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Does everyone here have a job? Are you seeking for one? Tell us about your current status and/or various experiences relating to your "career"! biggrin.gif
I'm still a student! but trying to be a lifeguard when I hit 17!! and I wanna be a graphic designer!
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Haha. Yes, the spoiler tags are fun. biggrin.gif

I myself, though a university student, teach music at the Chinese school that I haven't even technically graduated from (I took the Grade 12 in the summer and don't get the grad ceremony until May). I teach music there to children from junior and senior kindergarten to grade 2. Don't even ask why there's a junior/senior thing for kindergarten. I don't know either.

The children are so difficult! I'm starting to want to teach high school more and more, and in ENGLISH . . .

Though it's not TOO bad at the moment. Some kids are disobedient, and some of them love me (this little girl gave me a hug!).
well, I'm a student at University but I still have a job. In the summer I work at a plastics factory as a general laboror. During the school year, however, I work as a computer lab assistant... in other words I count people every 30 minutes and watch FMA at work. lol.

LOL! Watching FMA at work . . . must be delightfully fun. What are you taking in university? I heard about your Psychology and Biology texts, but what specific classes? Did you choose a major/degree yet?
I'm a student, but I work at a government housing center, where I do computer tech. $10 an hour, free banking and ATM card, what's there not to like?
I'm a stundent at the CEGEP. The school system isn't the same as the one in the us and most of the other countries. We've got 5 years of what u could call highschool and then u graduate to the CEGEP where u've got 2 options: 1-Pre-university class 2- A technique and then work
I'm in a 3 years technique in animation ^^

I used to work in a grocery store but... I was fired today T.T
Fired!? That's too bad . . . why did they fire you?
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Sep 30 2004, 02:00 AM)
Fired!?  That's too bad . . . why did they fire you?

Mostly because they didn't really need me anymore dry.gif
If I kept working there I'd get like... 5 hours every 2 weeks
And also... cuz I'm slow XD There's a thing that calculates how much item u scan every minutes and I'm the one who does the less.
...yeah... T.T
I hated my job so it's not so bad and I've already got some other offers somewhere else
Ahh, yes. As long as there are other offers. Where are you thinking of working now?
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Sep 30 2004, 02:12 AM)
Ahh, yes.  As long as there are other offers.  Where are you thinking of working now?

in errrm... another grocery store ^^;;;

the one where I used to work was part of a big chain with ZE Big Business, so it was VERY stressing. The one where I'll probably work next is a very small one with fine cuisine and stuff ^^
I wish I could work at the anime store next to my school but I just doesn't fit with my school schedule sad.gif
Chibi Viki
still looking for work... i'm supposed to take praticum for architecture and take the board exams after but... i have no plans of becoming an architect anymore so i have been looking for media-related jobs, especially 3D modeling and web design.

*sigh* it's really frustrating. but i plan to go back to school when i saved enough money and finally take up fine arts.
Yea I worked in a grocery store from when I was 15 to 19 then they were bought out by another company and they Fired everyone.
I was Unemployed for maybe about a month till I got a job at a Company Called Rescare.

So At my current I work with Special Needs People, Its a Great job You get a great feeling after work knowing that your helping people with special needs.

I am Currently 20yr and Have worked for rescare for about 7 months.
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Sep 30 2004, 12:52 AM)
LOL!  Watching FMA at work . . . must be delightfully fun.  What are you taking in university?  I heard about your Psychology and Biology texts, but what specific classes?  Did you choose a major/degree yet?

it is. and it gives me chances to catch up on the episodes and everything, since I'm dreadfully behind, lol. I'm only at ep. 36.

Class-wise I'm taking:Child Psychology, Intro. to Concepts of Bio, Elementary Topics of Math I, History since 1877, Oral Communication, and Intro to Theatre. My major is Elementary Education with a dual major in English specialty in Reading and a minor in art. ... and I get to work 8 hours a week with all that. got to love unversity life, neh?

Done with School, (Thank GOD!). Have my degree in Media Arts and Animation with an emphasis in Production. Currently in a so-so job at an Ad agency. But am still applying to the studios. I have interviewed at major studios.. But the (insert negative adjective here) didn't hire me. You would think that after 5 to 7 interview that they would.. but just my luck. But I still have my connections there so there is still hope for me. Am hoping to get into Animation production, but right now I am leaning more towards games.
Wow, games! I wanted to go into the gaming industry as well, but in the sound/music department. I want to take over for Nobuo Uematsu! LOL, not that I'll ever have sufficient ability to . . .

Gonna be a teacher, eh, dreamcatcher? I'd like to do that as well. Good luck on your studies and have fun with the FMA-watching!
currently in my last year of high school, hoping to get into RISD/Carnegie Mellon/Yale (<--wishful thinking. my chances of getting in are like, .5%) and major in either graphic design, industrial design, animation, or architecture. then get my bachelors and get a job as either a graphic designer, product designer, animation flunky, or architect smile.gif gaming sounds really interesting but it's so competive, and i'm HORRIBLE at computer science (which i heard you need some background in. depending on what do you do, i guess). my HTML is fine and i can do some C++ and some copy-and-paste javascript....but other than that i suck. happy.gif;;
I think you would only need computer science if you want to go into the programming side. Which I think there are more opportunities for. But alas I went to school with artist. And, yes that is VERY competitive. I know a lot of really talented people still looking for jobs. A lot of them start out in game testing. So if that is where you want to go, it is a good start. I know someone who started as a tester, has been with the studio 5 years and is now a level designer!
Omakase Shimasu
'm looking for a job. biggrin.gif I've got a part-time job right now, so I'm still getting in some excercise while I wait.
I'm fully employed in an international IT outsourcing company... the company of which is the reason why I'm in Singapore right now. I get paid well... not too good, but not too bad either. However, this job isn't the reason why I went into computer studies in college, so I really have no intention of staying here for the rest of my life. I want to do games or animation. And when I do get the chance to get the job I've always wanted, I'll go for it. smile.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
just finished some part time work at the airport over here
The Flame Alchemist LuckyANBU
naw i have no job..altho im glad i dont

but next borthday when i turn sixteen im gonna work at waldenbooks (where i buy all my manga)

i kno iim gonna work there cuz IM ALWAYS THERE and i know the manager and aeveryone else who works there! (WoW i cant wait ill b able to buy SOO muh manga w/paycheck AND discount hehehe)

I cant wait till college tho!! high school still has too many restrictions bleh. so horrible.
High school may have the restrictions, but college/university makes up for that "freedom" with the work load. Trust me on this one . . . *sighs*
The Flame Alchemist LuckyANBU
High school may have the restrictions, but college/university makes up for that "freedom" with the work load. Trust me on this one . . . *sighs*

o i understand that but still u have so much freedom!

and in college its not like homework is the biggest concern in the class..
It's being attentive during class and takeing notes all that good stuff DURING class.
Then u study like a crazy person for a week 4 the final pass that and u r golden.!

i kno there is still work but if u dont do some of it it doesn't kill u like here in child care center i mean HS.
That may be true regarding the taking of notes and listening at lectures, but . . .

You miss handing in one assignment, you're technically screwed for that class. smile.gif
Boy, I missed those days in high school when I had >8 hours of sleep. No kidding the workload takes too much time. Good thing I decided to take only 16 units of class instead of 20.
You had more than 8 hours of sleep a night back in high school, Gashole!? ohmy.gif Wow, I wish that was the case with me . . . maybe I was too much of an over-achiever or something back in high school. Come to think of it, if I wasn't in Jazz Band and didn't have to wake up so early for those morning practices, maybe I would've gained some weight (a good thing in my case).
study Commerce & Engineering at one University and another school^^
Wow, engineering . . . I admire the intellect of engineers. biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Oct 13 2004, 10:58 PM)
Wow, engineering . . . I admire the intellect of engineers.  biggrin.gif

thank you, quistis, but i admire music more!!

i love the baroque music, and if i were a teacher, i would teach the children how to recognize the different themes in a fugue... i am so fanatic after the "old music"^^^^^^

good luck...
im searching for a job atm.
Currently a student at a private school. And loving student life. ^^
The Flame Alchemist LuckyANBU
ok im posting this bcuz when i do ill have posted last in every thread on the first page lol srry 4 the flooding but i wanna c it lol
QUOTE(Prinz_Zoisit @ Oct 14 2004, 03:30 PM)
i love the baroque music, and if i were a teacher, i would teach the children how to recognize the different themes in a fugue... i am so fanatic after the "old music"^^^^^^

You could be a music teacher, Prinz. smile.gif I wish I could do that with a Fugue! I can't even play them smoothly! They're so difficult . . .
Fullmetal Elric
i have a job, i work part time at a hocky rink making 7.00 an hour and am planning on a raise soon ^-^. i'll get to drive the zambonie!
my other time is taken up by theater and school.
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Oct 15 2004, 11:15 PM)
You could be a music teacher, Prinz.  smile.gif

yea.... but i chose another future^^
QUOTE(Fullmetal Elric @ Oct 16 2004, 01:10 AM)
i have a job, i work part time at a hocky rink making 7.00 an hour and am planning on a raise soon ^-^.  i'll get to drive the zambonie!
my other time is taken up by theater and school.

you work at a hockey rink! so cool! and theatre is awesome too. is that your major?

Fullmetal Elric
no lol, im in high school, i plan on going into computer networking or something like that
what about you?
I'm officially starting working as of today!Babysitting wink.gif I know, it's a small start,but hey, I'm turning 14 on the 9th!
Congratulations! laugh.gif I should also try to find a would be helpful to have another source in addition to birthday/New Year's money from relatives to spend on Japanese-related merchandise... happy.gif
I work at a computer lab in the school year and a plastics factory in the summer. my advice, stay in school and get an education because factory jobs are terrible.
I'm a music teacher at a Chinese school, and I have to put up with many things that aren't even in the job description. Come to think of it, there wasn't even a job description.

Children love me, but some can be so annoying.
DarkWater Alchemist
I didn't know you were a teacher smile.gif but you teach a cool subject too ^^ How old are your pupils?

It would be good if I got a job, but I can't bother enough to do the effort to find one as long as it's not a []need[/i]. I sometimes go to my mom's work, cleaning or helping in the kitchen of a caterer. Not hard work, but weird hours, in weekends.
I work at target^_^ good for christmas i get discounts, well at least my parent's do..laugh.gif
i work at a place called benefits are being lazy and doing nuthin...i wonder y im not getting?*mom yells 2 get off computer*
QUOTE(DarkWater Alchemist @ Dec 2 2004, 05:58 PM)
I didn't know you were a teacher smile.gif but you teach a cool subject too ^^ How old are your pupils?

They're too young, that's all I can say. wink.gif And you read my LJ rant, so I'm sure you know now. laugh.gif Thanks for the comment!
i wonder..., i want to get a job too, but wats the legal working age..??? 15?
I'm pretty sure 15 is the legal age, but that depends on where you're from. I mean, look at all the child labor . . . elsewhere. biggrin.gif
laugh.gif well it must be legal, cuase they let me get the job at gameing station, unless it's an elligal smuggling operation!!!!!
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