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^right but then again, no religion is perfect. Well, not when man gets through with it.
...i hate ppl who only don't believe in God cause they wanna be something "special"...
God is your imaginary friend in your head that tells you " You can do it!!" . Or at least he lives high above the clouds. did I really just say that? Whatever, I'm leaving.
I think this is the thing that will bring about the apocolyps. God does little to let people know that he is really there. So people with seporate into people who believe and don't believe. War will break out and that will end the world as we know it. ph34r.gif
there probably is a god; but since i cant prove it, i dont try to convince people to believe what i do. i hate people who are crazy for god tho; they use their religion to jsutify doing what they want and saying its "gods plan for me". bullshit.
God.. In dictionary says that god is a being regarded or worshipped as having power over nature and control over human affairs... But to me, God is the almighty, and controls everything in this world and this whole universe as we and other living things are his creation. And so, god control our fate and life and we are his humble servants that was given brains used to think, so we can live the very best in our life without a regret unless it was a test came from God himself.. Our life is actually to obey his command as a thanks for creating us, indeed!! But god also gives us the heart which will be empowered by the evil to feel envy, hatred and many other bad feelings so we humans might fight at each other for this little wonderfull things he has put in this world.. So, be carefull!! Think wisely than just following your heart!
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