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hi... are there some Ragnarok Onine fans out there!?!

i used to play the free version twice and i always chose an archer... i still got some screenshots so i still got beautiful memories of the game and the BGM, too...

Did you know Ragnarok Online isn't a manga, but a "manhwa"... Manhwa are like Mangas, but their drawn more sensitive and soft... they come from Korea and they can really hold up with mangas from japan!!

of course they are like a copy of manga, but they know the essences that make mangas so beautiful laugh.gif
Chibi Viki
I used to play it until recently when I got too obsessed with Ma happy.gif;;

My favorite class was Blacksmith/merchant, then I moved on to being an archer. There are 6 servers here: Chaos, Iris, Loki, Odin (my new home), Fenrir and Sarah. I used to play with my friends, but even they got bored with it and moved on to other things.

We had our fun moments, especially when my friend's and our guildleader's avatar got married in Lutie last year with members of our guild present.

smile.gif smile.gif
I started playing two weeks before P2P and I got addicted to that game, so my friend made a fake credit card (???) and he paid 6 months for me on iRO (my mom or my dad would NEVER pay iRO for me)

my first char was an acolyte, and when my aco turned priest I decided to make a mage to make money, and after I became a wizard I decided to make a merchant to overcharge everything (and also wanted to be a forgesmith)

I remember me and my party (around 2 priests, 2 assassins and me) went to prison, the sins gathered a lot of prisoners and I storm gust their asses XD... fun fun
oh a little after that my 6 months expired >>" so now I'm playing on gay private servers

right now i play on NovaRO (3/3/3 exp table compared to iRO) and I noticed that with that gay yuno patch the mana regeneration is WAY faster then the one before comodo, which is pretty gay because I took 1 month to turn into a priestess at job level 40 last year, and on NovaRO in 3 days I'm job 47 ><!

also, im starting to like crusaders >=D

btw, i heard now u can buy a HEAL CLIP for ONLY 500k????????????????????
Chibi Viki
sorry, can't help you there. PRO's and iRO's economy are different... and I'm very lousy at trading.
had a private server for 3/4 year. but now im tired of RO tongue.gif
yea, there was a time where i got hunter, where it was tired too..... but there are sooo many beautiful places in RO that i hadn't visit yet -.-

RO was like a never-ending dream for me....................
Chibi Viki
we're still waiting for juno patch though. if that comes I may play again... the crusader sounds cool, the alchemist class though is still an underdog since they still can't use summon monster ability.
you dont have juno? LOL whats slow... euRO started about 3 months ago and already have juno...
yea.... alchemists without all the homunculus- related skills (when they are out I'm TOTALLY making an alchemist!!) don't seem to be very good

btw, have u guys heard about the advanced classes? heres a list of skills

its big so I won't copy and post them here
then this will kick u off your chairs:

2-2 jobs and new official upper 2nd jobs sprites. enjoy.

IPB Image

<3 Rolfkaese
you're talking about RO, as if you can play it for free.............. can you?!?!?!!! unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif
QUOTE(Prinz_Zoisit @ Aug 2 2004, 05:46 PM)
you're talking about RO, as if you can play it for free.............. can you?!?!?!!! unsure.gif  unsure.gif  unsure.gif  unsure.gif  unsure.gif  unsure.gif  unsure.gif  unsure.gif  unsure.gif

yes, I play for free on sucky private servers ohmy.gif
I assume you mean that they suck becaue the masive number of players casueing them to be increadibly slow.. right?
Chibi Viki
whoa! didn't know about the 2nd higher jobs... geez, I'm really outdated.

yeah, RO here is rather slow. War of the Emperium has just been introduced last April. But the good thing is, RO here isn't expensive. smile.gif
ah thanks, Maliza... maybe i'll register soon laugh.gif laugh.gif
-> if my friend "Yuu Hakuso" will register, too...

My name in euRO was always "Syuichi"^^
QUOTE(Renkinjutsu @ Aug 3 2004, 03:57 AM)
I assume you mean that they suck becaue the masive number of players casueing them to be increadibly slow.. right?

no, I mean they suck because ppl make new servers but can't host it well. It stays up for like one week (with TONS, I mean TONS of discs and downtimes) and then byebye

and also servers like AeRO make item wipe but don't wipe the items of the ppl who donated

oh and btw Prinz, on NovaRO I have 3 characters

Archer: Riza Hawkeye
Knight: Haruno Sakura (sigh... made it before watching FMA ><)
Acolyte: ~*Riza Hawkeye*~
Fullmetal Anarchist is a good example of a private server. Run very well and fully up to date. Chapter 6.0 is about to be implemented, the rather lame sounding wedding system.

A new server is about to be added and the character database was recently wiped. If your quick you can swipe all the FMA related names.
RO....used to play as a swordie on Loki back during the beta days. Payed for a few months when it went P2P, then quit because I'm busy. Never did become a knight *sob* My roommates play it constantly though on a private servers...tempting.

Hmm I like the crusader sprites...I want one o__O
Does anyone have any experience from White-Smiths?
I'm currently playing on a private server. One of the first one's there...

185lvl Sniper tongue.gif
hmm...i used to play a private server. i was a crusader!!! it was all good until my friend turned into a GM and summoned too many monsters and now....the private server wont work!! mad.gif sad.gif
QUOTE(Chibi Viki @ Jul 31 2004, 03:52 PM)
We had our fun moments, especially when my friend's and our guildleader's avatar got married in Lutie last year with members of our guild present.

That wedding?! That wedding was a disaster!!

A memorable one, yes. But a disaster none-the-less. laugh.gif

My poor husband. biggrin.gif

Anyway, I used to play pRO with Viki. She's my "oldest child". tongue.gif We used to run around with her "sister" and my "husband" (her "dad"... hehe). Back during the time when we saw each other online almost every night... those were my best online gaming days.

But I eventually grew tired of it, especially when I decided to return to the realm of console gaming and work on finishing the Suikoden 3 game I haven't touched for a long, loooooooong time.
Chibi Viki
well... at least that one pushed through... the other one in odin didn't even happen... there were barely anyone there... *shrug*

anyway, I still don't miss it... i've been too obsessed with fma and samurai seven to miss it. besides, you guys don't play anymore,who else am i supposed to play with (NO! I REFUSE TO MOVE TO FENRIR WITH LEN! >_<)
i was on this site:

do you mean ?!?!

or which site would be better to register in, Maliza?!

and i searched on thiese sites where to download the RO client, but i didn't find.......-.-
hey, hey, is it ok to post a site to download RO client? Prinz, for u I hav one site...
for my RO, I played in a private server I have a lv 72 monk and a lv 68 hunter...
beh... I already gave up on NovaRO, its shit now, they fucking wiped all the characters and looks like now It's hacked... or whatever


i registered but not sure if I'll play RO again

download the ProjectRO client to play there (^^")
its not working,,,, sad.gif(
I know a lot of people who love this. Btut I ccan't get addicted to that many things, lol.
for the RO client try this
go to downloads
In my spree of cathcing up on past posts, I came across this. Yes RO is very good and I'm considering re-downloading it. I never did play on any private servers though. Does it actually work playing it liek this, or is it like waht happened to DAOC and UO when people made private servers tongue.gif. Might just sign up for the proper thing for a while, need to take my mind of over things.
Playing it on private servers is interesting for a while, but it gets boring after a time. You're a complete master of the world, and you can max out your level and zennies so easily, that the challenge is lost. Plus, unless you're sharing your private server with someone else, the game as a stand alone isn't fun at all...

My suggestion is, only get a private server if you want to test out a particular build. As for playing the game itself, it would be a lot better if you join others on the public servers.

Which reminds me. I need to top-off my character before it gets deleted...
there's one site that's very like the official one.. forgot what it's called.. hmm.
Well... there are actually a lot of "official" RO sites, each specific to a particular country. i.e. pRO is being managed by Level Up! Games, so they created an official site for pRO gamers. Same applies to iRO, jRO and kRO, although all these are managed by Gravity itself.

To Viki: Did you know that Level Up! Games now also handles RO for India and Brazil? They're now on beta testing. I didn't think they'd even expand, given all their problems with pRO. laugh.gif
no, I mean a private server that looks like the official RO
i downloaded pRO(or was it kRO)... but it wasn't functioning on my computer -.-

i had a windows-failure instead........ dry.gif
sleep.gif'.. anyone played on mattRO?
QUOTE(Prinz_Zoisit @ Sep 14 2004, 06:15 PM)
i downloaded pRO(or was it kRO)... but it wasn't functioning on my computer -.-

i had a windows-failure instead........ dry.gif

Hmm... I'm assuming that if you downloaded kRO, your Windows will be needing Korean character support...

If you got pRO, then that means you might have downloaded RO from the Level Up! games website. There are some nice people there... although they're few and far between. (sweatdrop) You're incredibly lucky if you're able to meet those who are willing to help you without asking for something in return, or those that won't swindle you.

I advice that you avoid pRO. No, seriously. The jerks there (and there are a *lot* of them - having a support character there does wonders for one's patience...) don't take kindly to people speaking in English there. I once had a nice little debate in English with a fellow player, and a lot of players made fun of us. I even met a player from Thailand there once... we traveled together when we could, but I never saw him again after a few days. Probably traumatized beyond belief. dry.gif

It's no wonder I stopped playing the game after Viki and the rest of my "family" became too busy to go online.
ah ok^^ thx!
Plastic Yakuza
I obsessed over RO for a long time. Since the alphas. Got half the manga that Tokyo Pop has released here in the US. Ran my own provate server for a while. Mostly played a Crit Sin. Just found hitting lvl 99 to be unfulfilling. And playing on lvl 250 servers was about the same. Just higher numbers. The new classes didn't really interest me much. The Assasin Cross looks cool though. Maybe if I had the right motivation I would play again.
I have never played an online game. I sound complicated. But I read the comic and like it. And ever since I met the artist that made it, I like it more. But like I said, I haven't played it, but his illustrations are so beautiful. Have to get his art book and a plush poring! laugh.gif To bad they don't sell his stuff in anyof the places that I shop! And I shop in a lot of places!
i think , private servers for RO is much better,

i recommand AeRO, its a good private server, (contains 3 servers with different rates, 3X,800X,and 2000x.)

the website is or

usally there is alot of ppl on teh server, 500-900
anyone play on private servers? i play on a low rate server unlike some servers with high rates that are for n00bs.
Does anyone play Ragnarok Online? I was really into it last year. I played every day for a few months (on the EuphRO server), but then once I leveled all my characters a decent amount I got bored with it. But lately I am thinking of starting up again. I love the detailed world of the game, and the anime-style characters and monsters are very cute.

My favourite thing about the game is how cute some of the monsters look when they die. tongue.gif Of course the higher level monsters are scary looking, not cute.

Ice Blizzard
Its not that great....The quality is really poor....Even for a 3-D game you pay for
Well, I didn't exactly pay for it... cool.gif
I remeber playing Korean version for six months.. than I quit..

The price we have to pay surprises me all the time
Ice Blizzard
QUOTE(Miriamele @ Jun 5 2006, 06:48 PM) [snapback]406638[/snapback]

Well, I didn't exactly pay for it... cool.gif

If you dont pay you only have a 15 day free trial wink.gif
QUOTE(Ice Blizzard @ Jun 5 2006, 08:43 PM) [snapback]406703[/snapback]

QUOTE(Miriamele @ Jun 5 2006, 06:48 PM) [snapback]406638[/snapback]

Well, I didn't exactly pay for it... cool.gif

If you dont pay you only have a 15 day free trial wink.gif

No, I have always played on a free low-rate private server (Euphro). You can donate to the server if you like but you don't have to.
I played this game for a very looooong time. I was hooked to it!
For more than a year I guess..
I've got 2 lvl99 characters, and 2 80+ characters.
I quit when the rebirth patch came out..
I also played another server, XileRO, where you get to level up to level 254 and stats max out at 255, drop rate is X1000, and there are cards that grant +10 to all stats. Quite absurd, but I liked it!
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