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i like allot of evanessence songs like bring me to life,
and i like...i think montey crew sings it or somthing the lyrics say "if i die tommarow..."
oooh i like clocks thats a good one, and i realize yet again i need to expand my knowledge of music
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(Chetyre @ Mar 1 2006, 07:41 PM) [snapback]356853[/snapback]

montey crew
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
"Time to burn" by the Rasmus
"I belive in a thing called love" by the Darkness
Norman Greenbaum- Spirit in the Sky.

Aerosmith- Dream On.

Billy Joel- Scenes From an Italian Restaraunt.

Just a few of the classic rock songs that came to thought. If I went into other genres like hip-hop, techno, and classical, I could go on and on and on. But these are the three that stand out most in my mind. Oh, and...

Any songs done by Enya. She is one of the most amazing voices out there, and her music is simply enchanting.
Lynrd Skynyrd: free bird
Lynrd Skynyrd: things going on
Lynrd Skynyrd: saturday night special
Lynrd Skynyrd: call me the breeze (my screen name biggrin.gif )
Lynrd Skynyrd: Simple man
Lynrd Skynyrd: all I can do is write about it (that song really speaks to me)
Disturbed: Stricken (I havn't heard many of their songs, but I'm working on it)
System of a down: B.Y.O.B
System of a down: Chop Suey
System of a down: This cocaine makes me feel like I'm on this song
System of a down: Cigaro
Green Day: Good Riddance
Green Day: Hitchin' a Ride
Green Day: Holiday
Green Day: Give me novacaine
Green Day: Welcome to Paradise
Green Day: Longview
Creed: What if
Creed: Torn
Creed: With arms wide open
Creed: One last breath
Creed: Are You Ready
Creed: My own prison
Creed: My Sacrifice

and the list goes on cool.gif . I just listed a few bands that I am currently listening to. Lynyrd Skynyrd and Creed happen to be my two favorite bands. I dislike rap with a passion of a thousand burning white suns mad.gif !*throws all gangster gold teeth extremely oversized necklaces pants down to their ankles think their all gangster with their retarted songs into a mine field* laugh.gif
Here are some of my favourite songs

Ray J - Keep Sweatin
Bobby Valentino - Tell Me
Usher - Caught Up, Yeah
Brooke Valentine - Girlfight
Mary J Blige - Be Without You
Kanye West - Diamonds from Sierra Leone, Golddigger
Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha, Buttons, Beep
Parrell Williams - Angel
Justin Timberlake & Snoop Dogg - Signs
Justin Timberlake - Rock your Body, Like I love you, Cry Me a River
50 Cent & The Game - Hate it or Love it
Robin Thicke - Wanna Love You Girl
Black Eyed Peas - My Humps (remix)
Chris Brown - Run it

I guess that's it for now, this is what popped into my head XD I just love R&B, Hip Hop and Crunk 'n B
Aleesha Elric
I like

All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
Lemon Demon - The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
Eminem - When I'm Gone
DJ Bobo - Chihuahua (Coz he sounds like hugues!)
Trapt - Stories
Daniel Benningfield - I Gotta Get Thru This
Evanescence - Away From Me
Taking Over Me
L`Arc~En~Ciel - Lost Heaven
P!ATD - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
But Its Better If You Do
The Only Difference Between a Matyrdrom And Suicide Is A Press Confrence
Its Time To Dance
Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
Scott Stapp - Broken
System Of A Down - Lonely Day
Shes Like Heroin
Vicinity Of Obscenity
Kill Rock 'n' Roll
The Urge - Its My Time To Fly
Weird Al Yankovic - Polka Power
The Whitlams - Fall For You
Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins

More, be back later to add more
My favorites Are

1.Ayumi Hamasaki - Moments
2.Yuria - You
3.Full Metal Alchemist - 4th Op (rewrite)
4.Hillary Duff - Beat of my heart
5.Frankie J - Suga Suga
6.Nate Dogg - I like that
7.Eminem - When im gone
8.Sean Paul - Temperature
9.Akon - Soul survivour
10.2-Pac Changes
1. AC/DC - "Rock n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution"
2. Led Zeppelin - "Immigrant Song"
3. Guns N' Roses - "Knockin' on Heavens Door"
4. Asian Kung-Fu Generation - "Rewrite"
5. AC/DC - "TNT"
6. BTO - "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"
7. Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"
8. AC/DC - "Thunderstruck"
9. Motley Crue - "Shout at the Devil"
10. Guns N' Roses - "Welcome to the Jungle"

To name a few.
WHY have I not been in the music forum yet!? D:


~ Nightwish - "Nemo", "Wishmaster", "Moondance", "Planet hell", "Dead to the world", "Come cover me"--(My SOLO song for vocals class ^^)
~Stratovarius - "Black diamond", "Why are we here".
~ Blind Guardian - "Into the storm", "Skalds and shadows".
~ Simon and Garfunkel - "Scarborough Faire", "Bookends".
~ Cruel angels Thesis. (Zankoku na tenshi no teze) {No clue who it's by. x_x }
~ Shiina Ringo - "Yatsusuke Shigoto", "Torikoshikurou".
~ Shakira - "Eyes like yours", "Hey you"(I think that's what it's called >>), "Te dejo madrid".
~ Killay - "Oleyley"(I think that's what the songs' called >>) And that second song of that CD. Oh, Very specific. sleep.gif
~ Aqua - "Halloween", "Cartoon heroes", "Candyman"(Lollipop)
~ Epica - "Illusive consensus".
~ Wicked, The play thing.. >> - "No good deeds", "What is this feeling", "Defying gravity"
~ Phantom of the opera - "The phantom of the opera" (Le gasp! Song in the place.. >> Yeah, Even more specific. D: ) And the masqurade song. ^^
~ Pink - "Humble neighborhoods", "Feel good time"
~ Lillix - "Dirty sunshine".
~Raffi(If that's even who it IS by. Oo;) - "Bananaphone".
~ The halloween town song. From the nightmare before chirstmas.
~ Black eyed peas- "Where is the love", And that one song.. #10 from the elephunk CD. Oo; I really suck at names today.
~That song.. Oo; The opening song on FF crystal chronicals. >> I played that SO many times just to memorize it.
~ Slipknot- "Vermillion", "Vermillion part 2".
~ Monty- "In this legacy".
~Zelda and the unibrows- "Panties", "I like food".
~ Evanescence- "Imaginary".
~System of a down - "Vicinity of obscenity", "Innervision".
~ Scafell pike - "Streets of London", "Spanish ladies", "X-ray vision".
~Duran duran - "Notorious"(Most addictive catchy song EVER D: )

'Kay. I think that's enough for a good healthy list.
Alothough there's more.
Much more.
Immortal Technique - "Dance With The Devil", "You Never Know"

Tupac - "Smile", "Dear Mama", "Keep Ya Head Up", "I Ain't Mad At Cha", "Changes", "To Live & Die In L.A."
Fayth Prophecy
All my favorite Rock songs~

My Chemical Romance- Helena/I'm not Okay/It's not a fashion statement, it's a f****ing deathwish/I won't let the vampires get you/Ghost of you
Nightwish- I wish I had an angel/Creek Mary's Blood
SOAD- Toxicity/Hypnotize/BYOB/Questions
Dir en Grey- everything^^
Miyavi- also everything, mainly Aho Matsuri
AAR- The Last Song/Move Along
MCS- Everything is alright
The Used-Taste of ink/All that I've got
The Beatles- everything
-and other classic rock stuff-
The Osmonds- Crazy Horses

Tupac Shakur-Changes
Curtis "50 cent" Jackson- Many Men
Nelly- Grillz/Country Grammer/Over and Over
D12- Pretty much everything
TLC- Scrubs/Waterfalls
Usher- U Remind Me/Burn/Yeah
Chris Brown- Run It/Run It Remix with Bow Wow/Yo -Excuse me miss-/Gimme That
I have a lot lol

well I love all good charlotte songs... I love all hilary duff songs

those and I like to much Disculpa los malos pensamientos- panda, is in spanish but the video is really great

pump it-black eyed peas
When Im gone-Eminem
Coming Undone-KoRN
Edge of seventeen-Lindsay Lohan
Numb-Linkin Park
Song to say goodbye-placebo
Confessions of a broken heart-lindsay lohan
that girl-lindsay lohan
dont move on-lindsay lohan
Youre beautiful-James Blunt
She will be love-Maroon 5
hollywood girl-Drake Bell
Are you ready-Three days grace

and others lol...
Carnal Malefactor
The youth of today makes me weep... or puke... whichever comes first.
Lone Wolf
Tobira No Mukou E - YeLLOW Generation

I can't get it out of my head!
My favs:

1. "Mr. Jones", Counting Crows
2. "The Scientist", Coldplay
3. "Piano Man", Billy Joel
4. "Tiny Dancer", Elton John
5. "One Love", Bob Marley
6. "Only Time", Enya
7. "Don't Lose My Number", Phil Collins
8. "Devil The Wishing Well", Five For Fighting
9. "Steel Claw", Tina Turner
10. "Nobody Home", Heart
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(shinjikun @ Apr 19 2006, 11:06 PM) [snapback]383652[/snapback]

My favs:

1. "Mr. Jones", Counting Crows
2. "The Scientist", Coldplay
3. "Piano Man", Billy Joel
4. "Tiny Dancer", Elton John
5. "One Love", Bob Marley
6. "Only Time", Enya
7. "Don't Lose My Number", Phil Collins
8. "Devil The Wishing Well", Five For Fighting
9. "Steel Claw", Tina Turner
10. "Nobody Home", Heart

Yup. Your taste in music can most definitely be described as 'gay'... not 'bad'... but literally homosexual.
I have to choose now?
Ok,well in no real order;
Areials:all by Sysytem of a Down.

Another one bite the dust,
Killer Queen,
I want to Break free,
Bycical:All by QUEEN.

We're all to blame by Sum 41.(I don't know why I like it but I do)
Smoke Alchemist
QUOTE(Void @ Apr 19 2006, 10:45 PM) [snapback]383681[/snapback]

QUOTE(shinjikun @ Apr 19 2006, 11:06 PM) [snapback]383652[/snapback]

My favs:

1. "Mr. Jones", Counting Crows
2. "The Scientist", Coldplay
3. "Piano Man", Billy Joel
4. "Tiny Dancer", Elton John
5. "One Love", Bob Marley
6. "Only Time", Enya
7. "Don't Lose My Number", Phil Collins
8. "Devil The Wishing Well", Five For Fighting
9. "Steel Claw", Tina Turner
10. "Nobody Home", Heart

Yup. Your taste in music can most definitely be described as 'gay'... not 'bad'... but literally homosexual.

Bacon don't be so harsh...we all can't all be Bacon followers now can we? I find it nice that she/he can have a plethora of different music tastes rolleyes.gif

STP~ Interstate love song.

I will never grow tired of of the best songs by this band.
i have way too many favorite songs to name but.....

Switchfoot- Erosion, Learning To Breath, Dare You To Move, Meant To Live, This Is Your Life, On Fire, The Beautiul Letdown, New Way To Be Human, The Blues, Easier Than Love, Lonely Nation, Goodnight Punk, and maybe like 2 others

Green Day- Longview, Jesus Of Suburbia, Basket Case, Brain Stew, Minority, Hitchin' A Ride, Redundant, St. Jimmy, alot more but i'm too lazy to type them....

Foo Fighters- For All The Cows, This Is A Call, In Your Honor, Best Of You, The One, Monkey Wrench.....way way way Way more....

The Used- Buried Myself Alive, Take It Away, Blue And Yellow, Taste Of Ink, I'm A Fake, Listening and more......

Anything by The Beatles....alot by Led Zeppelin and a ton more by other bands....haha....i like way too many songs....
I'm not mad about Void thinking I'm gay. Go head, Bacon, you have your own opinions, and I have my own as well. Of course, I do believe that Void is using the "you're gay" defense mechanism to protect his own closeted identity (ooh, I wonder what that could be?).

I've decided to modify my favorites list a bit. These are all of my favorite Billy Joel songs. I hope to one day be a piano man too!

1. "We Didn't Start The Fire"
2. "Piano Man"
3. "Downeaster 'Alexa"
4. "Leningrad"
5. "Goodnight, Saigon"
6. "And So It Goes"
7. "While The Night Is Still Young"
8. "Captain Jack"
9. "New York State Of Mind"
10. "An Innocent Man"

If someone doesn't like my taste in sophisticated lyrics and music, then you can go eat your own limbs and extremities for all I care.

NZ's FullMetal
fall out boy - dance dance
Eww, Fallout Boy. Why the hell do people love Dance Dance (at first before it is played out to death anyway)? That band is just terrible, every one of their songs.

I would have to agree, the songs listed were kind of girly for the most part. There isn't anything wrong with that, though. It is just that most gay guys are more likely to listen to that kind of music. But it doens't mean you are gay. I listen to a load of girly music but am perfectly straight.

Some Skyclad faves: Polkageist, Art-Nazi, When God Logs Off, The Disenchanted Forest, The Truth Famine, You Lost My Memory, Cardboard City, The Anti-Body Politic, Any Old Irony, Still Spinning Shrapnel, Land of the Rising Slum... yeah, a lot of songs, and probably could list more, but those ones stand out the most in my mind.

My favorite ones:

- Something to Say
- Can you Handle Me
(both from Kane)
- Rain down on me- Kane, Remixed by TiŽsto
- Breakthrough - Queen
- Chop Suey - System of a Down
- Mutter - Rammstein

Can't think of any more right now happy.gif
slate alchemist
my two favorites are rainmaker Iron Maiden
And Papercut Linkin Park
Id say blink182:i miss you
- Ame no Hi Wa No Sankyuu by the seiyuus of Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye... they sing so well..
- ready steady go, link, new world and Jiyuu E no Shoutai of L'Arc-en-Ciel's album awake... i cant translate the title...
- every heart, everlasting & OUTGROW by BoA
- you and me by lifehouse
- 真実の詩 & 魔法の言葉 ~Would you marry me?~ by Do as Infinity
- merry x'mas mr.lawrence by maksim the piano player (nice tune)
- to YOU by sowelu
- first love by utada hikaru
- kiss goodbye by wang leehom (the lyrics are very sweet...)

frequently played songs in my player... laugh.gif
FullMetal Shrimp
(Highest to Lowest)

1. Link (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
2. Lies and Truth (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
3. Chance (UVERworld)
4. Rewrite (Asian Kung Fu Generation)
5. Huo Yuan Jia/Fearless (Jay Chou)
6. For the Future (Do as Infinity)
7. Days (Flow)
8. One Winged Angel (AC version, Nubuo Uematsu)
9. Suteki da Ne (Rikki)
10. Redemption (Gackt)

And yeah, all of them are in another language which isn't English...
well, i have lots of favorite songs. its different every year.... hehehehe...
i like songs from lindsay lohan, we believe and murder by good charlotte, simple plan songs but not all. mou sukoshi from midori no hibi but cant understand a word of it. its gonna rain from samurai-x but got no copy of it... :-( (anyone wanna donate?) the day you said goodnite from Hale (local)...
Emerald Alchemist
(Highest to Lowest)
1) Blow up the Pokies - The Whitlams
2) Rewrite - Asian Kung Fu Generation
3) Our Laywers made us change the song so we wouldn't get Sued - Fall-Out Boy
4) Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park
5) Faint - Linkin Park
6) Wake Up - The Living End
7) Intergalactic - Beastie Boys
8) South Side - Moby
9) Fix You - Coldplay
10) How Long - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
"Shines Through" by 10 Sheen has definately got to be one of my all time top 2 songs. I can't decide what the other one is. Either "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin (even though I only just recently heard it, I instantly fell in love with it) or "Tired of You" by The Exies. Then again, "Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn" by Hellogoodbye is pretty sweet. You know what, I'm gonna think on this one and get back to you. happy.gif

But "Shines Through" is an awesome song. I highly recommend it.
bloodlust alchemist
i wood haveto sai that my favoritte songs are the following

Simple and clean, dearly beloved, one-winged angel, lose yurself, rirAITO, haruka kanata, bue train, loop& loop, undo, naruto openings and fma openings and endings

I have a lot of favorites songs
L`Abitudine; Ave Maria; O sole mio; Il diavolo E l`Angelo; Mil olas,mil lunas, Cuando me enamoro.. All this from Andrea Bocelli
Almost everyone of Eminem, Linking Park(Hybrid Theory); "No me arrepiento de este amor "from Gilda. Sirena, suelta mi mano, entra en mi vida... from Sin Bandera; Mentira, Aqui from La ley. El profe, Uno los dos .. from Miranda. Rosa, Dame fuego From Sandro.
Everyone from Robbie Williams.
Metal Arms
My favorite songs are:

1. "Re-Write"
2. "Ready Steady Go!"
3. "Incredible Sin"
4. "Link"
5. "Lost Heaven"

(2-5 is performed by "L'Arc~en~Ciel")
(1 is performed by I believe by "Asian Kung-fu Generation")

6. "One-Winged Angel" by: "Nobou Uemestu"
7. "Blow Me Away" by: "Breaking Benjamen" from: Halo 2
Here are some of my favs

Welcome to my life (Simple Plan)
Taking Over Me (Evanescence)
Shut up (Simple Plan)
Missing (Evanescence)
Listen to Your heart (Evanescence)
Numb (Linkin Park)
The End (Linkin Park)
Let the bodies hit the floor (Drowning pool)
I hate everything about you (Three days Grace)
Me against the World (Simple Plan)

and of couse READY~STEADY~GO!
And UNDO tongue.gif
Full Metal Alchemist^_^
Knife Called Lust
One Winged Angel [Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7]
Liberi Fatali
Razheal beatboxin while RZA raps
Emotion is Dead
Azumanga Theme song
Eureka 7 Theme
Poison Bananas

...It's weird cause most of them are all from games/tv and in a different language
Some of my fav.s' are:
Rewrite -L`arc~en~ciel.
Nu ma, Nu ma...I don't know who sings it.
Axel F -Crazy Frog.
Welcome to my life-Simple Plan.
I'm just a kid -Simlpe Plan.
Real folk Blues-..I don't know who sings this.
READY STEADY GO-L`arc~en~ciel.
Move along-All American Rejects.
QUOTE(Full Metal Alchemist^_^ @ Jun 30 2006, 08:02 PM) [snapback]418708[/snapback]

Knife Called Lust

Hollywood Undead? If that's the song you're talking about you're like, my new best friend. haha.
I <3 Hollywood Undead.

Anyways, favourite songs.

Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap
My Iron Lung - Radiohead
Story - The Rocket Summer
Desert Song - My Chemical Romance

I have alot of different favourite songs, but I'm listining to these the most lately.
1. Bizzy Bone - Nobody Can Stop Me
2. Makaveli - Blasphemy
3. Makaveli - 2 Live & Die In LA
4. Bone Thugs - Tha Crossroads
5. Bone Thugs - Thuggish Ruggish Bone
6. Bone Thugs - Mo' Murda
7. Eazy-E - Real Muthaphuckkin G'z
8. Z-RO - Platinum
9. Chamillionaire - The Sound of Revenge
10. Lil' Flip - What I Been Through
11. Lil' Flip - Make Mama Proud
12. Lil' Flip - I Shoulda Listened
13. Common - Be
14. Bizzy Bone - Murderah
15. Dr Dre - Forgot About Dre
16. Krayzie Bone - Smokin Buddah
17. Krayzie Bone - Zonin
18. Krayzie Bone - Nothin But Music
19. Krayzie Bone - Average Thug
20. Layzie Bone - Smoke On
21. Layzie Bone - As The Rain
22. Layzie Bone - Carole Of The Bones
23. Lil Wayne - Fly In
24. Lil Wayne - This Is The Carter
25. T.I. - Live In The Sky
26. Trae ft. Pimp C,Fat Pat, H.A.W.K - Swang(Remix)
27. Three 6 Mafia - Hard Hittaz
28. Three 6 Mafia - Rainbow Colors
29. Three 6 Mafia ft. Project Pat - Poppin' My Collar
30. Bone Thugs - Buddah Lovaz
HalfAsian Alchemist
I have way too many to even start to sot out all, but I'll list some.

"Motherland", "Tobira no Mukou e", "Kesenai Tsumi", "Ready Steady Go", "Sky-High Pure Spirit"-FMA
"Change the World", "Come", "Owari Nai Yume"-Inuyasha

"For Those About To Rock"-AC/DC, "We Didn't Start The Fire"-Billy Joel, "Fortunate Son"-Creedence Clearwater Revival, "War, What Is It Good For"-Edwin Starr, "Slow Ride"-Foghat, "Aqua Lung"-Jethro Tull, "Pink Houses"-John Cougar Mellencamp, "Tuesday's Gone"-Lynard Skynard, "Come On Feel The Noise"-Quiet Riot, "Come Sail Away"-Styx, "The Logical Song"-Supertramp, "Give ME The Beat Boys"-The Doobie Brothers, "Won't Get Fooled Again"-The Who, "Free Fallin'"-Tom Petty, "Running With The Devil"-Van Halen, "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"-Yes

And some Rammstein, like "Sonne" and "Links 234".
Se7en (Lee Dongwook)
- Entrance
- Red Voice
- Sono mama de....
- Two Steps
- 2 Night >_<<"
- Real Luv Story
- Wishy Washy

For other artists,,
- Simple and Clean
- We belong together : Mariah Carey
- Ready Steady Go
- The Game of Love : Santana
- My Happy Ending : Avril
- From the bottom of my broken heart, My Prerogative - Britney Spears
- many songs, but i forget them wink.gif

I'm not a big fan of Se7en (but my cousins are), I just think that Se7en is a quite nice singer. And yes, I like how he dances. So sexy >_<<<"
Three Days Grace - "Animal I Have Become"
Reynolds the FullMetal Alchemist
Nothing I Won't Give
Just Like You
Lost Heaven
And so on......

Also Rewrite is by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
1. Ever Dream: Nightwish
2. Haruka Kanata: Asian Kung-fu Generation
3. Rewrite: Asian Kung-fu Generation
4. When the Eagle Cries: Iced Earth
5. Poison: Alice Cooper
6. Throught the Fire and the Flames: Dragonforce
7. Terror Train: Demons and Wizards
8. Breaking the Law: Judas Priest
System Of A Down - Hypnotise
System Of A Down - Ego Brain
System Of A Down - Chop Suey
(lets just say all of System Of A Down)
Nightwish - Over The Hills And Far Away
Led Zepplin - Stairway To Heaven
Lacuna Coil - Stars
Heres quite a few of mine:

Unholy Confessions - A7X
Trashed & Scattered - A7X
Seize the Day - A7X
Second Heartbeat - A7X
Remenissions - A7X
Radiant Eclipse - A7X
Eternal Rest - A7X
Desecrate through Revenge - A7X
Darkness Surrounding - A7X
Bat Country - A7X
Betrayed - A7X
Beast & The Harlot - A7X
Vanilla - Gackt
Redemption - Gackt
Boom Boom Boom - The Outhere Brothers
Down with the Sickness - Disturbed
Bad Day - Daniel Powter
DARE - Gorillaz
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
You're Beautiful - James Blunt
10th Man Down - Nightwish
Ol' Red - Blake Shelton
Considering I love all the songs I listen to, it's very difficult for me to choose ones that are my all time favorites, but I know one that is my absolute favorite.

That would be Toki ni Ai wa (At times Love is...) by Masami Okui, which was played in the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie (the dancing scene).
Most beautiful song ever, I never get tired of it, whenever I listen to it I always get the most beautiful ideas in my head for stories and artwork, and I always think of that scene from the movie, which is one of the most beautiful animation scenes I have ever seen.
It was also the song that got me into Japanese music (I heard it before I ever saw the movie tbh ^^; )
Whenever I start to hear 'this rose is our destiny' I just tear up...*sniffle* *puts song on now*
iīve got many cool.gif here are some of them tongue.gif
--> Wake me up when September ends (Green Day)
-->American Idiot (Green Day)
-->Basket case(GD)
-->The truth (Good Charlotte)
--> Chronicles of life and death (GC)
--> Life style of rich and famous(GC)
--> I just wanna live(GC)
-->Helena( My Chemical Romance)
-->In my life( The Rasmus)

I like most Evanscence, Cascada and Green Day...I also like Ridin' Dirty and Temperature...FMA soundtrack, and anything disco.
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