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Full Version: The Last Anime You Watched
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The last anime I watched huh.gif That was the law of ueki smile.gif
I watch The Vision of Escaflowne the movie yesterday and i was disapointed, i togh it was gonna be something else, but no it was just boring y prefer the series.

Edit: nana i LOVE your avatar
last anime I watched is Noir
Last anime I watched was R.O.D. the TV series.
Hawkeyes counterpart
Ummmm..... lets see... its hard to keep track but either Zatch Bell or Full Metal Alchemist tongue.gif [B]
QUOTE(telepika @ Apr 21 2005, 06:14 PM)
The movie made in the 1980s Vampire Hunter D? Or is there a more recent one? I saw 20min. or so from Vampire Hunter D and was repelled by the bad animation, maybe because it was the older one. I'll have to check on that.

I was thinking of watching Nightwalker but I read this really bad review of the series: Is it that bad because otherwise I'll watch it?

blink.gif Seems like you've seen more vampire anime then I have!

Yes there is a more recent one!!!! It's like the polar opposite of being visually repelling if that's your concern. I have both DVDs though. I still love the original VHD for sentimental reasons, but I like the newer one better. This new VHD was one of the first (if not THE first) animes ever to be originally voiced in English. I've heard the Japanese dub though and they don't slouch in the least. Check out its ratings on IMDB I believe it cracked the top 250 at one point. Here's its official site:

For the heck of it, here are the ratings for the old version:

And about Nightwalker, you can't always go by reviews. I'm not going to hail it as the most original series of all time, but it's entertaining and if you like bishounen, then it works (least for me anyway tongue.gif ). And the opening theme is infectious! I have the original version and the piano instrumental on cd.

I have seen a nice number of vamp movies. I can tell you which not to watch and that's Blood the Last Vampire. Stay as far away as you can.
Blood the Last Vampire?... Too late, I've already seen it... I have some hope for the TV series though. It will give them a chance to make up for the utter lack of plot in the movie. Who knows, maybe they made the movie just for the purpose of introducing the TV series. I didn't like the way they portrayed the "fake" vampires though. Even though they were fake, they seemed more like aliens than vampires! The whole movie felt like Area 51 (Bad memories).

Anyway, I did find out about the newer Vampire Hunter D movie (Don't know how I could have missed it!). Anyway, I just got a copy and will watch it whenever I have the free time. And about Nightwalker, I'll think about giving it a chance (Maybe one day when I happen upon it, then I'll watch it). tongue.gif

Anyway, back on topic (I think we're scaring a few people), the last anime I watched was Someday's Dreamers. So far, I like this series: It's about a young woman training to be a mage/witch. I don't know much more beacuse I only saw the first few episodes, but it looks promising.
mahou sensei negima 15!!!!!!! hahah i love this anime. its so awesome
Fullmetal alchemist, after i watch it i actually saw the jap version, coz i like it better.
It'll have to be Aisteru ze baby! In other words, I Love you baby! It wasn't a popular show in japan.. but it's so cute!! tongue.gif
The last anime I watched was Dragon Ball Z... I changed the channel pretty quick. That anime brough shame upon the Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z manga.
Ronaldo Rodregez
The last one I've watched fully: Paranoia Agent
The last one I've downloaded: Smash Hit!
same here now i'm gonna watch gundam wing, and is bleach any good
QUOTE(kidmuscle @ Apr 25 2005, 04:53 PM)
same here now i'm gonna watch gundam wing, and is bleach any good

blink.gif OMG!!! Is Bleach any good? Bleach is god!!! Actually that's a bit of an exaggeration, FMA is god but Bleach is godly. laugh.gif Anyway, watch the first 3min. of the first episode of Bleach then you'll understand how good it is. I think it's better than Naruto! blink.gif
It was just know, i watch some from ranma 1/2
QUOTE(the fire alchemist @ Jan 15 2005, 07:53 PM)
YuYu Hakashu(spell check)

its spelled Yu Yu Hakashou i think... tongue.gif well, i think the last anime i watched was... huh.gif Pokemon... rolleyes.gif Well, my little sis made me watch it... wait no! its uh, Ghost in the Shell. biggrin.gif
Last anime I watched was FMA. I watched it all in about 3 days. I totally cried through the whole last episode. I know... I'm sad... Of course, I looked up when the movie is coming out and I almost cried for a whole different reason. I hate waiting! Oh well.
QUOTE(animejunkie429800 @ Apr 25 2005, 07:30 PM)
QUOTE(the fire alchemist @ Jan 15 2005, 07:53 PM)
YuYu Hakashu(spell check)

its spelled Yu Yu Hakashou i think... tongue.gif

"hakusho" or "hakushou." the yuyu part can be yuyu, yu yu, Yu Yu, YuYu, yuu yuu, etc.... rolleyes.gif

yakitate!! japan 21.
sailor moon (don't kill me)
Full Blade Alchemist
Uhh, I think it was either Fruits Bakset, Galaxy Angels or Spiral
Tsubasa Chronicle

I'm a little confused about what happened to Sakura and Shaoron... Does the plot carry over from Cardcaptors or is it that the characters are the same? And no, I haven't read the manga.
Yay! wink.gif You've also started watching Tsubasa Chrnicle.

The characters (well Sakura, Syaoran, Touya, Yukito and Tomoyo) are the same as in Card Captor Sakura, but they're not the same characters.. They're different individuals in a different world.. alternate universe. When the characters travel through different dimensions they meet characters from previous CLAMP manga in different realities.. some characters can appear more than once...

Lots of stuff... Probably Sukisyo ep 3...
Last anime I finished was Gankustuo. smile.gif
Ooooh!!! Gankutsuou was good!!! The main character, Albert?, annoyed me though, but I loved that show!!!
Fruits Baskets!
Azura Elric
DNAngel ep. 16
.hack the first episode
bleach 29. ahahah, this episode cracks me up so much..... laugh.gif
biggrin.gif I love the part where Ichigo and Ganju take Haratarou? (His name IS hard to remember) as hostage... I watched that episode 5x yesterday and still kept on cracking up.

Anyway, the last anime I watched was Last Exile.
FMA fansubbed on my pc.
Um, I think it was FMA
The last episode of Trigun unsure.gif
Bleach Eps 29

30 is coming out tmorr!! yes laugh.gif
Spiral, episode 7

I like this anime. biggrin.gif
Bleach, the entire series! It has been a while since I first started watching it, that I forgot what happened, so I watched the whole damn thing over again. Now i'm up to 28 tongue.gif
I just saw the first 3 episodes from Tsubasa Chronicle.
Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 12

I can only watch it at my Anime Club meetings, since my parents won't allow me to buy it online. I'm waiting for the Boxed Set to come out. AND yea. blink.gif
I just watched DBGT on Cartoon Network. It's getting really boring, but I'll just finish watching it and be done with it.
İ just watched Vampire Hunter D and Ninja Scroll... They were really good
Especially Wampire Hunter D was great. İts characters and scenario were fantastic. But still my favourite anime is Ghost İn The Shell 2
Don't double post (not trying to be mean). I watched Trigun last night at 1:00...and Wolfwood died!! sad.gif
i added same post twice by chance. So i edited them like that
Dont be angry easily tongue.gif
I wasn't angry. I said that I wasn't trying to be mean. Just trying to help is all.
QUOTE(~FMAgurl~ @ May 4 2005, 04:27 PM)
Don't double post (not trying to be mean). I watched Trigun last night at 1:00...and Wolfwood died!! sad.gif

That was the last anime that I saw as well. I am starting to like that show.
.Hack Sign ep 10, like an hour ago
Hm. Some Highschool Anime that involved this kid being transferred into a baddass school full of punks and what-not. I forget it's name but the episodes are only 12 minutes long, it's OnDemand for comcast. It's really funny... X3
Bleach ep. 30!!!

It wasn't as good as I expected though. Too many flashbacks...
The last anime episode I saw was today biggrin.gif I'm into a cute new series called Emma. I never thought I would like a series that takes place during victorian times, but it's quite nice to see a simple series with no complicated story, mecha or violence....and I think William is adorable biggrin.gif
Hm..besides FMA...the last anime I have seen lately was case Closed episode 68.
OH MY GOD!!! Has anyone seen ep. 133 of Naruto yet!!! It was SO good!!! *Jumps around like crazy*

Anyway, so can anyone guess what anime I last watched?
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