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Full Version: Anime Con (conventions)!! Post up-coming Con info, your Con attending experiences, & pics!...closed because expanded as a full forum! Please post on individual con thread. :)
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Post your up coming anime conventions here!

Websites for your anime conventions:

P/m me all of your other anime convention websites that are <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>RELIABLE!!!!!!</span>
QUOTE(Dark Alchemist1 @ Jan 15 2005, 10:14 PM)
I don't have any.

........then don't post.

we have fanimecon here from may 27-30 at the san jose convention center and marriott, here in california. i'm still trying to figure out how to ask my parents to let me go unsure.gif if i do go, though, i'm going to try to cosplay (shield your eyes!) as iruka-sensei in anbu, and maybe make prints and reserve a table to sell fanart at. rolleyes.gif i don't know of any other forum people in my area other than penguin|tired and gugclo, though.
i have one going on in MAY in NC and its called Animazment.
I have one here in Boston, Mass. Its either March 1st or May 1st I forgot ph34r.gif.My step mom is going to take me if my real mom lets her biggrin.gif .
Anime North in Toronto, Canada is coming up in may i think....(our anime club at school is going there!@!!!!weee anime school trip rocks!!!)
Alchemy's Lover
Otakon in Baltimore end of July.

L'Arc en ciel was there last year.
How about Southern U.S.? Southeast?
Katsucon in coming up in February... mid Feb I believe, can't remember the exact date. That's down in VA. Me and a few friends are going to that.

And then there's Tekkoshocon. That's April 8-10 in Monroeville PA (which is near Pittsburgh) My friends and I are also going there, we might even have a table in the artists ally.
HEy check this link out this will tell you all you need to know...
I have one coming up in May for Animazement in NC
QUOTE(AlchemistEd @ Jan 29 2005, 11:38 PM)
I have one coming up in May for Animazement in NC

hey i know about that con and i might be going to it with sum friends.(yay!!!!!)
o and if i am going would u like to see if maby we could meet at the convention and go together .
Evil Alchemist
There's one in Anahiem, California the Anime Expo, it's really close to Disneyland. It's July 1 to July 4, I plan on going to it.
QUOTE(Stacys Slave @ Feb 5 2005, 10:07 PM)
so it IS full of nerds?

no not all of them are nerds(cause im going to Animazement in NC and im DEFINITELY not a nerd)
Its just people who like anime so much they want to be surrounded by other people who feel the same way.
(it is sorta like a pilgramage for otakus out there to go to at least one anime convention)
I'm not a nerd and I enjoy anime cons too. Its just a fun gathering for anime fans. And Katsu is in 7 days!
alchemist x
are there any in missouri
does anybody know if a anime con is going to be held in michigan
if u do please tell
Hey alchemistx and haplo i am ur savior!!!!!!
i have found u guys cons in both Michigan and Missouri.
The one in michigan is in Allendale and is on the 25-26 of June 2005.
Called JAFAX:Japanese Animation Film and Art expo(it might have other things in there tho)
And the 1 in Missouri is in ST.lewis and is on march 5-6 (i know kinda coming up fast but better late then never) and it is called Kunicon.

for Alchemistx vist here for details. This is sorta like a anime film festival.
if u want a gud address for anime cons visit

plus this one might have 1 in Michigan:

and no prob haplo biggrin.gif (now just mail my fee and well be squared wink.gif lol)
Azura Elric
If you guys need to know upcoming conventions just go here:

They're really on top of what's to come and when it'll be.
For all you people in the southeast US:

MTAC will be held in Nashville, TN April 1-3 2005. This will be their second year. More info at MTAC GO!

Hurray! We backward hicks get anime cons, too! w00t!!

MTAC will also have Vic Mignogna as a special guest (for those of you who don't know, that would be the dub VA for Edward Elric).
QUOTE(shardypsykoelf @ Feb 26 2005, 09:05 PM)
For all you people in the southeast US:

MTAC will be held in Nashville, TN April 1-3 2005. This will be their second year. More info at MTAC GO!

Hurray! We backward hicks get anime cons, too! w00t!!

MTAC will also have Vic Mignogna as a special guest (for those of you who don't know, that would be the dub VA for Edward Elric).

hey glad to see you guys down there are getting sum cons aswell.

Btw i love ur sig tongue.gif
I know someone else already mentioned this, but we've got JAFAX here in the middle of nowhere, also known as Grand Valley State Unversity in Michigan. is the website. It's like a mini version of a convention, but it's still really fun! Oh, and it's FREE.
For anyone in the north east, especially PA and OH there is Tekkoshocon which is in Monroeville PA, which is right by (maybe even in?) Pittsburgh PA.
Does anybody know of any conventions in the Eastern Washington area?
Animazement for NC still hasn't updated the convention list for 2005!
I want to know who is going to be the guest of honor there
(btw i am cosplaying as Edward Elric yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
QUOTE(Animeluva13 @ Mar 4 2005, 06:48 PM)
IM AGUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif  mad.gif


You think you got problems, I was called gay because I didn't like to see naked women. huh.gif

I'm gonna try to got to the same convention as Monkey, if I can escape work/get there/get the money. Actualy it isn't too far from where I live anyway, England is pretty small after all.
HEY all,

In a moment of boredom, I searched the web, using GOOGLE, looking for FMA stuff. I think I punched in something, like: FULL METAL ALCHEMIST COSTUMES, then I hit "search". Out of what popped-up, I clicked onto some link(can't remember what it was now, sorry...), and, one thing led to another- and I found this:


Hey everyone,

Vic Mignogna (voice actor extraordinaire) is about to film a small clip for a live action Full Metal Alchemist pilot and is wanting QUALITY FMA cosplayers. Below is what he sent me via email:

I am producing a Fullmetal Alchemist live action fan film. It is going to be a very exciting & high quality project, including several voice actors from the series. We will shoot February 25 and 26th in Houston. I need some cosplayers to play some specific roles in the film, as well as lots of extras who would like appear in it. The film will be shown at anime conventions all over the country, and may even appear as an extra on an upcoming DVD volume of FMA. Featured characters needed are:

Roy Mustang

Two things are REQUIRED. First that you have a great costume for the character. Secondly, that you look like the character as well. We are trying to put on screen what these characters would look like in real life.

ANYONE, however, who has an FMA costume and would like to appear in the film, we definitely have a place for you! There are several scenes, including the final dramatic climax that we can use all the FMA cosplayers we can get.

Interested? Contact Vic at If you want to be considered for one of the featured characters, please send a picture of yourself in costume, along with contact information. I will notify those who are selected for the featured roles. THIS IS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN!


Vic Mignogna

If you think you got what it takes, please drop him a line as the shooting date is coming up.


Sorry about bringing this to you all so late,... but I just ran accross it, myself, just last night. BTW, I originally tried to post this in the ANNOUNCEMENTS & SITE NEWS portion of this site- but it wouldn't let me start a "NEW TOPIC". I did QUICKLY scan the FORUM RULES AND GUIDELINES, and searched the ANNOUNCEMENTS forum for "FAN FILM(s)"," fanfilm", "FANFILM", ect. " and got nothing(so... I knew I wouldn't be DOUBLE-POSTING! smile.gif ). But I still couldn't figure out how to start a NEW TOPIC. I almost gave up, at that point,... but then, I found this place. So, I hope I'm not stepping on any toes or breaking any grave rules by posting this- like this, here.

I thought it was interesting, and was pretty sure a few others would agree.

C-ya/ Ciao.
DarkWater Alchemist


*waves con flag*

I don't suppose there are alot of people here who'd come, unless you live close enough to the Netherlands (like me wink.gif ) I'ts quite a big event, and there are many rules to it, but this year is the first time I'll go, so I don't really know how things work down there ^^

The site is in English, so feel free to take a look ^^
QUOTE(Thievesvinegar @ Mar 18 2005, 08:59 PM)
I just have to point out that Gas lives pretty near. Isn't she in SB? That is, if she hasn't lied to me and really lives in Afganistan and being a female, I would pray for her. I'd be willing to see another common asian face at the expo, then we'd finally have pics of people who's known for shirking pics. Mei, Gas, me...could you even be in a better state?

And somehow I'll order my aliens to abduct Quis and bring her here.

Actually, at the moment I'm nearer than that. In fact, I just passed SGV several hours ago on my way back.

I'd go, but I'm not really that into anime, and in July I'll be in SB taking summer classes anyway.
DarkWater Alchemist
QUOTE(Thievesvinegar @ Mar 17 2005, 09:59 AM)
hmm..wonder if Omakase would go to that. You guys should meet up, Dark can snap a picture and post it here since OMakase refuses to do so herself.

I did PM her about it, but I didn't get a reply yet. She's so not here sad.gif
I would snap a pic if I could, but taking photographs is forbidden all over the con unless you've got a... you know what I mean, I don't know the word biggrin.gif. *shakes fist at organisation* That also mean I can't make pics of cosplayers rolleyes.gif
Son Goshin
i know that there's a convention coming to chicago this may 13th-15th at the donald e. stephens convention center. go to to learn more about it. i'll probably be there, one of the main reasons because the pillows are playing a concert there! cool.gif
Alchemy's Lover
Otakon in July/August it'll be my third year there biggrin.gif
Well i hope to be the same at the Con in Durham(since this is going to be my first con)
Tekkoshocon is in Pittsburgh, PA. one week to be exact. Piano Squall is playing there this year, which should be cool. ^^
i remeber there is a convention in california sometime this month, but im not sure what the date was. anyone know?
Is there any in Illinois? >.< *Never been to one*
QUOTE(mongooseboi @ Apr 2 2005, 10:36 PM)
i remeber there is a convention in california sometime this month, but im not sure what the date was. anyone know?

fanime in san jose at the end of may, and anime expo 2005 in anaheim in july-ish. i'm not sure if i can make either, we'll see...
well i already finished trig last semester so i might as well take it so i dont forget all the formulas
Is there one coming to Austin, Texas? Or some where near here? PLEASE TELL ME!!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!
My friends and I are going to go to Anime Expo 2005 in Anaheim, California. It's from July 1-4. We are all going to dress up as characters from Gravitiation, unless we make a new plan.
Azura Elric
I shall be going to the MetroCon05 in Tampa this June with two of my friends. Only for a day though. *sighs*
I'm heading to Otakon in August. It'll be the first time going to that one. I've only gone to one other one and that was Katsukon a few years ago. Otakon apparently blows all other cons away so I can't wait!
Alchemy's Lover
Yes another Otakon goer sweet. You will love it because it is the best con ever made. This year will be my third so trust me. They have even extended the hours for Friday and Saturday which it is 24 hrs. from 6 to 6 those days. tongue.gif
AA battery
Anime Evolution, hosted in Simon Fraser University every August (since 5 years ago I believe) in Vancouver, BC, Canada... (been there last year it wasn't too bad... it's pretty much the only con that I can go on my own ^^; )
Thanks for the vote of confidence alchemy's lover. And OMG armor alchemist, I just looked at the link and it says that Johnny Yong Bosch is to be a guest of honor. I've always thought he was really cool (even in his Power Ranger years) and he is responsible for the very few good dubs out there nowadays. Man if he was going to Otakon I'd love it.

Man, I'd love to go to Vancouver (I have a few very good friends there and in Victoria), but alas *sigh* school and that job thing keep me back sad.gif I'll get there at some point though.
Animazement is having a convention Memorial weekend 27-29 in Raeleigh,NC!Yay me!!
Theres Anime North in Toronto, Canada its in the upcoming week i believe.
i am going there with my anime club at school!
im going to the anime expo in anaheim! (CA for ppl who dont know) to learn more, click here.
Otakon is my next convention, and I'm really looking forward to it. It'll be my 5th convention but my first otakon. since its our first, my twinling and I are going all out on our costumes (we want to look good, you know ~_^). pre-reg is going at a steady rate too...
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