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Part one just to see if you think I should carry on. Feedback always helps.

Much of his time was spent wandering alone lost within his thoughts. When he wasn’t speaking to Al or reading his books, Ed would wander the streets of Munich and sometimes out into the country on a nice day. People barely noticed the young man with gold eyes. He was known for keeping himself to himself.

It was because he was unable to forget. His only aim in life was to return home to his waiting loved ones. Least, he hoped they would be waiting. They had no reason to be true, but something deep in his heart told him they would not give up hope that easily. His brothers face would forever be embedded in his mind; the smell of Pinakos cooking, the feel of Winrys hair brushing his arm.

Today he decided to walk in a direction he had not tried before. He had been in this city for a year now and was slowly getting to know it inside out. If he got lost he would surely be able to find where he was just as quickly. Getting lost did not bother him for he was used to wandering. But oh, how he would give anything for a reason to stay still.

Rounding a corner he stood at the end of a very wealthy looking street. The houses were all immaculate, gardens tidied to perfection, women walking by in the most expensive clothing Munich had to offer. Thankfully he did not look out of place however much he felt it. Taking a deep breath he decided to proceed. He casually walked down the street not talking to anyone as he always did. He stopped to look at one building across the road from where he stood. Flowers decorated every window giving the place a fresh but somewhat false feel. It was more like a hotel than a home.

As he stood admiring the front door burst open. A figure darted out quick as she could. She wore a long satin dress but covered her hair and face with glasses and a head scarf. A cry rang out from the house.

‘That blasted girl has gone again!’

A man appeared. He looked fierce and angry at that. He was a bulk of a giant, fists clenched as he scanned the area. Ed pointed down the street. He ran off in the direction that Ed pointed to acknowledging him. Course Edward gave him the wrong direction. Ed decided it would be best to try and find her. She could be in any kind of trouble. Apparently this was a regular occurrence.

He ran as fast as he could in the direction she went. Although she had run out of the house quick as a flash her dress would be tangling itself in her legs. He ran past the pair of glasses she was wearing at some point. They had cracked and the glass was falling out. Turning a corner he saw a headscarf tangled in some bushes. It was caught in some holly; sharp as knives was this bush. Her cover was blown. A horrible though went through his mind…perhaps she was a Jew. If she had been marked by the community anything could happen to her. Yet, she was in fine clothes in a fine house. Perhaps they were looking after the girl, but all she wanted was to return home.

A cry of pain rang out. He picked up where it had come from and followed to where she was. There was a fence covered in more holly that had recently been disturbed. He clambered through. She was lying face down, her long slivery blonde hair sprawled about I the grass. She had a nasty gash on her leg and her dress was caught on a spike on the fence. The rest of her body had also clearly been caught by the needle like plant.

‘Are you alright?’

She gave a small squeal at his voice.

She turned to face him.

Sapphire met gold.


The girl gave him a terrified look. She ripped off the part of her dress holding her and got up to run.

‘Wait!’ he called.

He didn’t need to run far. She collapsed from the pain in her leg. She turned to face him one more time, before fainting out of sheer terror.

A thousand thank yous or reading
i haven't reviewed any of your fics yet, but i have read them... ah, i've been so busy i just keep neglecting to make time to sit down and actually write up something for you...

i really like your style, your use of vernacular is quite nice. the line, sapphire met gold, came across nicely. it struck me as...a cheesy way to describe it, but there was something powerful about the three-word sentence in such a situation that it nullified any corniness.

...did that make any sense? O_o

anyway, i like this one, i look forward to more!
Woot! Very nice! Glad to see I'm not the only one wondering if Winry has an 'alter ego' in the Munich world. (Or if any of the other characrters beside Al and Ed do as well.)

Nicely done! happy.gif
QUOTE(hagane_no_tokage @ Feb 15 2005, 07:39 PM)

i really like your style, your use of vernacular is quite nice.  the line, sapphire met gold, came across nicely.  it struck me as...a cheesy way to describe it, but there was something powerful about the three-word sentence in such a situation that it nullified any corniness. 

...did that make any sense?  O_o


It made sense yes. I tried to have something that stood out from the rest of the test.
ed's secret agent
Please continue the fic ! It's good !
Oh yes. This is absolutely magnificent. Please, please continue! =D
ooh... never thought of a winry alter ego... keep going. i wanna see what happens next! tongue.gif
Thank you all, I'll get to work on part 2 right away.
Kou the Lightning Alchemist
that was a pretty nice Fanfic, i enjoyed it very much. I won't ask you to continue, since you're doing it anyway happy.gif Very original.
Le Monkey
Nice fanfic chiyo...

Hope the rest is as good as that one...
@Chiyo: Awesome start to a good fanfic biggrin.gif . I like it that you mentioned the "Jew" part. That would be interesting if Winry was a Jew in the movie... But then again that's kinda dangerous. Friggin' Nazi's laugh.gif . Keep on keeping on, buddy smile.gif .
awesome! happy.gif
Nearly done on part two guys.
Part two people, that is if you've read part one.

Her eyes slowly opened. She was sore all over from the cuts thanks to the holly bush. Then she noticed the pain in her leg and tried to move.
‘Sit still, you must be calm.’
She hadn’t noticed the boy sitting by her side. His eyes were the same as hers and his dirty blonde hair flicked across his head. He was not the guy from before. Had she possibly dreamt that moment?
‘What is your name?’ the lad asked gently.
She tried to speak but her voice was caught in her throat.
‘Winry,’ another voice said.
He walked in, she had not dreamt it. But she had dreamt of him many times. Nothing but his face yet it was etched into her memory. She shrank back in fear. How did he know her?
‘Who…who are you?’ she stuttered.
For a moment for two more he studied her, before replying, ‘Edward Elric.’
She had heard this name before. Master had mentioned it around her before. He had always said it with a harsh tone in his voice. She knew that tone well for it was all she heard when he spoke to her.
‘Where am I, how do you know me, do you work for him too?’ she asked in a panicked voice.
‘You are at our home. I have tended to your wounds,’ the gentle boy said. ‘My name is Al. We don’t work for anyone. Please be calm.’
Yet she could not. Edwards eye scrutinized her in a way she had never been before. Men looked at her in a way that disgusted her, but his glare was something altogether different. She couldn’t look him in the eye, but she knew he stared.
‘Who were you running from back there?’ Ed asked.
She would not answer for she did not want to. It was this stubbornness that had got her into such trouble in the first place. So what if she did not want to be what they wanted her to be. She would take the beatings for she was strong.
But his eye was on her again and it sent shivers through her. It was as if he could read everything about her just by looking. Had he dreamt of her?
‘I’ll go make some tea, which should help calm you.’
She smiled as best she could at Al as he left. She wanted him to remain but kept quiet. Ed took the place on the chair next to the bed.
‘How do you know my name?’
He laughed. This angered her, what on earth could be so funny.
‘It is a long story, but I assure you I do not know that man who was chasing you. Why was he chasing you? If you are in some kind of trouble you must tell me.’
‘Why do you care?’
Her question was so abrupt it shocked her as well as him. She finally met his golden glare and did not let it go.

Ed stopped dead in his tracks, why did he care?
He had always tried to help anyone in trouble. She had seemed in trouble. That’s all it was right?
Just as it was with Al, it was hard to look at her and not think of his own Winry back at home. Her eyes may have been a slightly darker blue but they were just as wide and innocent. Pinako had always said she could get away with murder just by looking at someone. She certainly did with him anyway. Only once had she ever given him the wide eyed look and not he given in. What haunted him most was the look in her eyes when they had departed for the last time. He had hoped he had seen something there…something new.
‘I just care, that’s why. How is your leg?’
She flushed when she realised it was exposed. He had to keep from a snigger. She was so skittish yet so stubborn.
‘It’s fine. Why did you bring me here?’
‘I couldn’t just leave you there…’
‘No. Why didn’t you take me back there?’
He sighed, ‘You ran away for a reason. Are you…are you…a Jew?’
She looked at him for a moment and then shook her head. That was his greatest fear for her put to rest. She looked ashamed however.
‘He…’ she began as if answering his questionable look, ‘he hates them and wants them all dead. He doesn’t like new people…or anyone who is different.’
He dared again. ‘Why were you running from him?’
She sighed. ‘I am not the same as my sisters.’
She nodded. ‘All married with children. All social elites. I am not one of them and never want to be.’ She shook her head. ‘What am I telling you for?’
He went to respond when a commotion was heard downstairs. There was the sound of someone thumping upstairs.
The door burst open.

Ohh, tense.
Arggh! How cruel, leaving it like that! tongue.gif I liked the way it switched from Winry's thoughts to Ed's. A nice touch. happy.gif

But this is getting great! I can't wait to find out what happens next!
Aww, thank you. I can't wait to write it.
Kou the Lightning Alchemist
Nice Addition happy.gif can't wait to see the next
Well here we go

In the doorway stood a tall, handsome looking man. His glasses couldn’t hide his tender eyes. His hair was tied back but his fringe fell about his face.
‘Father? Why are you here?’
She could have guessed they were related and she was ever so relieved it hadn’t been her own father.
‘This girl cannot stay here.’
Winrys heart skipped a beat. This man was going to turn her in.
‘You were spotted carrying her here. Neither of you are safe. This man is dangerous Edward.’
‘Well where are we to go?’
‘You must come with me. Can you walk?’
She looked up at him. She was too scared of her father to say no. Her leg hurt, but when Al appeared with coats she was already on her feet. Everything was going so fast around her, yet what choice did she have.
Out into the world she followed them. They were in an area of Munich she had never come across before. The houses were small in comparison to what she was used to, but they were still beautiful. Her father would never approve of her admiring such a ‘poor’ area. He prided himself on his wealth and the wealth of his son in laws. She had for a fleeting moment feared that Ed was a suitor sent to kidnap her. It may have seemed a ridiculous idea to some, but she knew her father. Now she had taken in her surroundings it became apparent that her fear was not so.
Or was it? Her father was an incredibly clever and devious man. She was letting him down as a daughter, bringing shame upon the family. He may have got these men to gain her trust and they were now taking her back to him.
Well no more, she was too smart for them. Turning around she bolted in the opposite direction. She could here them call her name but she would not be swayed. She knew the fire in Eds eyes was something to be suspicious of. If he hadn’t been there maybe they would still have her.
‘Winry!’ a bark rang out.
She froze. Stood yards in front of her was the most terrifying site. More gorilla then man, her brutal father stood before her. His fists were clenched tight but his face remained emotionless. Underneath he would be seething. She had not outsmarted them after all. She pointed her head toward the floor as they came running up behind her.
‘Thank-you for taking care of my daughter. She has not been herself recently, most awfully behaved.’

Ed went to say something but his father stopped him.
‘You are quite welcome Dedrick. She almost gave me the slip there.’
Dedrick gave an evil smirk, ‘She will not be doing this again. Can I still count on your appearance next week?’
Hohenheim lowered his voice to a growl. ‘Yes of course you can.’
Dedrick gave a small nod and then barked the command for his daughter to follow. She did just that, but not before turning and giving Edward the most hateful look he had ever seen. It cut right into his very being. She walked away, shoulders slumped and trembling slightly. He didn’t want to think of what was going to happen to her.
‘Why?’ Al asked after they had gone, ‘Why did you let him take her away?’
Ed turned to his father wanting to know just the same thing. Anger was growing inside of him.
‘That man is mad. He wishes for control and perfection in everything. Unfortunately he is vital to our research as he is providing funds.’
‘So that’s why it’s okay just to let Winry be beaten?!’ Ed screamed.
His father looked at him with the calm he always held. ‘It isn’t Winry remember Edward. I can see what you are thinking when you look at her, but you are safer out of it.’
‘How can you say that…?’
‘Edward!’ he snapped, breaking his calm demeanour, ‘Just hold it in. At least until next week.’
Al and Ed exchanged glances.
‘Why Hohenheim?’ Al asked, ‘What’s next week?’

She lay on her bed not moving. Her eye was swollen, but not so much that it wouldn’t clear up by next week. He could calculate his abuse very well.
Her heart was the most painful part of her. Why had she been so stupid? They were too good to be true. She hated Edward most of all, but there was something in his eyes that spoke to her inner most self.
She stifled a scream before crying herself to sleep. She could not escape, he returned to her in her dreams.

Thanks again. Glad you are enjoying it.
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My bad, can do.
Woot! Another A+ chapter! Poor Winry! T__T Er... other Winry... yeah. ^^; Anyway, I'm lovin' this so much! I wonder what Hohenheim meant? Hmm... Can't wait for more!
Kou the Lightning Alchemist
I am quite impressed, more so than before. keep going happy.gif
@Chiyo: Good job smile.gif . Winry deserves the beating... For stealing my Edward mad.gif ! *lmao* just kidding, Edward is Winry's property. Plus Winry would probably whoop me in a fight (she'd fight dirty and whack me on the head with a wrench) laugh.gif
Chiyo, you're killing me!
*falls over and dies from suspense*
Everything I read from you gets better as it goes, so keep it up!
Can do, I'll be working on part four today.
Well here is part 4. I know it's pretty obvious what happenes at the end is coming but ah well

The week past with very little commotion. Winry did not feel like rebelling for a while. Her eye had gone down as predicted but inside she was still bleeding.
Her sisters had visited her to mock her. They had never tried to disobey father and she was stupid for doing so. They were all married by her age to some noble gentleman. She wanted to scream at them that they were nothing. All they were needed for was to be a prize on the side of their husband, to reproduce, to be nothing for the rest of their lives.
She wanted to be somebody but with such an oppressive father she had little choice. She dreamt of a world where she could be who she wanted, wear what she wanted, do what she wanted.
She also dreamt of him still.
She hated him all the same. He had almost gained her trust with his handsome face and caring touch. Her father had picked a good one this time.
The maid entered holding a dress in her arms. She had forgotten tonight was the party. A social event for only the most respectable ladies and gentlemen. It was usually just a show of wealth and power among the higher classes. How she despised them all. She was washed and bathed by the other maids as if she were a babe in arms still. Mostly she let them do it, that’s what they were paid for, but other days she preferred to be left alone secretly wishing for the water to envelope her.
‘Tonight I will find you a husband,’ her father snapped at her as she entered the room. ‘The greatest men in Europe will be here tonight. If they have wives themselves, they will have sons for me to look toward. Either way, my girl, consider this the last day of your obnoxious behaviour. You will behave for your husband.’
Her soul was weakened, ‘Yes Master.’

The servants bustled around all day preparing for the social event of the year. No expense was spared in her fathers attempts to impress others with his wealth. By sunset she hated her dress. The fashion to have loose dresses would not be tolerated by her father. Her dress felt as is it was wrapped around her, binding, like the wedding ring that would surely hold her finger soon enough. If she married she could show her husband what a problem she was and he wouldn’t want her. Then no man would want her and she could be free. Her father would surely then disown her. That was her plan…that was all she had left to hope for.

Edward once again stood in front of the grand building. Al and his father stood by his side. While Hohenheim looked placid as usual, Al looked on in awe. The house had been well decorated for this party. Servants greeted guests, took their fur coats, parked their cars for them.
‘Remember,’ Hohenheim said under his breath, ‘this man is wonderful. Praise him all you can. And if you want to help Winry compliment him on his daughters.’
There was more wealth in one area then Ed had ever seen. Champagne and caviar flowed like water as did tales of fame and fortune. He saw women that looked like Winry; he assumed they were her sisters. They were looking at their husbands with doe eyes. He rolled his.
‘Ah, Hohenheim, glad to see you made it. And your son of course.’
Al was not important.
‘Yes Dedrick, I promised I would. And here is my son Edward.’
Dedrick studied the young man closely while taking his hand. Ed had to keep from snatching it away and hitting him.
‘Ah yes, Edward, I have heard a lot about you. People say you are smart, that you spend your time learning. That will one day earn you money boy as well as respect.’
‘Thank-you sir,’ Ed said through gritted teeth.
‘I am sorry my daughter was a bother to you the other day.’
‘She was no bother sir, I’m just glad we could get her back to you,’ Hohenheim interrupted, ‘I am sure you are a good father, your other daughters how that.’
He made a noise something between a snort and an agreement. ‘They are good respectable women, and my Winry has assured me she will settle now. We have had a good talk.’
Both Ed and Al tensed with anger but remained calm on the exterior.

‘Come down now child. Be polite but keep quiet. And if that Elric boy asks you to dance you will damn well do so!’
She nodded, like a good dog. Like what he wanted. But she would make sure ‘that Elric boy’ knew of her hatred.
Walking down the stairs many people looked at her. She was to appear as well mannered and ladylike as her sisters on the other side of the room. Some nodded greetings her way; others shook or even kissed her hand. Older men leered at her making her feel dirty but she kept face.
Then they came into her eye line, being lead by her father. She caught eyes with Edward and hated him all the more.
‘I think you should first thank these men for returning you to me.’

Ed could see the hatred in her eyes as she thanked them in a demure voice. He wanted to yell out that he had no part in what happened to her. Although he was livid about the situation, he knew why his father did it. Dedrick was providing much needed money for research and as far as Dedrick knew, it would greatly benefit him in the long run.
The band started up. Ed offered his hand to Winry as he had been instructed to earlier. She took it, her eyes scowling at him. This would be his chance to explain what had happened. Al was whisked away by an elderly lady who had taken a liking to the ‘young man’. Hohenheim stood and talked to Dedrick.
She felt cold against him. He knew he shouldn’t look upon her as his Winry back at home, but something in her determination reminded him of her.
‘This is not what I wanted,’ he said quietly as possible.
‘You offered me to dance I didn’t ask!’ she snapped, also in a hushed voice.
‘That’s not what I meant. We had nothing to do with your father. We were taking you away from him.’
‘Why should I believe you?’
‘I have no reason for you to. But I will get you out of here whether you believe me or not. I’ll tell you why we let him take you away…’

Hohenheim feared this was coming. As he watched his son dance his stomach fell.
‘Edward is the right age. He should be thinking of taking a wife by now if he is to take his place in society. Winry will do as she is told and she will produce strong children. It will draw us together will it not?’
Dedrick stared with intense eyes at Hohenheim. When no response came from the man he carried on.
‘Fear not about her actions the other day. It was a blessing in fact, she hasn’t stopped talking about your boy since that day,’ he lied.
Hohenheim bowed his head, ‘It will bring us closer together. I will discuss this with Edward.’
Dedrick took his hand and shook it, ‘Then let us hope this is the joining of a powerful union, as well as the marriage of our children.’

Thanks again
@Chiyo: Edward and Winry dancing unsure.gif ... How cute wub.gif . I can't wait see what happens in the next chapter biggrin.gif !
*pounds fists on desk and scares the neighbors* Oops!
But you can't stop there, cause the whole dancing together was adorable! wub.gif
Don't worry there will be another chapter. tongue.gif
Le Monkey
O.O................... WOW, Next please,, That was absolutly brilliant.....
More again. I want to try and get more readers but I don't know how. Not that I don't appreciate those who are reading...thank-you for sticking with it. So here we are, a new part.

The dance ended and Winry remained still. She had taken in what Edward had told her and it did make sense. She still wanted to hate him but something would not let her forget her dreams. Over Eds shoulder she could see her father grinning in her direction.
A stupid though crossed her mind but she went with it anyway. Grabbing his hand she ran through the crowd and past her father. Ed followed even though he was completely bemused. She ran him up the stairs, making sure her father was still watching as well as the crowd. His stare pierced her back but she was feeling reckless. She threw Ed in her room and slammed the door.
‘What are you doing?’ Ed asked as Winry pressed her ear against the door. She turned to him with a mischievous look in her eye.
‘That wasn’t very respectable of me was it?’
She watched his face twist and turn as he figured it out. The result of his calculations caused him to blush. He really wasn’t like the other men his age.
Footsteps began to storm up the stairs. She bolted the door as her heart raced with the adrenalin. Father would be furious that she showed him up in front of all those people. If there was one thing he was not expecting it would be this.
‘Winry he’ll kill you,’ she heard Ed say behind her, but she was having far too much fun to care of the consequences. She ran to the window, people would be leaving soon. She wanted to add a little more spice to the proceedings so she ran over to Ed.
‘Do this for me,’ she panted, ‘and I will forgive you.’
She could see he had no idea what she was thinking but he cried out when she began to undo his shirt. She stopped at the top button. She then proceeded to muss up his hair. People were beginning to leave and timing was all perfect.
‘This will not look good for me or my father.’
That stopped her in her tracks. She hadn’t thought about the consequences that they would suffer. Well why should she care?
Problem was she did care. Like another being taking over her soul she halted her plans. The public would leave without another scene.
She had forgotten about the footsteps coming up the stairs. The door knocked but it was not her fathers’ voice that called.
‘Edward, we are going. I know what you’re up to Winry and it will not work.’
She squealed quietly. What was it with this family? How did they know her as if she had been a friend for years? She dropped her arms to her side and once again gave in.
‘You best go,’ she sighed.
‘Winry I can’t…he will hurt you again.’
‘I can cope!’ she snapped, ‘there is nothing he can do that’ll surprise me.’
He tidied himself but still looked unsure. She offered him no more words but merely opened the door. Hohenheim and Al gave her a sympathetic look before taking their haunting eyes with them out the door.
She watched them leave through her window. She felt humiliated at what she had almost done. The pain of her fathers’ blows would be nothing in comparison.

Ed looked back at her window. She withdrew looking crushed. He winced at the thought of that beast of a human being hitting her. The last hour had been such a blur. Had she forgiven him? For once again they had left her to a world of pain.
‘Edward,’ Hohenheim sighed, ‘we have a problem.’
‘I know we do!’ he snapped, ‘it’s in that bast…’
‘No,’ Al interrupted, ‘you must listen…’

She had been proven wrong, he could still surprise her. She stood shaking in front of her father and sisters. He hadn’t yelled, he hadn’t hit but he had delivered the news she feared above all.
‘Speechless I see Winry. Well you confirmed it for me. To do something you knew would anger me just to spend time with this boy showed me how much you want him.’
Her voice stopped in her throat. She couldn’t think of any words to say. She could not even shake her head. Her sisters all beamed at the chance to dress up again…to dress her up as the doll they all wanted her to be.
The tear was determined to fall. It felt so hot against her cold, pale cheek.
‘Overcome with happiness I see my girl. You should be. This will straighten you out once and for all.’
As he got up to leave the room one last thing crossed her mind, ‘What if Edward does not agree to the marriage?’
His face twisted into an evil grin. ‘He will do my dear, if he knows what’s good for him and his father.’

‘I will not be a part of this! I will not put her through such an ordeal! I don’t even plan to stay in this world, what will happen to her then?’
‘Ed please calm down,’ Al pleaded. But Ed would not be calmed down.
‘How could you agree to this? Is it all about money, is that all that’s important to you?!’
‘I didn’t have much choice Edward. More then anything this will protect her. I’ve already told you, that man is insane. He will not let her show him up in the public eye for much longer. An accident would befall her sooner or later.’
Ed held his head in his hands. On top of everything that already plagued him it was getting too much. Why couldn’t he just take her away from him? But he already knew the answer to that. A man in power has powerful contacts. Suddenly Eds research and funding to get home depended on him getting married. It was all so ridiculous. He needed to talk to her fast; something would have to be arranged. What on earth would Miss Rockbell have thought of all this?

She lay in her bed and tried to keep the tears away. She had left the curtains slightly open to let in what remained of the moonlight. Her life had been decided for her right from the beginning. Why she couldn’t ever just accept it like her sisters did she didn’t know. Something always wanted freedom.
She sat bolt upright when she heard a noise outside her window. Cautiously she walked over to her window and pulled back the drapes. Even in the night his eyes glowed of their gold colour.
He beamed nervously at her, ‘Can your fiancé come in? There is a rather rabid looking dog giving him the eye.’

I wanted this part to end happy rather then sad so I added in that little bit at the end. Thanks for reading.
*hugs new section to chest*
Yay for Chiyo! So there's an otherworld Den? Too cute!
@Chiyo: Nice biggrin.gif . I wonder what they'll be doing *ponders* laugh.gif .

I'll set the mood for them laugh.gif . *puts in a CD*

Edward: What the heck are you doing huh.gif ? I only came to talk with her.

Hex-Sama: Sure rolleyes.gif *presses play* I'll leave you to love birds alone laugh.gif *walks out laughing*

In touch with the ground. I'm on hunt, I'm after you.

Winry: What kind of a song is this?

Smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd, and I'm hungry like the wolf.

Edward: *in thought* Smell? *grabs his shirt collar and sniffs* Uh oh unsure.gif , I hope Winry doesn't notice.

Straddle the line in discord and rhyme. I'm on the hunt, I'm after you.

Winry: *gasp* ohmy.gif Suggestive lyrics! I know what they are talking about! Gross!

Mouth is alive with juices like wine, and I'm hungry like the wolf.

Edward: I still don't get it mellow.gif . To be honest, I'm not that hungry. I just had supper smile.gif .

Hex-Sama: *opens the door* Hey guys, I brought you some snacks and... ohmy.gif AH! *covers her eyes* You could have told me you were doing something!

Edward & Winry: WE AREN'T DOING ANYTHING mad.gif !

Hex-Sama: Sure rolleyes.gif .
There we go...Hex wrote the next part for me biggrin.gif

But incase that won't do, here is mine.

She pouted, ‘That isn’t funny.’
‘No there really is…’
‘Don’t call me fiancé!’
He smirked at her as he clambered in the window. She felt her cheeks flush with anger that he was acting so cool about the situation. He didn’t actually think they were going to be married did he?
‘I take it your father told you?’ he asked, still smiling.
‘Yes, he told me everything. He told me why he chose you and why he believes you will agree to this.’
Ed sighed, ‘Told you everything huh?’
She turned away from him and his coolness. How could he be acting the way he did? They hadn’t known each other for that long and now they were to spend the rest of their lives together.
‘Y’know, this wedding doesn’t just have to benefit us.’
She laughed as she turned back to him, ‘Have a high opinion of yourself don’t we. Look what happened before was just a game I never really…’
‘No hear me out, please.’
His face was no longer beaming at her. His smile was more comforting now yet his eyes frowned.
‘I can’t stand what happens to you Winry. I want to get you out of here and I’m sure you know that. But you also know your father. Before we carry on, I’m going to tell you everything.’
Many times during his tale she wanted to laugh at how false it sounded. Stories of other worlds, alchemy and even an equivalent version of her. Her amusement stopped when he began to tell her of his attempt to return to his world. Her fathers funding would help him get home and back to his brother.
‘If we got married Winry, you could escape your father. If I leave then it is not your fault and you will have been away from him and started your own life. I know it’ll be a sham but if there is benefit in it for all, isn’t it worth a shot?’
In her mind it made sense. She sat on the bed next to him thinking it all over in her head. She could be free of her father safely. Ed could get home; Hohenheim and Al could carry on research. However, one thing was bugging her and she had to ask it.
‘Ed, are you doing this…because you’re in love with your Winry back at home?’

Good question, in fact too good. He didn’t think that was going through his mind, but in the back of his subconscious it may have been. He didn’t know what he would feel when he saw his Winry again. He had been longing for her far more then he ever thought he could. If he remained in Rizembul it would only make sense to make a family there. He would have to sooner or later and Winry would have made a good mother…
He shook it from his head. For all he knew she had found someone to spend her life with. He knew she waited for him while on his quest for the philosophers stone, but she would be turning eighteen soon and become an adult. The figure in front of him was not her, but her face tugged at his heart strings.
‘Perhaps,’ he finally said, ‘I’m not sure what I feel for her. I’m always too involved in what I’m doing to notice her. Now that I’m away from her…I miss her.’
Her hand reached out and touched his. She knew now that it had no physical sensation, but it felt good all the same.
‘Very well Edward, I will marry you. But there is one condition.’
‘You will tell her what you told me. Perhaps in some way she and I are connected. I believe your story because I have seen it in my dreams. I have seen through her eyes I believe.’

It was true. Her dreams made sense now he had told her of his world. Perhaps in moments of weakness she and the other Winry had shared each others world. That would explain how she had seen Edward.
‘Your brother…I believe I dreamt of him the other night.’
‘You did?’
‘He fits your description, but he was young. He could only have been ten or eleven.’
She watched him crumble and wished she hadn’t said anything. Her hand moved up to stroke his face. Then she snapped it backed and blushed. He did to, but she was too flustered to notice.
‘You had better leave. If my father ever found you here…’
‘Yea, I understand. No doubt our families will be meeting with each other soon.’
She nodded slightly and helped him back out the window. She watched him leave and ignored the beating of her heart.


‘Winry! Winry wait. What are you doing?’ Al cried.
She couldn’t hear him as she ran. She knew it was true this time. Her night gown tangled in her legs and tripped her. Al was able to catch up with her after that. She had burst from the house waking up all the occupants. Pinako had sent Al after her.
‘Winry you are going to freeze…’
‘I saw him Al, I swear I did. I looked out my window and he was walking away’
‘But why would he be walking away?’
‘I don’t know…I don’t know,’ she wailed before collapsing into tears. This was how Pinako found them. Winry shaking with grief and Al at a loss what to do.

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Her head was tugged in all directions. Her sisters crowded around her playing with her hair and deciding on a dress. A date hadn’t been set but they were determined to organise it all anyway.
Their voices merged into one. Her sad reflection stared sorrowfully back at her. She hadn’t stopped thinking about that damn boy, and he hadn’t stopped thinking about going home. Her father was still in the dark on their plan. They were arriving later that day to discuss wedding plans. Dedrick clearly wanted to rush things along and be rid of his daughter. She wanted to be rid of him
Yet what would become of her if when and if Ed did manage to find a way home. In theory she could carry on with a life away from her father, perhaps as a widow. Yet if she was widow they might call her cursed to be alone. People were superstitious these days.
Her eldest sister held Winrys chin in her hand and examined her face.
‘You have my eyes,’ she boasted, ‘you must make them up the same way as me.’
She was a doll once again.

Ed was nervous. He was sure that Dedrick would figure out their plan just by looking at him. Today was a little celebration of their engagement but it felt like judgement day. Although it was destined to fail their marriage was real. He was confident that Winry was happy enough to go ahead with it. After all, Ed was making progress in his research. He didn’t want to tell Winry about all that technical stuff, she just didn’t seem interested.
It all felt very quaint and serene as they sat in the grand living room drinking tea. Edward had grown rather fond of tea whereas Al was sick of it. Hohenheim loved it being an ex English gentleman.
He almost dropped his cup when she entered the room. Her sisters had clearly got a hold of her. Yet she looked absolutely beautiful. She grinned at the site of them which filled him with pride.
‘Winry my child, you look a wonder.’

She was almost shocked at her fathers voice saying such a thing to her. He was really putting it on. She wasn’t sure why, as far as he knew Ed couldn’t wait to marry her.
She blushed at the look Al was giving her and avoided Eds eye altogether. Hohenheim looked at her in a very fatherly fashion that almost brought a tear to her eye. Almost but not quite.
Seating herself alone she listened to the plans go ahead. It was not a womans place to talk about such things. She took it all in, smiled occasionally and agreed to everything said. As long as this whole ordeal was over and done with soon she didn’t really care what went ahead.
She dared to look over to him and found him looking in her direction. She felt that darn blush play across her face again. He belonged to another and she had to keep telling herself this. However much it began to hurt.

That night Ed dreamt of being back at home. Al was there, young as Winry as described. Riza and Roy had a child, Sensei was still temperamental and Winry…
He searched all over for her. No-one would tell him anything about her. He looked all over the country in a desperate hunt for her. Not a clue was to be found. In his dream years passed with no sign of her.
Then one night she appeared. On her hand sparkled a wedding ring. Behind a door stood her husband. As Ed pushed the door away he thought he looked into a mirror. But then he realised this was no mirror, it was him.
Snapping awake in a cold sweat he grabbed his chest. Was this a warning to him? He tried not to believe dreams meant anything. But this scene was scarily familiar.

Winry was having just as bad a night. She tossed and turned but sleep eluded her. Sighing she went to the window and looked out onto a navy sky. The stars were beautiful and it had been a long time since she noticed. Why would anyone want to leave this world? Some aspects of it were perfect.
She knew deep down she wanted to keep hold of Ed. She tried to fight this feeling but in truth it had been brewing since he told his tale. She had also been contemplating a way of making sure he couldn’t ever go back.

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@Chiyo: Edward sure has some weird dreams laugh.gif jk. The chapter was kinda short compared to the others, but was equally as good as the chapters before it biggrin.gif . Keep up the fantastic super-duper work wink.gif !
Woot! Sorry for my absences from this wonderfully written story. Shame on me! >_< Err... anyway... ^^; AWESOME!!!! Few good twists here, too. I love Ed caring so much about her feelings. smile.gif And his dream was sad. Poor Ed and Winry... Just DRAMA! I LOVE IT!!! More soon please! biggrin.gif
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More more more...

She was cold. She was desperately cold but she did not care. Her reckless side just kept pushing her forward. Her silk nightdress blew around her slim figure as she walked under the midnight sky. The moon cast a glow across the world but she did not notice its beauty. Every so often a sob would escape her throat. A confused, pain filled noise that burst from her very being.

A voice called her name but she was unaware. Her only focus was directly ahead of her. Barefoot she strolled across the grass in a trance.

The voice called again and still she made no sign she had heard them. She only stopped when she was physically held still. Voices talked around her as she still tried to walk forward.

‘What are you doing? You are going to catch your death out here. Winry can you hear me?’

‘He called to me again Al. You hear him to I know you do.’

‘Winry, it’s just your imagination…’

‘NO! I know I hear him. Every so often I know he says my name…and I swear I can see him.’

Al began to cry as he was prone to. He did see his brother everywhere but he knew better then to hope anything of it. Learning alchemy was the only way he might get his brother back; dreaming would lead him no-where.

When Winry lay down in her bed she could still hear his voice in her ears. She tried to block them out before the whole village believed she was mad.

She tugged at the cleavage on her top. Her sisters had dressed her up in rather a revealing dress. Like a fool she had asked them how they keep a man. Apparently she was not too young to be told the plain truth. A man must lust after a woman if she is ever to keep him. She felt uncomfortable showing so much, but then she remembered the day she and Ed had first met. A small hidden smirk spread across her lips, but just as soon disappeared.

Today was to be a surprise visit. Ed had no idea she was coming and she wanted it to remain that way. Her sisters, desperate for her to be in some form of a scandal, had told her how to reach him. After all, she was unconscious when she first travelled there.

Father was out so now was the perfect time to make her getaway. She seldom left the house, only to attend parties where it was important to show her face. She had dared to shop only a couple of times simply to find she was not keen.
Nervous, she stepped out into a world of beauty and hate. The war had been such an awful thing and she knew what was happening to the Jews. She pushed such things to the back of her mind. She could ignore all of that because she was safe. Father was a wealthy man.

Taking in her surroundings she didn’t look where she was going and bumped into someone.

‘Oh I’m so…Winry? What are you doing out?’

Als handsome face looked quizzically at her. His eyes were pretty, not intense like Edwards.

‘I was just…coming to see you and Edward,’ she laughed nervously.

‘Oh, that’s wonderful. But if you don’t mind me saying it’s a surprise. Does your father know you’re here?’

She pulled a sheepish face as an answer.

Al sighed, ‘I don’t want you to get in trouble just to come and visit. We can just as easily come to you.’
‘Oh, but you a researching so hard. It would be unfair of me to take you away from it for no reason.’

‘You are no reason Winry, it’s nice to see you,’ he said as they began to walk.

She smiled at how sweet he was. As they strolled through Munich he explained their research to her. Still didn’t mean a whole lot to her…something about a rocket. To some degree she wanted to laugh at such a ridiculous idea. What they were attempting sounded impossible. She doubted they would ever manage it. But the glint in his eye kept her quiet. What would be the point in spoiling a dream?

‘Ed will be happy to see your face,’ he said.

‘Oh why is that?’

‘Because you remind him so much of his Winry back at home. Although I’m not his brother it’s nice to think I can keep his memory alive, don’t you agree?’

She made some form of a sound, but she did not agree. It was strange but she was sure she was beginning to feel jealous of this girl. But then what was she worrying about? After thinking it over many a time, she now disbelieved her dreams. A dream was a fantasy created in your head to stop you going mad, that was all. So what if she had dreamt of them, surely that only meant that they were destined to be with each other.

Stop it! She mentally scolded herself. She was beginning to sound far too envious of this other girl. For now she would sit back and let things flow, but in a direction she aided.


It certainly had been a shock to see her turn up on the doorstep with Al. He tried his best to look away when she removed her coat to reveal far more then he thought she would ever dare.

‘Winry, what brings you here?’

She looked at him with a slight scowl, ‘Aren’t I allowed to visit my future husband now and again?’

‘Your father let you out alone?’

‘Humph, I hate him, so what if I upset him?’

He felt it best not to say anything. It would only lead to a smack with a wrench.

No…it wouldn’t.

She proceeded to hum to herself as she looked at the paperwork scattered everywhere. Pushing a sheet away her eyes widened at a box of Belgian chocolates.

He knew better then to ask if she wanted some, ‘Help yourself Winry, we’re all sick of them,’ he said as he went into the kitchen to help Al make some tea.

‘Do you think she’s run away again?’ he asked Al.

‘I don’t think so. She wasn’t rushing anywhere, seemed quite calm in fact. She did agree to the plan didn’t she?’

‘Yea. I don’t know. Something just doesn’t seem right.’

Al laughed, ‘You are suspicious Ed. She may act tough sometimes but that girl is quite delicate.’

They both halted in the doorway to the sitting room. The full box was now empty and Winry chewed on her nail looking guilty.

‘Hey,’ she chuckled anxiously, ‘we can all be a glutton from time to time can’t we?’

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Turning out to be a good book
You know the drill by now...

It was odd just to wander around their house but it was something she got used to doing. Every other day she would take the walk across Munich to go and see them. Al agreed to meet her half way which was awfully nice of him. He didn’t talk about ‘Winry’ all the time and was rather an amusing conversation. Sometimes he would even take her arm as the most polite gentlemen did.

When she found Ed today he was lost in his thoughts. Usually she would think it rude to interrupt but she was growing tired of all his moping.

‘Nice day today.’

He blinked and looked at her, ‘That was an odd conversation starter for you.’

She shrugged her shoulders, ‘Didn’t know what else to say. No doubt you were thinking about going home again.’

He threw her quite a threatening look. She realised she had put a foot out of place. She hadn’t meant to have been so blunt. She had often thought it but she had never said it.

‘Is that a problem?’ he growled.

She shrugged her shoulders again and walked off. Why did he have to be so snappy about it? She could have accused him of thinking about Winry again. She knew he did every time he looked at her; she was no fool after all.

She walked into what could be called their garden and sighed. Al came up behind her giving her a stern look.

‘What’s that for?’

She did not like the look on his face. It was a mixture between angry and disappointed. His gently soul still played through and looked at her like a parent would a disobedient child.

‘That was slightly harsh Winry. You cannot blame him for missing his family.’

‘What are we Al? Is he going to miss us when he returns which by the way seems highly unlikely. Why can’t we be important for a change?’

‘This isn’t like you Winry…’

‘How do you know? Is it because I’m not like his precious Winry back at home? I will never be her so why doesn’t he just face it.’

‘Is that was this is about?’

‘Why should I have to play up to her? She is clearly better then I and nobody could ever replace her in Eds life.’

‘You are jealous aren’t you?’

She turned to face him flushed with anger, ‘Yes I envy her. She isn’t even here but I am always being compared to her…’

‘That isn’t true.’

She whirled round to see Ed standing behind her. She held her ground and would not back down. She didn’t care that he had heard.

‘I cannot help if I think of my family when I look at you but it does not mean you mean nothing to me. I’m not so shallow to hold you in no higher esteem them substitutes.’

The more she kept his gaze the more she wanted to cry. Where her outburst had come from she had no idea. She felt evil but would not admit to making a mistake. She had far too much pride to just give in to her emotions.

‘We shall forget this conversation ever occurred,’ he said in a hushed voice retreating inside.

He did not say goodbye to her but watched Al walk her away. The fiend that had emerged from her was something he did not expect. Her words stung him deep inside. His Winry would never be so cold, but his brother would have kept his cool like Al did. Ed was too confused to do anymore work that day. He lay down on his bed and heard her words echo in his head

‘Yes I envy her. She isn’t even here…’

That night Winry felt very lazy that evening. Once again she let the maids wash and dress her as they were paid to do. She may as well make them work for their money. In her night dress she padded round her room thinking about the events of the day. She felt guilty about making Ed feel so bad, yet she did not feel bad for the comments she made. Perhaps she had been tactless but it needed to be said. Al was blind to that fact he was only there to remind Ed of his brother.
And she, she was just doll. A mirror image of someone he liked more then her. Well what was so special about her? The silly girl worked in mechanics. Didn’t she realise that was a mans job and one for the lower classes. Perhaps she was lower class? No, Edward would not love someone of little creed. After all he only really wanted her for the money her father could provide. Could his Winry do that?
Well she would make it so he wanted her. She would accompany her father to a boutique and find a stunning dress to make him blush. Se had begun to love making him blush.

There was a knock at her door. She flared up at being disturbed and grew even angrier when one of her sisters walked in. Of all her sisters it had to be Rose, fathers favourite. Rose was spineless and did anything father or ‘darling’ asked her to. She was the prettiest of all of them, second youngest. She was meant to be in England and had clearly just arrived as she was still in her travel dress.

‘Oh, my baby sister has finally found love.’

‘Like you did Rose dear?’ Winry patronised.

‘You will never feel love like I do Win-Win surely you know that?’

‘Don’t call me that name. You are only a year older than me Rosemary. I though you were in England…where you belong.’

Rose flicked her brown hair as she seated herself on the bed. She looked toward Winry with her cool lilac eyes, rare and beautiful. Oh how she hated those eyes.

‘I couldn’t miss your wedding. Of course I can’t stay too long after that, Russell needs me after all.’

‘I’m sure he does, so why don’t you go back now?’

‘I’m sure I don’t know what you are so angry about but don’t take it out on me. I have to make an appearance at this wedding, it would be wrong of me not to.’
‘I don’t want you here.’

‘If you are worried that Ed will fall in love with me the instance he sees me you are worrying too much. It’s your paranoid little mind that has created that.’

‘I did not!’

‘You did while we were growing up. You were always worried that all the boys loved me. You knew I only loved one boy but you were still convinced I would have anyone you liked.’

‘You said you were in love with Russell from the age of 6! You can’t have known you would always be together from that age.’

Rose sighed as she got up, ‘I didn’t know Win-Win, I just hoped. In the end we were just meant to be,’ she opened the door and looked back at her fuming sibling.

‘This may be your only chance for love Win-Win. Who would want to face a temper like yours anyway?’

Winry was left standing in her night dress, trembling with humiliation.

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@Chiyo: I don't blame Winry for being quick to anger. Her sister's are jerks, and so is her father sad.gif . Also, I'm pretty jealous of the original Winry too laugh.gif . Once again, your doing a wonderful job on this fanfic smile.gif .
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Another chapter...

She gave in to shopping the next day with money her father had given her. She had looked at him all doe eyed, something she had not done in a while. It earned her a large wad of money to spend on clothing and such things. Sometimes it was wonderful that her father had so much money. If she wanted she could be so greedy and she was fully aware of that. Did she care? Not too much, she was a lucky one so why shouldn’t she enjoy it.

It didn’t take her long to find the perfect dress. It was beautiful silk in a deep blue. Low cut with a split up the one leg. It would be perfect for her guests tonight. No more hiding, this evening she would let it all out.

Ed still felt sore. Her comments had cut him deep but he tried his best to forget it. She didn’t know him all that well after all. She was giving up some of her freedom for a fake marriage that was to have a definite date set that night. Perhaps she was beginning to have second thoughts.

Something was still out of place with her. When they saw her relaxed on the sofa she was like an entirely different person. Her make up was completed to perfection, lips ruby red and heavy black eyes. In her hand she held a glass of champagne and she brought it to her lips smiling at them.

From the shadows another girl appeared. Her face was all too familiar.

‘Rose?’ he gasped.

She blinked at him and raised an eyebrow, ‘My sister has already informed you of my visit I see. Tell you a whole tale about how awful I am?’

Winry glared at her sisters back. Didn’t take her long to try and make a move on him did it?

‘You really remind me of someone I used to know back at home, I just can’t quite put my finger on who.’

When Hohenheim entered Rose gasped. Winry inwardly rolled her eyes. Trust Rose to be so dramatic.

‘Hohenheim, I have not seen you in a while.’

He smiled, ‘It is wonderful to see you Rose and how have you been?’

‘You two know each other?’ Ed gasped.

‘Yes, Rose and I met in London a few years ago, during the war…’

The room fell silent. Winry felt the unease in the air. She had remained fairly safe during the war whereas Rose was in London when her own ships attacked. Winry knew she would never find out why father let Rose live in England. For one she was in danger or she had been at least. Two, she was claiming herself an English citizen and shutting herself off from her German life. Trust Rose to be special.

‘You know why I left Rose?’ Hohenheim asked.

She watched her sisters shoulders slump, ever the drama queen. She met her gaze when Rose turned to face her, then looked away.

‘I do.’

Ed felt confused. His father knew Rose when they were in London, so did that mean she knew the version of him that died?

‘Winry, can you come with me, I need to talk to you.’
He watched Hohenheim lead a rather puzzled but angry looking Winry away. Her dress moved beautifully as she walked and he kept his gaze on the flow of the material. Almost like water…

‘I know you Edward.’

He snapped back to Rose when she made that comment. Her face looked stern but not cruel. Tears appeared to be forming in the corners of her eyes.

‘At least I did know you. Your hair was much shorter then. Helping Hohenheim. Then one day you vanished, killed by a falling Zeppelin.’

‘Rose I…’

‘Hohenheim has explained who you are to me. And now I must tell you something. My father didn’t call me here, yours did. I am not welcome in this family. I was the result of an affair. Winry is the only one that doesn’t know this and that is how it shall remain…clear?’

Ed nodded his head and so did Al. She sat down and invited them to do the same.
‘I have not known your father too long but I know he is a good man. The young boy living with him, the other you, had also originated from Germany. I knew him and he knew me.’

‘Where you related?’ Al asked.

‘We knew each other as children. Most of his life was spent here. My sisters all cooed around him but he was too young for them. Only one of them was his age.’

‘Winry,’ Al whispered.

‘A closer pair you could not find. She followed him wherever he went. As far as she was concerned they would always be together,’ she sighed as her eyes began to well up.

‘What happened? I mean why was he in London?’

She took a deep breath, ‘Young boys are blind to young girls. When he was twelve he got the chance to study in London. Science fascinated him and he was hungry for knowledge. I know my sister meant a lot to him but at that time learning meant that little bit more.’

A small tear fell from her eye giving Ed the chance to try and catch up. Why had Winry never mentioned this to him? Surely she could see that they looked alike?

‘She never stopped thinking about him. While the rest of us got married she kept holding on to the hope he would return. When I moved to London and saw him I did not know what to do. He was happy with what he was doing and didn’t appear to know what he was putting my sister through. I couldn’t tell her where he was. Perhaps if I had, or told him how she felt…he would be alive.’

‘Why did Winry never tell us this?’ Al asked before Ed could.

‘When she heard what had happened she fell into utter despair. She would not eat, she couldn’t sleep and she had the most violent outbursts. Father could take no more. He is very much a man of image and if word got out of his crazed daughter. At night she would sneak out and search Munich for him. Became a ghost story my sister,’ Rose chuckled darkly, ‘Folks say that a broken soul wanders the streets calling to her lost love,’

‘I remember hearing that somewhere. But I still don’t understand,’ Al told her.

‘Father got in the best psychotherapist in Europe. Within a month, Winry had forgotten everything about Edward. Yet still she would not settle. But then you came along,’ she said looking straight at Ed, ‘and something must have sparked. She still doesn’t remember the boy who stole her heart but you are so like him.’

‘Is that why your father wants us to marry?’

‘I would guess so. Why he hasn’t mentioned anything of your appearance I have no idea. Perhaps he thinks he will jinx it. Either way he believes he can finally get the rebel of the family to be at peace.’

Winry tried her best to concentrate on what Hohenheim was saying but her ears were desperately trying to pick up the conversation in the other room. Rose was sneaky as well as pretty.

‘So your father is still in the dark about this Winry? He knows nothing?’

‘No I haven’t said a word. He’s getting rid of me that’s all that matters.’

‘You don’t think that maybe he is happy for you?’

‘Not at all.’

In that moment of silence she heard her name from the next room spoken by her sister. Winry tensed up. There was no way she was going to loose Ed to her sister.

‘They are getting closer to making that rocket everyday. You may not even get the chance to get married,’ he chuckled.

She didn’t physically react but her brain went into overdrive. Ed was still thinking of leaving straight away. She would need to act fast if she was going to convince him staying would be better for him.

‘I’m feeling a bit dizzy, I may go lie down,’ she said to him. ‘Will you tell Ed to come say goodbye?’

‘Yes of course.’

Hiding a smirk she ascended the staircase. That reckless heart that beat n the night they danced pounded in her chest. She was nervous but excited at the same time.

He looked up the stairs sorrowfully. Hohenheim and Al decided to leave Ed to it. He hadn’t taken the news very well. He wasn’t angry at her for it wasn’t her fault, but Ed was just as much a substitute to her as she was to him. He couldn’t go on without telling her. She was falling for him, but he was not the person she loved.
Pushing open the door he saw her lying down on the bed. She slowly turned her head toward him and pushed herself up on her elbow. Being a lad it was hard to ignore her extremely exposed long leg or the strap on her dress falling down.

‘W…we need to talk Winry.’

‘Then make yourself comfortable,’ she sighed indicating to the bed, ‘I won’t bite.’
Feeling slightly bemused he sat toward the end of the bed. She pushed herself up and looked at him with a cocked head. Winry used to do the exact same thing.

‘There is something you have to know. Winry the reason you like me is…’

But she caught him off guard. Soft lips had met his in a short but beautiful kiss.

‘Because I like you…no need for more than that.’

He had no wish to stop her when she kissed him again. He pressed forward in fact to deepen the embrace. Her hair brushed his arm as he put it around her.

It had been easier then she thought. He seemed to be enjoying this and so was she. She could feel his hand slide down her body, but then it all stopped.

‘No…I can’t!’ he exclaimed shaking his head.

‘Why? Father is out and this house is so big no-one will hear.’

‘It’s not that.’

She sunk back away from him. ‘It’s her. You’re only doing it because you think I’m Winry.’

‘Yes…no…oh look. You must listen to me.’

She felt slightly scared at the look in his eyes. He grabbed her hands and bore himself deep into her head.

‘You think I am someone else, you just don’t realise.’

‘I don’t follow….’

‘Listen. It’s been hidden from you for far too long.’

Do you like? This took me a while, Trust me I am going somewhere with this.
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