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Full Version: D.N.Angel (D N Angel; D·N·ANGEL; D.N. Angel; D.N. Angel)
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Who here likes DNAngel..or even heard of it??
I think it's a really good manga.. (and my sister told me that it's an anime too...that true?)
Oh, and my favorite characters are Daisuke Niwa and Satoshi Hiwatari. happy.gif

(Source: wiki D.N.Angel)
Daisuke Niwa, apparently an average teenager until his fourteenth birthday, tries to declare his love to the girl of his dreams, but fails. Suddenly, whenever he thinks about this girl he turns into the legendary phantom thief known as "Kaitou Dark". Daisuke's mother, very much aware of this, makes him turn into Dark and steal valuable works of art for a purpose unknown to Daisuke. As the story unfolds, he learns why, and about his classmate who seems to have the same ability.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice Of Life, Supernatural
Written & Art by: Yukiru Sugisaki
Published by: Japan Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher: Canada, United Kingdom, United States: Tokyopop
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Monthly Asuka, Malaysia Arena Komik
Original run November 1997 – ongoing
Volumes 13 so far

Summary (Sourece: MangaFox)
Daisuke Niwa is an ordinary, if slightly unlucky, middle school student. On his fourteenth birthday, he comes down with a 'condition' that has plagued the men in his family for three hundred years. When he sees his crush, Risa, he transforms into his alter ego, the phantom thief Dark Mousy. Unfortunately, when Dark Mousy sees his crush, Risa's twin Riku, he transforms back into Daisuke. The only cure for this craziness is if Daisuke can get Risa to fall in love with him ...

i like DNangel but i never seen the anime probably 'cause i live in canada........
AA battery
I have read up to volume 10 of it (aww, can't the mangaka draw faster...? It has been a year and new volume still isn't out!)

My fav pair: Daisuke x Risa
Shounen-ai wise: Hiwatari x Daisuke (but never really bothered to find fanfics/fanart for them yet)

and yes, there is an anime version of it, 26 episodes... and I got bored by episode 6 or something so I stopped watching...
The manga is pretty entertaining, cute and funny. The plot has had me keen right from the start.
Fave character's: Krad, Dark, Hiwatari, Saehara biggrin.gif

I've just read up to vol 7 and am still waiting to find vol 8... *growls*
It's true that Sugisaki seems to really be taking her time with that.. I'm eager for her to finish it.. but I guess she's been drawing quite a lot of manga at the same time..
Apparently there's going to be 13 volumes.. an yeah, 10 are out in about 7 years tongue.gif

the plot
A 14-year-old boy, Daisuke Niwa is turned down by his crush on his birthday and due to his romantic genes transforms into a master thief Dark, who steals artwork (certain artwork actually). It's something that has been in his family for ages and his mother and grandfather seem to be pretty well informed wink.gif They also "help" him in various ways like sending warning notes to the police before hand.
Um... apparently Daisuke is supposed to "get rid of the changing" by getting the girl.. but I guess that won't be as easy as that. Naturally since there's a thief there's the plice, although the most skillful thief catcher would be Daisuke's class mate Satoshi Hiwatari... And of course Dark's awesome nemesis will make his appearance too

OT: I didn't fancy the anime version that much, because of the pointless eps, but the art is really good. In my opinion even better than in the manga.. just the colour of the hair.. tongue.gif Um.. the music, especially the opening theme is great! And there are actually some interesting episodes... many eps in the anime aren't in the manga... If I had to pick one to recommend it would be the manga.
Sou ne, Kihaku-san...The art was excellent, but they made some interesting choices for blonde-hair...
Azura Elric
Does anyone have Volume 6 of the manga? I know it's out but I can't find it!!

Dark: " You love Hiwatari don't you?! Does that mean I can have Risa now?"
Dai: "What made you think I'm in love with Hiwatari you jerk!"

*blinks* I thought Dark liked Riku....oh well.
Dark is kickass, he can probably have any girl he wants!
@Elderberry: yeah.. I'm not sure of the actual colour.. but I always figured Dark to have black hair and Krad to have white hair... although Dark's hair kind of varies on the manga covers tongue.gif

@Azura Elric: Exactly! smile.gif

@Ryuji: Heh.. just what Kaji_Rekinjutsu said.. Riku doesn't like Dark tongue.gif (which is supposed to be a problem too..)
Of course I think that Krad is much more of a "kickass" wink.gif

I've seen vol 6 around... I don't think it should be so hard to find..(if even we get here) but I buy the Swedish version and have already up to vol 8 *happy dance*
Hey... I can read the manga again... -.- i was at chapter 3... It's really confusing. I dont fully understand what is happening.. it's kinda hard to follow. Whatever I guess I'll have get used to it first.

ETA: One day later
Hey I actually read DNAngel up to vol 4 or something....
Well until this other angel thing came out. It's really confusing.

The art is nice, but the way the artist put it confuses me... cuz i dont know wuts happening. blah sleep.gif

Ummm I expected DNAngel to be so much better... but wutever.
Chap 3? Hmm... *thinks back*
yeah.. I did think it was a little confusing at first.. but I thought it was because I didn't understand Swedish that well...
Anyway I think I got used to it later, because I don't feel confused about what's going on.. at least I don't think so. tongue.gif

Oh and another angel.. that was the part when things started getting interesting!
I was waiting for that right from the start of the series wink.gif. I was sooo hyped when that happened! It was a great tunr of events although judging by the flow of the series it was pretty expected and aticipated.

Um.. I don't see what was so confusing about that. What is it that you don't understand?
Um... and how did you expect D.N.Angel to be better and why?

I actually was surprised how much I liked it wink.gif. The art and the story are beautiful. Hmm.. my friend said she didn't like D.N.Angel becuase of the "kiddiness" of it.. she's not interested in the worries of a 14-year-old tongue.gif
Another thought at first that it wasn't "the best".. but she really tarted liking it later.. and another thinks it's wierd... tongue.gif
Yeah I know the art is very nice, but the way the panels is drawn, or the sequence of each panel makes me wonder what is happening. You know what I mean? o.O And the dialogue is also... uh... confusing.... some stuff seem to pop out of nowhere.

Well it looks more like the artist is making up the story as she goes. it's not well structured, i guess. Well I'll still read it, but I'm scanning through it just to finish it. I always have to finish a manga , whether it's good or not. tongue.gif

BTW I thought DNAngel was a shonen manga when I saw the pictures, cuz Dark looked like a badass fighter. sleep.gif
OH, you're right about that! biggrin.gif The panels might have confused me at first, but I got used it.. Hmm.. also some of the thoughts are a little wierd.. like they have a deeper meaning. I like that. smile.gif

Yup, and that's one reason for why the story doesn't seem like Sugisaki has just been inventing it as she goes.
Oh no. In my opinion it is actually very well structured.. like she's building it up for something bigger.
For example it was pretty obvious that Krad or something or other would appear from the start and he does make his appearance much later.
Also.. it seems like Sugisaki is really taking her time with the manga. She's not rushing it, so probably she's actually really focusing on making it good, instead of making it quick(also she seems to be involved in quite a lot of stuff). 10 vols in 7 years... apparently there's going to be 13...

heh, I don't have the need to finish manga unless I can get all the volumes from somewhere (no, not online. I don't like reading on the comp, so I'd rather read something I really like).. with anime it might be a little different though.. but if I don't like something.. I dont. If I like it at least a little or if there's something that keeps me interested then yes I give it more wink.gif.

You though D.N.Angel was shonen? I kind of looked at the art and saw straight away that it was shoujo... although the fact that the main character is a guy might have made me wonder, if anything.. I often mistaken something shonen for shoujo.. yeah.. tongue.gif
WHAT? The artist have been working on this for 7 years? o.o That's crazy!!!

Well why I thought it wasn't well structured was because in the end of one of the volume, it had a list of things that fans wanted to see. One of them said that they wanted to see Daisuke's dad. And then, the artist just made him appear, just to satisfy her fan. Maybe she planned that from the beginning, maybe not. If she didn't plan that from the beginning, then she may be making alot of other stuff up aswell, as she goes along. But I haven't payed that much attention to the dialogues, so I would of probably missed something.

There's a deeper meaning? Because I can't find any. It seems more like a straight love story (well not exactly straight... you know what I mean?). But if there's a meaning and that I can understand, then I might try harder to like it.
When I first heard about D.N. Angel, I didn't really cared about it. Then this girl in my math class introduced me to it. I guess I liked it but it seems to confusing for me. I like shojo mangas but I like shonen the best. LIKE FMA!!!
@DarkWarrior: At least I think it's that long tongue.gif Well.. I guess if she started in 1997 and it's not yet finished...
yeah.. I get your point! biggrin.gif That's true.. she must have decided some things later. I guess Sugisaki has/had basic plot elements clear, but might have to think of some a bit. wink.gif.I don't think it's that bad to not have everything clear or even to make up the story little by little.

I wouldn't be the right person to explain a deeper meaning.. But D.N.Angel does seem very profound to me. Also what my friend sees is the basic love story, which she finds annoying, but then there's also a lot about Dark and Krad and the reasons for their feud that aren't that clear. And also there's a lot about other relationships like between Daisuke and Hiwatari and their relationships with Krad and Dark... and a lot about theirselves and their muddled thoughts... their insecurity. Basically.. I guess I could see where it's going, but there is a lot of unsolved stuff, that might remain unsolved or hard to interpret.

yeah.. but don't triple post.....
Le Monkey
How could i miss this thread??

I just baught books 1-7...
book 7 is coming on the 30th of this month.....

Go DaisukeXRiku!!
Uh, now, don't be mean...
Wow, you bought all 7 at once?
Anyway.. I think DaisukexRiku is cute (thank goodness not Risa), but I feel sorry for Hiwatari.. *sighs*

OT: The Japanese anime has in my opinion great VAs.. wouldn't know about the English one... I found the animation really good.
i think DaisukexRisa is better
I've only just started reading the manga (up through volume 3 now) but I'm already totaly obsesed with it.
I really think Daisuke is cute and Dark is just plain cool.

OT: I'd like to try to find the Jap. episodes but so far have had no luck in my search.
Black Rose
When pairings concerned it has I'm a
DaisukexRiku fan
they are so cute together!!!!!

I'm pretty happy because sure I think Dark is cool but Daisuke beat him in most popular character in DNangel, I think wiz came in third, I love wiz!!!! "special lessons Daisuki?" I'm sorry I just love that!!!
Nah.. in the popularity contest third was Hiwatari, then Riku and then With wink.gif.
Heh.. even I though Dark was cool until Krad appeared... Now I definitely favour Krad.
A friend of mine, who wasn't that interested in D.N.Angel started getting into it after Krad (and switched faves like I did).
QUOTE (harmony_kh_kairi @ Apr 25 2005, 12:56 AM)
I've only just started reading the manga (up through volume 3 now) but I'm already totaly obsesed with it. I really think Daisuke is cute and Dark is just plain cool. I'd like to try to find the Jap. episodes but so far have had no luck in my search.

Same here Harmony_kh_kairi. smile.gif I think I've read up to book six, but i'm not sure.
I really like the artists style and the story is something new, and not the same old stuff.
The characters are good as well.

OT: would u let me know if u have any luck finding the Japanese Episodes? I havn't been able 2 find them yet either. Perhaps i'm looking in the wrong places.
F.Y.I for U.S residents:
-D.N.Angel volume 9 (manga) comes out September 30
-D.N.Angel volume 10 comes out December 13
biggrin.gif Just in case some of you are having more trouble finding out the release dates. The other volumes, I can't find a date for.

-D.N.Angel volume 7: The Light Breaks comes out August 30. That's the last volume of the anime.

hey...this is the third dn angel thread here...haha...dats funnie smile.gif

hhhmmm...i did a review on dn angel at
and...i think you guys will be glad to know that dnangel no. 11 is finally out in japan...after one whole year...that means that the artist finally moved on...
but all of us still havta wait for it to get translated..(hey at least you noe it nv stopped..hee..)

OT: I watched the subbed anime...i thought it was cute and sweet...sure there were plenty offillers...but i still liked it...dai-chan rawks...
The music is veri good...i loved almost all the songs...even those that were played in the middle of the anime...haha...
the nicest pics from dnangel are actually those you find in the web..fantastic!! me and i'll send some to you...
Do any of you buy the dvd's? Oh, and D.N.Angel volume 11 is coming out tomorrow in Japan.

The cover looks pretty cool. biggrin.gif
D.N.Angel Vol. 11
Thanks for sharing the pic of the cover! I wanna see what happens... hope someone translates soon.
I've read up to Vol. 10 of DN Angel

OT: and saw some episodes of the anime but they were mostly fillers and didn't follow the manga at all.
Thanks Fallen Angel! That cover is really cool! laugh.gif
Too bad they will probably change it for the American release.
But I still cannot wait to read it! I've read up to Volume 7 so far in the manga, and am now completely addicted to this series-it just keeps getting better and better, especially now that Krad has made his grand entrance.
I'm looking forward to reading the next couple of volumes... I'm dying to see what happens. lol

OT: I've also managed to see up to Episode 22 in the Anime, and I must admit I'm quite found of it's care free kind of nature, mixed in with shadowey sub plots, etc. Plus the Japanese voice actors are wonderful (I've yet to see it in Emglish).
foolmetal alchemist
I've just read up to chapter ten so far. I really love it. happy.gif
Azura Elric
What Vol are we on now? Vol 7 for the English manga version?

OT:The anime is...meh could've been better.
@Azura Elric - On Volume 8 in the English manga. It'll catch up to Volume 10 before the end of the year. biggrin.gif

OT: @BellatrixAngelofKyo: You should at least watch episode 20 of the dub. Vic sounds really romantic as Dark. wink.gif
Makes you feel sorry for Risa though sad.gif .
D.N.Angel is awesome.

OT: and you know what? it is an anime. happy.gif woot!
i've never seen it, but i hear it's good.
(i like manga better then anime anyway. lol.)
I've heard of it, it's one of the most popular shoujo's in Sweden right now, I think. I read it a little and it's decent.

I usually use the madeup phrase "Holy Krad!!" :'3 so I think you can guess which character I prefer.

(I apologize for my bad english)

OT: The anime? smile.gif You know what? It's GREAT!
I have read only mangas, and unfortunately, my favorite store has only eight volumes OMG!
Le Monkey
I have the manga 1-11 of this, Still waiting for 12 to be releaced.. *Goes to check amazon*
yeah, I've only read the mangas, I think they're great!
I really like the use of old fairy tales, they're more interesting than European ones.
I love the whole alter ego thing going on!
I think Dark's really cute! happy.gif

does it only go up to volume 11 then or is it still going on?

OT: I've only seen one episode of the anime but I think it looks a bit cheasy and some parts were badly animated, especially one where two people are running to each other and their movements are rigid and unrealistic.
There's going to be a volume 12 eventually...
after all, volume 11 has a total drop-off ending!
and also 'cuz I heard there will be 13.

I just love this manga.
Fav character: Satoshi Hikari
Fav pairing: SatoshiXRisa

OT: The anime was not nearly as good.
I have Vol 1 to 3 in Dutch.
I'm really happy that Glénat decided to tranlsate the manga, otherwise, we wouldn't have the manga. xD

I totally loved the Anime. =O
'Specially the "Ice and Snow" part.
Not only the animation, story and whatever, but also the wonderful music.
True Light, Toki wo koeta Omoi and the rest of the soundtrack.
Forsaken Love
is this series still alive? XD
i swear its been on hiatus for like forever, I've forgotten most of the storyline now >_<
or has it started up again without my knowing?
D. N. Angel is one of my obsessed manga. . .
The story is awesome. ..
I never get tired to repeat reading/watching it all over again!!
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