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forgive/ignore my handwriting to the side. There really isn't much to say on this piece. I wanted it to be simple, b&w. And I think I did that.
hrm... a rather unusual style... the head looks a bit too big for the body, IMO...and something about the posture isn't quite right... his shoulder looks twisted or something, i can't quite put my finger on it. also the hair at the base of the ponytail looks too plastic, it needs to flow from the band a little more instead of bunching like that, it makes it look like a wrapped sausage or something at that spot. O_o a poignant theme tho, and not a bad piece overall. happy.gif
^^;; eh..thanks for pointing out my mistakes...I haven't been able to sit and sketch for a while, so my proportions (no matter what I draw) are funked up. First comment like that about the hair O.o...but I do see what you're talking about. And the shoulder does look twisted---slouching I believe is what you're looking for.
I love the style, but the body does seem small. Apart from that...great job.
the head looks a bit to big for the body but other then that i like it!
@akat16: His head seems to dwarf his body alittle bit, and his arm seems kinda slim. However, I like the style you used on his hair and eyes. Very unique smile.gif .
I think it is hella cool!!! biggrin.gif
I wish i could draw like that... sad.gif
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