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Kal Rommel
Seventh Sky-sama...that's very pretty!! I love the effects! It's really awesome....-in complete awe-

Here are two versions of another sig challenge by Shados (Who doesn't exist on this board...>> )

First try:

Second try:

It was sort of random, since I always have some sort of stupid issues regarding choosing colors...the scan lines were an afterthought by Shados...they're not very good, but again, I felt compelled to post it. Still on the same brush binge like I had with my last two sigs ><
7th sky - =o i love the sig, it blends well^^

Kal - I like both, is hard to pic the one i like the most, great job with both ^^
Kal Rommel

A sig I made a few minutes ago from an anime(yaoi) called Sukisho. There are so many things that went wrong in this one!!! Argh! I'm so mad at it...but it is vaguely cute...just need some feedback on what I can change for next time ^^;

Elise Elric
Kal - Aw, that's very cute!!

I'm working on one right now, just working on final edits.
Kal - cute sig^^ it'll be better if it wasn't that colorless?

Elise - don't forget to post it! =P
Kal Rommel
That probably would look better...^^
The pastel effect is sorta a bit too subtle...thanks n_n I'll work on it a little bit more at school tomorrow and post a link to a new version, I guess...

Thanks, Zarpia-sama!
Elise Elric

Comments would be nice.
Kal Rommel
It looks really good, Elise!!! I love the colors, and the hearts are cute ^^ It's great! I love it =3

Here's another go at my Sukisho sig...I used a different color scheme...the text doesn't seem to fit right, but I can always go back later...

Kal - Personally I think the glow around the font could be toned down just a teeny tiny bit, but its probably just me ^^; Also, a thin 1px border would help out too

Just testing some blending effects with fonts/renders. This is just a quick 10-15 minute siggy, but what do you all think? I'm actually thinking of setting it as my main siggy

Kal Rommel
Wow, Packey!! I really like it! The blending worked out really well.

-Thanks for the advice. I'll try and tone it down a little bit. You're right though. And a border would probably work for it , too. Thanks ^^!
Pack - Wow, this is one of your best sigs IMO, is just looks great.

I need to do some sigs, but I can't do sigs I will not use XD
Elise Elric
Thanks Kal. I need requests otherwise I dunno what kind to make @_@


Feel free to use. Just credit me please.
@Elise Elric - You can set up your own Sig Shop thread in this forum, like other sig makers, and take requests if you want. biggrin.gif
How's this sig?
I think I'm steadily improving.
Elise Elric
^Good job Nekokitty!

@Tombow - Someday. But not now. I need more practice.
QUOTE(Elise Elric @ May 8 2007, 05:27 PM) [snapback]540499[/snapback]
- Someday. But not now. I need more practice.

@Elise Elric - Ok. Someday. ^^
Elise Elric
Wow, I'm on FIRE today!

This one may need resizing...
Kal Rommel
Elise I'll be happy to request stuff for your practice! You're welcome to ask me for anything, too. I'd like to open up a sig shop someday, but at my present level I'd sit there and laugh at my mediocrity...

Your Haruhi sig...You might want to work on cutting the image a bit better...I'm not sure if she's supposed to be blurry or not...
But then again, I'm not one to even consider critiquing sigs, so sorta just disregard this ^^;
Elise Elric
Kal - OMG it fixed itself! Wow.
@Elise:That's a cute Haruhi sig. But make it less blurry.
Pfft, like I should be giving advice, I'm still a n00b at this! xD
Two more by me:

Elise Elric
^ Wow you're good! I'm a n00b to making sigs too tongue.gif
Neko - I like the first one, looks great.
@ Neko - Shakugan, eh? ^^ It's nice and simple, but I think it's been over-brightened. Lower the contrast a little bit or make a duplicate layer and set it on multipy (play with the opacity). Otherwise, quite nice.

The second one could use some coloring adjustments to make the characters pop out a little bit more. Could also use some sharpening and a border. The background's nice and simplistic but it could have more, if you know what I mean. wink.gif

I think I'll make either a Bleach sig or a Darker than BLACK one soon. It's been forever since I last did something with Bleach and Darker than BLACK deserves something for its kickassness.
Thanks, Zarpia. ^^

@Blitz: Thanks for the advice. I was going to remake the second one, since I wasn't satsified with the result.
^ I like your current sig. Tsubasa Chronicle is great =D

Work on your rendering tho, I can still see little bits of white...
Elise Elric
I think I should PM this to Fushi-chan ... XD
^ You should. XD
^I second that =P
Thanks, Seventh Sky. smile.gif
@Elise Elric: That's another cute sig, I bet Fushigi would love that. XD

Anothe sig by me:
Because I've gone crazy for this pairing.....>.>;

And I remade the second sig I had posted previously.

Credit for the brushes & textures I used are in my sig.
Kal Rommel
Just an Ed sig that I made in class today...I just fell in love with his sort of predatorial grin today...

It's a bit dark...and I know there's no text...I just didn't feel like desecrating the poor thing with my crappy text editing...
^ Spiffy, but the background's a bit distracting.

A Darker than BLACK siggie I made:

Geh, all my brushes were deleted so I spent about an hour re-installing.... D:
Kal Rommel
Yeah...the background pops before Ed does. -does a dorky art kid squint test- I'll have to figure out how to do something with that...
Thanks, Blitz!

And great new sig! Sorry about the brushes.
Blitz - O.O I must see that anime now XD

Kal - Hey, nice sig, tho I agree with Blitz

Neko - What manga is the first one from? or anime?
Yayz. I have a new avatar. And if you think I didn't edit anything in it- THINK AGAIN WHOOT

Original pic

Sorry bout the caps bit, but I'm rather hyper and this avatar making has me kind of weirded out.
@Kal Rommel: I like the background but yeah, do as the others say. But nice sig anyway. ^^;
@Blitz: Ooh, nice one, I think I should see that series as well too now. XD
@Seventh-sky:I like the way you edited the colors on it! Very nicely done, as always!
@Zarpia: The first sig is Subaru and Seishirou from Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP.
They're also in X/1999 and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, two of CLAMP's other works. = D
Kal Rommel

Just a random siq request from another board. I know it's really simple. But I'm sort of glad it turned out that way...For some weird reason it wouldn't let me put text on this sig at all. The text works on all my other stuff, but not this one...which is infuriating...
Yes, it's craptastic. And that's why it's made by me ~_^
^It looks good, tho some text would have been better, but since you can't seem to do it =\ is weird that it won't let you do that.
Kal Rommel
I know ;_; I hate the fact that it doesn't have text. That's the part that irks me the most. I think I might have to PrintScreen it then save it again...the quality might go down, though ><;
Blitz made me another addition to my sig, my little CoF banner... biggrin.gif
I actually did try a banner of two, but I wasn't happy with the result D: sorry it took me so long to make it, but I'm happy that Blitz made a better one that what i was trying to do XD
Wee two more sigs by me!
*points to current sig*
New COF banner cause I have a short attentionspan.
New one cause I was bored.

Do you guys think I should open my own sig shop? I feel like I've improved quite a bit.
I'm going to open one on Gaia first as an experiment. = D
Elise Elric
QUOTE(Kal Rommel @ May 14 2007, 07:34 PM) [snapback]543184[/snapback]

N-n-no Elise... stealing is bad... *struggle*
QUOTE(ScarMySoul @ May 15 2007, 11:45 PM) [snapback]543764[/snapback]
Blitz made me another addition to my sig, my little CoF banner... biggrin.gif

is that Chrono from Chrono Crusade? *squints*
Kal Rommel
@Elise You're welcome to use it...since it didn't get the user's s/n, if I ever open up a shop I'll use it as one of my generic ones that everyone can use...oO;


I have a matching signature and avatar.

I can conquer the world now.
<3 love the combo!
And Scar's CoF banner character is Hotei from DevilxDevil.
My current sig is new (and please rate the sig and not the couple...)
Kal Rommel
@Kisara I like both the sig and the couple! But other than that, I really like it. Turned out great.

A sig I made for a friend...

And yes, I know the girl is blurry. It's a crappy render...
@Kal Rommel: It's cool, but there's something about backgrounds like that that I just don't like... dunno why. And, yeah, the render's a bit blurry.

My newest:

Something's missing... I can't pin-point what it is, though. I've tried adding text, but nothing looks right...
Kal Rommel
@Kisara I like it! Al's a bit're right, there is something missing. Maybe the colors are a bit bright..?

(I'm trying to stray away from my bracket obsession with sig backgrounds, but it's not going very well.)
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