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Just finished reading "Chobits" (Chobits anime is airing in Poland now ^^)
I found it to be not very funny, though. Anyone agree? unsure.gif

(Source: Wiki, Chobits)

Written by Clamp
Published by Japan Kodansha
English publisher
Australia, New Zealand: Madman Entertainment
Canada, United Kingdom, United States: Tokyopop, Dark Horse Manga
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Magazine
Original run 14 February 2001 29 November 2002
Volumes 8
Genre Romantic comedy, Science Fiction

Chobits is a Japanese manga created by the Japanese manga collective Clamp. It was published by Kodansha in Young Magazine from February 2001 to November 2002 and collected in eight bound volumes. Unlike most stories by Clamp, Chobits is a seinen series commonly mistaken for shōjo because of its strong romantic themes and flowery art style.

The series tells the story of Hideki Motosuwa, who finds an abandoned persocom, or personal computer with human form, that he names "Chi" after the only word it initially can speak.
As the series progresses, they explore the mysteries of Chi's origin together and questions about the relationship between human beings and persocoms.
The manga is set in the same universe as Angelic Layer, taking place a few years after the events of that story, and like Angelic Layer, it explores the relationship between human beings and electronic devices shaped like human beings.
Chobits branches off as a crossover into many other stories in different ways, such as Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic and Kobato.

I agree.. the humour is mainly in the first couple of chapters only. (that's all I've read, so that's all I know) but yeah, its acsue of the "humour"
CLAMP made "Chobits" out to be somewhat more 'mature' than most of their other work, I presume. One of the biggest reasons why males like it is because of its suggestive style, and the girls who like it think it's 'adorable.'

The plot itself isn't one of CLAMP's best, but it does address some good ethical issues. In my opinion, "Chobits" might be used to exaggerate one's love for these so-called 'non-living' things, and turning some of these cases into more than just a love that one would have for their possessions. The main question is, "Is that sort of love still 'right', even if it's not directed towards a real human?"

Although the legendary "Chobits" is made to be like an advanced AI with human instincts and emotions, essentially, it can never be truly human because it most likely lacks organs, and have computer chips in place of those organs.

Or, perhaps, I'm just looking into it too much. tongue.gif
Chibi Viki
i agree with you, quistis88

at first I liked chobits because of the humor and the cute characters... but it became lame later on.

i still could not agree with the humanxcomputer thing... it's just... gross. it's like falling in love with an appliance made to look like a human. cruel as it may sound, it just seems wrong to me... how naive of me to think that there was a human Chii somewhere.

the ending took a nose dive too... i mean, what the hell were those two other persocoms who seems to be looking for Chii for anyway?! they practically did nothing but occupy paper space.
Chobit was a major disapointment (sp?) to me... especially the anime
I mean... an entire episode just for buying panties!! dry.gif
And god, Chii is cute but not sexy!! 0__o
QUOTE(Chibi Viki @ Aug 4 2004, 10:20 AM)
the ending took a nose dive too... i mean, what the hell were those two other persocoms who seems to be looking for Chii for anyway?! they practically did nothing but occupy paper space.

I agree, Chibi Viki. Perhaps CLAMP thought that "Chobits" needed more 'villains' other than Kojima, so they added those two in there.

It probably didn't seem as good because they appeared so suddenly. If it was an on-going thing that started near the beginning of the series, then it might have been better. Introducing them near the end makes the anime lack that special 'seamless' quality that a good storyline should have.
The story lack villians and those two weren't villians at all.
QUOTE(DeEP @ Aug 4 2004, 03:45 PM)
The story lack villians and those two weren't villians at all.

Which is why 'villains' is in quotations. biggrin.gif
Well, when I started reading Chobits, the story seemed really fun to me. The idea was rather unusual and the whole story was really funny. But it started disappointing me more and more with each chapter. 'Oh, she's so cute! But she's a persocon! What a shame!' and blah blah blah. In the end it appeared to be really boring. I mean - there's no action in this story, moreover, there's no sense action. I'm disappointed with Chobits - I heard so mcu about it, but it appeared to pointless.
The problem I have is so many girls that I know that read manga only read stupid stuff. They hate Naruto, and none have even heard of FMA.

A bunch of them like Ranma, and I kinda thought Ranma was funny at first, but it didn't GO anywhere. It was the same thing: I don't love you, but I'll get pissed off when some other guy hits on you. Then we'll fight, I'll win, and you say "you love me!" and then I say, "No ho, you just a bitch" and so on and so forth.

I try not to read "MATURE" manga just because I think it makes me look cool. You don't need to be edgy to be cool, it just takes a decent plot with characters you can really understand and connect with.

Thinking in those terms, I don't know why I like GTO so much.... I guess its because the characters have diverse backgrounds...not to mention the art is funny as hell.
Well, I've got a bigger problem - I have a lot of guys whom I know reading girlish mangas. 'Aizu is love, Aizu is cool!' I tried to read it but it is boring for me. I myself liked 'Utena' before and not ahsamed of it - I'm also not reading mature manga because it's cool. But the more I get to know manga world, the more I like mangas like FMA or Hellsing. I'm really happy I knew about FMA - it's the best manga of the kind I like.
Here's a different answer: I hate the manga, but I love the anime.

The anime really brings the character and personality of each person, and I really loved the anime show. You can agree with me or not, but thought i'd give a different opinion.

Chibi Viki
the biggest disappointment for me was the ending... it's like, everyone was dying to find out just what the heck made Chii so special, what was it that made the chobits so special anyway... the answer was that it had a program that no other had which is.... huh?

remember the ending when Freya was about to tell Hideki about the program that made Chii so special? after asking freya if it would hurt chii if he didn't find out, and she answered no, he just went something like, "then... nevermind..."

WHAT?! All this time, we've been waiting to find out what made the chobits so special and THIS is their answer?! I after reading that, I really felt stupid for even thinking the story will go deeper, that the ending will be something spectacular *bonks head on table*

Geez, I'm never reading Clamp again...
Chibi Viki
ahehehe, spoiled now, are you? anyway, chap 1-2 were the funniest volumes for me.
QUOTE (Chibi Viki @ Aug 19 2004, 12:18 PM)
chap 1-2 were the funniest volumes for me.

They were really great! the beginning of this manga gives you sence that you're reading something extremely special and interesting, the more you read the more this vision becomes - those strange ppl, looking for Chii, Black Chii and all the stuff. But when you end it it's just - Huh? The trick people! The beginning is great, but the end is disappointing!

PS. At least you get to know how to say in a japanese store "MAy I get underwear?'
I liked Chobits but I agree with most people here.

It's like a good story someone half wrote and then got stuck and just started cramming stuff in there to try and finish it.

The whole "Is it right to love a non-living thing like a living thing" issue is a good one but they overplay it too much
I think Chobits anime> Chobits manga.
Chibi Viki
another disappointing factor was the legend of the Chobits thingy... geeez, that was it?! the term chobits is just an endearment?! what the heck have we reading this series for if chobits were nothing special anyway?!
Right you are, Chibi Viki! Very good point indeed . . . you'd think CHOBITS was an acronym for some sophisticated technological chip or something of the sort, but noooooooo . . .
this manga/anime is like promising you something really-really great, to tell you a big secret, but in the end this secret appears to be a crap.
i have to defend my friend:

Chobits is not boring!! laugh.gif
**contains spoilers**

I think the chobits ending was pretty bad but at least it wasnt unrealistic or too sappy, ok it was sappy but in a different way.
It was a bit of a supirse that Chii wasn't really that special, she was basicaly the same as Yuzuki with a self teaching program etc but with a better firewall and the "special" program which wasnt that special - can access other persocoms and if needed remove all personal identification.

Not clamps best work for sure.
Hmm... I must agree that the manga was boring at the end.. and the "villians" weren't villians at all... but I have to admit, that Zima dude was pretty hot XD

the ending didn't make much sense to me though. If Chii's memories were erased, then isn't kinda stupid to abandon her if Hibiya still had the memories?

OT: The anime's even worse, it doesn't even tell you what's on the disk.
I was disappointed with Chobits too. I think CLAMP made this manga for the guys coz isnt it published in a magazine where girls in bikinis are in covers... Anyway, most of the guys I know like this manga/anime too...
It was previously mentioned that Chobits was appeal to guys because of the "sexy" pictures of Chii. Now, maybe it's just me, but
A. Chii is a computer that LOOKS like a person
B. Chii looks like she's eight
Now I'm sure some fanboys are attracted to little girls, but I'm sorry, I'm not one of them.

Also, agreed that the ending was very anitclimactic.. what was that "special thing" again??
RoyxRiza BigFan
the teacher and the guy's caretaker were hot mama's...

can't believe the teachers husband dumped her for a doll mad.gif .......resembles japan's relationship in a way ph34r.gif
Like many others I think the manga started out with a lot of potential.
It really started to get a bit boring towards the end.
Certain idea's were okay...I liked most of the themes, but just loving a "thing" doesn't really get to me.
Okay, she wasn't exactly a thing and I know that most of it was about Chi being a real person and all, but no matter how I look at it I can't just see her as a real person...
She can be broken and what's with the memory getting erased from a button... I just see it all as like pressing a selfdestruct button or something.
The ending was kind of sweet, but well.. I just can't help looking into the future...
Chi would stay always like a beautiful little girl no matter how many years pass. Although a computer might get a bit old...
I actually never thought that Chobits was meant for guys.... though I know that some people think so... I think it seems more like a girls' manga...
I don't hate Chobits but I don't love it either. People say it's too unrealistic, but that's the whole thing manga is about!
I do admit that some bits are a tad boring, but the artwork makes up for it!
Little Washu
I like Chobits .__. It's kinda funny, and it's got a pretty good storyline.
I've only read a little bit of the manga, but Chi is cute, it's a great love story. Epic.

OT: Anime is one of my favourate animes of all time.
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