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Elise Elric
I work mostly at a computer store in the Village part of my town.
And at some times I work at:
-Domino Magazine
-Cablevision (Massapequa Main Headquaters)
All are family related. I'm there at least a couple times a month. $18 to $28 an hour is worth it.
I'm applying for a job at Bruegger's Bagels... XDDD My friend works there and told me there's an opening. I'll finally be able to splurge money for once in my life. >:3
My last job didn't suit my likes dry.gif . I couldn't stay there for 8 hours a day after school doing boring stuff, so i'll look for a better job, like Barnes & Noble.
Envy II
It's extremely weird saying this.. but I want one.

My parents won't let me get one, though... They say I should practice instead. That's great... but where's the money for my new alto saxophone going to come from? sad.gif
I work at Wal*Mart.... there I said it... hahahaha

I'm one of the lead associates in the Toy department... biggrin.gif
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