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Le Monkey
Sweet.... XD

Definately so cool...
AWWWW! So very cute! happy.gif Plus we have shirtless Ed there... always a bonus. biggrin.gif
cute! ><
Very nice! good choice if pics
ooh~! nice cool blue and pics
Old topic but it save me starting a new one. Here is a wallpaper I made that I am quite proud of. If you want to see my other works click on the link in my sig.

Posting this now as more of you will know about the movie. Cheers.
You make really good wallpapers. smile.gif I just looked through your site and they're all beautiful.

Can I ask you a favor? I really liked the wallpaper with Roy and his group building a snow-armstrong and the one with Riza, Winry and the little girl whose name I forgot. (Xiao Lin? I only remember Xiao Mei.)
But I couldn't save bigger version on my comp, would it trouble you to put the bigger version in your post? Thank you.
Oh I think I could manage that biggrin.gif

Ed-Al-Win Fan
Excellent wallpapers, they are very nice and looks professional...I am a fan of the Ed/Win's one, but there all very nice and I'll eventually use one, my desktop is so blah now (lol)
They all look great!!
Nice job!! smile.gif
Thank you so much Chiyo-san! I already put the full of girls background up and my brothers are like, "wht the? take it off!" But they can't do scott about it since I'm in charge of the backgrounds this time! laugh.gif
Radical Alchemist
Those are great!

Do you know how to make livejournal bgs?
Molecular Alchemist
Wow...they're awsome, definatly have talent happy.gif
I am the Only sister Elric
Wow Chi... Very cool. I love them biggrin.gif
Yeah, Chi! Nice job you did there!! I really love it!! Really cool!! Smashing!! happy.gif
Very nice wallpapers! Will credit when use them smile.gif
Well I have far too many wallpapers to post them all for now, so I shall post two I haven't released yet.

wow they are very cool.
Nice work laugh.gif
Oh, the Winter themed wallpapaers!!
That Ed&Winry one is sooo lovely!!
I love them both!! happy.gif
I cannot control myself, I just keep making more Christmas wallpapers!
Those are beatufully done!!
I especially love your Winry-Ed-Riza-Roy one!! Very festive!!
I want to see more!!! biggrin.gif
So many Christmas wallpapers! Great job, Chiyo!
W....wait.....Ed's wearing a reindeer costume. *dies laughing*
@Chiyo - I'm moving this to Fanworks front section where other wallpapers and graphic manipulation arts are also posted.
(I'm leaving the trace so that your Wallpaper fans will know where your thread is now.)
Hope you don't mind!! happy.gif (Love ya, and your wallpapers!!)
No thats perfectly fine Tombow, not sure 'fanworks' was around when I started the topic?

But while I'm here...EdxWin and RoyxRiza!
ohmy.gif Darnit you're sooo goood!! Haaah! but I got my owwwn! wooohooo wooohooo! Though seriously talking, you are an amazing wallpaper maker, love Ed blushing
Thanks, Chiyo!!
(And, yeah, maybe it wasn't around when you started!! biggrin.gif )

And, I know those!! And I LOVE those two wallpapers!!
They are so festive, and fitting for the holiday seasons!!
Of course I adore the Roy and Riza one, but I also love that Ed and Winry one!!
They all look so nice!! happy.gif
Just an Ed/Win (which I hope I haven't already posted)...huzzah for Valentines even if I do despise it
Chiyo, I love the EdWin Valentine's wallpaper! I love the individual lights shining from the tables. Great work.
Winry and Ed all dressed up for candle-light dinner!! Very nice!!
Good work, Chiyo!! (as always!! biggrin.gif )
What can I say but....Happy Valentines to all.
Aww, Chiyo, those are lovely and beautiful!! happy.gif
Chiyo: You managed to make me feel warm and fuzzy on Valentine's Day, which is a difficult feet. (I am so anti-Valentine. Perhaps because I currently don't have a boyfriend. ) The two wallpapers are lovely, especially the second one. I love Winry's dress. Great job and Happy St. Valentine's!
The second one, if Ed is wearing a will be so so so so so nice!

Great Job Chi!
Oh yes, guess who's back, back again, Chiyo's back, tell a friend.

BEFORE I get the 'background looks like you did it in photoshop' rant, it is meant to look childish, thats the whole point. Look at her expression, its hardly stern.
@Chiyo - It's cute and lovely and cheerful!!
I like cute Winry, and the cheerful and colorful background! biggrin.gif
Okee couple more, one from Haruhi and the other one it the one I'm using in my sig.

@Chiyo - Haruhi one is cute!! ^^
But I LOVE grown up Winry one!! The background is perfect, IMO. The color scheme and the scene matches nicely, and I like the symbolism of "road" with the ghostly young Winry image as grown up Winry stop and ponder... or something like that. ^^
The whole thing is beautiful, and touching. I love it!! happy.gif
Two more loverly wallpapers, one dedicated to Hohenheim, I'm a young Hoho fangirl yes.
@Chiyo - Hooray for timely making of Ho-ho wallpaper!!
I see fandom for young Hoho is growing by leaps. Nicely done, too!!
And, lovely Ed/Winry/Riza/Roy wallpaper with pretty "Riza in kimono" pic!!
Very nice!! biggrin.gif
Halloween is coming people, coming for youuuuuuu (sorry one is png, but red tones are a risk to jpeg.)
Chiyo i must say that is some great talent you have there. Winry is awesome. I been searching for a pic with Winry and Rose side by side. If anyone has any leads please let me know happy.gif I need a back ground with my two fave Anime girls happy.gif
@Chiyo - I added your thread to FM-A Board: Sig, Avatar, Wallpaper Shop Directory. Hope you don't mind. biggrin.gif
Nice wallpapers! Is it possible to give multiple resolutions for them, though? :3 Like widescreen wallpapers?
the link is not working sad.gif
QUOTE (_Mat @ May 26 2009, 01:07 PM) *
the link is not working sad.gif

@_Mat - That is correct for one of her 20 wallpaper collection that is on display on this thread. So... how about you skip that one that is currently not on display, and enjoy the rest of her 19 other wallpapers that are viewable? biggrin.gif
sounds like a good idea ^^'
these are really cool wallpapers chiyo. i like most of them.
why can't i see them
Oh wow everyone, thank-you, but these are pretty old now. All my wallpapers can be found here now if you want to explore. I will hopefully be doing new ones soon, now that I have new FMA pictures to work with.
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