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@blueices: The good thing about it is you don't have to buy the movie to get the soundtrack. biggrin.gif

Good music strikes good chords in mei. They help her memory, too. She likes to read with music on, so then it becomes the book's soundtrack, so whenever she hears a song, she remembers what she was reading. It works the other way, too: if she rereads a certain passage, she could remember what she was listening to at the time.
@blueices: The good thing about it is you don't have to buy the movie to get the soundtrack. biggrin.gif

Very much agreed! laugh.gif Although the ideal is good movie+good soundtrack ala Motorcycle Diaries (swoon-suru)

She likes to read with music on, so then it becomes the book's soundtrack, so whenever she hears a song, she remembers what she was reading. It works the other way, too: if she rereads a certain passage, she could remember what she was listening to at the time.

Blue does the same thing! (Oh no, Mei's third person talk is having an effect on me laugh.gif )

Whenever I listen to certain Final Fantasy tracks I automatically think of what book I was reading at the time, and whenever I hear certain L'arc~en~ciel songs I think of Bleach Manga happy.gif
Only things that gets motivated is Baseball moments, excited is Beyblade yaoi cliffhangers
suger and video games go my day going when i was 3 and they still do at 18.
Candy, 40oz. slurpies from 711 and...PIE!!!! biggrin.gif HYPER HYPER HYPER SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Judge
I have to say music is what stirs me too. It's just the pure emotion that it can evoke. I guess movies can have a similar effect but I don't feel they can be as evocative as music in such a concentrated time.
Anything that has to do with horses! Horse riding, caring for horses, collecting horsey items, watching horse sports on TV, anything at all! I also enjoy reading and video games. And watching bullriding on TV.
I love drawing and listening to music. Or drawing while listening to music.

Candy, 40oz. slurpies from 711 and...PIE!!!!  HYPER HYPER HYPER SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuuummmm. Sugar. Chocolate. *stomach growls*
Sharingan Serpent
Going on the internet, hanging round with my friends, downloading music I like laugh.gif Stuff like that...
a lot of things... seeing some Royai, being able to work by myself and earn some bucks (this would really make me proud of myself laugh.gif ), many more... lazy to list down... hahas...
astronomy (finding other planets) and good grades to become that astronomer motivate me
Japan, Philosophy, psycology and medical doo dads intrest me but I don't get to indulge in these to often.
Cutie Ed Lovr
techincal(Sp) things, astronomy, anything mechanical really (anything that I can take apart)
Thing that interest me are, chemistry, reading, animals, photography, and astronomy.
motivation: not going to school, holidays, attempting to master every video game I have
What intrests me is when

My parents leave the house
No School
MUSIC (HELL YEA) I'm a music addict tongue.gif
Gundam and Zoid Models
Using Photoshop
My friends made wallpaper and layouts
Hmmmm what interests me?

Anything that doesn't have to be handed in to my tutors. (hehe)
Reading drama textbooks (i know i know i'm a drama freak! wink.gif )
Singing along to japanese songs, just cos I can sound out the words smile.gif
Listening to my japanese classmate speak japanese hehe
Watching anime
Writing fic - especially at 3am!
Eating mmmmm
Synth Alchemist
What interest me?

Be psicolloge with no work, yesterday i make a miracle! eat, but no much
*Psychology really gets my interest.
*Also all of those mysteries out there: aliens from other planets, Atlantis, etc.
*Children, their innocence is just so warming.
Envy II
Playing the bassoon, and then going back to sleep. XD

Anything else that happens during a day is irrelevant; like school. tongue.gif
- Starting new projects
- Drawing (this gets me hooked the most)
- Reading
- Languages
Envy II
Okay, I'll list general interests for me.

- Music.
- The history of music... especially instruments.
- Baroque music.
- Playing the bassoon.
- Playing the alto saxophone.
- Playing the piano.
- The oboe.
- The cello.
- Big Band/Jazz music.
- History.
- Astronomy.
- Psychology.
- Meteorology.
- Reading.
- Photoshop.
- Drawing.
- Writing.

You could get me talking forever with any of those subjects.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
-Moral support from friends (doesn't work if it's from adults or family)
-Classical and techno music
-Fullmetal Alchemist

Seems like many people here are motivated to draw. It's impossible for me to be motivated in drawing. When I finish my drawing it seems nice at first... until I compare it to a friend or someone else's and I frown realizing how inferior mine is. But I don't mind. I only draw when I feel like it. Oh... it's ok. I own everyone else in cooking and gadgets. tongue.gif
How you want to own me when you are using frying pans while I am using wok- The greatest cooking utensil ever invented! tongue.gif

Yep...I have interest in Culinary Arts too... but I am more keen towards baking, Oriental and Malay cuisines.
Other than that... obviously cars... especially Japanese marques and V8 engines...
Devil's drink... yes... I will be arrogant if I have a huge collection of Chivas, Jonnie Walker, etc etc... but I haven't venture into this yet because of my age factor and financial factor... dry.gif
I love to read!! Im just as Shezka...
Only that I donīt have photograph memory XD
Also I love to play basketball!! Thatīs my passion....
I met there Victor, the boy that I love n////ņ
Read and play basketball...
Also write thoughts and fanfics biggrin.gif
I love meeting new people and making new friends
Reading manga
Studying Japanese culture
Talking on MSN
Obviously watching anime
Playing video games

I can't think of many more at the moment.
I have to say this,
-Art,most definitely,I could never do without it!
-Music too!
-And anime!
-Writing,I like to tell stories and write my own fanfictions and makeup stories happy.gif
-Video Games.Period.I just love shooting my friends down while they're in a banshee in Halo tongue.gif Especially Harvest Moon,most addicting for me and most favorite!
-Badminton,I may suck at it,but whacking that birdie at somebody makes me feel good happy.gif
-Other cultures,and making new buddies.When I meet someone new, and become friends with them,it's really nice to know you have some other people to talk to if you're left out in situations.

I dont know many specific others,but I'm very forgetful at times like now,hehe.
well, i'm interested in the following:

criticizing [it's not what you think!!]
thinking about random stuff
etc... ^^

this is weird, but if i take a liking towards someone who's really smart, crush or admiration, i tend to study really hard in a bad subject area of mine.

money. $$ yep. i love money. it motivates me.

when i'm doing last minute work XD

ed's numbuh 1 fan
Great scenery or music with meaning motivates me to draw something creative or write. Usually though I have the thought of what I wanna draw and I get all hiped up and then I draw it and it looks nothing like I wanted it to. ;_;
I LOVE to golf, so I go out every day possible, even though each day I get so pissed at the game that I swear I'm never gonna golf again.

I love watching movies (just about any kind) and love to read (again, just about anything except many poetry).

I love to write stories, just out of the blue, just for the hell of it.
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