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Full Version: Orange/apple Codes (Code talk to use when talking FMA-1 series final content)
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Tobu Ishi
I was reminded of this by the YKYWTMFMAW thread. happy.gif

Many of my friends watch FMA, but only about half of us have actually finished the series. Therefore, since we hang out in large groups, those of us who have finished it can't exactly order the others to leave if we want to discuss plot twists. And most of us hate getting spoilers.

To deal with this difficulty, we have invented an elaborate code for discussing the later episodes sans spoilers. Since it's usually invented in the presence of people who haven't finished, some of the terms are very convoluted and took several revisions before anyone realized what a particular person were talking about. We've sort of standardized a few of the the terms, and I thought y'all might be amused by them.

Spoilers, obviously. happy.gif


The Orange: Amestris and its surrounding countries; the world of alchemy.

The Apple: Our world; the Other Side of the Gate.

The Way From the Apple to the Orange: The Gate itself.


The Orange Seed: Edward Elric (sometimes referred to as the "little orange seed" for clarity)

The Bigger Orange Seed: Alphonse Elric (but we make sure not to use it too soon after "the little orange seed" because it would be too easy to figure it out from context.)

Orange Seeds (in general): People from the world of alchemy.

Apple Seeds: People from the Other Side.

Matching Orange and Apple Seeds: Alternate versions of a character, like Alphonse Elric and Alphonse Heidel....herfen...whatever. ^^;

The Person Who Pushes Doors With Children: Dante

The Confused Person Who Sits By Graves: Hohenheim (sometimes also called the "maker of the little orange seed")

The Person Whose Children Are Used To Push Doors: Rose

The Armless Wonder: Scar (We also sometimes call Ed the Limbless Wonder, but not as part of the code, since it's too easy to figure out. Because of this running joke, there's the added bonus that our friends often think we're talking about Ed when we're actually discussing Scar.)

Nice Doggy, Let's Play: Nina!Chimera

Inverted Wombat: Tucker!Chimera (also represented by the speaker hanging their head upside-down off the side of the bed or whereever they're sprawled and whispering in their creepiest voice, "Edowaaaado...")

The Woman of Ishvar: Lust

Shrieking Burned Boy: Wrath (also called the Boy Who Runs Away From Doors)

Alien Conspiracies: Scieszka

Blue Jell-O: Sloth

Cyclops: Roy Mustang

The Person With the ALIEN BABYYYYY!!: Izumi-sensei (Also "Bye-bye, Alien Baby!", accompanied by a gesture of holding something up and watching it float away.)

The Person Who Peels Apples for Orange Seeds: Trisha Elric

The Person Who Makes Pies for Grave Robbers: Winry Rockbell

The Person Who Peels Apples for Cyclops: Riza Hawkeye

The Terminator: Robo-Archer

The Person Who Curls Up Like A Cockroach, Eeeeerckblekblaaarrghfargle!: Greed (usually accompanied by a graphic impression of Greed's final moments)


"Alas, Poor Yorick, the door is jammed!": A reference to the Roy/Pride showdown. Also called simply "Alas, Poor Yorick", "The Event in the Wine Cellar", and "Look Daddy, I--urk!!" *clutch at throat*

Terminator vs. Cyclops: A reference to Roy's near-death.

Zeppelin: Also "the land of Zeppelins". Another reference to the Apple. We like to mix things up a little. The "Zeppelin incident" is of course Ed's first death.

"First the zeppelin, now this? My life sucks!!": A reference to Edward's second death at Envy's hands.

A small serving of shishkebab: Another reference to Ed's second death. ;_;

Phone Booth: A reference to Hughes' death.

No, Doggy, Don't Play With the Bad Man: A reference to Nina's death.

"Orange Seed versus the Nazis!!!": Everyone's fervent wish for the movie. Usually yelled to the accompaniment of cheers and laughter. The best part is that people keep trying to guess what the "Nazis" represent. If they only knew...

(anyone raising their hand into the air and staring at it wistfully): A reference to the ending. Often followed by, "Do you think it'll ever happen?", usually answered by a chorus of "It had better!" and sometimes by "The orange seeds need to all be back in the orange!" or "The orange seed needs a permanent supply of pie, dang it!" (There are many EdWin fans among us.)

And that's just a sampling. happy.gif
That's awesome! A little confusing and a little weird, but interesting and awesome all at the same time! blink.gif
lol i am so jealous. i wish i had at least one friend who watches fullmetal. i want to hang off each others beds and pretend to be fma characters too. (cries)
ahahahah, that's awesome. i think my favorite is "The Person Who Curls Up Like A Cockroach, Eeeeerckblekblaaarrghfargle." XD

i'd do that with my friends, but there's no need to use code. all of my friends that have been interested in fma either get the subs themselves or from other people, and if they can't find places to dL the sub and start to watch the dub, we'll go "OMG WTF don't watch the dubs, dumbass!" and throw sub cds at them. rolleyes.gif but yeah, all of us prefer subs, and those who start later finish up the series pretty fast, so i think we're all done. happy.gif
AA battery
lol, I like those codes ^____^ (I only have 2 friends that watch it and one of them are on the last few episodes so we don't really need codes as long as me and the othre friend doesn't discuss the ending/movie)
QUOTE(xrninja @ Feb 20 2005, 09:13 PM)
i'd do that with my friends, but there's no need to use code. all of my friends that have been interested in fma either get the subs themselves or from other people, and if they can't find places to dL the sub and start to watch the dub, we'll go "OMG WTF don't watch the dubs, dumbass!" and throw sub cds at them. rolleyes.gif but yeah, all of us prefer subs, and those who start later finish up the series pretty fast, so i think we're all done. happy.gif

Hahaha! I've done that. I made about 3 people watch the sub. And one of my friends was determined to watch the entire series before the dub came out! l0l and one of my friends i really wanna talk about the ending with her, but since she moved to the mainland she hasn't been able to get the subs. XD

btw, love your codes! they're hilarious! XD
I think I'll use it but it's so hard to remember XD there will be a time too though! Good work Ishi
XDXDXD!!! I just bust a gut over that. I must begin to put this to use in front of my un-finished friends.
Hikari no Hohenheim
I like to spoil my friends and then run for my life.
sadly, my friends don't watch anime or so i think.
i guess i can talk to my cousins but they pretty much watched it all.
The orange seed will always want one can give him pie tongue.gif

My friends aren't into this. But I may use the 'orange seed' if my real life 'orange ever' asks why I snicker at them randomly.
This code is great! It's really sad that I have no chance to use it. I am still trying to make my friends watch anime - but with little success so far...
konic vince
wow those are awesome codes!!! I like the edowaaaaaado one biggrin.gif
Dude, that's awesome... Too bad, all of my buds (except one) has seen all 51 episodes of FMA... Hm, maybe we'll use it around her so she doesn't know what we're talking about...? O_O;;;
Full Flame Alchemist
Well i'm going to use them in the adult swim thread. MUHUHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! ph34r.gif
LOL! That's the greatest thing ever! I wish I had more friends who have seen the whole series...
I have only one friend that watches anime ;_; but he doesn't watch FMA...but he knows how it ends...I gave him an over 400 words explanation of it...hehe...I'm bad...
Anyhow we have much fun pretending our fav anime chars are around...Ed for me and someone from Digimon Tamers for him...He pretty much knows everything I know about Ed...I shouldn't talk so much about him I
It's especially fun over MSN then we talk with 4 persons...although we're just with the two of us...sometimes it's hard to keep characters not go out of characters...
Also pretending them to sit behind you on your bike is really fun...especially with me driving...I can do really stupid stuff...
Yes I'm weird, good at telling nothing with lots of word and no I'm not a kid...I'm almost 18...
It's my parents...I was upstairs all morning..I come downstairs and what is my dad watching....oke your gonna laugh now...I did...he was waching Pokemon...I mean...pokemon...that is said to be the most kiddie some...I even watched it back then...yes it was awhile ago...
But I could expect it from my dad...but then just recently I caught my mom watching a cartoon of some sort...she always tells me to grow up and don't watch so many "cartoons" anime that I was like O_O what the hell...

Oke I'm finally done...Anyway the codes are great!!! Too bad I don't get to use any of em...would have been fun biggrin.gif
Thats a cool code. Good idea. My best friend and I have a code like that, but we call Shou Tucker the "badly sewn teddy bear".
Chibi Reina
Cyclopes and the Terminator XD I kinda figured the Terminator one, but Cyclopes?? XD
Art Alchemist
@Chibi Reina - Roy lost one of his eyes in the end of the series, thusly "Cyclops" since a cyclops has one eye.

These are great! happy.gif Most of my friends that watch anime have seen the entire series, and the other ones started it and didn't like it that much (crazy people). But it'd still be fun to discuss the series in that way.

I call Tucker "The Furbie gone wrong." But the inverted wombat and badly sewn teddy bear is very cool, too.

My favorite was the one for Hohenheim, calling him "The Confused man who sits by graves" or something. That was good.
Chibi Reina
I know, I know... lol

I meant that... I never could have thought about that cyclopes idea...
Phyco girl
Lol, I'm printing these out!

"First the zeppelin, now this? My life sucks!!": A reference to Edward's second death at Envy's hands.

That one was my favorite laugh.gif Oh, and the A small serving of shishkebab one. I see how that relates.
I love using this code in real life, mostly just with my little sister, and one friend. We have very deep involved discussions in which we use spoiler codes and understand everything perfectly, thus baffling anyone who hears it.

I just love making my un1337 friends facepalm and say "There they go again" when we start using it. XD
Omakase Shimasu
Genius, all of it! laugh.gif I've got it much easier though, I always just revert to English when I discuss FMA spoilers with my sister/brother/etc. if others are around who haven't seen it. (On AIM)
LMAO! These are great!!! I wish I could use them TT__TT All my friends watch anime but only one of them (besides me) has seen the entire series and the rest refuse to watch the subs..........BURN THEM! mad.gif o_O ok maybe I won't go that far. But I love the Greed one =D that's awsome
LOL!!!! If you talk like that in a crowded shopping mall people stare at you strangely.....
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