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QUOTE(TheVileOne @ Jan 27 2005, 08:29 PM)
QUOTE(xrninja @ Jan 27 2005, 11:08 PM)
i can't wait to see all the captains and vice captains (which got translated as lieutenant, eh).....especially hitsugaya, voiced by your idol and mine, paku romi! biggrin.gif

My idol is Vic Mignogna tongue.gif biggrin.gif

really? but when i become world dictator, he's one of the people on my vaporize list! ohmy.gif i plan on giving paku romi her own country, though. tongue.gif

@ blue: yes, really. biggrin.gif

so has anyone watched the asterisk video yet? i can't stop watching it *__*
I only just listened to the full version of the song. I actually prefer how it sounds on the show better (it's a bit slower i think?)

Eek! I forgot about the video. I'll try to go watch it. laugh.gif

[blue is still dancing with glee about Paku Romi. Her voice will really suit his character]
I thought having sasuke's seiyuu was awesome, but now this is icing on the cake!
the seiyuu for bleach are just plain AWESOME. they did such a great job casting the voices......i'm going to watch episode 16 now and see how chouji's seiyuu works out for renji, and tezuka's seiyuu for byakuya biggrin.gif but ichigo, kon, ishida, isshin, karin, keigo, rukia.....the voices are awesome. don't you love how rukia's voice turns all cutesy-sweet around ichi's classmates? XD "iyada, hazukashikute dekinai wa~~!" *demure blush* biggrin.gif
chouji's seiyuu works out for renji,

I knew his voice sounded familiar! (I'm becoming giddier by the minute!)

Now that I'm in a Bleachy mood, I think I'll go catch up on the manga (I'm about two chapters behind) laugh.gif
ooh, good episode. the art was a little lacking again (i think the art was the best in the episode with the parakeet, the one where ichigo is teaching rukia about juice boxes) and renji looked a but byakuya looked great. i guess chouji's seiyuu does work out for renji, who's very obnoxious this episode sleep.gif and there was dorky-ishida-ness and lots of bouncing kon! the next episode should be a good one.

i dislike a lot of lunar's translations, though; i'm used to how manga rain translates and i'd prefer "shinigami" to soul reaper/death god, "vice captain" to lieutenant, and definitely "gotei 13" to the thirteen court guardians. not a big deal, just a peeve of mine.
Artemis Winter
I DEFINITELY prefer 'shinigami' and 'Gotei 13'. But I have no qualms, since episode 16 has sent me into fits of SQUEEEEEEE. >>;

YAY FOR PAKU ROMIII-- *shot* On the soul_society LiveJournal community, someone fan-casted Vic Mignogna into the role of Hitsugaya...amused was I.

@ xrninja: YES. It is SO priceless when Rukia gets so demure and tame around Ichigo's classmates...and the voice casting is just brilliant! (I love Orikasa Fumiko from Digimon Tamers, so I'm a dork. tongue.gif Her voice sounds so different in Bleach! Attests to the incredible talent of seiyuu. American VAs can be good, but no one can top Japan's finest.)
QUOTE(Artemis Winter @ Jan 28 2005, 11:35 AM)
@ xrninja: YES. It is SO priceless when Rukia gets so demure and tame around Ichigo's classmates...and the voice casting is just brilliant! (I love Orikasa Fumiko from Digimon Tamers, so I'm a dork. tongue.gif Her voice sounds so different in Bleach! Attests to the incredible talent of seiyuu. American VAs can be good, but no one can top Japan's finest.)

and chouji and renji! when i first saw the seiyuu listing i thought " that going to work out?" but the seiyuu did a great job of capturing renji's personality in his voice, and i don't know if i'd be able to pick out the seiyuu as chouji's without knowing beforehand first. biggrin.gif
I've seen bleach anime now to ep 17...
I LUUUUUUUV IT <3 biggrin.gif
yesh!! Bleach should be loved forever XD
This can be said as the...... BEST manga ^^
I really luv bleach anime, it rocks
Mr Orange
The lastest episode... Can't wait untill the next one, the same with naruto.
Both of them are superb.
Training starts next episode (I can't wait to see this animated) Straw Hat guy is badass [note; I just prefer calling him straw-hat guy] happy.gif

Renji's voice is perfect btw. It's hard to detect "Chouji" there.
omg eps 17 was great!!! Hope that they get to soul socitiy soon....i think eps 18's raw is out right now... blink.gif damn hope lunar gets the eps faster.. laugh.gif
Just got Episode 18. I hope to watch it later tonight.

It's a really good anime. The father's the best laugh.gif - too bad I couldn't be more like him. I'd love to be that embarassing and oblivious smile.gif

Anyway, add me to the bleach anime followers list tongue.gif
Yahoo (adds Arche's name to the scroll)

When I read that you had started watching, I thought of the hyper-active father right away happy.gif

To me, everything so far has been "the introduction"
Bleach is really going to start now with this arc. I'm looking forward to hearing/seeing all the Captains/Vice-Captains.

I especially can't wait to hear Hitsugaya voiced by Paku Romi. It's just how I imagined him in the manga happy.gif.
Arche, you've already seen him (Introduced by Kon an episode or 2 ago) [Blue Points to white haired kid in her sig]

edti: for those impatient episode 19 raw is out: and some really spiffy screencaps can be found here episode 19 screencaps
I'm not such a gigantic fan of Bleach.. but still have to keep on watching it. biggrin.gif
the story kind of has me wrapped in it and now that Ishida has made his appearance.. *holds up Ishida banner*... oh and I love the humorous parts. Poor Kon laugh.gif . He'd have to be my second fave after Ishida *still waves banner*

I have great trouble with remembering names though... *sighs* I'll be trying my best. *fist in the air*
Hitsugaya... Got it. I think.
Ah I soon have to see ep 19.... I'm interested to know more about Ichigo and Ishida's training wink.gif (and especially Ishida's)
(waves) Hey Kihaku!
You seem to be posting quite a bit today! Good to see you.

Yes, I'm sure you will like Hitsugaya, especially since he'll be voiced by Paku Romi...(blue swoons at her own sig)

As for Ishida's training...the explanation (when it's told and what it consisted of) will be very interesting....Ishida will get siggied when that's made into the anime (he looks quite good in that scene)
Hiya! biggrin.gif Nah, not posting that much..but I tried to actually write my opinion in topics instead of just reading wink.gif
Wow, I've actually been watching Bleach since the first subbed ep was available biggrin.gif That's why it's kind of surprising that that was my first post in this topic.... Um I liked the first ep and the second... but then I started losing interest... But thanks to Ishida I got it back! biggrin.gif Anyhow... I never stopped watching Bleach, so I guess I hadn't really lost interest....
Ooh.. There's something great coming? *jumps up and down*. I wanna see that scene with Ishida! biggrin.gif *waves banner*
Hitsugaya looks cute wink.gif And of course I've loved paku Romi's voice acting from what I've seen/heard.. biggrin.gif
@ kihaku: hitsugaya is awesome! i think he's my favorite shinigami captain. and i'm sure our dear shirou-chan will sound great voiced by the wonderful paku romi. wink.gif

finally! it's not much different from the music video version of the song, and has another few tracks, including the "romantic version" of asterisk, which i quite like for some reason. laugh.gif

orange range - asterisk

(if the link doesn't work, i got it off of a link on
Rei Valentine
I only read the Manga but i do want to see the anime is there a site where i can download the english verison for free?
I have only seen the first episode but I already love it XD It is so hilarious and action packed and it's only the beginning. The theme song is also great. Even when they try to make it serious they make me laugh. I can't wait till my second episode is done downloading so I can watch another happy.gif The only complaint I have about the show is Yuzu's VA. It sounds so stereotypical and it is plain annoying. It is so darned high pitched. I also find Karin to be quite comical. Their who family is histerical.
I hope you haven't been spoiled about what we talked about before...actually some thing about your sig is a spoiler too (but I'm not'll just have to wait and see)

yay! more bleach fans gathering...

For those who saw episode 20:
Do you think it was a bit rushed?
Somehow I felt like they put many different things in together all at once, and some nice details from the manga were cut out.

...and the fight between my beloved strawhat man and ichigo was somehow shortened i think blink.gif
I didn't read previous posts, luckilly biggrin.gif

Something in my sig? The only thing I could thing it could be is the Sword. It looks different from the one he takes from the Shinigami. Or perhaps his clothes. I dunno tongue.gif I will continue to DL the second episode. BTW, if anyone knows any bittorrent sites that have episodes 10+ please PM me with a link. It would be much appreciated. smile.gif
just google "Lunar, torrent"... they've been consistently subbing ever since anbu gave up after the 3rd or 4th episode
happy.gif Thank you so much Blue! Originally I was actually looking for Naruto fansubs because Kara told me about the show but I stumbled onto Bleach and decided on that instead. I have heard great things about both shows though. Thanks again for the info. wink.gif
or just go to -> series -> bleach. they'll have links to torrents of all the episodes. i think lunar's torrent site is a.scarywater/net/lunar? something close to that.
You're right Ninja... as always dry.gif Jk tongue.gif

Duh, I am so stupid. I just watched the theme song (just for the song and cinematics) and I noticed that he is fighting samurais or something in ancient Japan. So I guess that picture refers to his past life and he is some kinda slayer or something. So i guess this might explain how he absorbs all of the Shinigami's power. I dunno if this is true but it's an educated guess tongue.gif
blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif

That's some guess....but no I don't think so laugh.gif
;_; That would seem to be the logical explanation. But somehow a show about Soul Society and Hallow souls seems more logical XD How many Japanese episodes have come out? I can only find 20 fansubs.
Hheh.. it's just 20 wink.gif I think the 21st airs tomorrow in Japan....
Argh.. before my comp comes back I won't be able to see any...which means I'm still stuck with 19... but well I can wait.
I also really liked the first ep wink.gif ... not the opening theme though.. I don't know.. I just don't like it. I liked the ending though and I do like the new ending now too.
I'm starting to get used to the opening... but I wouldn't mind if that changes too. tongue.gif
I like the opening to the first episode, both cinematically and audio. I thought the ending theme was a lil too girly. When do they change the opening theme? Since they are only on Ep.21 in Japan I guess this is a pretty recent anime. I am almost done DLing Ep2 so I can watch that soon happy.gif I get an episode every 5 or 6 days XD Yes, my internet is that slow laugh.gif
At least I think they're up to ep 21... and yeah Bleach started.. um was it at the end was last October? My memory is soo bad. tongue.gif
And I believe the manga is still ongoing and very popular in Japan too at the moment. smile.gif
I don't know when the opening theme changes.. and the ending theme... (ooh.. how can you say it's girly tongue.gif ) changes...argh I can't remember.. but it wasn't a long time ago.
You don't try downloading more than one ep at a time? Then you might have more to watch at a time, but well.. it doesn't really matter since you'll have to get use to seeing only one ep a week later anyway. wink.gif
My internet really sucks, I would DL more than one episode at a time if I could, but I can hardly support one XD I didn't know they already had a manga out of Bleach alreday, or was the Manga first then the series? XD How can you not think the first ending is girly? laugh.gif At least I thought it was tongue.gif Anywho, I will be done it soon, I possibly got it done yesterday but too lazy >_< I'll be back here once it is done loading XD 'Till then, tah happy.gif
Indeed it was the manga first, and then the anime (this tends to be the trend, ne?)

Well Cowboy Bebop, and Evangelion are exceptions, but still. happy.gif

And I like the second ending a million times more than the first....the first ending: the way it begins with that whiny English voice disturbs me a bit...laugh.gif
I've just seen the first four episodes. They were great. I got it from a friend. Hopefully I can get the rest of the episodes. biggrin.gif
To tell the truth... I don't rmember that much of the ending...tongue.gif Well.. I guess it could be a little girly(the "ribbon"?).. but Bleach as some "girly moments" too tongue.gif My bro manages always to catch a glance of those.I haven't been able to convince him that Bleach is a shonen series..tongue.gif

yeah.. I always expect there to be an already existing manga when the series starts.. Usually I'm more surprised when I find out that that isn't the case (well besides with Pokémon and Digimon)
I actually expected the ending to be all in English at first... I like the song. And it's pretty short too.. well even the second one is quite short and I actually like it more.
I actually watch the endings all through.. but I usually skip the opening....

Good luck! biggrin.gif
I just watched the second episode. I hate Rukia's voice when she was pretending to be a new student XD Her Shinigami glove thing is kick ass though. This epiosde wasn't as commical but it sheds more light on the full duties of a Shinigami. I thought it was funny when she popped out of his closet laugh.gif The show also shows a lot of maturity differences, in Ichigo particularly. I can't wait till I watch episode 3 tongue.gif
DarkWater Alchemist
Just watched ep 21 ^^ Ichigo was so cool, Ishida was acting rather idiot though >_< Anyway, I do really like this anime- does anyone know how many eps there are/will be?
Oh noo..... How can you say that Ishida was acting like an idiot? tongue.gif I thought he was hilarious with his "spare cape" tongue.gif I just love his outfit anyways wink.gif.
Now... I want to see him display his awesome power too.. He can't have been training for nothing tongue.gif. *waves Ishida banner*.
Okay, I'll admit that Ichigo was pretty cool and overwhelming wink.gif.
How many eps of Bleach? Oh.. I really don't know...Aren't there over 20 vols of the manga and it's still ongoing? I suppose there will be quite many eps...
I loved the "spare cape" laugh.gif

Saw 22 and I can't stand waiting until next week mad.gif - I guess I should start reading manga to fill the void, but I really don't like to - my reading style doesn't work well for manga or any comics and it becomes a chore for me to read them sad.gif

My wife is now on episode 10 and is enjoying the series. She loves Kon smile.gif
DarkWater Alchemist
Okay, that spare cape was quite hilarious. It's funny that he cares about something like that anyway. *waves another Ishida flag* I still like him, of course.

Just seen ep 22, eating breakfast ^^
The anime is funny~ the manga even funnier~ ^^ Started on the anime, somehow felt it was missing something then bought all the manga at one go (finished em up within a week). Now I enjoy the anime even more (even if it misses out small funny parts). Episode 23's showing in about 15 minutes~ *waits*
Yay for Ishida flags smile.gif
yeah.. I also felt at the start that the anime kind of missed.. "something".
And the Ishida appeared. tongue.gif No just kidding.. but I didn't just get into it the same way as I did with some series. It still might take time to grow on me a little.. but I keep on liking it more and more.
Ep 23. smile.gif . I couldn't help but laugh at the little "fight" in that "house".
I waited for something to happen to that pipe....
When is season two or whatever season they are on over? Because I am planning to get fansubs this summer.
QUOTE(Slashrose1010 @ Apr 16 2005, 07:10 PM)
When is season two or whatever season they are on over? Because I am planning to get fansubs this summer.

well guessing by the the fact that they changed the intro starting in ep 26, and the latest fansub out is 27 i would guess that there should be at least 6 more weekly eps.
kind of hard to say when the second season ends, since the soul society arc is looong. maybe after zaraki's fight and before renji's? not sure what that'd be in terms of episodes.

hm, i just watched 27 today. and the seiyuu were great as usual, but it's really irritating how the animation quality yoyos around between episodes. 26 had pretty good animation and great voices, but the animation in 27 got crappy again and after watching 26 over and over again during my spring break and getting used to the good animation, it was kind of a sudden change (though i should have expected it) and disappointed me a lot.
Yeah Studio Pierrot seems to lack good quality control and consistency with episodes of their anime. Naruto especially. They do Naruto right?

At this rate, the Soul Society arc is going to take like 20 seasons to finish smile.gif . I hope the animators got plenty of ramen. This soul society arc is like DBZ-esque in its obscene length.
Awww man... I will check in about two months to see when this season is over... I might DL them instead if my dad keeps his word and gets us comcast internet. The whole show so far has been basically one arc? *shrugs* Hopefully the show still retains its quality.
mm, well, the first 15 episodes or so weren't part of the soul society arc. and i hate comcast cable, it's so frigging flaky and dies on me regularly.

QUOTE(TheVileOne @ Apr 18 2005, 12:01 AM)
Yeah Studio Pierrot seems to lack good quality control and consistency with episodes of their anime.  Naruto especially.  They do Naruto right?

yeah, they do. i think they pace bleach a lot better than they do naruto, though. and yeah, longer anime series seem to use multiple animation teams, which means the quality suffers when an episode's delegated to any team other than the A team...but the good team did 28, therefore ishida looked very hot, and all is right with the world. or rather, my world. tongue.gif

QUOTE(TheVileOne @ Apr 18 2005, 12:01 AM)
At this rate, the Soul Society arc is going to take like 20 seasons to finish smile.gif . I hope the animators got plenty of ramen.  This soul society arc is like DBZ-esque in its obscene length.

but dude, the soul society arc is so damn good, what with the current happenings in the manga. i'm really looking forward to more taichou/fukutaichou appearances, especially hitsugaya, shuuhei, and shunsui. and then there's all the bankai fun with yoruichi...biggrin.gif
some randomness here! why the heck is BLEACH named BLEACH??? blink.gif is it because they couldn't think of a name so they wrote that or what??? its just like FRUITS BASKET, i mean, its about the zodiac, but why name it FRUITS BASKET??? :confused:
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