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Full Version: Test Your Sigs Here!
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test....xP typo error..wrong spelling of your biggrin.gif
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Mhacy - The only critique I can give is that there are some bits of blue/green that got into their hair that could be easily cleaned up, otherwise I love the sig and the wording.

^ Nice quote for the siggy; the colors give off a very cozy feel smile.gif
But the render doesn't blend with the background, it seems, so it looks a bit cheap ^^; *coughs*

I've made three signatures during my lack-of-Internet absence. Feel free to judge, naturally~

With text:

And this one below I just made today~
I like the Haruhi one with text; it helps to fill in some of the empty space. And I loooove the Higurashi one...I'm a big fan of putting in little windows. I also really like the light and the colors.

v I think my current one looks a little disproportionate...I feel like I should have either sized the render down a little or given the whole thing a longer width :/
Reffer Lift
I didn't know we had a "sig gallery" (for lack of a better word) thread. : D

I'm thinking of opening up a sig shop here, but I want to know what you guys think. :3

Here are some of my recent sigs. I use Gimp, but sometimes I use Photoshop when I'm at school (school uses CS3). I'm getting Photoshop (CS2) for my computer soon, so yeah. But I'll still probably use Gimp. tongue.gif

These two I made recently using Photoshop:

(NOTE: C4D sigs AREN'T my strong point. Stock and brush based/grunge sigs are.)

(As seen here. Hurray for Luka's Just Be Friends! : D)

The rest are Gimp:

(My current sig. VERY proud of how it turned out.)

(Meh, the text could of been better here. It's a joke from Eden of the East (AMAZING anime, btw.).)

(Trying a diffrent style here. I failed. : D)

(HACHIKO! (GET WELL SOON, AI YAZAWA!) This is actually from last year, but it's one of my favorite sigs that I've made. :3)

(If you're here, you know who Laruku are. I just happen to be a huge fan of them. XD (I have since forgotten how to do rounded borders, so if anyone knows a good tutorial, could they send over the link? Thanks. :3) This one is also from last year. (Actually, I think two years ago now, I remember making the rounded border version of the sig a while after I made the actual sig.))

(I'm also very proud if this sig. I love the result I got. : D (Shame my comp sucks, so I can't even PLAY the freaking game. >.<))

(This is actually a remake of another sig I have.)

Ok, I think that's all for now. XD Let me know what you guys think!
mines just a..... weird one.....
@Reffer Lift:You have a very nice signatures there^^I can't give critiques because im not really that familiar when it comes to picture editing.

anyway trying to make a signature xP.. I came up with this:

here are some banners I made. They seem to have a really different style from everyone else's on here but here they are:

made for my site for an older skin

made for my site for an older skin

made for my site for an older skin

^that one's really cool it actually gradually get's transparent towards the left.

^that one was actually featured on for a few weeks!!!!!

^I also entered that one for the black skin but it was never chosen.

^someone asked me to make that for them.

my site is . its a forum with a rotating banner that says "eru the angel will save the day". the one I made is the shugo chara one.
I'll post more in a later post. It won't let me post any more images in this post
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