAZING Christmas presents! It is so funny how the twins managed to have two different birthdays-- BY ONE MINUTE! XD You should post pictures. (You know your husband has already taking plenty of them...) Hope to see you back here every now and then. I'm sure you will have your hands full with the new babies!

I have been slacking on my fanart. Maybe I'll manage to sketch out something tomorrow. And then, see if I can get my sister's scanner working. Dammit. I must say that I do like the idea of a Roiai fanart calendar for 2007. I would totally submit something for that!

Alright. I'm tired... Time to finish my beer and go to bed. wink.gif

Catch you later!
@LadyHawke78 Livin' it up in Tampa! It would be awesome for you to submit something for a Royai Calendar. I'm sure you'd blow me out of the water.

Howdy all! Nine more days til Chpt. 67!

Whew, I'm back!!!
Hope everyone had very happy new year!!! happy.gif

Awww... Posts by so many of our friends we hadn't seen for a while!! Nice to see you all!! happy.gif
@riza'slittlesister, Keoni, esrz22, ValÚrie, LadyHawke78, and No_One and Funderful, along with our current regular posters, hope you all had very happy new year!! happy.gif

@Paca - Love your firework Royai!!

@Ling_chan - WELCOME to the Royai thread!! Please don't be shy!! We are one of the nicest threads on the board, and we welcome everyone who enjoys Roy, Riza, and Royai!!
Nice to have you with us!! Please stay and post more!! happy.gif

@sara_chan - Thank you for your New Year Riza drawing!!
And, thank you fr all those nice pics!! *hugs!!*
I'm sorry for being late, but...

Happy 2007 everyone!!
Hope you all had a wonderful time! biggrin.gif

And congratulations on the twins, SRH!
I'm so happy for you! A boy and a girl, so cute! ^^ I love their names!

I failed at finishing the calendar... I'm soo sorry! But I've been so terribly busy lately that I didn't even have the time to finish it. I have to work every day from 9 to 5, and on top of that, I decided to go live on my own. So I got a student's room (or whatever it's called in english XD) and I've been busy with that: painting and stuff. It was all yellow/brown because of the smoke.
And.. I kinda forgot how InDesign works XD And to be honest: I totally lost interest. I guess FMA and Royai was just a fase for me. I still love yaoi though ^^
But you guys are all awesome, and so dedicated! Still keeping this thread so very much alive! I miss you sometimes youknow... anyway, I better get back to work, or my boss won't be happy ^^;

If someone feels like finishing the Royai calendar, I'm happy to send you the files. I don't think I'm going to finish it anymore... so yeah
Wow, this thread is still going? Cool! Since I can't figure out the posting system (did they change it or something?), I'll do this instead.

Yay! Pictures!

And somebody had babies? Wow, it's been a while since I was on here... O_o I have to stop by more often. However, the main reason I haven't stopped by is because I am also a member of two other forums with more recent stuff going on (new chapters, new episodes, etc.)

Well, Happy New Year everyone! My New Year's Resolution - post more stuff here! happy.gif
@RoyxRizaFan4ever - Hey, nice to see you again!! biggrin.gif
Yap, sharpshooter_riza_hawkeye had TWIN CHRISTMAS babies!! happy.gif
Other forums you go, those are FMA ones, too??
If so, and if you see anything good, pass it on here!! laugh.gif
Anyway, nice to see you again!! happy.gif
And, Happy 19th Birthday!!! biggrin.gif

@Galorfilinde - Nice to see you!! happy.gif
Oh, you got the job, and you are on your own?? Right on!!
Nice to see you hopping on and letting us know how you are doing!! happy.gif
And, no problem about the Royai calender!!
Maybe, if you still have the pic files, if you can pass that along to some of us, then we can finish it as our project for New Year 2007?? (Just a thought!! ^^)
Anyway, hop in again sometime if you get the chance!! Nice to know how you're doing!! happy.gif
Yes, I have to use fast reply because the other one doesn't like my screen.

sara Thanks for the pictures!

RoyxRiza Hey, nice to "see" you again!

I'd love to help with the calendar, but I don't know what program is best. Any suggestions?

8 days! Cross your fingers for Royai!
Ahahaha-thanks for the Happy B-day wishes, Tombow. I'm soo old! I'm also surprised you still remember me after all this time. happy.gifu

And twin Christmas babies? Wow, what a gift! ;D

And sorry, but the other two (actually 3, but I haven't been on the 3rd one in as long a time as this forum happy.gifu) aren't FMA forums, unfortunately. But I'll keep an eye out for anything!
wow, I haven't posted here for a long time..
sorry!! ;-;
but i couldn't figure out how to post here after the posting system changed!! The add reply thing doesnt work for me..I finally figured out how to use the fast reply button though...even though i can't use he smiles anymore..which is a little sad..since I love the smiles...
anyways, don't worry everyone! My love for royai is still going! ^^
I really doubt that anyone will remember me, since I haven't been on here since the summer.
But I've been keeping up with this thread, so Hello to all the new people!

and SRH: Congratulations to your two beautiful christmas gifts!
Let's all cross our fingers for royai in chapter 67!
Good Even' all!

As a note, the Royai Calendar is not an actual competition. So please do not sweat over it. If anyone would like to create or submit ideas, please do. It was something that started over a comment Tombow made in a reply to a reply I had made, etc.

I'm no artist (bad grammar used w/ intent), so I will doodle stuff and post it. More than likely w/o the dates included w/ the image.

That is all. I thank all of those who have an interest in participating in this endevor (sp).


Yay! Eight days, eight days! (Just not soon enough)
@RoyxRizaFan4ever - Of course I remember you!! Who can forget your cute avatar!! happy.gif

@ika07 - Welcome back!! Glad you've been keeping up with us!!
And, glad you decided to post again and say "hi"!! happy.gif

And, about the FastReply thingy... yeah, ever since the board went through the recent upgrading, people who are using Internet Exploere are having many problems... like not being able to use regular Reply button, or unable to open a new thread. sad.gif

Although... I just found out that if you are posting on FastReply, Smilies, Insert Image, Insert Link, Underline, Italic, Bold, and Quote are available for FastReply, and for other functions such as colors or Spoilers, if you type in the code, it will get posted as coded. So, hope this will ease the pain of using FastReply slightly. smile.gif

@Starrieidgirl - Yap, one more week for the new chapter!!! biggrin.gif
Yes, any scene of Roy or Riza will be nice!!
Tombow:Thank you very much for the tip!

Hopefully, this will make up for my lack of contributions on this thread...

I'm not sure if these pics were posted here before... sleep.gif

EDIT: I can't help but feel that this thread is growing slower than it used to...I mean, this thread used to get page a day! ohmy.gif
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