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I'm new here n.n Here's a fanart of Edo, my first FMA fanart actually. I wanna make more happy.gif

Edo Fanart
@M-J: I think it's good biggrin.gif . You have a very unique style smile.gif . Doesn't Edward have one hair that's sticking strait up though huh.gif ?
Thanks for your comment ^^
When I did this drawing I had no reference ^^; so I guess that'd be a reason happy.gif
@M-J: You were able to draw Edward without looking back at a picture of him ohmy.gif ? Wow, you must have a really good photographic memory biggrin.gif .
Shadow the lost brother
Ok i'm going to be honest here. For no template I must admit right off the bat great great art work. I wish I had you when I was trying to make my Magna book, Empty Vessel: Legend of the Soulless Man. Anyway. My Problem with it is the face an eyes. The eyes don't seem to really be Ed at all. and as for the body. I think it's too tall. lol hey that's actually preety funny. Anyway. the hair needs to be thicker in my perspectives. I like the jacket and shirt set-up there. But here's the thing that gets me. You made him to serious. Ed is serious but he has a light side and even in trouble it shows. You have a fne character here and i'm not taking away from your drawing ability at all but i'm just comparing it to what you was trying to do. So don't take it the wrong way.
Oh no, I approve well of a critique. ^^Thanks a lot for that. My drawing style is really stylized as you see, and well, I wanted to draw Ed in my style. I know Ed has a real bright side, but I also drew this thinking on what problems Ed has had ^^; so that's why he looks serious here. The only thing I wasn't aware of was the body, yes, too tall lol, I'm used to draw people long and skinny. Maybe I should try and draw Ed in the original creator's way biggrin.gif and see how it goes.
@M-J: You should draw more. I'd like to see what else your capable of biggrin.gif
its a nice pic
^^ I'm actually practicing sketches, non my style though. As soon as I'm done I'll post here happy.gif They're Ed's =p
nice work ^^;;
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