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Full Version: Scariest/freakiest Character (from any series)
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Barry the chopper when he's human and Dante.
ed's numbuh 1 fan
Well pretty much all the bad guys freaked me out. laugh.gif
Um but mostly it was Envy,Dante, and [spoiler]Sloth's transmutation[/spoiler]
:3 thats thats about it.

Lust freaked me out in the manga though. xD I wish she was'nt like that in the manga. D: She was one of my favorite Homunculi.
[spoiler]Sloth when she was first transmuted. It makes me wonder how, say, Envy mighta[/spoiler]

And...Dante. I shriek whenever she comes on. >_>
The random alchemist
QUOTE(Azen22 @ Jul 18 2006, 05:33 PM) [snapback]423125[/snapback]
The scariest is in a FMA profile book that has bonus manga. It shows a failed transmutated girl thats a skeleton and wearing a dress and sittin in a chair with toys are around her. It is very creepy. But she is still living just without a soul. Sorry if that spoiled it for anyone.

hey, anyone got a link to that?

also I find Movie!Gluttony so darn creepy. hense why I hate the end of the anime dry.gif they ruin his character. it would have been alot better if he would have stayed normal, fought Wrath, then being so depressed over [spoiler]Lust's death[/spoiler] he would have ask [spoiler]human!Al to transmute him and Wrath to open the gate[/spoiler]

Also Archernater sorta creeped me out... and Chimera!Tucker
Gluttony's so gruesome in the movie! I hate him in his true form...not cute anymore...more like a mixed body combination,yuck!
Kitty Chow
Probably Envy...he killed Ed =(
To me, how creepy a person is should be measured by what they do, not how they look. On that line, I would say the creepiest people are Archer, who finds it no problem killing innocent people, and Kimbly, who always makes it his job killing innocent people for just the pure enjoyment.
Gluttony is nasty i kinda get scared when izumi gets angry too.
QUOTE(pawnedbyme @ Jan 20 2007, 04:38 PM) [snapback]495894[/snapback]
Gluttony is nasty i kinda get scared when izumi gets angry too.

True that!
My cousin actually hid on the bed sheets when she saw him... (weird, huh?) biggrin.gif
in the manga: the 'truth'

anime:tucker or movie gluttony
@kitty chow - Please use spoiler tags.
[spoiler] Your words.[/spoiler]
true gluttony (movie form) isnt scary hes cuute remmber when hes smashing the platform that wrath is runnin on.. he has the cutest little dimples and hes smiling..its so GROTESQUE!!! mad.gif
true gluttony (movie form) isnt scary hes cuute remmber when hes smashing the platform that wrath is runnin on.. he has the cutest little dimples and hes smiling..its so GROTESQUE!!! mad.gif

he... has cute dimples?
Living on Violent Edge
i don't even wanna know. tongue.gif

but whenever i watch anything with Barry the Chopper...i get freaked because I know there are men like him in this world.
My god, Tucker is creepy. Sacrificing his daughter to make a chimera and afterwards wanting to make a clone of her. The way he looked and talks sends chills...

Kimblee was a sadistic bastard who enjoys the sound of people screaming as they blow up. He reminds me of "the Joker" from Batman, just not as intelligent. ph34r.gif
QUOTE(Peachilicious @ Jan 22 2005, 09:48 PM) *
Well, my personal vote goes to (spoilers for episode 31):

The result of Izumi's human transmutation.

I know that the moment we see it is coming... yet it never fails to scare the living daylights out of me. That and maybe the fact that I always seem to watch this episode alone with all the lights turned off late at night. sad.gif

now that you mention it yeah it is scary...
Manga!Envy and manga!Gluttony's true forms!!! They really scare me!!!
I would have to say chimera Tucker. The way he talks freaks me out and he looks really weird. He's all upside down and all...
Envy is pretty scary too when he's angry. Though he's like, my second favorite character. o.o
QUOTE (Kitty Chow @ Dec 18 2006, 07:00 AM) *
Probably Envy...he killed Ed =(

Yeah... that was so sad. O.O when he killed ED. T.T
Envy freaks me out, as well as tucker and how he turned mad(somewhat) after being turned into a chimera... and his desperation in reviving nina freaks me out. O.O

Then... for the females, i hate dante. O.o she's evil. and that's all there is to it.
I would have to say Tucker!!!!! He's just messed up in the head!!!! And how he looks later in the series (first anime) is just weird!
Kimblee. Defenitely.
Forsaken Love
i dunno *scruffles hair* no one in fma really creeps me out mmm, those zombie things in the latest chapters are pretty scary XD lol
Pride. Definitely. Innocent looking kid being the most evil of the Homunculii. Definitely him.
ARCHER!!! sad.gif
Father, cuz he looks so much like Hoenheim and has freaky alchemy powers. Plus he's the one who made all the creepy homunculi. o.O
[I am talking about manga and brotherhood, not the first anime.]

1. Pride. Like one of those evil sick kids from horror films.
2. Kimbley. Kinda terrorist.
3. Wrath. Your usual evil dictator but quite good at it.
Oh Wow! there are quite a few for me!

1. The TRUE "Father" as his been revealed in the latest chapter.

2. Gluttony is always scary. in all forms!Every time I see him appear I get nervous!

3. Envy was creepy when he transformed into that giant beast.

4. Kimbley, he is just a psychopath.

5. The "zombies" in the manga.

It's amazing how dark this series can get! biggrin.gif
Selim Bradley/Pride in the manga. He reminds me of the kid from The Omen. *shudders*
imagination ed & al.
nutshell:in xiao mei's mind
Hm..... I haven't watched the first anime in quite a while, and then I've never read the manga, so it'll be tough to come up with some concrete answers to this question, but . . .

Well, since we're talking about scariest/freakiest character, I'd say that Gluttony is my least-favorite Homunculus, and he's more weird in "Conqueror of Shamballa". All the failed human transmutations go into this list, too. Then there is post-Gate x2 Eckhart from the movie.

Can't think of many more . . . I really need to refresh my memory . . . blush.gif
well, nobody actually creeps me out, I mean come on, itīs anime and manga, itīs not real... huh.gif but I think the homonculi are all kind of scary. and kimbley. defenitely kimbley biggrin.gif
I thought Barry the Chopper's body with the animal soul was pretty creepy. Gluttony is certainly creepy as are the zombies. Kimbley is a freak, but a mortal freak so I can't put him on top. I would put Pride and Father on top of my list.

*Father's new form gives me the creeps.. he is like pride but with the shape of a human body.. eyes everywhere *shivers*

*Pride.. he looked so creepy in that tunnel..

*and in the first anime.. Archer freaked me out at the end
Manga Pride...and manga Envy. He/she/it is just such a twisted character.
I do not know who is scary, but I can pick the most intimidating character. I would have to go with Scar, he is a beast.
1. Pride/Selim Bradley: He has a very scary ability which is groping a girl (liza Hawkeye) with his razor shadow hands. Scary!!! :-O I would not want ever to meet that thing.

2. The Truth: a formless thing with the ability to take away a person's body part. >_<
Forsaken Love
that creepy scientist that very rarely pops up XD but appeared at the end of the last chapter XD creeeeeeepy
Roy Mustang in chp. 94


But other than that, it would probably be the things Ed+Al created. That was creepy.
Ok so it's not really a character, but it was pretty freakish.
Twilight Warrior Alchemist
QUOTE (Hilde Knight @ Jan 23 2005, 12:31 AM) *
Honestly, without getting into abnormal physical attrbutes, probably Barry.

Just the whole guy from Silence of the Lambs-esque, slicing human kind of thing, then that smile. Add that in with cross dressing and it just kind of freaks me out.

He's like the equivalent to that creepy guy that lives in the same apartment building as you, but the only time you see him outside of his apartment is when he goes to hang out outside the middle school.

Yeah, I was freaked out by him, he just kinda kept well trying to kill and kill and laughing all the while freaked me out.

I was also scared of Scar too, I mean he's just frightfully fierce and remorseless.
Katya Martin
Pride. That thing scared HAWKEYE for crying out loud. Pride has appeared in my nightmares. Thing is dang hard to outrun.
And then Kimbley. Creepy psycho bomber... o_o
(Note: I'm talking about the manga versions of the characters.)

While I think that Pride is really scary in a primal fear -invoking way, I gotta say that Kimbley takes the cake for the scariest one. What makes Kimbley so creepy for me is the fact that he matches the creepiness level of the homunculi despite being a perfectly normal human. The homunculi are practically personifications of the deadly sins of some unholy abomination, so you expect them to be scary. Besides, they're... fictional. I mean, so is Kimbley, but human sociopaths exist in the real world, while homunculus villains don't. There could be (and are) people a bit like Kimbley in my social circles. (Minus the ability to blow things up with alchemy, but yeah.) They seem nice on the outside, and then...

...Sociopaths always make me feel uneasy.
QUOTE (Katya Martin @ Jan 6 2010, 11:38 PM) *
Pride. That thing scared HAWKEYE for crying out loud. Pride has appeared in my nightmares. Thing is dang hard to outrun.

You had nightmares of Pride? Jeez, I wish I did. It sounds like fun... -thinks- -imagines- -quivers- Okay... not really. I can just picture myself running and his little shadows chasing me.... Ugh, that's creepy.... But I'd still like to have the experience. I'm gonna attempt to get this nightmare tonight.

1. Pride. For sure. I love the guy, he's one of my favorite characters, but he's creepy. He's not someone you want to mess with. And even as an ally he's creepy. Like what he did to Gluttony and Kimbley?.... Yeah.

2. Kimbley. He's fun to watch, but he's a real crazy guy. He's disturbing. Just disturbing.

3. Envy. Even though his efforts are pretty much futile once you figure out what he's aiming at, his intentions, his actions, and the way he's proud of what he does is just downright freaky. I mean, who didn't make a face of disgust when he joyfully and proudly announced himself as the trigger to the Ishbal War.

4. Human Barry from anime1. That guy had real problems.

5. Archer from anime1. He's a pale, militant,.... pale-person. And then he goes and becomes Terminarcher. Rly?
Katya Martin
I applied the Boggart Principle to Pride... I turned him into the Awesome Smiley.


Terminarcher... lol... and of course that was a total departure from SCIENCE! in general (dude, he was missing half his head!)
Scariest character in anime1: Hohenheim. He was so unpredictable, at times behaving like Hohenheim in manga, then changing to something completely else. Took me some tome to adjust to Hohenheim in manga so I liked him.

Scariest in general: Pride. That little freaky.... I learnt to admire him for his character power and for being so utterly evil and bad but I still don't like him. A lot.

Nice avatar, Katya Martin, I like it a great deal, made me snicker at the computer for some time. So adorable!
Mmm...probably Dr. Goldtooth. The fact that he is cross-eyed and that he eventually is transmuted in a giant ball of stuff with multiple heads make him one of the most creepy character IMO.
@ Katya: Yeah, Terminarcher was a REAL departure from science. Half his head and body get sucked away and he's somehow still alive. Sure automail can probably make up for limbs and junk, but what about his brain? How did they manage that?... That's probably a question that should go in the FMA Q & A thread. Hah, I'll post that there later. Anyways, Terminarcher, real creepy but in the State Alchemists vs. Homunculi OVA, he is one fun character to watch.

And I have another character to add to my list: That chimera thingy who followed Greed around. His name was... well, it started with a B I think. Bildo or something like that... -flips through manga volumes sitting on her desk- Oh! Bido! There we go. That was a freak of nature. I had urges to murder that thing when I first saw it in anime1 teasing Al and climbing up a wall like a cockroach. tongue.gif
Katya Martin
Bido looked pretty creepy, but I thought he was just sorta pitiful after his character was more established.

Oh, and Envy creeps me out. Envy in person isn't all that creepy until it turns into the Envysaurus Rex, but when you think about its powers a bit, you realize that unless you can directly see it, ANYONE could be it. Shudder. The whole sadistic bit doesn't help either.
In the manga: Pride because he's so creepy for a "little boy" !
Kimblee too. And also Scar at the beginning of the manga but he now happens to be one of my favourite characters! =)
Shou Tucker was somehow freaky too, even if he was weak. ohmy.gif
Archer because he just looks creepy. He looks like a vampire. Vampires are creepy.

Shou Tucker is a creepy SOB too.
Father takes the cake, IMO, as far as the creep factor goes.

Though really, Pride is not that far behind.
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