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Heart Mending Alchemist
I felt so sad when Nina was made a Chimara and got "blown up" sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif I cried. I want to know how you all felt. (just to make sure I'm not the only one who misses her.)

<Adding "(Spoiler Alert!!)" to the sub-title. ^^ 02/23/07 03/07/07~Tombow>
This should be in the Character Discussion section but yes, the Nina incident was a sad one. But there are many more things that are sadder in the series. wink.gif
Moving thread. --->
Heart Mending Alchemist
Oh yeah....I'm new so I don't know all the sections(Sorry) but so WAS a cute chimara!(on a happier note)
Very sad episode and yes I do miss Nina. I thought she had a great spirit about her and was just a fun kid smile.gif.
Nina's death was quite sad. I didn't cry at all in the dubbed but I got really teary eyed in the sub.
Heart Mending Alchemist
I can do almost a perfect imitation of her voice as a chimara!
Her and Alexander's deaths were very sad, yes, but it was necessary. It motivated Ed and Al. Imagine how different the story would be if they hadn't died.
Full Metalloid Alchemist
I agree that it was nessicary, espically to keep the equilivent exchange theme going in the series ie. something good happens then something bad happes. It also gave Ed insight into the missuses of alchemy. If Ed didn't know of the downside of alchemy he wouldn't have his agnsty appeal.
it was pretty sad but i wouldnt care less if she died cause she was only in like... 2 or 3 ep?
I thought it was sad when Nina died...she was so adorable!
Queen of the dammed
Fate had it that the poor dog got involved too.... sad.gif
Le Monkey
owww, sniff, that was so sad, i cried at the sub
Omakase Shimasu
Although I voted for Nina and Alexander... I miss Alexi the most. T__T Nina's way too much like Elysia so it's hard for me to miss her. biggrin.gif;;

Poor dog...
I felt sad and shocked. Poor Nina... and poor Alexander..... No kid should go through that pain... sad.gif
I miss both of them. sad.gif
I was introducing a friend to FMA when that episode played (dub version). She was sad but had missed the previous episode where we saw how sweet and innocent Nina was... I was tearing up and she was giving me very strange looks.
My friend really liked it though, and now she's a huge FMA fan, so I think it was definatly necessary,
When I saw the episode, I was horrified because I couldn't help but see my own daughter there. It really hurt and I couldn't imagine it happening at all.

It would have been so nice to see Nina play with Elysia smile.gif. I know Elysia would worship Nina because my daughter's like that with some older kids.
Joy to suffering
I was more sad when they first showed her as a chimera. I did cry at that part. But when she died, she wasn't suffering anymore, so I was more sad when she was a chimera.
Heart Mending Alchemist
It WAS a cute chimara none the less, sad, but cute.
The chimera disgusted me. All I saw was the former glory of a beautiful little girl and her dog. I wasn't happy to see the chimera die, however. There is no joy or comfort in mercy death nor in punishment death for me.
Heart Mending Alchemist
Well yeah but if a dog(on its own) looked like that it would be cute! "Big.... brother"
I just can't separate it out like that. I guess you're right. It's just because I have a 4 year old of my own, so it's harder for me to be objective or separate myself from the impact of the episode.
Heart Mending Alchemist
You have you own kid? I'm... under 20 lets go with that. Nina was Sooo sweet when she gave ed the picture to "Make his dream come true".
Joy to suffering
I didn't think that it was good that she was killed, or that mercy killing is good, but she probaly would have died after awhile, like her mother, so It's not that I was happy when she died, just glad that she didn't have to suffer like her mother did. Her's, And Alexander's, physical body was in so much pain, and when you think of how overwhelming that pain would be to a little girl, you almost are releived when it's over.
Heart Mending Alchemist
Nicely said.
Very well said. I never felt good about the chimera being killed, but hated the thought of it living much longer either.

My daughter

I've peppered the site with pictures of her, I think everyone's sick of seeing her, but I don't care tongue.gif
Heart Mending Alchemist
I didn't think so many adults watched anime shows! this is off topic but anyone like inuyasha?
Old People & Anime

somewhere on this section is some iyunasha thread

Check these out for old people & anime and Iyunasha.
Heart Mending Alchemist
Cool. I'm only 12 so thats shocking!
i never really cared about nina either way when i saw the subs, but after seeing (or more accurately hearing) nina in the dub... i only wish she had died earlier....

booohoooo nina.... just wait til 25.... blink.gif
Queen of the dammed
I actualy feel more sorry for Alexander.... Poor doggy.... TTOTT
Heart Mending Alchemist
She was only around for what 4 episodes? I mean the means she really had a BIG impact in such a short time!
Aww Arche your daughter is so cute.

Personally I think what was sadder than Nina dying was the fact that her own father did what he did to her. And I think Nina was around for 2 episodes 6&7.
Heart Mending Alchemist
Yes, I'm mean, he said he didn't even have a real reason! WHATS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?!?! sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
QUOTE(AliCat @ Jan 16 2005, 08:32 PM)
Her and Alexander's deaths were very sad, yes, but it was necessary.  It motivated Ed and Al.  Imagine how different the story would be if they hadn't died.

That's only now, too. Nina's death helps motivate Ed even more later (assuming you watch the dub, people will know what I mean in a couple weeks).
Heart Mending Alchemist
Yeah, If I start a "We Miss Nina" club online would anyone join?
Yeah we miss Nina i cried a lot when she die sad.gif poor nina sad.gif
Call me cold-blooded, but I didn't cry when that happened to Nina, and I only shed a few tears during episode 25.
I was wery sad. Shou made such a cruel thing for his own daughter... He was really veird... I wish that he would die a long, painfull death.
Heart Mending Alchemist
He got shoot by the millitary without a hearing. Ok so Quistis is it againest the rules to make a site and post it here?
ya i miss the her and the popr wittle dog he. they were so cool. it pissed me off more than it made me sad.but i was sad.
Queen of the dammed
Pooor poor Alexander... sad.gif and poor poor dubbies when you watch ep 25.....
sad.gif It was so sad when she died. How could Tucker do so bad thing! And Alexander.. sad.gif I cried when they died.
yeah, I cried so much when I saw that episode. I really didn't want those characters (Nina and Alexander) to die. I didn't know what to think of it when they were turned ito a 'being', yet still recognizes Ed and Al distantly. I don't want to see that episode again.

The art of Japanese tea. Specializing in imported gourmet Japanese loose leaf teas, powder teas and more.
That made me so sad....I actually cried. sad.gif
you guys are dwelling too much on nina. you won't even think about her later on; save the grief for the rest of the series.
Hilde Knight
I was choking up a bit. Not quite crying, but I was about to.
Hilde Knight
QUOTE(xrninja @ Jan 22 2005, 09:03 PM)
you guys are dwelling too much on nina. you won't even think about her later on; save the grief for the rest of the series.

I did and ended up crying for a half hour when I finally brought myself to watch the last two episodes.

Correction: I cried throughout all of the last episode and cried for a half hour afterwards. tongue.gif
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