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Full Version: Nintendo DS, Or Sony PSP?
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Everybody else is having a debate, so why not have one here! Personally, I chose the DS, I got one for Christmas and it's awesom!

Edit:Also, i've never played the PSP so I don't know how it is.
I don't know why, but I chose PSP... the DS looks like its better though....
I got a DS for christmas and it is freaking sweet, its also cheaper PSP
QUOTE(Askari0 @ Jan 15 2005, 01:30 PM)
I got a DS for christmas and it is freaking sweet, its also cheaper PSP

I agree.
Neither. They are both expensive and rquire batteries and so on. I would rather buy 4 new xbox and PS2 games than a PSP or DS.
QUOTE(Slashrose1010 @ Jan 15 2005, 01:58 PM)
Neither. They are both expensive and rquire batteries and so on. I would rather buy 4 new xbox and PS2 games than a PSP or DS.

Actually, ( idon't know about the PSP but...), the DS batterie is rechargeable up to like 500 times! It last a long time to, i've only had to recharge it like once or twice.
The DS`s batteries never go dead if you charge them!
PSP I have no clue.
I chose the DS cause it is more innovative.
DS looks really good, and i want to support nintendo and get one, but why, dear god, didn't they put an analog thingamagig on it, and then release mario on it. The graphics on PSP are amazing and it's getting GTA and DMC3 which are tempting on the move, but i reckon im just going to get an alienware laptop when i have the money, a proper gaming machine tongue.gif
PSP hands down. It's thiner, lighter, and all you need is an everyday CD case to carry around what would be cartridges, that would require you to purchase this bulky carrying thing, and all that. Plus the graphics are ten times as frickin' sweet!
i was talkin to a guy about this (and he coulda been a sales rep for nintindo at his rate) and from what i heard DS sounds alot better. not to mention the cartriges are the size or a SD chip
the fire alchemist
I'd go with the DS. Besides I've heard that PSP has some problems. Plus you can't play gameboy games on them.
Yay, Nintendo supporters! I mean, I have A PS2 and everything 'cause of some cool games on it ,(DBZ Budokai 3!), but I only have 3 games for it! As for my GameCube, I have like 9 or 10 games, see the difference?
Neither - but I get to buy a Barbie doll for my daughter - yeah, fun tongue.gif
I have a Nintendo DS, and I'm planing to get the psp, but i'll go with Nintendo DS
Full Metalloid Alchemist
The Nintendo DS is the only portable I own at the moment and probally for awhile. The DS has several things the PSP does not like inovation and battery life. The PSP killed Metal Gear by making a turned base game, but its a turned based game BECAUSE a full fledge Metal Gear game couldn't be playable with the PSP's battery life, so they had to simply it. Also with UMD's for the PSP why buy copies of your favorite movies or music on an obscure format. IF you bought say LOTR on PSP and played with the back light on your battery would be gone before the first movie was over. AND have any of you seen the flying UMD's the PSP will spit out a UMD for NO reason. So ya, The DS rules.
[QUOTE]zarpia Posted on Jan 18 2005, 05:38 PM
I have a Nintendo DS, and I'm planing to get the psp, but i'll go with Nintendo DS

I agree! biggrin.gif
yeah preston, nintendo ds is the best. biggrin.gif
laugh.gif yeah totally nintendo are the best and theyve been around too long for some ponsy @$$holes to come along and knock them off their topspot. power to the ds for being innovative and the psp should go in the bin cause it sucks and is not innovative yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif
as someone who owns a japanese PSP and has used the DS, i prefer the PSP. oh and for whoever said nintendo is number one... nintendo hasn't held the title of leading distributor for years. its dying, slowly but it is.
Le Monkey
I chose nintendo because I will always support Nintendo against the evil sony any day!

Full Flame Alchemist
Nintendo Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apple Juice
DS, no doubt.
Let's just say that I'm a Sony fangirl.
white dragon knight
DS for sure, nintendo rulez!!
I'll go with the PSP. Nintendo markets more to a younger audience and they have been doing the handheld for as long as I remember. On the other hand Sony is more current and cutting edge. I'm sure when the PSP comes out there are going to be problems; it's Sony style to have bugs when they release new products. Yet, in the end after the bugs have been worked out and the price goes down the PSP should out sell the DS.

PSP Edges DS in Sales

IPB Image
Full Flame Alchemist
sales dont count for shit though its gameplay that matters
QUOTE(Quadraxis @ Jan 16 2005, 03:33 PM)
I chose the DS cause it is more innovative.

Can DS play MP3, can DS see Jpeg, can DS se movies, do DS have firmaware updates,
can you conecct your DS to the PC and almost do everything you want??? well as far i know the answer is no.
QUOTE(ingemperor @ Jan 25 2005, 02:57 PM)
sales dont count for shit though its gameplay that matters

you do know the nintendo brand of kiddie entertainment appeals to less and less of their original market (the kiddies that grew up with NES), right? the same people that are the largest buyers of video games. sales indicate what the people like...

the psp's specifications are far superior to the DS in every way. this isn't a opinion this is a technical fact. sony's library of games has historically show itself to run circles around the competition. so please back up your statement with experience and fact.
for ka-rouso the ds will be able to play mp3's and youll be able to watch jpegs and all that jazz with a new piece of software comin out that lets u watch hear whatever u want.

if the psp's specifications are better then why havent sony released a handheld before, sony's library of games comes through buyin their way through everythin and some games which are just plain rubbish, it was my oppinion not a statement so i dont have to explain shit
whatever stick with your fanboy opinion... i'm not gonna argue with someone who just wants to give nintendo head based on blind obedience not fact.
ds sucks
I agree with hitokiri on this one. Nintendo is dying out very slowly, thanks to Microsoft and Sony.

DS maybe a great piece of hardware, but the operation to me seems it would be clunky. Pick up stylus, use, drop stylus, grab DS. You'd need a third arm for some games. PSP is sleek, shiny and iPod-ish. People like iPod, so they might get into

PSP because it has the same stylish concept.Basically same set-up as the console controllers, except the right analog. My only problem with PSP is... battery life. You can always compensate by using the charger, though.

(let the bashing continue... or end)
the DS is by far better than the sony psp. smile.gif

the games for the DS are also more fun. ph34r.gif
QUOTE(shogunskey @ Feb 7 2005, 09:57 AM)
the DS is by far better than the sony psp.  smile.gif

the games for the DS are also more fun. ph34r.gif

*points to Shogun* someone jump this guy! he needs to be taught a lesson. Listen, PSP will always be the best even if Nintendo brings out some really good porno game on the DS. THE PSP WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL... did I mention I've played it already?
In Australia the DS hasent been released but it's coming out Feb 24th

And Australias practically never heard of the PSP.

But if i had to choose i'd say the PSP because it's playstation and i've never really been into nintendo.
Apple Juice
Man, people losing faith in Nintendo products? It's still how it's always been with Nintendo...

yeah the DS is fun but I would still prefer the PSP, don't get me wrong I like Nintendo and everything but I also like the PSP a little more than the DS
Full Flame Alchemist
I agree with applejuice. I got a DS early (For the U.K)and I didn't import it. biggrin.gif

And if some people are interested in figures then look at who's winning the poll.
most people haven't even tried the DS, but te PSP is world wide news I mean come on
Full Flame Alchemist
Why buy a Nintendo DS?

The clue is in the name.

Nintendo. biggrin.gif
Sith lord Revan 64
Me PSP DS seems to childish but has FMA and FF3.
I am both a Nintendo and a Sony, I am a bigger Sony fan. If I had to choose it would definately be Sony. Advent Children wll be on the PSP, what more evidence do you need?!
...Nintendo is also aimed for the "younger" generation out there. Except for Resident Evil, I can't find anything that is popular and still satisfying at the same time in Nintendo's game choices that is aimed for a more mature audience.
Sith lord Revan 64
I changed my mind I just purchesed a DS and I love it DS launch games not be as
good as PSP but in the long run I truly belive DS will have the better games.
I love my DS, and i'm planing in getting a PSP.
I think the PSP is better because the DS's touch screen could break because of some games where you tap the screen with the stylus and sometimes the calibration of the touch screen could be wrong or in simpler words if you tap somewhere it goes somewhere else and also the PSP's graphics are waaaaaay better.
Steel Alchemist
I have a Nintendo DS, and I am working on getting a PSP!
I think DS because ds is so much less expensive its not even funny.A ds is about $130 bucks and a PSP is around $250 bucks,also the DS has way better games than a PSP,and nintindo has more experince with handhelds,one day sony just comes out with the PSP and everyone thinks its a big deal,In conclusion,i just dont like the PSP.
Fayth Prophecy
I like the PSP, mainly because I'm a Sony fan^^ The DS is alright and all, but the two screens are kinda confusing, while the PSP has one you can watch movies on it^^
Mr G
why is it people have this preconcieved concept about nintendo being "kiddy" yes mario and many other of their games are cartoony but that dosent make them kiddy in the slightest and to be honest id rather be playing mario one of the finest platformers ever to GTA which is just running around killing people and collecting drugs....
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