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Full Version: Return To Me
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Many people have mentioned about what will happen when (if?) Ed returns. Well here is my look at these events. Excuse and cliches and such...I'm not good at romance writing.

She stretched.

The evening sun began to set in the summer sky. Oranges and pinks spread across the world outside her window. It filled her room with a warm glow that seemed to wrap her in a hug. Her hands were sore from so much work that day. She was thankful for her training and for the customers who travelled far to receive her auto-mail. Yet it meant she worked a lot more then she ever had.

Her heart was still unsure about auto-mail now. She still loved making it, but it was bittersweet. Auto-mail only helped to serve her memory of one she had lost. Lost in the most confusing of circumstance. It had occurred in a world far from her own, yet it had taken those most precious to her. Alchemy, equivalent trade, which was what they had learnt and that is what they had told her. Yet still she somewhat feared it. If truth be told she looked upon it with hateful eyes. It had taken them away from her back then and then history repeated itself.

There was one ounce of good in alchemy. It might bring Ed back if Al ever got to grips with it as well as his brother before him. Two years ago, Edward Elric had disappeared from her life…from this world. Al had returned as a 10 year old boy. That they would class as equivalent trade. She loved Al dearly, but he could never replace the hole on her heart reserved for Ed alone. Even after two years with no sign of him, she would not give up hope that they had not said their last goodbye.

Heading downstairs she sighed at the quiet house. Rose had moved away to live with Russell whom she had fallen for only months ago. Rose was easily swayed by people Winry had learnt. Russell had truly been a handsome boy when they had met and Rose was immediately captured by him. He had been captured by her. She was quite happy to be a mother and perhaps even a wife one day. She had bid a sorrowful farewell and departed.

Al was also still in Central. He had visited a couple of times during his training but never reported much. His spirit was weakening. He was still determined to find his brother, like Winry his heart could not let go, but the possibility of it ever happening were sliming fast. That determined sparkle in his eye was threatening to go out, the excitement in his voice now effort to keep alive.

Pinako looked at her granddaughter and sighed. Even in her smile there was so much pain. After two years she thought Winry would begin to let go but it had not been the case. She guessed the girl had fallen under the spell when she saw that blush. The glow on her cheeks was not so much one of embarrassment then one of final realisation. Ed was more than a brother to Winry now, but at the time had been too much of a child to notice. Pinako had caught her granddaughter looking up into the starts muttering promises to an invisible figure on many an occasion.
She stepped outside to smoke her pipe. The sky had grown dark and the stars and moon began to let off their light. The countryside was truly beautiful at night. No harsh artificial light, just the glow of the moon as she replaced the sun in the sky. The fields in view were dead…then a figure appeared. No, two figures appeared. The outline of Al running toward the house was so familiar it was pasted into her memory. The other person too rang a bell, like she knew him yet it wasn’t who she thought.
‘Hohenheim? No…Edward?’
The usually calm elderly lady kept her cool. She wanted to call Winry but held herself back. After a moment, a figure stood over her. Although he was young his golden eyes showed wisdom beyond his years. His sunny hair still fell about his face as it always had but the braid was gone. His clothes were unusual but at that time it did not matter.

‘My my, were did my small one go to?’

‘Hello Auntie…’


Winry was thankful to take her overalls off and put her black skirt and white top on. She didn’t like being encased in her work all the time. She was packing her tools away when her door creaked open. Looking over her shoulder she saw a shadow she had seen many times in her dreams. She shrugged and looked away again.

She dropped her wrench on the floor. Her body froze up and she remained still. The shadow remained standing behind her. Her throat made an odd squeaking sound before she finally brought herself to turn around. Please do not let this be another dream, another trick of the light that had fluttered her heart many times before.

There he stood and there he remained. Her body began to shake as tears formed in her eyes. She had dreamed of this moment for so long now. She was unprepared for the mixture of shock and absolute joy that filled her heart and soul. She buried her face in her hands as hot, salty tears fell down her face. She had hurt so much yet she didn’t know what to do with herself. Only he could put her through this sort of pain and confusion. It had been going on for years and she had kept it to herself.

‘I hate you,’ she croaked, still hiding behind her hands. He did not respond.

She looked directly at him, ‘I hate you so much Ed,’ she yelled again before throwing her arms around his neck. Slowly his arms embraced the trembling figure holding desperately onto him. Her body jolted with sobs and she tried to put to the back of her mind that it may still not be real.

‘Winry,’ he whispered into her hair, ‘I’m here to stay.’

All she did was cry. He stroked her hair until the beast in her was calm. It was something he should have done many times before for the peace that it also brought upon him.

Thank-you for reading. biggrin.gif
Kitty Cat
you are good at romance writing! love the story! you describ it sooo well!
Aww, thank you Kitty Cat.
Chiyo: That was awesome biggrin.gif ! Make more Edward/Winry fanfictions, please smile.gif . Your good with the romance part also, so don't say your not laugh.gif .
Oh, a request for my work biggrin.gif I'm touched.
Well, if more is wanted, I'll see what I can do.
ed's secret agent
THAT WAS AWESOME!!! more Ed x Winry please
Kou the Lightning Alchemist
wait...Ed died? o.o
Le Monkey
Wow, That was brilliant......

Can we have some more please???

I love your style..
hidden_death're good at writing

Thank you again and again.
*sorry for two replys in a row, just posting more story*

Le Monkey requested I continue this I have. It's cheesy, but I don't care, I warned you.

That evening meal was the first where Winry didn’t look into her food and pick at it for a while. She couldn’t take her eyes off the pair in front of her. She couldn’t explain how much it filled her heart with joy to see them reunited. She had thrown her arms around Al when he had smiled. He always said he would bring brother back, and he had. Pinako had kept her cool, but underneath she was back flipping. The light that came back into her granddaughters eyes was as bright as the stars. Winry would no longer mutter to an invisible figure.
Two years had given Ed a lot of time to think. What was he to do now? Mustang was willing to take him back into the military if that’s what he wanted to do. Yet after so much he was unsure whether he wanted to go back into the military. For a while he just wanted to remain in a calm environment. This home would be able to provide that. He would go for long walks, entertain Al and spend many hours reading. But that was still not a goal.
He looked toward the figure at his side. She had only grown more beautiful in the time he had been away. That first moment when she looked at him he could have cried too. Their last parting had been tense. He feared he had read too much into her braiding his hair for him. Back then he was only a child to the world of women. True he hadn’t changed much but he had seen so much love around him. The looks that couples gave each other that spoke words only they could hear. In times of weakness he had longed for that look. Ed did not meet Winrys eye, even when he told them of his adventures later that night. He was apprehensive of doing so, just in case he tried to look for something that would no longer be there. Two years was a long time after all.

She had spent many a sleepless night looking out across the peaceful country. It was a time full of sorrow usually. Tonight there was a difference in her sleeplessness. She could feel his presence so strongly through the walls. But something was worrying her. He hadn’t looked at her all night and she had no idea why. She had watched his ever move, soaking up his tales and taking them to heart. Perhaps his life had been so exciting life back here would be to boring. Perhaps he was thinking about leaving as soon as he could. She had left early, her mind wandering into a world of her own.
Next door there was also a restless figure thinking of the future. Ed paced the room as quietly as he could as to not disturb his brother. Winry had gone to bed early looking rather bored. He still hadn’t been able to look into those lagoon blue eyes.
But now his curiosity was turning into frustration. Ed had never been a patient person and he had to know, now, if she loved him.
Her door was pushed open. Through the darkness she could see the flash of gold that had haunted her dreams.
‘Winry,’ he said, walking into the moonlight, ‘There is something I have to ask. But I’m afraid to ask.’
Her face remained perplexed, but she indicated for him to sit on the bed. As he sat down, she shifted herself to sit behind him and began to braid his hair. The sensation of her fingers in his hair brought back so many memories.
‘I had hoped,’ she began, ‘that you could tell me everything by now. You have been gone for so long and I’m so glad to have you back, you could ask me anything.’
Her heart began to thud harder as she spoke. He didn’t respond straight away, but then took a breath and began.
‘The last time we saw each other, you began to tell me something remember. When you were saying goodbye on the platform. You stopped, and it has stayed with me all this time. What was it?’
Her hands dropped into her lap. She had indeed begun to tell him something. Yet she had kept it to herself believing he would return. He had returned, if not a little later then she expected.
‘It…it doesn’t matter now.’
He wouldn’t settle with that. He turned to face her, finally looking into her eyes. What he hoped was there was shining through. The windows to her soul were wide open.
When his lips pressed against hers she thought her heart would explode. Her face glowed with embarrassment and elation. It was only brief, but it was a taste that would remain with her for a lifetime.
Edward was also just as nervous but he didn’t show it. The fact that she hadn’t screamed or hit him with a wrench was enough. He was never any good with words and spoke best with actions. That action came out of impulse.
Before she could breathe another word he kissed her again. This was deep and passionate. Butterflies danced in her stomach as he lay her down…

Two months of sheer bliss passed. They were all a happy family again. Then the time came for Ed to leave again. Mustang had called him to central for a favour. It wouldn’t take long, but Winry was worried all the same. History repeated itself as she stood on the platform to wave him and Al goodbye.
‘You will come back won’t you?’ she managed to choke, biting back the tears as she had before.
‘Of course we will Winry, we always do,’ Al beamed at her.
Ed sighed as he leant down and stroked her face carefully. ‘I hated my father when he left and never came back. I will not let that happen to my child.’
With a hand tenderly laid on her stomach she watched the train fade into the distance. He always said he would come back, and he always did.
@Chiyo: *squeals* I don't think it was cheesy fanfic. What the world needs now is more Edward/Winry fanfics, and your doing a great job of meeting those needs biggrin.gif . Winry got preggo laugh.gif .

Okay, now that I've scared you with my random outburst... ^^; Yes, this story was... was... excellent, deserves a blue-ribbon, a champion, a classic, gets five stars, number one, top-ntoch, high-class, exceptional, magnificent, superb, superlative, su... ... *Puts away Thesauras*

Hehehe... *sweatdrop* Yeah, you get the idea. ^^; Oh, but seriously, this was a wicked awesome fic! And very very well written! happy.gif I espically liked how they had a baby on the way at the end. CUTE!

Is there more? smile.gif
I guess there can be...if its wanted.
Squeeeee! biggrin.gif Chiyo, you are wonderful because the continuation of that story was just what I needed to see tonight. I needed to be cheered up, and you did it! Thank you big bunches sis!
*Bear hugs*
Glad I could help *hugs*.
May start work on a part three soon, any suggestions to storyline
To make it simple...omg i LOVED it plz write some more biggrin.gif
I LOVED it! I think this is good as it is! And it wan't cheesey!!! IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
Phyco girl
happy.gif I saw this on your siggie and decided to check it out. Good job! I don't think it's that cheesy!

-Phyco girl
OMG please please please continue this story. I just finished the entire show today fansubbed and I'm dying for more!!!!! EdWin fanfics keep me going!!!!!! You are an absolutely brilliant writter! Please continue!
alchemist of fire
ohmy.gif Wow.....I loved it!!! Please continue!
You are a really good writer. Way beter than I could ever be!
Sky Dog
Great Story! I find it funny that everyone who does a fic where Ed comes back, 2 months later Winry is pregnant and Ed's compares himself to his father @_@

Keep going, really good story.
Chiyo, you outdone yourself this time. ;D
Of course, you alway manages to suprise me with your talent. X3

-Joins a fanclub for Chiyo.- xD
Please write more.You are a good writer,after reading this fiction I feel like reading rest of you fics ^.^;;
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