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Full Version: Test Your Sigs Here!
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That One Dude
Meh... I tried my hand at Making a Hannibal Siggie... I doubt it worked out too well. O.o

My signature is below of course, not sure if it is too big

SD your sig looks more like a minibanner.
I'm dumping a couple of sigs I've made over the few months.

Tips? Critcism? =D
work on blending your text =O

i know mine's not a great example of that right now, but try lowering the opacity of it/using shadows or whatnot on it to see if it'll soften into the background a little more

you have a good eye for color =D I like those..Rozen Maiden(? haven't seen the show) sigs of yours especially

EDIT: Yay new sig, partially stolen from a friend XD
Kal Rommel
Sig dump time?
I really haven't been on here in @_@

Anyways .
Time to unload mah crap

Oldest to Newest:

Stuff for another board:

Click the banner below and be transported - woowoo-

Oh? What's this? Blitz actually made something! XD Feedback, please. Coloring in the manga page took FOREVAR.
^ I steal. Now. That's pretty sweet. Can I ask how you made?
^ For the coloring, I took a page from the D.Gray-man manga that I liked and first extracted it [which was a goddamn slow process]. Then I used this extremely useful tutorial for coloring in manga scans. ;D Here The background, I used a brush for the circles and then I used a checkered stamp that I made and set it on difference (on another layer). For the sparkly-ness, I added a texture on screen [which I desaturated]. Then, I added a gray on a new layer and set it on color burn; it pops the colors out. After that, added a blue color on a new layer and set it on I think overlay, or it might've been color burn. XD I used an outerglow around Allen on Color Dodge or Linear Dodge, they look pretty much the same.
Your new sig and avatar is amazing, Blitz. And thank you for the tutorial, it shall prove useful for me. ♥
Kal Rommel
That's....pretty magic, Blitz. I'm quite jealous O=

I was bored and wanted to use something from Whistle!

Yes, I know the text is special
WOAH ohmy.gif @ Blitz-sama's new set

And now... I tried to make something. But as usual, it's not really finished.

I don't wanna add much else, for fear I'll overdo it, but then again, it feels kinda plain. Suggestions? =/
Kal Rommel
The background seems kind of...empty.
I like the blue, but the colors kind of mesh together. It just seems kind of...monotone. Maybe some color variation?
Heya~ New set. Wow, the DGM one didn't even last two months. That's a record for me. I might alternate between this one and that one for the next few months. I used a similar style for the P3 set as I did with the DGM set. Checkered background. ;D
Omamori sig is not worthy of being on here...

...Oh well! My signature is below and, yes, I really, really need to work on it since it was my first try at using brushes and patterns. Took 3 hours, mostly due to erasing the previous background. And now my head hurts. Stupid GIMP. *smacks it*

Tips? Anything? o.o;

Aaand, this morning...I made another one after reading a tutorial on making transparent images; took 2 1/2 hours, scanned the picture in from one of my mangas. Gah...

^ GIMP can be a terrifying tool if you know how to use it =D (I use GIMP myself, although I'm on a bit of hiatus atm heh >_> )

try downloading some brushes, the newest version of GIMP will use Photoshop brushes of all sorts, so play around with those and take some tutorials

and if all else fails, click randomly and see what happens =D

ooh and Blitz, I looooooooove your new set!
Hey guys, I just wanna know what you think about my Edward signature. C:
A little too plain, but i'm not the one to let someone down, it's decent.
Thanks, seventh_sky! That's helped me a lot!

A new signatures!

Now, this one I am most proud of. Heh. Looks better than the others, I think.

Theme: Fireflies
Character: Hotaru Tomoe
Time: 2 hrs. 30 min.
Program: GIMP
Artwork: Ryutaro Hino

Theme: Sailor Saturn from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Time: 2 hrs. 45 min.
Lyrics: Northern Star - Hole
Program: GIMP
Artwork: Ryutaro Hino

And I made two more after work (my current sig and this next one).

Theme: Sailor Saturn
Total time: 4 hrs
Program: GIMP

~ Just Testing My Signature ~

yay EdxWinry
Don't post a topic just to do this. You can view your signature under My Controls. Or if you would like to show others your signature, please post in Rate the Siggie Above You.
New set! The World Ends With You/Subarashiki Kono Sekai.
Hay, longtime no see.
Made myself a new sig after a longtime. Tried some experimenting with a bunch of new brushes a downloaded.
Tell me what you think? :>
Character is Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends with You.
I edited and tweaked this current one what you think? biggrin.gif
New set again! Trigun this time.

I've always wanted to do a vector-ish sig. I think it came out alright.
I tried to make my first signature using Gimp- the monstrosity is located below. I find Gimp to be terribly confusing, but I would really love to get better at it.

Blitz: Your Vash the Stampede signature is gorgeous. I love the colour-scheme. Would you happen to know any good tutorials for either rendering or vectoring?
^ Thanks. wink.gif

I've heard GIMP is rather confusing, but so was Photoshop when I first got it. You really need to play around with the settings and such.

I think your sig is quite well done for a beginner. :3 The rounded edges took me a long time to figure out. XD I recommend saving all of your images as PNG files. They keep the quality and get rid of the white around your edges. They allow images with transparent backgrounds to show up as they should [so does GIF, but that's for animated files mostly].

Oh, a tutorial I found really useful for the "vector" look was:


It's for Photoshop users but I'm sure you can convert it to GIMP.
Made another one!
This one was made for Kari-neko (a request from her).
Overlaying is amazing.

Program: GIMP
Time: 1hr 27min

Kal Rommel
So I've been gone for ...forever. Made a few new things since my Photoshop decided to live again >_>

I'll just post what I've been doing lately.

Goes from old to new

- Because I could

- For Ben

-Eevee = love

- That's actually my own handwriting. I attacked it with my tablet. =D

- For Ash

^*gasp* Those are all well-done, Kal Rommel! My favorite one is the Hellboy banner <3

New signature; made it a few days ago, actually:

^Yes, text needs work.

^...Crappiest of them all.

^Best work, so far, I think.
Kal Rommel
Thanks =^^=

I'm glad you like them.

I really liked your Kanda sig! It was so pretty ♥♥♥

I really love how you did the background on your current sig. Preetttyyy.
^You're very welcome!
And thanks! Heh, amazing what you can do with a little experimenting happy.gif

Made another one today after work. It didn't take very long; quite pleased with how it turned out, though, my text leaves something to be desired:

Kal Rommel
^^I think you'd need something of a more sad variety. It looks kind of rough compared to the sadness Rukia's got going on.

Something like Viner Hand, or maybe something italicized.

I also really like the symbol you have on the left hand side. It blends really well. The render you used was awesome too. Great job!

This is a REALLY bad banner I just made. It needs a lot of revision...

It's for my new forum, and it was late...and it's a monstrosity @_@

Just made this for someone on another board.

Thinking about changing the font, though.
^Heh, heh...yeah, I know. I'm working on my fonts.
I like the Ichigo banner, but, yes, the font...doesn't seem right for it.
Ha, ha...cute, l'il Alphonse ^^

Made this one just this morning. Looks better than my previous Edward signature XD:

I just may use this one as my current signature...just may...*thinks*
^ Oh, that's nice. The background is simple but very efficient. Ed blends very well. The only thing I think is a bit distracting is how some of the background seems to "flow" into the render.

Made this for someone on another forum.

Kal Rommel

I like it alot. I don't like how , as Blitz says, the background flows into the render. The text or background behind his face is a bit distracting . But other than that, beautiful.

Amazing, as always. I like the simplicity of the scheme, yet how in depth it is. The fractals around the sword is a great touch. Love it.


Fixed it up a bit. Looks better ~_^
Blitz - Gah! That's an awesome piece of work! Simple, not too complex, yet beautiful!
Heh, heh...yeah, I know. Thanks!

Kal Rommel - Thanks! And the updated Ichigo signature looks great as well! The font belongs, it seems. Heh.

Made this one yesterday. It's too dark and looks a tad too rough; I need to work on it some more, perhaps:

And this one was a request from some one on DA. Never heard of the anime, but I might look into it.
At any rate, I like this one and I think the font's pretty alright, but it still looks a bit compressed and too bright:

Kal Rommel
The flames around the sword in the 2nd sig stick out too much. Maybe if you blended them more, they would flow more naturally.

I really like the Renji one. He's a bit too opaque, but you really got the font down nicely. =D

I did a tutorial and this is what I came up with...

It makes me sad @_@


Made a second go around with my pop out sig.

I like the outcome of this one better =D
^ Wow! I like the remake, but I think your first attempt made the render stand out a bit more (though that might be the point).

I'm quite pleased with this one; made it a couple hours ago.

Whoa. This thread hasn't been touched in a while now. Sorry to revive this thread after so long, but I wanted some critique as I haven't used Photoshop in months.

Made for someone on another forum.
What do you think of my current one? Do it still need some changes?
Hm...the render looks a little grainy/jagged (over sharpened?), and the circles in the bottom right look a bit out of place. Maybe something more linear would go with the flow of your sig better? Otherwise I think it looks good ^^

I think I made it a tad too sharp.
Maybe just a bit. Also it seems a little bright on the right near the hand (although that effect looks really awesome \o/). But I like the way the render is blended and I love the fire and the ember-y background :3

I'm not so good with stock sigs...also I wanted to blend her into the background more but couldn't find a graceful way to do it >.< I just smudged on the right, but I think it looks messy. Suggestions?

I'm also wishing I blurred the background a little more now that I look at it :/
^ Hmm...smudging helps, but what I sometimes do is copy-visible the whole signature, use 'displace map' and displace it with another layer covered in sparks (using the sparks brush), then once it's been displaced, I hide the sparks layer and erase over the focal/render on the displaced layer enough to give it a blended appearance.

...I don't think that made sense at all, but I can show you the tutorial I found it on ^^;

Your signature is awesome, though! biggrin.gif

Made this one last night; I think it's a bit too bright, though.
Ooh, a tutorial? That would be lovely ^^ The copy visible and then displace/erase idea sounds good. I shall play around with it biggrin.gif

It is a bit bright - it makes it kinda hard to see the detailing in the background (which looks really nice). I really like how it has sort of a hazy, misty effect though biggrin.gif
Alright, then...I believe this is the right tutorial; just read through it until you reach the displace/sparks layer step smile.gif

*makes note* I'll remember that; I may edit it later, then.

Made another one~
ohmy.gif that is an awesome technique! /me thanks you many times \o/

I love the Hanyuu sig! The colors are so vivid. Looks great biggrin.gif

I edited the previous one...I think it blends much better than the smudging lol, although you can still kinda see it >.<

and this is another stock sig I attempted a while ago...awkward clipping mask is awkward, and overly dodged hand is overly dodged >.<

I tried to use a C4D that wasn't an effect C4D, and...I dunno if I succeeded :/

I wish I was better at erasing around the focal in a stock image. But I'm too lazy to extract it well laugh.gif
Ha, ha! Ahh...that's still a nice sig, but it's a bit too blurry ^^;

Agreed, though I don't have a hard time with stock sigs all that much; they're easier to blend and so forth :3

Edited it; a little darker now, I think.
Ooh, I like the edit :3

This is one I just finished now...I'm thinking of entering it in a competition in another forum but I haven't decided (the theme is "movies"). The render is not the came out a little overly sharp after I used the color map a couple times :/ 'tis bothering me.

And I'm horrible with fonts XD

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