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Le Monkey
of my walpaper?
Omakase Shimasu
Oooh, I like it. biggrin.gif But it seems a little rough around the edges. Or is that just my comp acting up? blink.gif Take for instance Roy's hair, glove and uniform... you can clearly make out the pixels in there. ^^
alchemist x
Sorry, I don't think. It's good though.
Yeah, it's a little pixelated, but still very good.

Nice job, Le Monkey! biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Oh, by the way, I'm moving this to Fanart & Fanfiction. biggrin.gif
DarkWater Alchemist
Made in paint, I know what you've gone through, I made a collage of pics some time ago... it took forever to get it done well.

It is a little pixelated, one hint: never try to enlarge pics... it never works.
i concur that if it were filtered thru something other than paint and the pixels weren't so apparent, it would be better, but overall it's not bad. a little...busy. the white array against the black BG is a but makes everything look a little...ehhh what is word...? i dunno, it's just a little over the top... perhaps just softening the stark white on black would improve that aspect? other than that, i did like your choice of side images. happy.gif
the problem is you are drawing eyelines directly into the pixelation. from a advertising and publishing stand point its not good to do that. in fact you should reconcider the use of four eyelines into one image. another feature that pronounces the flaws even more is the contrast of the crisp clean straight lines on the right with the primary image on the left.

if i were you i would consider using the main array's lines to draw eyelines into your pictures, not the other way around. the easiest way to do this would be to place an image at each corner and allow the arrays lines to point out to them naturally.

your choice of images is good, except for the hughes and the ed pic. with the background you have for the primary image, the backgrounds of the two pictures make of an incohesive whole. hughes' in particular throws off the entire wallpaper. another thing you might want to think about is the spear ed is holding, it tricks the eye into looking directly beneath the picture due to the arrow it creates.

however i will say for a first wallpaper this is pretty good. sorry if i overanalyzed it, monkey. its just that i see ads and layouts all day long in the office and i'm used to doing such.
could be better^^
@le monkey: I like the transmutation circle and the various pictures on the side. The quality of the pictures is okay. Over all, I think it looks nice biggrin.gif .
Paint ruins so many wonderful things...

If it wasn't made in paint it would be hella cool!
Where did that high-res human transmutation circle come from? I want to make my own desktop/bumper sticker/tattoo (maybe) with that but I need the full thing... smile.gif
Good but id fix some of the pixelation and rough edges in the circle with another program later on.
Well everbody has mentioned the only problems already. I like the idea of it.
I like it. The concept is great, too! Just the pic of Hughes that miffs me. For some reason, it just doesn't belong...
Hey Le Monkey, I fixed up you wallpaper a bit and added a few things myself. I hope you like it! biggrin.gif

Le Monkeys Wallpaper smile.gif
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