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Full Version: Name Your Favorite In Game Cinematic
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Mine definetly the opening cinematic for the first Kingdom Hearts
the Independent ending of Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines. you kill everyone in your way and as youre walking off the Anarchs congratulate you as you flip them off an keep walking. b-e-a-utiful
I have many so can I name a few?

-When Sephy kills Aeris (very sad)
-When Snake goes to The Boss' grave (also sad)
-When Liquid tells Solid about Le Enfant Terrible (the terrible children)
-And when you kill Diaz in Vice City
- Defeat of Alexander in FF9
- Ending movie in FF9 (Zidane, you sweet bastard biggrin.gif )
- When Aeris dies and Tifa running away with tears in her eyes (FF7)
- Serge's reborn (CHC)
- Vagrany Story intro movie (awesome Mullenkamp, awesome music)
- When Lulu's baby is "kicking" her in FFX (very touching)
- "Alundra" ending movie
- Laguna's failure when he is trying to talk to Julia (if I remember her name correctly) in FF8
- When Snake is staring on Meryl's butt (MGS) LO_OL
- FFXI intro movie
and many more
Fine choices there Goha! biggrin.gif

A few of my fav FMVs:
- Most any cinematic sequence in Vagrant Story, but my fav of those is when Sydney and Ashley are talking in the Snowfly Forest
- The first encounter between Solid Snake and Ninja in MGS: The Twin Snakes
- The opening trailer for Z.O.E.: The Second Runner
- When Sephiroth walks through the flames at Nibelhiem
- When Luna sings on the boat in Lunar: S.S.S.
- The opening FMV for Front Mission 4
- The opening FMV for Armored Core 3
- Any 'FMV' from Ace Combat 4

I'll stop there...
@Defining: very nice shoices. I like the flames of nibelheim too.

-When Tiger from Tekken does his break dancing movie in Tekken4.
-When you first encounter the flood in Halo
-(Not really a game cinematic since it was originally in the movie but...) When Neo swoops down and saves Morpheous and the Key Maker from the colliding trucks in Enter the Matrix
is either the opening theme for DMC3 (which is kick ass) or in KH1 Final Mix, when Sephiroth and Cloud fight each other (only in the japanese one) that battle is really sweet. If you can get your hands on it and watch it, I recommend it!!!
I like the diablo2 scenes between acts...

Go hurr if u play diablo (clan site =D)
I have a new one, it's the fight between Grey Fox, Ocelot and Snake in MGS1 or Twin Snakes. I like the Twin Snakes one because it's better graphics, but either way it's sweet with everything they do while that fat guy who is tied up by the wire is watching them.
A few...

FFVII-X (not X-2)
DMC3 trailers
Chaos Legion
Onimusha 1 and 3 (see a trend?)
Some from Kingdom Hearts
Ninja Gaiden

...I can't think of anymore.
the Onimusha 3 intro is really sweet too, that's another one that I like
Full Metalloid Alchemist
The intro to Onimusha 3 is pretty kick ass, and Another Side, Another Story and Deep Dive also kick tremendous ass.
QUOTE(Full Metalloid Alchemist @ Feb 17 2005, 07:19 PM)
The intro to Onimusha 3 is pretty kick ass, and Another Side, Another Story and Deep Dive also kick tremendous ass.

yeah, I have Deep Dive on my computer and I have Onimusha 3, I like those movies, both of them were made really well and they could basically be one of the best ever. Did I ever mention that I like the fight between Cyber Ninja, Solid Snake and Ocelot in that weird room with the fat guy who's tied up in explosize C4 wires? The one in twin snakes, cause that was another really good kick ass scene!
the last one in Halo 2 is mine
Oooo... >.< To many to choose from.

The list
The boat song from Lunar: SSSC (yes, me too)
Valkyrie Profile's animated title sequence (on disk one)
FF7, when the weapons awaken
FF9, when Alexander and Bahamut duke it out
FF8, the ballroom dance scene (yeah... I'm a sucker for that one -.- )
Armored Core: Project Phantasma, title sequence
Xenogears, opening movie

and well... I'm gonna stop there, or else I'll try to go on forever.
-Otherworld (FFX)
-When The Boss betrays Snake (MGS3)
-When you encounter The Fear (MGS3)
-When Solidus reveals the true motives of the Patriots (MGS2)
-When The Fury dies (MGS3)
End Of Silent Hill 1,2,3,4
Here's my current list. I'll edit if I have more.

- Alexander vs. Bahamut in FFIX
- Soul Calibur II opening
- Ending credits of FFVIII
- Onimusha 3 opening
- Skirmish of the Silver Dragons in FFIX
- Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2 opening
- Genso Suikoden III opening
- Parasite Eve I & II openings (not the best of graphics in PE I, but I like it nonetheless)
Mustang's Apprentice
My favorite scene was in the first Knights of the Old Republic when Darth Malak revealed who your character really was. wink.gif
I'd chose the scene in the lake in FFX and the 2nd consert in FFX-2 (am i romantic or what tongue.gif ).... I also adore the endind FMV of FF8 (both before and after the ending titles)... As you can understand i also love the FF-series!!!

ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif
I like the one that's pretty much the first one you ever see in Final Fantasy X, mainly because the music is really really cool
One that comes to mind right now is the begining of DMC3-its pretty kick ass!!!XD
to get this i suppose youd need to know how rediculous The Bards Tale is.

you are walking in a sewer and there are 2 zombie dance groups having a dance off thingy. then one of the winners says "you got served." the Bard walks in and just goes "What the hell?"

that game is full of great moments
Theres alot of favorite scenes in video games...

1. Ending of Assignment Ada (RE4)
2. Knife Fight w/ Krauser (RE4)
3. Ending of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
4. intro to Resident Evil Outbreak 1
5. DMC3 intro
6. Aeris's death in FF7
When sin is being attacked in FFX, when he releases the gravity attack
I don't know if this counts as a cinamatic, but at the end of Tomb Raider Legend, once you beat the game you unlock a secret video and its a complilation of the ways Laura Croft can die.

Some of it is kind of humerous.

Ocerina of Time opening. T'was awesome
Ooooh, Also the cutscenes where they introduce a new enemy in Dino Crisis 3! Out of the Dino Crisis 3 ones I like the T-Rex and the 2-headed dino... very pretty they are, no matter how gross they look.
Fayth Prophecy
QUOTE(-Kr!zY- @ May 7 2005, 09:00 AM) [snapback]168039[/snapback]

One that comes to mind right now is the begining of DMC3-its pretty kick ass!!!XD

I agree^^ I love that opening!!

But my favorite cutscene has to be the one at the beginning of FFX, where Sin appears. That was really great.
The huge helicopter explosion scene at the end of max payne
the intro of grim fandango, LOL
when liquid attacks snake with the hind
the intro of C&C red alert 2
The ending of Metal Gear Solid 3. All of it. Everything from when you defeat the last boss and onwards. Threw me for a complete loop. One of the best endings in all of Video Gaming, and quiet possibly most modern storytelling efforts.
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