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Full Version: A Girl's Life
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Winry rushed into the bathroom, hand clamped over her mouth. The toilet’s lid went up, and her breakfast and lunch went in. She moaned, and laid a gentle hand on her stomach, before leaning over and retching again. She stopped awhile later and sat up, wiping her mouth.

Standing up shakily, Winry flushed the toilet and rinsed her mouth out.

She looked sadly at the ground as she walked. She knew the cause of her sickness, and wondered how long she could keep it from her grandmother.

“Are you alright, Winry?” Roze asked, seeing the downtrodden girl.

“Yes, I’m fine, I was just thinking I’d go visit Ms. Hawkeye.”

Roze looked at her, worry shining in her eyes, before Sammy, demanding attention, clapped his chubby hand against her cheek. She smiled affectionately at him, before tickling him.

Winry smiled, before walking over to Granny Pinako.

“Um, Granny, I was wondering if I could go visit Ms. Hawkeye for awhile?” Winry asked, worried her grandmother would ask questions.

But she only nodded, not looking up from the automail she was preparing for her new customer.

“Thank you!” She said, and ran to go pack.


“I’ll see you guys soon!” Winry said with a smile to Sheshika, Granny, Roze, and Sammy.

Sammy looked at her, eyes sad and opened and closed his hand a few times in a silent wave.

“Bye, Sammy,” The blond said, taking his small hand in hers.

“Bye?” He questioned.

The train started moving, and Winry leaned out the window to wave goodbye.

Once her friends were out of sight, she sat back down in her seat, and sigh, and laid a hand on her stomach.

‘I hope I don’t get sick,’ She thought, leaning back and drifting to sleep with the sun.

End Prologue
ed's secret agent
More!!!! *AAAaaaccchhhhooo!* *sniff* I'm still sick...
you know, even though i'm not a big fan of the presentational format, its a decent basis for a story...

a knocked up winry... laugh.gif

maybe armstrong is the dad.. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Jan 23 2005, 03:40 PM)
a knocked up winry... laugh.gif

maybe armstrong is the dad.. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

God forbid. ph34r.gif *spasm*
she has a hangover? i thought she was pregnant and going to see riza for advice o.o

at least thats waht i got outta it tongue.gif
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Jan 23 2005, 04:40 PM)
you know, even though i'm not a big fan of the presentational format, its a decent basis for a story...

a knocked up winry... laugh.gif

maybe armstrong is the dad.. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

I dare someone to write a story with that pairing, if this one isn't already intended for that pairing. laugh.gif
ed's secret agent
That would be sooooooo wrong.... heh,heh,heh...
but funny...
NO! Ew! No Winry/Armstrong. That is sick, and wrong... (maybe alittle bit funny), but mostly sick mad.gif .

@Alchemy101: First reaction: WINRY'S PREGGO?!?! ohmy.gif lol. You've got a nice start. Nice verbs, such as "retching", even though I don't like the thought of vomiting/ralphing/hurling or whatever you want to call it biggrin.gif . "Retch" isn't even a fun word to say laugh.gif . Anyways, keep up the good work wink.gif .
Armstrong + ANYONE is beyond thought.

Nice start to a story since you never actually say whats up...even though we can guess. tongue.gif
ed's secret agent
Let's say Ed is the dad... **That thought just brightened up my day!!!
Ed's gonna be a daddy!!! Chiyo I love your avatar.

**My mom is being mean today...
Yay, brightened my day too!

And thank-you ed's secret agent, glad you like it.
ed's secret agent
Let's see if Alchemy101 posts more If I scream.


Now I wait...
i like it...kinda sick but still
The Nature Alchemist
I liked it, but I'm getting away from the idea of Winry/Armstrong. Maybe it was that crazy dude that kidnapped Winry when she visited Ed and Al in Central. You know, the one that chopped up women, then tried to chop up Ed?
^^ Wouldn't she have been a bit young at that time, and that would have been one hell of an overdue pregnancy if that was correct (3 years?!).

Winry and Armstrong is very......strange, but if this is the case, it could be very 'fun.'

Also..grammar (I should apply for the grammar police smile.gif ), the verb is 'wretch' not 'retch,' tongue.gif
i like the story starts biggrin.gif
>.<! Gomen nasai, minna-san for not updating in so long!!!! If there's anyone still interested in this story, here's the second chapter!


She stood in complete darkness, small cloth bundle in her arms, when a huge stone gate appeared in front of her. She knew immediately that this was ‘The Gate’ she’d overheard Ed talking about

It slowly opened, and she looked at it in horror as tiny, black, sharp clawed hands ripped the bundle from her arms.

She screamed, reaching for it but not being able to grasp it as the terrifying hands pulled it into the dark depths of the Gate. Tears poured from her eyes as she looked despairingly into the dark abyss.

But the Gate didn’t close, and out of it came a struggling Ed. She called out his name and fell on him, begging him to get back what was taken from her.

He just shook his head, head bowed.

“It’s Equivalent Exchange,” He said, still not looking up.

She begged harder, and his head shot up. He gave a toothy grin, all of them pointy, eyes holding a crazed malice.

Winry backed up, and Ed clapped his hands, transmuting his automail into a sharp point.

He drew his arm back, and thrust it forward.

She coughed up blood. “W-why?” She asked, blood dribbling down her chin and onto the automail she’d so painstakingly created especially for him.

Winry woke with a start and a small scream.

The dream had terrified her, and she knew it would be one of the few that would stay with her.

The blond exhaled shakily, and realized that the train was coming to a stop.

She stood and, garbing her coat and suitcase, walked off the train.


Winry took a deep breath, and knocked on the door of Riza Hawkeye’s two-story house.

The cinnamon-eyed girl opened the door and blinked.

“Um…Sorry, for not calling ahead or anything, but…I need some advice.” Winry said, looking down.

Unquestioningly, Riza moved aside to allow Winry to enter.

“Rizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” There was a low, pitiful moan from the room on the right.

“Oh,” Winry said quickly, “I’m sorry, you have company-”

“It’s just the colonel. I’m watching over him until his rehab is complete.”

The younger nodded, and they entered Roy’s room.

Riza walked over and, using the glass of water Winry hadn’t realized she’d had before, drenched the Flame Alchemist. Calmly, she placed the now empty glass on the table and refilled it before placing the pitcher roughly down, water sloshing over the nightstand.

Roy sputtered and pushed his wet, raven locks out of his eyes. He noticed Winry and froze, looking at her apprehensively, as if she’d bite his head off at any moment.

“Please, sit down,” Riza said, her arms crossed. Winry did as she was asked, sitting near the wounded man.

The automechanic fidgeted, hands clasped firmly in her lap.

“Ms. Rockwell?” the lieutenant questioned. “Would you like to discuss this somewhere else?”

“No,” Winry said surprisingly firm, “I think it would be good for me to get more than one persons point of view on this.”

The sharpshooter nodded.

“I-I couldn’t tell my grandmother. I’m afraid of how she’d react.”

“It’s OK, you can tell me.”

Tears came to the sixteen-year-olds eyes, and she clutched her skirt tightly.

“If this is too weird…” the woman offered.

Winry shook her head fiercely, then took a deep breath.

Tears sprung out of her eyes and ran heavily down her cheeks as she gave her answer.

“I’m Pregnant!”


Riza pet the sleeping blonde’s hair softly, almost affectionately, before giving a small sigh and walking briskly back to Roy’s room.

She said nothing as she sat down in the seat her junior had sat in not half an hour ago, steely mask set in place as she took up and apple and knife and began peeling it, more in an effort to keep her hands busy than to prepare to eat.

“Riza,” the raven-haired man tried, in an effort to catch her attention.

He tried again, “Riza,”

No response.

“Lieutenant,” Roy said firmly, placing a hand on hers, effectively stopping her from peeling the ruby red specimen she held, tighter than necessary, in her hands. She looked up at him in a lost sort of way as he gently tugged both items from her hands and set them on the nightstand, the apples still attached peel curling lazily around in a ringlet, hanging off the corner of the wooden table.

“What’s wrong?” he pressed gently, giving her the option to either tell him of brush it stubbornly off like he knew she most likely would.

To his surprise, she answered, though she sighed first, her cool mask shattering with a sigh as sadness and fatigue seeped into her eyes, almost tangible as it filled her cinnamon orbs and dripped into the room. “She’s afraid to tell her grandmother,” she started, then stopped, almost as if hoping the colonel would finish her thought for her.

Apparently he caught on. “You are under no obligation to tell her; she came to you as a friend in a time of need, and that’s all that matters.”

Riza nodded, taking up the apple again.

“You need to eat,” was her excuse, and the flame alchemist nodded, accepting her excuse with ease.


I'm sorry again! Hopefully I'll have the next chapter soon!

Who's the daddy?....I wonder.....

I dare someone to write a story with that pairing, if this one isn't already intended for that pairing.

*slams fist down on the table* I'LL DO IT! *blushes as everyone stares*
HuM Naulty naulty Winry
please make more
More please. lol.

Wow. ArmstrongxWin? O_O
Water Achemist
more please? This is interesting.
TSilver Fox
Yes, this one is intresting indeed, although I read it from the get go I just finished the two chapters again. I would very much like to hear more as well.
eapies! where is this going? i dont know but im quite excitable! good job..very suspensful...eii! i havent read a fanfic that took this very intrigued keep it coming!!

(please god dont let it be armstrong..sleep.gifu ugh..dont even wanna think about it! and no waaay can it be barry. ooh what if it ended up being russel? ooh hahah. but i want ed-o..)
QUOTE(Luckyalchemy27 @ Jul 5 2005, 07:58 PM) [snapback]206456[/snapback]


Who's the daddy?....I wonder.....

I dare someone to write a story with that pairing, if this one isn't already intended for that pairing.

*slams fist down on the table* I'LL DO IT! *blushes as everyone stares*

Omg If you do, I promise to review. wink.gif
ed's numbuh 1 fan
*taps finger on chin* *tap* *tap* hhhnnnmmmm
mmmmmmmmm this is getting interesting i hope edo is the daddy but pleeeaase any body but armstrong i beg youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!
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