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Okay, I juss realized this fact this past week.

Wherever you go, teenagers are the epitomes of these three things:




But why...? It's so amazing how teenagers are SO self-centered! They're WORSE than terrible-two toddlers!

Have you guys noticed this around you?

*clears throat* I believe that the peepz on this forum aren;t like that; but the teens I live with here are...

I can say this without bias, because I am a teenager myself...

What sayest thou? mellow.gif
The kids are here are pretty much the same. It's like they just don't care about anyone but themselves. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of youngerkids around, so the speed limit is 20. Of course a 16 year old girl with her music blasting and talking with her friends comes flying down the hill doing 50, loses control of her car, and just barely misses a group of kids playing in their front yard.

I know teenagers will be teenagers ,but damn PAY ATTENTION sometimes. There, i've said my piece. biggrin.gif
Ah! Brilliant, Ed's girl!!! happy.gif
Yah I have a 14 year old little sister and she's mean as hell. I try to tell her "Hi" and she tells me to "move the hell outa the way". I usually just walk away. *mumbles swear words under his breath* I think its just a phase though, because I remember being mean too. biggrin.gif The only real people that bother me are the 20 year old teenagers. You know what I'm talking about! Im talkin about the Pothead who started smoking weed when he was 13 and his brain never developed. I see way to many of those type of people!
True, true... biggrin.gif
I despise teenagers with the aforementioned "traits". Actually, it's sad because they're not the only ones who are rude, but since they are the majority of that rude group, I shall continue talking about them.

Too many kids nowadays have no respect for authority, no common sense, and no etiquette. They swear too much and think they're so cool. Well, they all suck. They're intentionally mouthy and most of them have no table manners, or any manners in general. I especially dislike sleazy teenagers, and those kids who claim they're rebels. Oh, whoo-hoo, a rebel, just like every other rebel.

Yes, I'm bitter and probably make no sense.
Mommy, you summed it all up... mellow.gif

Well done... happy.gif
*Declares he is a Rebel, Swears at everyone, Burps at the table, and stomps off!* j/j
But really its just the fact that parents dont smack their kids around anymore! My dad used to punch me. My Little sister just gets grounded off the telephone and she starts to cry. She's never gonna change if they dont take proper action is diciplining her. She just get's worse and worse everyday. Not only that but the Pre-teens are getting worse too. I'm just glad I'm under 18 so I can smack em around when they talk back to me. That will be the only thing I miss when I turn 18.
Xithion, don't stop smacking them around just because you turn 18. I never stopped.

Of course, I never literally physically smacked. When I say smack, I mean "boss around."

But on occasion, I do physically smack.
Le Monkey
wow... I know many teenagers who are not like that... Me for one...
I dontr actively go out to annoy people, And I normally think of others first...
i see alot of teenagers like that and do some that stuff every once in a while...i'm almost a teenager ><
yea, there are many unpolite ppl existing... but i am very polite and it would be very selfish if i would say that there aren't any others who are polite^^
i see a lot of teens like that. but i'm not that kind of teen, thank god. i'm a nice, quiet, polite parent-pleaser. when i feel mean, i just think it, not act upon it. but my 17-year-old bro is another story. he's rather rude, but he makes up for it by being a freaking prodigy dry.gif
The curse of hormones, something that will haunt you forever.

And being a teenager is the worst time for it. I had my mood swings I'll admit but I was never as bad as some of the teens I see around. I would get filthy looks in some places because people would just assume I was up to no good because I was a teenager.

Although I will no longer be a teenager next year, I think I will still get those looks because I am a student. Unless your in your thirties you can't win. tongue.gif
I juss don't get what it is about teenagers really... mellow.gif

If being a rebel means "going against the standards", then technically, I would be a rebel... A rebel against the teen standards of rudeness and obnoxity...
That's because this forum is a gathering of mature young adults interested with love, online hook-ups, pictures, imginary kingdoms, roleplaying, and other non-teenage issues.

That deems every single person in this thread the right to point a finger and scowl.

Might I add that none of us harbor any of the traits listed thus far.
I notice that most teens who watch anime are tend to be more mature in comparison to those who don't. This is ironic considering the people who dont watch anime consider us inmature for watching it. huh.gif

*ponders....did anything i just said make any sense?*
QUOTE(Xithion @ Mar 4 2005, 12:34 AM)
I notice that most teens who watch anime are tend to be more mature in comparison to those who don't. This is ironic considering the people who dont watch anime consider us inmature for watching it.  huh.gif 

*ponders....did anything i just said make any sense?*

Now that you mention it, I notice that as well. Most that I've met at any rate.

Or perhaps we're all actually immature and we act mature to compensate, and end up having being mature become a habit. biggrin.gif
Yay.... I actually made a point! I thought I might be just typing in gibberish. happy.gif
Le Monkey
No, I got it...
yTeens rude-no!I'm 14 and I'm very respectful to my elders!
QUOTE(Chibi-Usa Posted Today @ 11:30 AM)
   yTeens rude-no!I'm 14 and I'm very respectful to my elders!

Yah but you also get a healthy dose of anime! tongue.gif
You're right about that one Xith wink.gif
Yeh some yongsters can be real pain in the nerves

specially age 14~16 smart asses...

i jus wanna walk over and smack them over the head sleep.gif
ed's secret agent
'tis true. Anime just sort of........Does something to you. Teens can't just sit still and think for a few minutes... Then again, I shouldn't be one to talk.
I'm 11. Dang. *walks away*
Celestial Shadow
I'm pretty mature I'd say. And the anime thing does seem true at times. But I'm pretty evil,mean and rude at times too XD Look at Ed on FMA, doesn't he always seem hyper,angry and angsty? smile.gif Perfect example of a teen.
Goodness, you are right. It must be because anime isn't simple or toilet humour. You really have to think watching some anime, FMA included in that.

Most teens just want to be spoon fed entertainment and couldn't be bothered with thinking. However, there are that select few who do actually have a mind...and you are here.

Oh Lord, in two weeks I'm 19, which means next year I will no longer be a teenager...oh no *starts to swear at old people and cuts oneself because its cool*
Celestial Shadow
You should still count as a teen as long as your age has the word "teen" in it.
QUOTE(Celestial Fangirl @ Mar 19 2005, 12:32 AM)
You should still count as a teen as long as your age has the word "teen" in it.

That means I only have a year left...I have wasted so many being nice and sensible. I can't drink underage or smoke underage as I am AT the legal age...what kind of rude teen could I be?

I'll just pretend to worship Satan and drink blood and all that. After seeing someones site today I fear its a fashion dry.gif (she used blood on a piece of atrwork and called all those who opposed the idea a rather rude word. Well actually its a really bad word here in the UK, not so much in the US)
Celestial Shadow
You can pull it off sis tongue.gif I'm behind ya all the way. If you ever need tips on being rude and evil, lemme know biggrin.gif
No, guys... what were saying here is that the majority of teens today think that the definition of being yourself is in being rude to virtually everyone... I never said any of us here are like that...
I suppose I'd have to agree with most of the points brought up here, however I can't help but wonder how much blatant egotism is involved with this discussion.
If anyone is guilty of being a narcissistic whiner about her down the tubes teenage generation, it would be me, though. Then again, I'm the biggest hypocrite I know.

But really, I've also done a lot of thinking about various areas of this subject, especially false maturity. In that, so many teens think they're all grown up because they cuss their mouths off, pretend not to care about discipline, and do other obcene things.
Then, I get to wonder whether or not it's more mature to admit your own boundaries, be civil with authority, and just enjoy being a kid while you can.

I've always thought I was so wierd just for getting along with my parents. I don't see how much of a crime that could be. I just love and trust my mother, and I truly enjoy spending time with her. She's not just an authority figure, or a friend; she's my mommy. I listen to what she says, but if she makes a rule or standard I find unreasonable, we have no problem debating it. There's a lot of trust there. I guess I'm just a goody two-shoes.
Oh, me and my mom are best friends which is why we fight so much... but I love her... happy.gif
QUOTE(Celestial Fangirl @ Mar 19 2005, 01:16 AM)
You can pull it off sis tongue.gif I'm behind ya all the way. If you ever need tips on being rude and evil, lemme know biggrin.gif

*sniff* Thank-you sis.

I agree with Toby-Chan. The sad thing is, the world has made it so teens try to be adults because they acted like teenagers from the age of eight.

Goody two shoes? Hardly, you have the trust of your parents who can treat you as an adult...something 'rebels' will struggle to ever achieve.
Today, my fourteen year old little sister got in trouble at her softball practice. The coach said she was mouthing off and I know she probably was. Despite that my parents still called the coach and defended my sister. They argued with him for over and hour. After that she sat down with my parents and they we're talking about her attitude. Well they tried to talk to her. She got up from the table, threw a glass at my dad, yelled "I fucking hate you!" and ran up to her room! The glass missed my dad but thats isn't why I'm telling this story. All of this and she didnt even get grounded, or even yelled at. I know if it was me.....I would have gotten kicked out. In fact when I was her age I punched a hole through my door and got kicked out for 3 days! The problem with teenages is lack of dicipline & respect!
Hmph, if anyone has read the Ed/Win topics recently they will have witnessed tennage *I'm cool cuz' I swear* syndrome dry.gif

Oh the shame of it all.

@Xith, Ouch. I know how you feel. My sister is only 11 and although she doesn't swear yet she is getting a real attitude on her.l
hi^^ i hope you guys dont mind my input on this matter....

@Chiyo, yeah i witnessed it...i even posted in that thread before registering myself. those 2 (you know the ones, right?) really acted like little brats. hopefully the unregistered one will just bugger off..

@Xithion, heh heh, my 16 year old sister has a mouth on her and i have to put up with her attitude..-_-" i luv my sis, though she can annoy the hell outta me. one time a couple of years ago, i punched a hole in the bathroom wall coz she used all the hot water on purpose just to piss me off, so i had to have an ice-cold shower! (btw, however immature me punching a hole in the wall might have been, i did eventually appologise....:p)dude, if my sister or i threw anything or swore at my mum or dad, whoa, all hell would break loose!!! LMAO!!! ^^
well sorry for blabbing
What i've noticed in this thread is that your only focusing on a certain group of teenagers. After all there are the shy teens, nice and outgoing teens, and yes rude teens. Yet saying most teens are rude would be stereotyping (which is a bad thing). Well that's my input.
As much as I hate to admit I can be that teenager at times, but most of the time I'm nice, slap happy, and understanding. I can be a hypocrite at times, and I do swear at school when the guys piss me off becuase well I see red and don't think straight, I don't know sometimes I think I need to go to anger management. I got grounded for two months once, I was walking down the hallway pissed and then my dad walks along. SO he is walking and I am walking well I shoved him and knocked him in his back. He was alright, but he had a severe back ache for a week, so take my advice when you start fuming watch where you are going. Oh and on a side note hell yea I would get smaked if I ever did it again, and my grandmother hit me on the head wsith her wooden spoon a couple times *ouch*. So beneath the cool, senible, and loveable old me there is dark sonic waiting to disembowl you all, and then decaptate you putting your heads on pikes and wearing your brains as neklaces.
Full Metal Engineer
I'm a teen myself and the only thing that I notice ALOT is all the cursing ppl do I mean its horrible everytime one of my friends curse I smack them on the head and tell them to watch their language....thankfully I kno martial arts so if one of them trys to hit me back I can just drop them to the floor and wrestel them untill they give up unless its a girl then I ask her to just watch her language...and the ppl who I think is worst than teens are pre-teens omg they're so annoying when I visit my sister's elemiddle school the little kids there are horrible since I dont to that school anymore I go up to just about each little kid who I saw curse and smack them on the head too...gee smacking ppl on the head is fun biggrin.gif

- Full Metal Engineer

P.S. btw I'm new to the forums so if anyone wants to help me with my avatar/signature just send me a msg/email or w.e
how can you complain about the erractic behavior of teenagers? yes they are annoying and they piss you off, but thats the way they are SUPPOSED to be... it would be like me lighting a match, throwing it into a pool of gasoline, and then being amazed when the gasoline lights on fire.
Full Metal Engineer
hey not all teens are bad lets not start stereotyping here...
Blade Alchemist
Seriosly don't create stereo types. I agree with Full Metal Engineer not all are bad.
I'm a teen too and i'm polite to people if they're nice and don't insult me, my family, or my friends.
Full Metal Engineer
I myself only treat ppl bad when my little sister bothers me up to the point in which I'm angry but when shes away I'm like the complete I'm so unmodest lolz laugh.gif
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Mar 24 2005, 08:12 PM)
how can you complain about the erractic behavior of teenagers? yes they are annoying and they piss you off, but thats the way they are SUPPOSED to be...  it would be like me lighting a match,  throwing it into a pool of gasoline, and then being amazed when the gasoline lights on fire.

*sigh* 9_9...

Dad, do you have to be so... so... *sigh*... correct... dry.gif!

Dammit! laugh.gif
I advocate a Battle Royale Law to be implemented on teenagers as described above. However, instead of just one class, this program will welcome any number of teenagers adults deem necessary.
I second the motion... laugh.gif
^this is where humanity stoops the lowest.
*shurgs* Whaaaaat? tongue.gif
Haha, when I saw this thread it immediately reminded me of Quissy's brother GF problem. On the forums though... I think most people are polite now. I think nOOb nuisances are just... annoying rather than rude tongue.gif

blink.gif Thieves... come back ;__; (is so random)
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