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Full Version: My Drawings (mostly Fanart)
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At last I've made some fanart! laugh.gif With Edo-kun of course... tongue.gif I guess, in the future I'll draw some other FMA characters I like. wink.gif
Here are some fresh drawings.
Uh... I wanted them to look better, but I just couldn't concentrate enough, I was in a hurry. sleep.gif
So... tell me, what do you think about this? unsure.gif

P.S. By the way... Tomorrow I'll leave this forum for a week (I will be disconnected from the Internet). And I will be missing you all. sad.gif
The Nature Alchemist
These are great!
The Nature Alchemist
Thanx. happy.gif
The Nature Alchemist
biggrin.gif 'welcome. The first one really looks like Ed. I've never seen any this good, but of course, I really haven't seen that many. lol. I guess, then, they'd have to be the best that I've seen. lol. Would you like to read my story? It's titled Unnamed, Unfinished Story. I'm starting to worry because no one is commenting on it. sad.gif
Allright... I'll tell you my impressions after I come back. wink.gif
Pretty good stuff Hedera, good job! biggrin.gif
@Hedera: *claps* Nice drawings biggrin.gif . You did a nice job of coloring on the first pic. Edward's hair looks great in both pics, you did a nice job on that smile.gif . Keep the fanart coming, you doing great wink.gif .
the drawing are very good. how do you do fan art.
Omakase Shimasu
Ooooh, I lik 'em. *__* Especially the first one, but the second certainly isn't bad either! Guess I just fancy colored pieces more. I like the way you penciled the second piece, though. Fabulous. *__* Great job!

And of course you'll be missed! T__T Have a safe trip, wherever you're going!
Yup, they're both looking very good. I ecspecially like the hair and clothes.
And you did really great job on the shading in the second pic, I love it.

But - I hope you don't mind a little critic - the eyes in the second one... Even for Manga style, they are HUGE. It makes the whole thing look a little bit strange. Usually it doesn't matter that much if someone draws feet that are too big, but when looking at a person, most humans tend to look at the eyes first, so this is something that is recognized very easily.

Uh... just a little bit of advice, I hope you aren't offended by it >__>;
very nice, though the look and size of his eyes in the second picture is very troubling and unnerving.
[COLOR=[COLOR=yellow]nice drawing there nice[COLOR=red]ur a good drawer

[COLOR=blue]-[~Hanyou Kiniko~]-
ni ce drawing,
Very nice, I especially like the first one.
oh no the red X ate your drawings
Iím back! happy.gif
Maaan, almost two weeks since my last visit. o_O

Thank you all for the compliments about my fanarts! laugh.gif happy.gif

Thanx for good wishes. happy.gif I really had a nice vacation. biggrin.gif

Of course I donít mind some critic. I even need itÖ my drawings always have some mistakes, and sometimes I donít notice themÖ So, critic helps me to progress. wink.gif

Yeah, next time Iíll try not to make them so big. sleep.gifď

Iíll show you the lineart of my future fanart. happy.gif Iím going to color it.
I know, the face is not actually Envy-like, but I wanted make it like thisÖ
So... what do you think?

Iíve also drawn one original art, but I donít know if you want to see it?
And I have one more fanartÖ JRPG relatedÖ but Iím afraid that I can be misunderstood if Iíll post itÖ unsure.gif
Envy's really showing off those legs! (whistles)

BTW, I love how the hair of the girl in your avatar was drawn.
I like the first one. It's got a good feeling about it. Just like when the Philosopher's Stone in reach and Ed tries to catch it. Nice one! biggrin.gif

About the second one: you sure know how to draw hair! Looks really amazing! (I can't draw hair like that -__-'' )
But it looks a bit different, maybe the eye is a bit big. Apart from that everything's looks fine to me. smile.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif Yeah, I really like his figure... *sigh*
Thank you! biggrin.gif BTW, this girl is Rinoa from FF8. My avatar is just a part of a big picture. rolleyes.gif

This is exactly what I wanted to show. smile.gif
Uh, sometimes hair is the only thing that I can draw properly. sleep.gif
Thank you again. happy.gif
But it's till good! smile.gif
The only thing I'm good at drawing are SOMETIMES (depending on the mood dry.gif ) the faces and that's it......T__T
If someone asked me to draw the body or hand-colour it: it's a big NO-NO, coz I'll just mess up the image horribly T____T
But no prob!!! *thumbs up* laugh.gif
I guess, if we want to improve we should practice. Then we can draw better. smile.gif
Nicely done... I used to draw a bit but i sucked wink.gif
Thanx. biggrin.gif
YES!!! Let's do our best! (though I'm not in the mood at the moment...... guess I'll have some chocolate tongue.gif )
wow the PStone one is great! happy.gif
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