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Full Version: Compliment The Person Above You
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Don't you feel there's been too much bickering and tension lately? Let's complement this bleak atmosphere by adopting a more positive attitude towards people in general! Forget first impressions and start looking for the good sides of EVERYone! Compliment one another and live like the Rainbow Monkeys! biggrin.gif

- You canNOT say what already has been said.
- You canNOT resort to complimenting someone's avatar/sig/etc for the gajillionth time just because you can't think of anything else.
- You canNOT be sarcastic/ironic. (<-- a rule I'm probably gonna choose to ignore accidentally forget)
Gashole is a very considerate and caring person, when not being a total smartass!
edsgirl has good taste and has the same favorite quiznos sandwich as me laugh.gif
xrninja is a great artist. smile.gif
Ninja is an awesome person and usually has similar or same opinions on anime and music smile.gif

Quis beat me. Quis is a great Spam Assassin and she is a cool person and can be very comical. She is reliable and responsible.

(I doubt anyone will have any compliments on me tongue.gif especially since LMD decided to revive the Coup! thread lately dry.gif Slash denies any previous involvement in coup)
Slash, you're one of the most changed people on the board and fun to chat with smile.gif

BTW: Good idea gashole smile.gif
Full Metalloid Alchemist
Arche, you aspire to Maes Hughes, what ever the cost
arche has funny sarcastic comments [really its a good thing]

dang metalloid beat me
full metalloid alchemist is nice [i dont know your personality that well yet so... lame compliment]

ooh wait! you type fast biggrin.gif
eerabbit - I was very happy that you wanted to be a member of solipsism anonymous. Unfortunately making you a member would have puffed me out of existence, so I couldn't let you in (probably for your own good anyway - pretty lonely being the only one who really exists dry.gif).
Arche, you're a great dad and one of the best Hughes fanboys.
@Mei: You are funny and have a very attractive personality. You are fun to talk to and likes to joke around smile.gif She is also very intelligent
Slash - you like Queen - need I say more tongue.gif
@Arche: He is very observant and has a great sense of humor and creates awesome threads. He also gives great compliments tongue.gif
Slash, you know when you've gone too far and you make a good effort to make up for it afterwards.
@Mei: She also has a great memory (coup reference) dry.gif
@slash: Was that a coup reference? huh.gif I do not recall...Anyway, you're a reformed n00b. It can't get any better than that.
@Mei: I don't think I was ever a NOOB.... but hey that is your opinion. I do regret doing the whole coup thing though. You can be sarcastic when you feel like it and I think we have similar music tastes smile.gif

(I gtg to bed, ttyl guys. Nighty night.)
phoenix dying
On behalf of my "enslave" country good night slash
I love you phoenix alchemist.
You are a cool guy.

Here is a song for you.
phoenix dying
@username05 *wipes a tear*
Thank you
Phoenix has the most awesome sigs and avatars. Auron just rox my sox. smile.gif

(Gassy, I'm amazed and a tad scared that you made this board. But it was still a great idea. =D)
^ Hot.
Goldfish is a flatterer.
Wait till you see what I really look like. wink.gif
(Wow. After 1-1/2 pages of compliments and smiling faces, does anyone else not feel like vomiting? mellow.gif )

Ailuro came up with the new popular method to ridicule people express oneself carefully.
@Ailuro: She is a trustworthy person and fun to chat with.

@Gashole: Is a great thread maker and can mostly be humerous.
^Seems like a pretty cool person. I admit, at first I thought you were really annoying, but now I see the light and you're not so bad. Kudos to you Mike. Plus you have good taste in sig images (I love that GlassShard pic of Sephiroth)
definingmind is a good mediator. He knows exactly what to say to calm a princess while she's PMS-ing, and that takes real skill--and a lot of courage, too.
mei is cool because she's also aiming for a school in rhode island, and she's responsible with her college app and fafsa applications smile.gif
xrninja is admirable because she actually sacrificed the time and sanity to go through all her college applications and entrance procedures. biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Ailuro @ Jan 30 2005, 10:20 PM)
Goldfish is a flatterer.
Wait till you see what I really look like. wink.gif

Guilty as charged... sad.gif I prefer to think of it as: I can find something to encourage and compliment anyone on, anything.

Quis: Is just so self-less, it scares me.
Black Rose
@Quistis really nice to talk to

@Mike annoying at first but nice when u get to know him

@Gashole critical bout spelling but seems fun to talk to

(I don't know any1 else well enough to say)
Le Monkey
^ Because I told you what to say....
Arche - I like Him very much.
Quistis - very polite, and understanding person. Perfect for a moderator.
Mike - I like Him, but without any special resaons (maybe because of FF?...).
Omakase Shimasu - Kase was wery helpfull to me (thank You very much for Your words, I feel more self-assured now)

My intuition tells me, that more of people on this forum are nice. Trust me or not, I have good intuition smile.gif
Goha (and Black Rose) knows what I mean when I said "the person above you." smile.gif
@Gassy: Is very sarcastic and tells it like it is. Does not "go with the crowd". Is not a crazy Riza fan-girl. Is hilarious to talk to and is a good adversary sometimes tongue.gif
Slash is nice and actually rather intelligent once you get to know him. happy.gif
@Ailuro - member extroadinaire of the Binary Cult smile.gif - one of the few to realize the true value of binary silliness and also know when it needed to stop wink.gif

@gassy - I just can't help myself, but say that you are so culturally insightful laugh.gif
arche is a wonderful example of an obedient considerate member on these forums, with excellent mannerisms and post content all around.

Kids, you should have arche as your role model. biggrin.gif
alchemistgirl zero
Quisitis88 is a good forum operator, considering how she doesntly yell at me for screwing up like on the other hudnreds of forums I've joined in tha past beause I don't know how to do things half the time. smile.gif In fact, everyone on website forum is nice, compared to places like or something like that. Everyone thinks I'm crazy and won't talk me. sad.gif
I'm not crazy. I'm just a little...different.
I like You, because You're NOT crazy! Believe me biggrin.gif
- I like everyone who likes FFVII, too^^
- I like studious people^^
- Poland was a very rich and wonderful country^^
@Prinz Zoisit
-has l33t skills (going off on a limb here cause I don't know much about you)
@DOC: You are a fun and interesting person to chat with. You are good at rpg's. You can be funny sometimes and like to have joke around happy.gif Just don't get too carried away.... some people may find it nOObish and irritating and get close to getting kicked out of the forums. lol
^Is the only person that doesn't hate every fibre in my weak body.^
has a good taste in music
^Has equally good taste in music^
^has never coreected my rammAr before(i don't you have lmd)
^Manges to shrug off slander amazingly well^
^Sincere. Courageous too, I could say.
LMD is passionate with his beliefs.
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