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Full Version: Character Voices for English dub
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Lol I agree with you 100% Azura! And I havn't had the privilage to go to a Con and meet VIc sad.gif But Metro next summer is gonna kick ass! Nice avatar btw Azura!
The only way you can make up for being attatched, *so to speak* to Envy, is to come to metro next year for sure. *returned with Martel*
I wish I could go to a con, but I live in Connecticut AND I don't have my own car...yet. I want to see Vic!! *cries* *imagines hearing Ed's voice come from a live person* I would love that...
I better have a car by then! I've been trying to find a job all summer! And no matter what ymsg I will come to Metro next year! Lol!
YAY! Thanks sis. ^^
Martel: I was just kidding. lol Envy is a great character, especially in the Manga. If only he was a little less of a jerk, I may actually be able to like him. lol
It would be fantastic if you could make it to METRO con next year! I'll be going next year as well, so we should all meet up. Hopefully I'll have a car by next year. lol

Jen_Elric: I know what you mean! I swear to god I think I'll pass out if I ever get to meet Vic in person. laugh.gif

Azura Elric: I couldn't agree with you more on that one, Sis! I'd love to see those three get along, not like we are ever going to have that pleasure.
I like Riza,Ed,Al,Winry,Gracia and Lust's voice in english.The rest are horrible,besides I like all of the characters japenese voices much better.
BELLATRIX YOU'RE COMING FOR SURE?!?! YAY I get to meet so much of my forum family!!

Anyway, i love the dub voices. They're great, in my opinion. lust's fits her like a glove, I'll hand that to you.
Lol Yes, unless a series of unfortunate events occur, I'll be going to Metro next year (Finally, thank god). I don't want to miss out twice. Metro should be a blast next year, especially if we can all meet up at some point. laugh.gif Okay, getting back on topic.....

I actually like Lust's voice. Especially in the dubbed version. It fits her character extreamly well. Pinako's is odd, isn't it? lol
Pinako's is so perfect!!

"Guess I was wrong pipsqueak; looks like you've grown an inch or two."
"Don't call me pipsqueak!"

"Old bat!"

I love Pinako!
lol She's hilarious! I haven't heard her dubbed voice yet, but her subbed voice was rather odd. But still not bad. What did you think of Brosh and Maria's? There subbed voices are really good, I think.
I love Bloch (dub) and Ross's VA's in Dub. They're really fantastic, they totally fit the part.
I just heard Pinako, Brosh and Maria's voices in the dubbed version for the first time, and I love them! There beyond perfect! lol I'm impressed! laugh.gif And I love Winry's voice! omg And Hughes is sooo perfect! There all fantastic for dub voices so far! I love how Havoc told Ed (right after he had had his arm blown off by Scar) that he was just "a worthless teen, with a crappy-ass attitude" in the dubbed version! That was so great! tongue.gif
They did so well with the Dub I love it!
FMA is the first and only dubbed series I've ever seen where the dubbed version is very close, if not even with the subbed version as far as quality is concerned. Though I do think they botched some of the script, it was generally not bad at all! I like it! laugh.gif
Yeah, our translation kind of sucks, but our VA's cover up for it.
That was my thought as well, Ymsg. Although they did do a pretty good job on some of the traslations, others just plain sucked, and some where just too americanized for my taste. But for the most part the voice actors make it bearable... lol laugh.gif With a few exceptions...
Yeah, there are always exceptions. Edward always sounds tortured, or sad, or truly happy; his voice is real, which I love about him... other characters I think could really do better.
Azura Elric
Hey it takes a big effort to say "I LOVE DOGS!" that way XD But I must admit some character's voices could've been done better.

...but I need to disagree on something. Vic can't really do little kid's voices very well. It's hard to get a feel with little Ed in ep. 27 and 28.
I noticed that a little bit as well Azura, but I didn't feel that it was that bad. Vic is a grown man after all, and even I, at 16, couldn't do a young childs voice. He did a heck of alot better then most people would have. But I think perhaps it would have been wiser to find another voice actor to play the part of young Ed, instead of pinning it all on Vic. But Vic did a splendid job when it comes to Edward's teen-voice, it was definately as good, if not better, than Ed's Japanese voice actor.

The first time I heard Roy's voice in English, I rather disliked it, but it's grown on me since then. lol But in some ways I still think Roy's Japanese voice actor fit him a bit more than his English voice actor, but the difference isn't that large. Especially in the later Episodes, b/c Roy's voice seems to improve.

I love Hughes' voice in both versions, but I thought Breda's voice was 100% better in the Japanese version. Riza's I'm still not sure about, and both Winry & Lust's voices I like better in the English version (I think).
I generally love them all.. Elysia's voice is SO much better in the sub, though. She sounds sooo upset in ep 25, wheras our Elysia.. sucked? I think that's the word I want. I agree, Bellatrix, Vic's an adult; he did remarkable for impersonating a kid at the age he's at now, in my opinion. Could have been worse, you know?
Okay. I'm new here so first off I'm gonna say hi. Hi. I haven't heard the english voices of FMA and now I have heard your opinions and I would like to get some of my own. This takes us to the interesting part. I was wondering if anybody could upload samples of the english voices for me(and other people) to hear?
First, Welcome Dawwe!! I'm not sure who can do that, but I know I can't. Sorry. Maybe someone else can help.

And, ysmg, I agree with you about Elysia. I thought she sounded fine in other episodes, but in episode 25, I didn't really like it. Maybe it was because I was so sad?
Bellatrix, I love your avatar!! XD
thank you for pointing that out to him, Jen, read my mind. That and I agree with you again at Elysia; maybe I was too sad as well... I don't know. She just didn't sound as upset as I thought she would. The sub just made me cry rightout, right there, like BAM! But in the dub, I just kind of stared at the screen and said "shut up. shut up, you don't get it, just SHUT UP!" Then again, I'm weird, so ^^;;
personally i prefer vic's ed over the japanese ver, i think he gave more emotion and depth to it.

but i think alphonse is the best voice, they casted a 12 year old boy to do it, and that gave it the most authentic element by far.
Eds vioce is the best i think.
QUOTE(TheVileOne @ Feb 15 2005, 01:25 AM)
I love Vic Mignogna's Ed.  Regardless of what the purists say, I believe he brings depth and emotion to the character.  I think Dameon Clarke's Scar is also awesome.  Its basically a somewhat modified version of his Younger Toguro voice, but it fits Scar perfectly.

I'm with TheVileOne on this 100% as my favorite VA. But I honestly do think all the character voices are spot on for the characters and I have heard the original ones which were good too by all means, but the Dub is what I saw first and the Dub is where my FMA heart is. smile.gif I think the little kid who does Al does a fabulous job too. He is spot on for what I have in mind for Alphonse. Definitely as good as the Japanese VA's on all counts. smile.gif
ora the dragon alchemist
biggrin.gif 2 be honest i think al has the bset voice. i mean come on a kid that talks out of armor that his soul was traped i think als is the best.
QUOTE(ora the dragon alchemist @ Aug 12 2005, 02:02 PM)
biggrin.gif 2 be honest i think al has the bset voice. i mean come on a kid that talks out of armor that his soul was traped i think als is the best.

NOTE: your siggy is too big. jus to let you know there is a size limit.

also i believe that the best voice is winry's after watching both english and japanese
I like Ed's voice. It suits him almost too well. Al's second for me. :]
No such thing as suiting too well. I love Vic. He's absolutely perfect, and he's Ed's soul. Makes him seem so real.
Radical Alchemist
A lot of the dialogue was better in the American version, more clevor. Better deliverance.

"Damnit I was about to jump it."

That line allways kills me...
Ed and Al all the way! biggrin.gif
I have to say my favorite voices out of the while series has to be Scar, Riza, Winry, Alphonse, Edward, King Bradley, Hughes, and Roy!
QUOTE(DemonicFlare-Alchemist @ Sep 5 2005, 10:06 PM)
I have to say my favorite voices out of the while series has to be Scar, Riza, Winry, Alphonse, Edward, King Bradley, Hughes, and Roy!

Hey I LOVE Edward Elric!!!!!!!!!! He is awesome. Who do u like the best?
please don't hurt me but i like ed's voice when he was little the best unsure.gif
I like Al's voice (English).
Fullmetal Fugazi
its sooo hard to choose. All the voices are a perfect match for the characters. I would say Ed, Al, & Hughes. Close second would be Scar, Mustang, and Winry
Full Metal Elf
Hmmm....I haven't heard the Japanese version yet to really judge against it. But I do love Ed's voice and Al's. They're just so full of emotion and I really connect with the character.

Hughes's voice is great too, I love that man smile.gif. Scar is great too.
Lauren Teh Pirate
I love Ed's voice. (English) The voice actor was on a local radio show once. ohmy.gif I freaked out. He was talking about the movie and new season coming up. Anyhoo, I also love Al's voice. It's cute. tongue.gif
Izumi, Hughes, and Mustang. Those three are all awesome, in my opinion.
Everyone has a voice that fits them, except Alphonse and Envy. I know Envy is played by a woman, but Alphonse should at least have a little deeper pitch to his voice. I'm not sure if that would fit him either. happy.gif
Wrath, in japanese he sounds like a older woman in english he sounds like a 8 year old kid
Ed's. Lots of emotion, very good voice acting in my opinion.
And, Hughes'. The serious part sounded serious, and the comic part sounded comical. Did good job, and I liked the sound of voice very much.
I think that roys voice is the best. I know that he is very mean sounding and all of that but he really sounds great, and besides I know of no other guy who has a better voice.
I actually like Envy's Japanese voice, as well as Ed's and Riza's. But for the English version, just Ed's, I think.

For Envy, I think the quality is rather nice, the way you aren't really sure whether he's male or female because the voice is a little in between. It fits him perfectly, as he can morph into anything he wants. biggrin.gif And he has this really nice sounding way of mocking people (especially Ed). Call me sadistic, but Ed has a lovely scream. I mean, it's really hard to find voice actors who can scream well. It's probably hard to scream for nothing at all in front of a microphone. smile.gif And Riza, she somehow halts her words, sort of, in the Japanese version. biggrin.gif

But chocolate_eds_everywhere, I won't hurt you. *smiles* I love little Ed's voice too! biggrin.gif
I actually have to say that I really enjoy Ed's Japanese voice. It has this certain annoyed, impatient, slightly acerbic quality that I think describes Ed pretty well. biggrin.gif

Also, I really enjoy Mustang's voice. Over the top and level-headed, with occasional hints of annoyance. Very suave.
Nice thread revival~ XD
The Japs voices are the best...
Listen to the Malay voices...
and you will throw up...
I think Al had a decent dubbed voice. It sounded just like his Japanese voice..
Amethyst Sunset
When I watched the series for the first time, it was dubbed, so I can be rather biased towards the dub actors because their voices grew on me first before the Japanese ones. But I do have to admit, both are good in their own ways.

For example, Vic Mignogna delivers a different Ed from Paku Romi, but they're both very good. Plus, I like how Vic is really into his role - he goes to conventions a lot, and even does short rants by request. And, he has Ed jeans. XD

In my opinion, Travis Willingham sounded like a younger version of Toru Ohkawa. Once again, two VAs, two different sides of Roy. And who can ever forget lines like "Loyal canine, how we salute thee!"?

On the whole, it was very excellent dubbing. I like almost all the voices they chose for English, but I love Ed, Roy, Hughes, Riza and Lust's voices the most. And Nina was cute too. happy.gif I also like the interaction between Vic and Travis when Ed and Roy exchange lines.
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