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Full Version: 1st Ed Fanart
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Rite, I'm new here and I posted my first Ed fanart.
Just to get some comments and critics.
Hate it or love it. Anything is fine.

I absolutely understand your wish to be commented (I wonder, why nobody comments my new fanart - it's not that bad unsure.gif ) In comparison with other novices you're rather good. smile.gif
But his hair needs some shine and shadows. And everything else also needs shadows. Face is a little twisted.
QUOTE(Hedera @ Feb 12 2005, 11:37 PM)
I absolutely understand your wish to be commented (I wonder, why nobody comments my new fanart - it's not that bad unsure.gif ) In comparison with other novices you're rather good. smile.gif
But his hair needs some shine and shadows. And everything else also needs shadows. Face is a little twisted.

Well, first of all, thank you for your comments. I guess I'll stick to pencil drawing, coz I have no sense for colours. ^__^''
It's good that u mentioned the face, coz somehow I never get rite. T__T
So, where is your fanart, I'd like to see it. smile.gif
not bad for a first
My fanarts are in this thread. Actually, I want to now, what do you think about the latest one (though, it's just a lineart).
Also one of my drawings is on my avatar right now. wink.gif
Ok, this a strange situation..........
I can't see the pics!!!!! T___T
Well, I can see your avatar pic. As far as I can see now, I think it looks good. I think you did a good job on the hair.
Still, I wanna apologize that I can't see the pics and give any comments. Sorry T__T

Hope next time it'll work, until then do your best and keep drawing!
Ugh... damn! huh.gif I've edited my posts a bit - now the pictures are inside the links. I hope, you'll see it.
And thanx for compliments about my avatar. smile.gif
@Kaniza: Nice job biggrin.gif . Better then anything I could do laugh.gif . Welcome to the forum smile.gif .
Yay!!!! I can see it now!
So, let's see.... Well, at first look it seems fine, but then I thought (don't want to be rude ^__^'') the right hand looks a bit too small.

Anything else? Hmm, the hair looks kinda stiff (???) and some lines seem a bit thick.

Well, that's my unprofessional opinion, so dunno if it's right -__-''
(I'm never good at critising....T__T)

But thanks for showing me, coz it's nice to see other people's work and try to give an opinion.
Hope see you again soon and maybe exchange some more comments and suggestions. Thank you! biggrin.gif

By the way, thanks to Hex-sama welcoming me smile.gif
Thank you for comments. smile.gif
I think, you're right about the hand and the hair... Other people, who saw this pic told me the same thing. sleep.gif
I'll try to change it a little and then I'm going to color it. rolleyes.gif

P.S. Sorry for slow reply - I was offline during this two days.
No worry, no worry! biggrin.gif

I did another drawing yesterday. This time it's purely pencil drawing (I'm stupid when it comes to colours dry.gif )

Well, this time I tried to submit it to the Fanart Gallery, so hope they will poste it.
Just to see if people will give some more comments, if not I'll just continue posting them here.....or not? Nah, just have to see.

Anyway, I'm looking foward to your coloured version biggrin.gif and do your best!
i think...the heads to big
Yeah, I kind of guessed it......T__T
No sense for colour and no sense in proportions. dry.gif
Guess I'm helpless...... T__T

Well, these few days, I was bored (again) and did another drawing of Ed. This time I left it as a pencil drawing. Hope people will give me some comments on this one too. Thank you!
nice job! the face and hair look great, and my only criticism would be that the shoulders aren't wide enough. smile.gif
Hey! That's veeery nice!! laugh.gif I really like it! happy.gif Your pencil drawing looks better than the colored one, IMO.
Mistakes: shoulders (as xrninja said), lines on the neck are displaced a little, lack of shadows again (especially on the skin and on the clothes).
YAAAAYYYYY!!!!! laugh.gif
I'm glad you like it biggrin.gif But, dunno why this time I'm more satisfied with the outcome, than with the first one. I think that's somewhat a phase of mine. Sometimes my pics can go REALLY bad and sometimes they are better.

About the shoulder: I thought something was wrong again huh.gif , but wasn't too sure if it was the body or whatever. Still need some more practice in body proportions. ^__^''
Think I'll do as you and xrninja suggested and correct the shoulders and darken the shadow areas.

Arigatou gozaimasu mina san! biggrin.gif
@Kaniza: Cute Edward wub.gif . Nice detail on the auto-mail and hair biggrin.gif .
Thanks Hex-sama! biggrin.gif
Well, I followed the suggestions and hope it's different now.
Here comes the (hopefully ^__^'') improved crying Ed! (guess I'm kinda meanie to draw Ed crying tongue.gif )
Oooo me likiee.. happy.gif

I have "hit or miss" problem too....I really need to sign up for a drawing class so I can be taught how to actually do this right....hmmm maybe next semester.
Hmmm... I guess, this one is a little better.
@Kaniza: It looks even better now! Nice work biggrin.gif .
Looks good, and don't take this the wrong way....
shouldn't his P.Tail be longer. <<constructive critisism smile.gif
Hmmmm... havn't really thought about it. But now you mention it, maybe it's a bit short..... -__-''
Ah well, I think I'll just leave the 1st pic, so it will remind me of how not to
draw dry.gif
In the meantime I did a coloured version (obviously not hand coloured, used my pc instead ^__^'' ) of the crying Ed, but dunno if should post it. Just need to adjust the size and the format of the file.
I'll think about it.......
its very nice specialy the colour and the detail you put in it
what did you colour it in with? biggrin.gif
Now that you mention it, I havn't posted the coloured version. dry.gif
Somehow it doesn't work. I'll try later then.
@Blackwings: those are just plain pencil drawings. For the shadings I used different pencils. Some more soft, some more hard. It really depends on the user smile.gif
Me personally like to use somewhat between HB and F2 for the basic drawing. For shading sometimes F2, especially on skin areas and B2 for other areas (like cloths, etc.).
Alrite, I hope this time the coloured version will show up. Hope it's ok ^__^''

Finally got a chance to redo the colour version (phew).
Had a lot of stress with my projects, I'm just glad that I finished them and now I can do some more drawings and play games!!
For the first pic, all it needs to make it great is a bit of shading and hilights and some sort of background. If you have photoshop, you could PM or IM me for a lesson on easy shading. Also... I think Ed's eyes are more gold in color?

Wow.... That pencil is awesome. I just think that that one hair that pops up doesn't look quite right... it's too straight?
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