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For the Members of the FMA Public Discussion Boards:


You have just registered and you do not know what there is to do, or you have too much that you want to do and do not know how to go about it. Fear not, for this guide was created to help make your stay more pleasant, and lead you to a better understanding of the not-so-intricate workings of this message board.

For those of you who are new to the forum, please read the following words with great care, else you will be exposing yourself to unnecessary danger and humiliation. Yes, we can be your friends and we are here to help, but if you disregard the rules, then please do not blame us when we tuck that little piece of friendliness away to the time-out corner. Ignore these guidelines at your own risk. For those with shorter attention spans, please go here.

Furthermore, in this guide, if something is underlined, please click on it for your benefit. It may be a helpful link.


TERMINOLOGY: (and/or the related stuff you should be aware when posting on our board)

THREAD = Also known as a TOPIC. It is made up of an initial post about a subject (food, computers, etc.) and all other responses to it.

POST = The individual components that make up a thread (you post in a thread).

SPAM = Anything a member posts that is unrelated to the thread it is in (off-topic), or something that consists of only one word or one smilie, or just nothing significant in general.

AVATAR = The little picture under a member's username.

SIGNATURE = Also known as a SIG. It follows after every post you make. Be sure that yours is not too big or not including any inappropriate material, as the forum has restrictions regarding signatures, where your image may be REMOVED or REPLACED.

The maximum size for your personal sig space on our board is 500px in width and 300px in height (click me) and that is including all images and typed-in text in the sig space. If you disobey this regulation, you may receive one of these or any of its variations or other reminders as a grand prize.

Also, if you use fanart(s) as your avatar or sig, make sure to 1.) give reasonable efforts to obttain the permission to use the fanart, and 2.) give proper credit(s) to the artist(s) on your sig space. 3.) If the artists specifically asks not to use his or her fanart, then please do not use it.

There are certain sig banners designated to be used only by our board staff. Please do not use those on your personal sig. If you are not sure, please inquire our board staff.

For more information on what is allowed and not allowed onour board for signature and avatars, please read this announcement (click me) before you add your personal avatar or signature.

SPOILER = Information that spoils an important event in a movie/anime/book/etc. for someone who has not yet seen/read it. On our board, unless you are posting on designated "spoiler-tag free" thread, you MUST use spoiler tags and/or if necessary add sufficient Spoiler Warning when posting some content that is a significant part of the storyline for any of the FMA series, or any other such series, books, etc. Or, give sufficient warning if making a thread with the possibility of the existence of posts with such Spoiler content on the thread.
Further more, this extends to other "publicly viewable" part of the board, including members' avatars, signatures, and contents on members' personal Profile page, including, but not limited to, 'Comments' section, members' personal pictures, My Content section, and so on.

MODERATORS = Also known as Mods. They are here to make sure the board will run smoothly and as the way intended. Moderators on our board are quite nice if you heed their friendly advise on how to be a good member on our board. But, they are also equipped with sufficient disciplinary means, to be used if needed. Yes, that was a warning.

GRAMMAR POLICE = Also known as the GP. We very much understand that English may not be the first language to many of the members on our board, and hence normally we are very tolerant of unintentional minor grammatical and/or spelling mistakes, but if you intentionally make posts that are largely consisting of "chat-speak," "teen-speak," or other non-standard English usage, or include a large quote on your post with only a minor portion of the quote actually being relevant to your post, or making a quote-pyramid (quote in quote in quote in quote, and so on) then the board staff may EDIT your post to correct the situation, with or without further notice. This is known as a Grammar Police strike.



Go to My Controls near the top of any page at the forums (underneath the Help button and to the left). Clicking on it will take you to a page where you can edit your settings. Go to Edit Avatar Settings on the left menu. From there, you can choose to upload a picture or insert a link from somewhere on the Internet. Please make sure that the picture being used is an appropriate size.

Same as editing an avatar, but go to Edit Signature. Put whatever you want there, and if you want to imput an image, place the URL of a picture from the Internet (or one that you have uploaded) in between [ img ] and [ /img ] (without the spaces between the brackets and the letters). Remember our restrictions for signature sizes (see TERMINOLOGY: SIGNATURE above).

Spoiler Tags
To place something inside spoiler tags, first type [ spoiler ] (without the spaces) and then type the words/sentences you want in the tags. Proceed to close the sentence with [ /spoiler ].

Email Notification
You are automatically subscribed to a thread when you make a post in it, and keep receiving troublesome e-mails that take up space in your inbox? To remedy this problem, go to My Controls, then click on Email Settings (under Options). Check off the box beside Enable 'Email Notification' by default? and ensure that the default type is No Email Notification. For a pictoral example, see this picture.

For further assistance with problems not listed here, please visit our Technical Support section.



- The Fullmetal Alchemist series only has 51 episodes. ONLY 51. Episode 52 DOES NOT exist, no matter what anyone tells you.

- The FMA movie was released in Japan on July 23, 2005. For updates, news and discussion, please visit the FMA Movie sector of our forum.

- "Fullmetal" is one word. Just because.



Initially, people will refer to you as a newbie or a n00b. There is a distinct difference. Everyone is a newbie once, but not everyone is a n00b. Newbie status disappears after a certain amount of relevant forum participation, whereas it is possible for someone who is a n00b to stay a n00b for the entire duration of their forum stay. A n00b is a type of newbie. They always type like they either don't comprehend the English language or are constantly in chat. We are nicer to newbies than n00bs, and given that piece of advice, please make a wise decision.

Also, here is the answer to a common question: You can raise your rank by increasing your post count, but allow me to tell you this: POST COUNT DOES NOT MATTER. IF THAT IS ALL YOU CARE ABOUT, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE.

Please ensure that your posts are coherent and, on the most part, devoid of grammar and spelling problems. Try to type more than one sentence whenever possible. Do not be alarmed if you are suddenly corrected by the more language-conscious people on these forums. We are only trying to help, and hopefully teach you some basic language skills in the process. It is here that I shall introduce your new best friend, The Dictionary.



- Double-posting is a taboo unless in used with a reason in certain situations. Double-posting is when you post twice consecutively; triple-posting is when you post thrice consecutively, so on and so forth. Please refrain from doing so. Do not talk to yourself in the same thread, because it will only make you look stupid. There is an EDIT button near the bottom right-hand corner of each and every post you make. Also, we are aware that occasionally, the system may automatically make a double-post. If that happens, please edit one of the two posts and replace the content with "Delete Me!" or something similar, so a passing mod will know that the extra post was not intentional.

- Do not ask for or post links to certain fansub/dub/raw/music downloads if asked not to do such by our board staff.

- Spam is not tolerated anywhere, with the exception on certain designated threads in Spam Central. Our board staff may edit/delete/merge your post(s) consisting of such spam postings with or without further notice.

- Please abstain from using that 4-letter word which begins with an F and rhymes with “duck.” Also, although other "cussing" words may/may not be acceptable, please try to use them in moderation. (The general guideline is... the use of one such word in a post.)

- The attachment feature is not to be abused. If you have a picture you want after every post, please put it in your signature. Otherwise, if the picture/file you are attaching has absolutely NOTHING to do with your post content, then please do not attach it, or a moderator who happens to pass by your post will have the right to remove it.

- Moderators and administrators are to be obeyed. No questions asked.

- If you include quote on your post, include only the portion oft he quote that is relevant to your comment on your post. Also, avoid making "quote pyramid" on your post. Else, Grammar Police may strike your post and edit your post to amend such situation.

- Forum protocol dictates that you should respect all members. Their opinions are not yours, and you do not always have to see eye to eye. If you have no desire to be hated, then please do not express hatred towards anyone else. Some of the members that you might end up feeling frustration for are quite intelligent in their own right, so it is in your best interest that you do not try to pick fights with them, lest you become another laughing stock of the forum community. More specifically, bashing, trashing, name-calling of other FMA fans, or FMA characters, FMA fan-pairings, and 'shippers of such FMA characters/pairings are not tolerated on our board.



- Most importantly, please use the SEARCH feature this site has, which is located near the top of every page you visit on the forums (as you can see, it is right beside HELP, should you require further assistance). Before starting a new thread, please check and see if it has already been made. If it has, please post in the existing thread. For more entertainment, please go here and view a lovely video.

- If you want to introduce yourself, please do so in the Newcomers thread. If you would like to announce to the forum that you are leaving for good or for a period of time, you may post about the matter in the Goodbye thread. If you would like to welcome someone back to the forum, do not start a new thread, but visit the Welcome Back thread instead.

- So you are, like, totally in love with Edward or Alphonse or Roy or Riza or Nina or Winry or Den or Pinako . . . we get it. There are usually pre-existing threads about these people in Character Discussion. Go there first, or use the standard SEARCH engine, or the more specific SEARCH engine.

- Please do not add any more "Character vs. Character" or "A or B" type polls/topics, "Whatsisname is the Hottest/Funniest/Cutest/etc." to the current collection.

- Mind your thread titles and topic descriptions when making new threads. Please avoid creating topics which shout out unnecessary spoilers. Not everyone has seen the entire series, and not everyone can handle the shock of knowing who died and how. If you absolutely must have spoilers, please place them in the posts within spoiler tags, and specify in the topic description that the thread contains spoilers.

- Before starting a new thread to ask for assistance with technical difficulties, please check out the Technical Support region of the forums, because it is likely that your question has already been answered.

- If you start a new thread that is closed due to the fact that you have not abided by the above guidelines, please do not start the same thread again.

- It is recommended that you do not start new threads until you have been relatively active for at least 2 weeks at these forums.


That concludes the condensed guide to our beloved forum. To the more experienced members: please inform me if there is anything missing from all this, or if you feel there is more that can be added. If you read the entire guide, I commend you on your dedication. I thank you on behalf of the management.

Forum Spam Assassin
FMA Public Discussion Boards


Some Extra Tips on Forum Usage [credit to Popogeejo]

Frequently asked questions:

How do I get an avatar?
Your avatar must be no more than 100kb in size and no more than 120x120 pixels (use MS Paint's "stretch/skew if it's too big). You can upload your avatar from your PC or use the URL of a picture of your choice.

How do I upload pictures for free?
If you are looking for a place to upload pictures for free, I suggest using Imageshack.

Other good sites for uploading pictures are:

How do I post a picture or a picture link?
The image tags are simple and, basically, it's like this:

Except for I used CODE Tags so that this would show up for you. It's really not that hard to figure out.


How to make a picture link:
Basically, the CODE we use is slightly different than the code given above, but it can be done. Here is the code you need to modify below:

Replace the URL and picture link to specify what you want. It should show up just like this:

How do I insert a web address?
Just click the "url" button or use tags:
[url]<type your address here>[/url]

But how did I do this?

NOTE: If copying and pasting the URLs, delete the "http://" as this forum will put it on automatically.

How do I register?
- Click on 'Register' at the top of the forum index.
- Click 'I Agree'.
- Follow the given instructions. You must give a username (whatever you wish to be known as), your e-mail (must be valid) and a password.
- Click 'Submit'.

How do I make a new forum?
Forum members are not able to create new forums. Registered users are able to create new topics within existing forums. To create a new topic in any forum, click the "New Topic" button in the upper left of the forum, and enter a topic title and text in the form that appears. If you wish, you may include a web address or URL, add a picture and/or emoticon to your post.

How do I quote?
Just like with URLs/pictures, the tags we use are:
[quote] [/quote]

Except I used CODE Tags so that this would show up for you.

[quote] <your quote here> [/quote]

[quote="name"] <your quote here> [/quote]

<your quote here>
QUOTE ("name")
<your quote here>

But in order for the name of the person you're quoting to show up at the top of the quote, you will need to modify the code as shown in example 2.
Also, take note that you need the = and " " for it to work.

I can't get this to work on another forum.
This may be because the forum you're using isn't Php or the forum administrator has disabled BBCode.
perhaps this should be pinned....

also on a personal note i would just like to say....

Don't spam out my threads, lest ye be spammed....
ohmy.gif quistis is awesome. maybe a quick definition of GP? tongue.gif
GP definition? Certainly.

And hitokiri, it's pinned now, as you can see. biggrin.gif
*bows to Sensei* Thank you oh so very much for making this thread. We now have a place to lead the n00bs incase of rule-breakage. =D
That was the original purpose. Whenever you see someone in trouble, link them here. smile.gif
*applauds* three cheers for quisty and her dedication and hard work on keeping this forum in line!

hip hip HOORAY!
hip hip HOORAY!

*throws confetti*

but seriously, quis, nice work. happy.gif
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Jan 20 2005, 08:52 PM)
For avatar, signature, and spoiler tag help, go here.

is that supposed to go to the newcomers thread?
Yes, it is, because that's where I first made that post. It DOES go straight to the post, right? huh.gif
it goes to the top of page 41, and i don't think you even posted on that page. happy.gif;;
Hmm, thank you. That shall be fixed.

Tell me if this works for you:

yup, perfect! smile.gif
Excellent. Thank you. smile.gif
Awesome job, Quis! biggrin.gif *bows*
Good gravy, Mom... you go, girl! ohmy.gif
Thanks, girls. smile.gif
Do not be alarmed if you are suddenly corrected by the more language-conscious people on these forums.

laugh.gif When did we become language-conscious?
When we least expected it. laugh.gif
You're under arrest for spamming the Guide Thread... dry.gif
Well, technically, we're still on topic, as we're talking about something that relates directly to a quote from the guide. wink.gif
So who decides who is a newbie or n00b? Is it just an obvious and general concensus? This is a very important matter. smile.gif
Judge Wapner thats who, though in his absence Ed Koch can fill in...
horray! good work quis.
You know, I kind of doubt those who need to read this would read this, though. This looks like one of those "I've read the terms above etc." agreement you get whenever you sign up for something online. I don't know about you people, but I've never actually read those and proceeded anyway. huh.gif

(And if this were some other forum and if I didn't know Quis, I wouldn't have read it.)
That's true, I figured that much, but there is no way that I could include all that information and make it short.

I suppose that if anyone ever breaks a rule and says something like "WTF I DIDNT BREK A RUL OMG PROOF IT 2 MEE DAT I DID!!" then we have our evidence against them.
If you respond like that you will be shot. no trial, no nothing. Just shot.
This has been a decree from the Inquisitor!
And a Grand Order from the grandmaster of the slayer cult.
Nice job Quis you've outdone yourself. I didn't know what the difference between newbie and n00b was in the beginning when I first joined. Until later. I thought everyone would be mean to me because I was new to the forum. happy.gif I'm sure some of the newbies who do read it will appericate it.
Very well written, Quistis! This is amazing! The explaining of it was full in detail and very accurate. Now new members will not have to ask the same repetative questions over and over! Hopefully they will be smart enough to look at this topic.
Impressed. What will this forum do without you? Or the other way around. Truly, going with what Gas said above, are people really going to read it? If you ask me questions about it I won't have the faintest idea. What's the punishment for not following? Banishment? Or is the seemingly pointless warning system going to be used?
Punishment = Banishment

That is, if you're a really horrible child and you persist in breaking rules. The "pointless warning system" may or may not be used, depending on my preference the severity of the crime.
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Jan 21 2005, 11:54 PM)
Punishment = Banishment

Very good thread to have up. And yes, you have to draw the line somewhere so people know you're not just screwing around. People here are incredibly helpful overall and very patient, so if you can't "get it", you don't belong on the forum.

To be honest, if you want a rules free board, go make your own. It won't be rules free for long once you get enough people logged on (of course that assumes you can get any interest in it anyway tongue.gif)
I didn't read the earlier posts so I'm not sure whether this had been asked yet but...

What are your system for those that did break these rules?

...besides the contempt of their peers of course and banishment (is this permanent?). And how do you use the little red squares on the bottom left hand corner of any post you made?

Right, thanks.

PS: I just want to add that I really think that this forum is one of the most easy-going forums I've ever participated in. Truly.
Omakase Shimasu
The little blue and red blocks make up the warning system, but only the staff can 'warn' you (when they see fit). Once the squares are all lit up you'll be temporarily banished from the forum. So, of course it's best not to let that happen. biggrin.gif

Hmm, on the matter of whether or not members will read it... bryant said you could sticky this thread in all sections of the forum. Maybe that will be of help somewhat? ^^ Awesome job, by the way!
The little blue and red blocks make up the warning system, but only the staff can 'warn' you

Do you mean the little blocks below the username and avatar? blink.gif (If so, a spammer with a high rank has more chances to mess up it seems.)

Edit: Nevermind, you meant the blocks one sees when looking at their own profile (sorry for the confusing post) tongue.gif
I have no idea why I didn't notice the little blocks with "warn" next to them before laugh.gif

How long is this "temporary" banishment btw?
Omakase Shimasu
No worries, I didn't catch on at first either, until someone made a post about it in Technical Help, I think. biggrin.gif

Um, temporary banishment... o.o Start with the hard questions why dontcha? tongue.gif Guess it depends on the severity of the member's behavior. ph34r.gif
QUOTE(Omakase Shimasu @ Jan 22 2005, 08:39 AM)
Hmm, on the matter of whether or not members will read it... bryant said you could sticky this thread in all sections of the forum. Maybe that will be of help somewhat? ^^ Awesome job, by the way!

Ohh, excellent! I shall sticky some more when I have more time later tonight. Thank you for all your compliments on the guide, everyone. smile.gif
Omakase Shimasu
No problem. And you know it should be the other way around. Thank you for spending so much time/going through all that trouble to help out the newbies who need it most. wink.gif
Haha, thanks, and you're quite welcome. This little idea came about when I was most irritated by n00b behavior, and in order to keep a minute thread of my sanity, this came out. Equivalent trade.

Here's hoping that the people who need to read it actually do read it, because as mentioned before, it is a little on the long side. But it could've been longer. wink.gif
If nothing else, we all as members of the forum have a great guide to link to when replying to n00b forum issues. Some people are oblivious to their behavior until someone points it out and then they may change.
I've posted, pinned, and closed the guide in all sections of the forum except for the Site Support area and the two sub-forums in FMA Anime. This will be the only guide thread that people can post in for now.
damn woman, talk about total saturation.... good job, phrase one of the reeducation center is complete laugh.gif
Haha, thanks. Now that I think about it, maybe I should delete and post all of that every once in a while so when people first set foot in the forum's main page, that's all they'll see, and they may become curious enough to actually take a look.

Or not, because I'm lazy. *sits back in chair* biggrin.gif
Am I the only one thinking that this is getting scary?
scary? how?
spending so much time agonizing over noobs. The majority of them leave with the mass of us verbally assulting them and the ones who're worth something actually stay. Like when...thunder alchemist i think, sorry if i'm wrong, got a taste of me, i don't s/he around anymore. However, Hitokiri is still around. So is all this really necessary? But then again, theis whole forum acts as a time killer, but getting obsessed with a semi-imaginary so-called problem is...
Obsession . . . not really. More like a precaution. People were beginning to complain, so why not just try to solve the problem in one go? Then again, even like this, there's never any guarantee that the so-called "problem" will go away . . .
n00bs are technically a problem on every forum. True, it's not necessary to take huge preventative measures, but having a concise and well written guide is helpful to point people to. Hopefully by pointing someone here, they'll realize the error of their ways. If not, then the embarrasment of being stupid will either get them banned or they'll just leave on their own.
also the guide doesn't just help us stem back the tide of stupidity, it helps new people by answering many common questions as well
Or the rest of the old and stingy members will scare them far away, if "the embarassment of being stupid" will not. biggrin.gif
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Jan 23 2005, 12:42 AM)
also the guide doesn't just help us stem back the tide of stupidity, it helps new people by answer many common questions as well

true. It's just plain useful smile.gif
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