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Full Version: Character Voices for English dub
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I actually really like the English cast for FMA.

Some of my favorites are Roy, Scar, Lust, and Greed. Ed, Al, and Izumi are good too. (Okay, basically everyone but a few.)

I find myself finding some of the female voices more obnoxious, like Sheska's and Winry's.
Okay I haven't seen the entire series in the American dub, but from what I see, Vic Mignogna delivers a more mature-sounding Ed, which (in my opinion), does not go well with the character. BUT I think it could have been worse, so I'm not complaining.

Armstrong could have been a little more bass and Scar a little more 'muscular'. Roy was okay, Lust was seductive enough. But I can't help but compare Gluttony's voice with the orignal Jap, and find the original more unique... The original sounded as cute as he looks, which is actually enjoyably disturbing.

The females aren't as irritating as in some other dubs. Comparing with the original Jap, I suppose yes, they are a teeny bit more obnoxious, but not that much.
Seeing how I've only seen 1 episode in Japanese to compare, I am much more used to the English dub. And I've gotta say it's probably the best English dub I've ever heard.

Vic Mignogna as Ed was definitely the best of the group, since he capture all of Ed's emotions very well. I really felt that he wasn't reading lines but actually experiencing the show alongside with us. I've also read that Vic did not watch the last few episodes beforehand so that he could have the same shocked feeling Ed is feeling. He is truly amazing as well in how he really gets close to fans- he answers every email he gets!

In general, I feel that I like English dub female voices better than Japanese ones. Many Japanese VAs seem to have really high-pitched voices. Winry, Lust, Riza all had voices that matched their age. Funimation did an excellent job casting.

I am a fan of Romi Paku (from her work as Nana, Temari, Hitsugaya), but I still prefer Vic's voice as Ed.
As they say, to each his own.

I previously said that Vic's Ed was more mature sounding. Although Ed is at puberty age for most of the series, I felt that one of the major themes of the anime was his coming-of-age. We see him grow through experience. And every time he goes into one of his tempers, we are gently reminded that he is still a child at heart. This is where Paku Romi scores. With her tenor-ish voice, she can deliver an Ed that is not a boy, yet not quite a man. Emotions-wise, Paku's got more experience playing angsty child prodigies. I also liked the way she delivered the tear-jerking scenes. She really sounds like she is about to cry, and seeing and hearing Ed like that just makes my heart go out to him...

Vic's Ed has a more masculine edge, which turns into a ear-eye conflict. I hear a man's voice from what looks like a young boy. Considering what I'm used to in dubbed anime, I guess they could have chosen a worse Ed. Vic delivers Ed's range of emotions well enough, though I must say I prefer Paku's portrayal of the "Who're you calling short?" pissed-off side of Ed.

Conclusion: if I'd had seen FMA in the dubbed version before I watched the subs, I might have enjoyed it better. But as it is, I'm too used to subs in general to get used to a dub. Maybe in a few years. Not now.
Amaya Hawkeye
Go to the wikipedia site of Scott McNeil and tell me he couldn't pass off as a Hohenheim look alike! put his hair in a ponytail and you have Hohenheim in person! least I think so.

theres the link.
Triple Soul
Scotty himself said in an interview on one of the DVDs that he believes his reason for getting the role of Hohenheim was because he looked so mich like him...and I'd have to agree.

Though as much as I love Scott McNeil as the next ex-Hoho-papa fangirl, I'm not exactly sure the conversational merit of this thread. So I will take my exit as one of our lovely mods/amins handles this, if need be.
I agree with Triple Soul. ^^ Discussions on voice actors for FMA can be posted on Talk about FMA voice actors here! thread. biggrin.gif

I'll merge this to the above thread in a while. smile.gif

(BTW, as an additional info.. real life look-a-like for FMA characters can be posted on Starring as FMA characters... cast live action FMA characters thread. ^^)
Amaya Hawkeye
eep, oh my goodness, I'm such an idiot, I keep doing stupid things like this.... I thought I looked so carefully for a thread like that. ....Its right under my nose isn't it?

Thank you Tombow for being so lenient with me, this is like my 719735th time doing something like this.... I'm so sorry....
i love voice actors! i had the great pleasure of meeting Travis, Troy(archer) Luci Christian and Colleen Clinkbeard at AB this past March (Go me!) i like both the voice actors in Japaneses and in English its funny listening to Paku romi sing and then try and watch the series...... i adore travis and toru's voices!! its actually really fun to sit and watch the credits and look at the voice actors

John Swassey
Greg Ayres
Luci Christian
Monica Rial
Chris Patton
and Kira Vincent-Davis are EVERYWHERE!!

though my favorite voice actor ever is Crispin Freeman *Squeeeee* *faint*
I think the VAs for both the sub and the dub (ESPECIALLY the dub) were brilliant. FUNimation did one helluva good job choosing the VAs for the dub. The best cast I've ever seen.
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