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Full Version: Movie Theme & Storyline!
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Latest News from Japan:

From Animage's March edition:

---- Spoilers on the TV series. Do not proceed if sensitive ----

IPB Image
*Fully translated*

An interview with the story editor was also included:

**Please note the following interview contains spoilers for the TV Series**

Interviewer: The movie starts 2 years after the end of the television anime series: Fullmetal Alchemist. Have you (story editor) thought of what kind of man Ed would have grown up to be?

Story Editor: Personality-wise, he'll surely still be the same. However he's being unable to use alchemy, in a place with no friends, being away from his father, and still not achieved his goal... Even after 2 years of scientific research on how to return to his world, he's been denied a solution. He'll be starting to think it's a distant dream he's trying to chase... Kind of like, "What am I doing..?"

Interviewer: So he is still trying to return to his world..?

Story Editor: Well, yes. But having no means to achieve that is probably the most painful thing. For example, having a dream like "I want to work as a (---)" and finding out how to actually go about doing it. Not getting any clue on that... well you'd work hard for about the first 1 or 2 months... Read books, meet people and all that, but you slowly lose focus. You'd gain more self respect, but being in that sort of helpless situation, one wouldn't really know what to do. Ties with other people would weaken and even you yourself would slowly stop expressing your inner feelings. Especially for Ed, since he knows this isn't his world, would think, "I'm not one of this place, so it's best not to get too involved with people here"and would avoid getting too close to people to have good friends or even someone he likes, and keep out of politics so he won't get distracted.

Interviewer: He must be lonely...

Story Editor: Well, how Ed thinks makes sense to himself, but to the other people of the world he's in, they probably think he's out of touch with reality. Then again, there are plenty of people out there who think they're from a completely different world from everyone else. People who keep themselves from getting involved with other. I think there are lots of young people out there who are like this. The TV animation series was written with a rather fantasy-like feel, but I intend the movie to be closer to reality.

Interviewer: There's a new character who's together with Ed now. Alphonse Haidelihi (Translator's note: I'm not sure what his last name is supposed to be in English so directed translated it from Japanese)... who looks just like Al... *laughs*

Story Editor: Hehe yes, he's a guy one would think is a grown-up version of Al. At the end of the TV series, Ed 'bumped' into a young man who looked exactly like himself, and it was pointed out by his father (Hohenheim) that, "Somewhere, there's probably an Al of this world". Aside from looking just like Al, Alphonse Haidelihi also shares the same name. Ed would want to be in his company, hence them being together.

Interviewer: So they share a brotherly relationship?

Story Editor: Ed probably can't help but see him as a brother. He even told Alphonse Haidilihi a little about his own past, "I'm from another world, and have a brother there who looks just like you". However, Alphonse Haidelihi doesn't know if Ed's story is truth or lie. He'd definitely be going, "What's this guy thinking...?" So being treated like some guy's brother all of a sudden is a little inconvenient, and vexing. He might even have to try to live up to Ed's expectations.

Interviewer: What kind of character is he (Alphonse Haidelihi)?

Story Editor: He's a youngster of German origin who was studying under the father of modern rocketry (Hermann) Oberth. That's where Ed met him. He wants to prove the worth (scientific) of his fellow countrymen after their defeat in World War I, along with other young people. That's his aspiration; by achieving a rocket that can actually be ridden, Germany's pride and honor will be restored.

Interviewer: In theTV series, Ed was shown to have matured gradually. Will the movie show him even MORE grown-up?

Story Editor: The "to return to my world, I'll do ANYTHING" sort of reckless attitude should be gone, so you could say he's changed some. On the other hand, he might become contented because there's a person with him who looks just like Al. To live like this, in a sort of dream for the rest of his life would be tempting, as long as it doesn't cause hurt to anyone else. Whether that's the kinda of maturity he's always seeked to gain though, is a different issue. In other words, the "have I really grown up?" theme is about the same as in the TV series. Hmmm but if he actually got taller, I don't know *laughs*.

Interviewer: I'm beginning to wonder where that positive-thinking Ed of the TV-series went!

Story Editor: Actually, what happens to Ed in the 2 years before the movie won't really be touched on too much. Ed is confronted with an event close to him, and it's from there that the movie really begins.

Interviewer: Ed's lost some focus of his goal, and isn't as cheerful as before. To have an incident that would actually get him going again... what does it all mean?

Story Editor: Well, it's just that; After getting caught up in something, Ed will return to his old self. At the same time, the goal he's been losing faith in all this while will present its chance, a clue on how to return home, to him again. That's what makes Ed climb back up on his feet again.

Interviewer: Does that mean Ed will be able to return to his world?

Story Editor: Well that will be the main theme. There are, of course, other factors. To return, there will be the mysterious factor; something like the Philosopher's Stone in the TV series. Rocketry (that Ed is studying) will also play an important role.

Interviewer: So will the other characters of the Hagaren world appear? (Wnry, Al, the millitary people)

Story Editor: That... is still a secret *laughs*. In any case we've got Ed and Alphonse in this world, so we COULD not have the other characters appear. Although in the trailer, there was Al in his armor form. What does that mean? You'll have to wait to find out.

Interviewer: So if Ed sees Alphonse as the Al of this world, does this mean other characters, like a Roy of this world will appear?!

Story Editor: Yes, there is always that possiblity. Also, if originally Homoculus humans are around, in the same manner as Al (and Alphonse Haidelihi), people who'd look just like Lust or Gluttony would also exist. On second thought though, what happened the Homoculus who actually went through the Gate.... There're a lot of possibilities to explore there *laughs*. The TV series left a lot of questions. We'll be answering them bit by bit, so don't worry too much. But we'd be happy if everyone waits anxiously for any news/ information on the movie~ The movie itself is a continuation of the TV series. That is a promise. It can also be enjoyed by those who have never seen the TV animation series. Do bring friends who never watched 'Hagaren' down to the cinema. If you've seen the series, the movie will prove 10 times more fun.

-----End of Interview-----

Animage 2005, March >> link (jpn)

*Translator's notes:
- Please let me know if you find any grammatical errors
- Al (Ed's lil bro) has brown eyes. Alphonse Haidelihi has blue~
- DISCUSS! :D I'm pretty excited after learning THIS much.
- *Flops over* I'm tired from this... x_X
Wow biggrin.gif Excellent job on reporting this Sycia!
^^ Exciting and tiring, but rewarding nonetheless~
My heart is pounding I am not kidding you. This is so exciting, any fears about the storyline can be put to rest. I'm even more impatient for the movie much to go on.

Thank-you so very very much. You have made my day!
No problemo~ I'm glad fellow fans find it useful~ ^^
I was thinking about it, and assumign we change Haidelihi

hai de ri hi

we can get
Heidenrich or Heinrich

its a jump though smile.gif
oo I'm no good with European names, so you guys are going to have to solve this one...
Wow! You did a great job, Sycia! biggrin.gif Thanks for all that trouble!
Ooh.. It starts getting even more interesting. Although I'm scared that the oher characters won't make an appearance.. *cries*
but it's not definite....
Rocketry will play an important role.. hmm....

About the name... hmm.. Heinrich is a common German name at least, but I wouldn't know how to make it out from the text... tongue.gif
I'm good. I started writing about alter!Al meeting Ed about four months ago. I'm so gleeful about it really happening. *_*
Kihaku: Ah~ okay... I'll keep that name in mind. ^_^ I'm actually waiting for confirmation of it in Romanji at least, when I get my monthly issue of GanGan Square comics compilation tomorrow~

QUOTE(Kalika @ Feb 11 2005, 03:37 AM)
I'm good. I started writing about alter!Al meeting Ed about four months ago. I'm so gleeful about it really happening. *_*

:o I see that there's a lotta Alter-character stories going about among the fans now~ ^^
^^ Great job with the translation Sycia, you'll be pleased to hear it was a good read!

Another Alphonse....hmm does this mean Ed will have to make a choice between the one from his world and the one from our world somewhere in the movie laugh.gif laugh.gif
...Arigato happy.gif

I love you Sycia. =^^=

Anyways, the whole "this takes place during the Holocaust" thing is kinda scaring me... I dunno why, but I just have the feeling that one of the main characters is going to die. I know! Edward will die while protecting the German Alphonse, and that's how he'll return to his world! @_@ Or something... (Well, it COULD happen. Studio BONES is known for their angsty endings a la Cowboy Bebop and Wolf's Rain... So who knows?) O_O;;;

BTW, the movie takes place 2 yrs. after the TV series, but when do the fight scences and the guy with the mask occur (from the preview)?! Does that happen while Ed and Al were crossing the Gate from episode 51, and is that why they were separated to begin with... Or was it something else?!?! >_< GAH, tell me more!!!!

Aw hell.. When the movie comes out, I say we give whoever was closer to guessing the movie's plot a prize. All of this "guessing" is giving me a damn headache... >_>
Thanks much for the translation. This is great news imo. I can't wait till we English speakers can watch the movie.
Sycia, your final mission is to record the movie and sub it. wub.gif biggrin.gif
Amen KevLar... Amen. happy.gif
oh I just really want to see it now. Thank you Sycia what would we do without you XDDD interesting another Al?
The holocaust itself didn't begin until later. Right now it's the german's blaiming the jewish people of their falure and persecuting them.

And I think the Huskinson scene might be a dream, with all the discussion about dreams and stuff during the interveiw, that is hinted alot.
Many thanks to you Sycia. God knows what we'd do without your efficient and extremely appreciated work. =D
Oh, this made me so excited! I wonder what an Alter!Roy would be like, or any alter character for that matter. Wow, this absolutely makes my imagination go soaring! XD
Sycia, you frikken rock. Seriously, you are so awesome. Unfortunately, this just makes me want to see the movie even worse, which I didn't think was possible. The wait is KILLING ME!!!

Panzer Dragoon
huh.gif My guess at the plot:

As Ed lives in the Alter world, he meets up with the Alter world Alphonse, also researching Rocketry. Reminded of the Al he knew, Ed decides to join the Alter-Al. While on the adventure, they run into trouble (still thinking of what!). They somehow know how to get back the world we know and Ed wants to get back there. After everything, he chooses the stay in either the Alter world or the real world.

wink.gif How's that for a guess? I hope there are scenes of the real Alphonse in it.
Or maybe the first living being in outer space wasn't the dog in Sputnik, but Ed. XD

^_^; It's you people who make the job worthwhile. Thanks, thanks!!!

:P As for the recording, I would try subbing it, but then again I'm no professional so might back out in case I disappoint anyone *hides*

Wonder if Kugimiya Rie will still be doing Alphonse Haidelihi's voice... kinda weird since he's a man (well can you imagine someone 17 and speaking like THAT?)
1) Is the movie coming out in America?

2) If so when?

3) Is there another FMA movie that came out after the last episode or at any other point?
1) We don't know yet. In the first place an exact date of the Japanese release hasn't been decided yet. Though I'm almost 100% sure that it will not come out in the US while the series is running.

2) See above

3) No
AA battery
Thanks for the translatoin!! biggrin.gif

Now I can truly- look forward to the movie ^^; (When I saw the armour!Al trailer I was totally, not wanting to see the movie... ^^; )
Full Flame Alchemist
I'm guessing that the 'our world' Al will die. rolleyes.gif

Oh and Thanks Sycia.
Great report! I simply adore you Sycia! xDD And please please please sub the movie? *star eyes* It is imposible for me to find it in the country I live...we won't blame you even if the translation is bad anyway, instead we'll be too grateful to bother bout it (right guys? wink.gif!
You know, I was trying to imagine the 17 year old Al speaking that way..I felt it was weird too, I mean he sounds too much like a girl..hopefully someone will replace Al. ehehe..I think I better try to register in the forum if I ever wanna post again ^^;;.
Hmmm I was thinking Alphonse Haidelihi might get a different seiyuu, but the Producer himself (Mizushima) confirmed Kugimiya Rie was going to be doing Al... Al or Alphonse Haidelihi, I have no idea though...
Sycia I don't understand the text under Ed's picture can you explain it please? Or someone?
Whooo! Thanks so much for the translation! happy.gif This knowledge makes me so excited, only my fellow FMA fans could understand! As much as I'll miss the world of the TV show, seeing the movie set in 'our world' will make it fresh, new and interesting. Am I the only one who finds Ed's partner Al hearbreaking? *sniffles* Poor Ed...

Anyway, I'm wicked excited! 'Tis cruel that they're making us wait until August. sad.gif
QUOTE(Fresh_Coffee @ Feb 12 2005, 03:33 AM)
Sycia I don't understand the text under Ed's picture can you explain it please? Or someone?

Under Ed's picture? Or the Japanese beside his picture? That block of text has been translated to "So it IS based in Munich after all! etc etc...."
Tobu Ishi
Hmm...August, huh? My year of exchange is going to start sometime in August or September. I wonder if it'll still be playing in theaters? Japanese movie tickets are wicked expensive, upward of 3000 yen if I remember correctly, but I'd call that a very worthy cause all the same. happy.gif
At least we know it's a follow on from the series! I can't wait now! Looks like Ed remembers his alchemy in the end if the trailer is part of the movie tongue.gif
August?? blink.gif That long? Cruelty.. sad.gif . I'm guessing that the trailer might only be a flashback? ohmy.gif
Dark State
wow....i can't wait. This is going to be the longest six months or so of my life tongue.gif
OMG! I hope i can find the movie in the Ares... And I know I will see it as many times i can! cool.gif .. If the movie will be released in August or September...then... when do it will be available at the internet?? ph34r.gif blink.gif !
QUOTE(Tobu Ishi @ Feb 12 2005, 09:04 AM)
Hmm...August, huh?  My year of exchange is going to start sometime in August or September.  I wonder if it'll still be playing in theaters?  Japanese movie tickets are wicked expensive, upward of 3000 yen if I remember correctly, but I'd call that a very worthy cause all the same.  ^_^

I can only tell you how much it is in Tokyo...

1800 yen for adults, 1500 yen for students. Forgot how much is for kids. o_O
1000 yen for every first day of the month at some theatres, and 1000 yen every Wednesday if you're female~
Fullmetal Guy
Finally some news in the movie
And good news, now we know some things
I can't wait for the movie
Rena Elric
This movie look soo....COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Panzer Dragoon
To the person who said that Al might die: NOOO! Not Al, he's a sweet souled person!

Now back to regular posting: Yeah, maybe Ed will remember his alchemy and use it. Al may try to find a way to bring Ed back in the real world. I wish I either know Japanese or atleast live in Japan. You people that live in Japan are sooo lucky.
QUOTE(Panzer Dragoon @ Feb 12 2005, 11:36 PM)
To the person who said that Al might die:  NOOO!  Not Al, he's a sweet souled person! 

Now back to regular posting: Yeah, maybe Ed will remember his alchemy and use it.  Al may try to find a way to bring Ed back in the real world.  I wish I either know Japanese or atleast live in Japan.  You people that live in Japan are sooo lucky.

I have one question, why the hell do people think Ed doesn't remember alchemy? It's not that he doesn't remember it, it's that the energy used in the process of alchemy comes from the gate, transfering the dead's energy into the gate. Since Ed is in the word where alchemists get the energy, Ed has no way to channle the energy from the gate since the FMA world doesn't seem to let the dead energy into 'our world'

Energy Path
Our world -> Gate -> FMA world

There is no explanation on where the energy in the FMA world goes... maybe a cycle into the gate and back into the FMA world.
Rena Elric
This is off topic but who thinks it would be cool i there really was a gate connecting this world to the Fma world?
No it would not be cool because it would just reflect how many people here have to die for the FMA world...
I got to think that the Al in this world will die too (*was dispointed that no one died in the series*) cause think about it:

I know it's cruel but Ed had sarficed the alter Ed in the series to return back to his world he could do the same thing to this alter Al

I think the "returning back home" will include Al in FMA world and Ed in our world being at the "same" place at the same time

God i love this series
this is going to be an awesome movie!!! If Al dies, then I die and nobody wants my spirit wandering the FMA makers! They would have to go into a witness protection program like thingy...
Chibi Viki
thanks a bunch for the news, Sycia!

although I am also looking forward to the movie, I still can't help but be afraid... I wish Roy and company would also be there, but based from the translation, it seems unlikely. Oh, the cruelty if it all if they are not there!
Oh, those news are really shocking! Another Al, possibility of Homunculus being in 'our' world... And those words about the gate - hell knows, maybe Envy IS REALLY alive? Oh, my head is going to burst of so manny possibilities! I really want to watch this movie no matter what!
T_T I hope they do add Envy in... *whines*

And I think there's not much chance that they wouldn't exclude the characters from the Hagane world (primarily, Roy) because they know fans will be disappointed if they're not shown how the characters are doing 2 years after the TV series ends...
My thoughts exactly, Sycia. happy.gif
QUOTE(blah @ Feb 13 2005, 03:17 AM)
No it would not be cool because it would just reflect how many people here have to die for the FMA world...

Actually, People don't HAVE to die. It's the cycle of life, in which people will die anyway. It just so happens war also plays a part too... but alchemy stayed the same during 'our world's' time of peace too
Plus we do not know where the latent energy in the FMA world goes. It might just be trapped in the gate or whatnot
I take it that what happenes in the series with Ishbal is meant to be some sort of reflection of the persecution of the Jews? I don't know, it's just that the film tackles that issue and there are similarities between the two worlds.
*goes into a blood rage* CAN'T WAIT TOO LONG!!!!! MUST GO TO JAPAN AND SOMEHOW GET A COPY OF IT!!!!!!
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