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Cast your vote here! (just for fun)
Tough Decision, Tough Decision...I'll have to browse through the Coup thread a bit more (its too funny)

But to make a good choice I must be brainwashed by brightly colored campaign signs and I'll hold my vote for a while
*dances* vote for me. I spam more than hitokiri.
Or better yet, kids: DON'T VOTE AT ALL! ohmy.gif ph34r.gif
^hey, I just wanna see which way people vote.
Well if there is to be an actual race we need some campaign drama... wink.gif

Let's get some info for all the voters out there: what are the Candidates lifetime spamming highlights?

And advice for the candidates:
How about bribing members with Hagaren merchandise??? biggrin.gif
just vote, damn you.
Ohh, yes. Bribe me with that, too.

. . . not that I'll vote, but you can try!
just vote, damn you.

Oi! Don't expect to win my vote like that!!!
Now, me a Roy shirt!! biggrin.gif

Blue dangles vote before LMD and cackles madly
My gosh, I voted. Those things just lure me in I tell ya.. >>
Who did you vote for, deshi?
Don't vote, it only encourages them. dry.gif
Who knows, I may vote later when I'm logged in. I may even abuse my multiple accounts.
Hitokiri of course. Cause he claims he is the one and only King of Spam.
He's just doing that because he's a son of a bitch, which makes me so proud of him smile.gif.
Multiple Accounts??
Schizo bad-assness is legal?

Still haven't voted....hmm hmm
Lets see, after LMD's comment, wink.gif and the fact that I still haven't received my Roy can see my vote might be going elsewhere ph34r.gif (
alright even though i dont have to win an election since i'm the king.... but since the people of spamonia wish for a propaganda campaign here goes....

Question: Is LMD a child molester?

Evidence: The grammar he uses directly targets the child population. He has never once denied the fact that he has jungle gym fever.

Conclusion: LMD likes the kiddies....

Fact: Hitokiri adamantly opposes child molestation and smells like vanilla.

Vote for the man that smells nice, not the guy that smells little kids as they sleep....

This has been brought to you by the coalition for a Hito-tastic spamonia.... laugh.gif
Very... nice, Hito. xD

Though, LMD is a kid himself.
*another mud slinging propaganda flyer apppears*

Recent evidence has shown that LMD has assumed the role of a minor in order to infiltrate preschool naptimes...

[insert doctored propaganda photo here]

How can the people of Spamonia trust such a character?

[insert picture of Hitokiri handing out burritos to the homeless]

Vote for Hito, and get a burrito.... biggrin.gif

This message brought to you by the Burritos for a Better Future Foundation laugh.gif
Best logic I've ever heard. You got my vote...wait....I abstained, so I'm not voting anyway.
hmm, compelling compelling evidence hitokiri
Ok! Even though I didn't get a Roy shirt I'll vote for you!
My love for burritos, mud slinging campaigns, and Jin avatars did me in biggrin.gif
:::blue munches burrito:::
Well, I cast my vote for Hitokiri. Now how do I redeem my offer for the free burrito?
laugh.gif Oh my gosh... you have GOT to be joking!
If I vote, I get free food!? ohmy.gif

*still debates some more*
*hands out free burritos to all who voted for him*

thank you for your support....

hey did you know that LMD doesn't oppose book burning? seriously have you seen him at any of the anti-book burning rallies? i think not... tell your friends...

*a random guy runs up*

Random Guy #1: This message and burrito has been brought to you by the Group for the End to Child Molesting Book Burners...

*guy runs away again*
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Jan 12 2005, 11:28 PM)
hey did you know that LMD doesn't oppose book burning? seriously have to you seen him any of the anti-book burning rallies? i think not... tell your friends...


Guess who gets my vote, now and forever?

*votes for hitokiri*
*an election commercial comes on*

IPB Image

"a godless heathen..."
- Fakey McFakeName, The Daily Planet

IPB Image

*in walks the Buddy Christ.*

IPB Image

Hi, I'm Jesus. But you can call me the Buddy Christ. We don't go much for titles nowadays... Anyways I'm just here to say that you should vote for my good friend, Hitokiri. I mean come on...

*gives the Buddy Christ thumbs up*

Vote for Hitokiri. Why? Cause Jesus says so, thats why..."

This message brought to you by the Buddy Christ Foundation for a Better Tomarrow
w...propaganda is fun.... laugh.gif
laugh.gif You run a very effective campaign, Hito! You got my vote biggrin.gif

But then, what I'm really afraid of is what LMD would do if he got elected... ph34r.gif
You're so good at this sort of propaganda, hitokiri! laugh.gif "Fakey McFakeName" . . . *can't stop laughing*
Omakase Shimasu
laugh.gif You may have gotten Quistis with the book-burning, but that's no reason for me to succumb just yet.

Hmmm, although I'm kind of contradicting myself since I was the one who bestowed the King of Spam title upon you...

Still. I'm God, since I vote. tongue.gif

I'm also going to be waiting for LMD'd campaign antics. The poor guy hasn't even gotten the chance to make a stance for himself. biggrin.gif
Le Monkey
so, he hasnt been here for a while so, hitokori is the winna,

in my own little world
I'm also going to be waiting for LMD'd campaign antics. The poor guy hasn't even gotten the chance to make a stance for himself. 

Haha, that's true...
Oh the surprise LMD will have upon seeing the thread he started going in this direction!
Surprise or uncontrollable rage?
Meh, he'll just make another topic and claim he's the king. If I were a spammer, that's what I would do.
Ahh, I see.

I better get my assassination weaponry ready.
Yeah, you may want to look into a pre-emtive strike.
Pre-emptive strikes are advantageous, but in a scenario where the outcome is already certain, it makes things less interesting. wink.gif
Hey, I'm up to dehumanizing more spammers smile.gif
*commercial comes on*
Hi, I'm love Me Destroyer. You may know me as a dark, sick, and twisted human being. but then again I am a sapmmer. also, I am not the brightest person I know, Being dumb is what being a spammer is all about. now tell me, is my oponent any of these things? *makes an accusatory face* no.
I'm george W-I mean LMD. running for the common idiot-uh, I mean spammer.
Wow, look at all those spammer m4d ski||z.
*stares at LMD's blank face*

Yep, he's a spammer....tongue.gif
*yet another commercial*

Sure Hitokiri is friends with Jesus... but we're here to endorse our friend, LMD.

IPB Image

achtung!!! vote for LMD, or i'll send you to the camps....!!!!!

IPB Image

Yo yo wassup I'm Osama Bin Laden. I hate America but I love LMD....

Vote for LMD, he's friends with terrorists and mass murders....

This message has been brought to you by Al-Qaeda Concentration Camps for LMD
Now comes the smear ads.

*gets the popcorn*

Ok, what's next
hello I'm the anti-christ. that was not jesus in those ads it was me. I have come out to tell the truth.....Hito is a liar, a smart liar. and therefore not a spammer.
*LMD appears*
hi, if you like croos-dressing gay-hating bipolar smart people, then go ahead vote for hitokiri. *makes accusatory face*
hehe, look who's back...

[That's what you get for not buying me a Roy shirt!!! LMD!!!!]

Blue sits back with some icecream to watch propoganda campaign continue
This is the best of forum entertainment, I must say.
*Get's blueices a sprite*

I think this is going to be fun.
:::Blue drags in two large laZboy armchairs:::
Indeed, Arche. Kampai!
*Bill Clinton walks in*
"Ahem. My fellow spamericans. LMD may be a terrorist loving son of a bitch. and, lets face it, he's a dumbass to. But isn't that what being a spammer is all about? Also, hitokiri makes love to penguins. Yes thats the shocking truth. Last night I stumbled upon his penguin fetish website. so Would you rather have a sex-fiend or an idiot for spam president?
[announcer voice]

And now we have in the left hand corner, the reigning champion. Labeled the king of Spam for his entertaining topic on whether you are an Amoral Son of a Bitch. The Sovereign Spammer - HiiiiiiiToooooKiri!

And in the Right corner, we have the new kid on the block. The Passionate Post Counter looking to overturn the reigning champe - L M D!

Well, LMD put up a good case for why he should be the spammer of choice, but he did not deliver the goods when asked. Those t-shirts would have really helped put him over the top. But Hitokiri took it right in stride and created a witty and fun comercial to show how he is the one who should remain the champion.

The crowd was only vaguely entertained by the initial moves of the two candidates. But now the campaign is turning ugly and drawing in the crowd to see who will bleed first.

What will come next?

Tune in as we watch the Battle of the Spam King!
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