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The Lightnig Emperor
ive also played Ragnarok! in the server of xilero.. its fun and my character is a paladin at max level, i also have a high priest level 189, a lord knight level 201 and a high wizard level 190. a also have a white smith level 155. that is my character in xilero its fun. im still using my characters in xilero. but i stop playing xilero...
OMG!! You're addicted Lighting Emperor!! Haha, joke.. Anyways, I might go back to playing RO.. laugh.gif But if only I could afford more load.. laugh.gif
The Lightnig Emperor
acutaly im not addicted. hehehe i only play ragnarok if i want. hmmm. i always buy extra load for RO..
Hey, have you guys heard of these private servers? I've seen one but it's extremely hard to download.. I mean, you see it on your desktop but whenever you click it, it goes error. dry.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Ahh... Ragnarok Online... I really got addicted to this game before. I stopped around 5-6 months ago. I realized how much time and money I'm wasting on that game. I'm such a fool... It took me nearly 2 years to realize that. BTW, I still remember my characters... Lv88 SinX (Assassin Cross), Lv99 Hunter, Lv99 Blacksmith, Lv80 Alchemist, Lv99 Wizard.
The Lightnig Emperor
yup! thats true, ive also spend lots of money,time and load.
phoenix dying
QUOTE(Ice Blizzard @ Jun 5 2006, 08:43 PM) [snapback]406703[/snapback]

QUOTE(Miriamele @ Jun 5 2006, 06:48 PM) [snapback]406638[/snapback]

Well, I didn't exactly pay for it... cool.gif

If you dont pay you only have a 15 day free trial wink.gif

Yea..but you can't do crap with a 15 day trial. I gave up on the 6 day, waste of my time. Not to say that i wasn't intrested in it, just that it would be a waste of my time
Well I'm a monk and since my friend is a sponser for something in the game I get free cool and neat rare items XD. Well I haven't played in awhile.

Playing on private servers acually bores me....its much more fun in public servers since its full of challenges and you can meet lots of different people. I already made friends in Ragnarok that also became my friends in real life!

Evon though Ragnarok is a 2D game, I still love it! Its still the best!
QUOTE(calm_dew01 @ May 5 2007, 05:01 AM) [snapback]539105[/snapback]
Evon though Ragnarok is a 2D game, I still love it! Its still the best!

RO was a 3D game... never a 2D game
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