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Full Version: Which Song Is Better?
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I vote for Tobira no Mukou e, but I like both... And, I like Rewrite, too!! biggrin.gif
For's the Yellow Generation for its nice and good...I can feel the song....I like the Ready Steady Go too but Y.G. is better for me...maybe because of the one who sing it...
Ready Steady go
Alchemy Abyssum Invocat
Of these two, I prefer Yellow Generation. But the one I really like is "Link" of Le'Arc en Ciel (the video of this one is also very cool)
Dude Ready Dteady Go is the ownage enogh said
Ready Steady Go. Hyperactive and trippy all the way!
The second place of openings is Ready Steady Go, is an excellent song, but not better than Riraito. (Last OP)
~Wolven Alchemist~
I voted for Tobira no Mukou e, but I like both. happy.gif
Tobira no Mukou e for me. READY STEADY GO was the third worst opening (Melissa being the worst IMO), but I really like the tune of Tobira and it was a nice song.

If UNDO or Rewrite was us there, though, I would vote for Rewrite in a heartbeat. If it came down to it, Rewrite then UNDO.
Meitantei Conan
I like Ready Steady Go!! better laugh.gif
I think READY STEADY GO is better !
The beats are nice and i like to hear that song !
Me like Tobira no Mukou e better than Ready steady happy.gif

Ready Steady Go is way coooooooooooler.
I'll have to go with Ready Steady Go! I'm relaxed enough on my own, I need something that's going to make me move!
I'd have to go with Tobira no Mukoe. I've been obsessed with that song for weeks when I first heard it. XD
Sleeping Forest
I picked 'READY STEADY GO' since it was the first FMA opening I heard, and I don't care much for 'Tobira No Mukou e'.
Indignant Judgment
L'Arc~en~Ciel - READY STEADY GO biggrin.gif
Female Flame Alchemist
Ready Steady Go!
READY STEADY GO because it makes me hyper active happy.gif
Ready steady go for me cause i newer heard that song by Y,Generation
I like the tune of Tobira better; it seems to flow more nicely smile.gif
Ready Steady Go! for sure:)
Tobira no Mukou e. I really love that song, and I love the part in the snow. I've written the lyrics in my sketch book, so now I sing it everytime. ^^

RSG has a nice beat and makes me hyper all the time, but I'm more of a TnMe fan.
Ready Steady Go for me, despite the crappy intro where they're trying to sing in English. "Let's go steady, ready, steady, go!"???

I don't really like any of the ending songs. Especially Motherland. Bleh. I guess Tobira no Mukou he is the best of them, though.
Ready steady go! super song!
We're talking bout an opening song and an ending song here >_>

Me like Tobira no Mukou e because the lyrics fits the series very well. Ready Steady kinda annoy me, don't know why...

@those who say they never heard Tobira, so you guys only listen to the opening song and once the episode end, you turn it off without listening to ED song? Now I wonder what is actually the meaning of having ED song at all when people don't bother to listen once an episode is over.

Just reliaze that, all OP song are sung by males, while all ED song are sung by females >_>
Elise Elric
Ready Steady Go all the way! It's fast-paced and energetic.
QUOTE(Chiisana @ Apr 3 2007, 07:36 PM)
Just reliaze that, all OP song are sung by males, while all ED song are sung by females >_>

Good notice! ohmy.gif

This is hard. Both of them are good. I probably prefer Ready Steady Go more, but I like the beautiful melody of Tobira no Mukou e.
i really like the music of yellow generation ^^
Tobira no mukae for sure....
Ready Steady Go! biggrin.gif
I would like to say that it's a tough choice for me. Both are nice, both bring out the mood of the anime, both make me want to get up and dance. But I chose Tobira no Mukou He because I was sure more people would vote for Ready Steady Go, and I like to support the underdog. Besides, the lyrics to Tobira no Mukou He carry more meaning for me.
I'd have to go to with Ready Steady Go all the way
Ready Steady Go!!! =D

"fukitonde yuku fukei korugaru you ni mae e" (english translation) "Sceneries being blown away seem to whirl in front of me"

When i listen to it in the car, that what i see out thw window! I love that song!
Ready Steady Go is just awsome. It's much better than Behind the gate.
I like ready steady go but I actually prefer Tobira no Mukou e ... it just seems to fit more and RSG got a little annoying after awhile for me. :X
Necromantic Alchemist
I am going to go with "Ready Steady Go" since that is the song I get ready for the day to every morning.
Fullmetal Poser
I like "Tobira no Mukou e" better. Necromantic Alchemist drives me crazy with "Ready Steady Go." tongue.gif
l'arc-en-ciel kicks butt defiantly ready steady go though i like yellow generation....
anyone heard about ''tobira no mukou e (jazzy) by Romi paku ?
tobira no mukou e is better from me, but ready steady go is also good
L'Arc~en~ciel!!!!!!!!!! READY STEADY GO by far!
I'd say Ready Steady Go is better, but it's definently not the best one of the openings.
Oh God, the're both so good, its hard to choose, but I think Ready Steady Go is a little bit better.
edo little kid
YeLLOW Generation

YeLLOW Generation

YeLLOW Generation

YeLLOW Generation

I love YeLLOW Generation
The Frozen Alchemist
Ready, Steady, GO! is more upbeat. I think Tobira no Mokou He is good but it sounds sad.
Between the two of those, I'd say I prefer 'Ready Steady Go'.
Little Washu
Tobira no Mukou e, I like the sound and lyrics much better.
Well... I prefere Tobira no Mukou e... but Ready Stdy go! is a great song too.
Tobira is the best song of the anime for me, I already got the partiture of it.
I like Tobira no Mukou e. It's so pretty!
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