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Full Version: A Very Late Fma X-mas
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yes I know Chritamas is over but I decided to put this pic up since my friend scaned it for me and I colored it so here is
very cute! XD gotta love a chibi edo! ^___^
Omakase Shimasu
"ZOMG!!1!! That's teh CYUTE!@"

Sorry, but I really feel like I should explode and bombard you with praise, lime-chan. biggrin.gif Problem is I can't find the exact words right now. ^^;; Just know this is GOOD and I give you two big thumbs up. *pumps fists up and down* More, more, more~~!! Ed's so cute and Al's so himself - amazing!!
DarkWater Alchemist
it's a bit pixel-ish in full view, but overall well drawn and colored ! And cute of course ! It's never late to wish people good luck and happiness ^^
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