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Full Version: Which Homunculus Has The Best Powers?
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Queen of the dammed
Please don't fight people.... we don't want burning corpses around here....
Please don't fight people.... we don't want burning corpses around here....

lol..its ok were not going to fight....i was just joking...(*starts burning paper...then his matress...then a tree...then he burns his whole house down{just like al and ed!@.@}) tongue.gif
Queen of the dammed
That's alright... I just didn't want anyone cauing more pollution... tongue.gif
Le Monkey
i voted green for the same reason as zio, greed is just soooo, cool
Omakase Shimasu
I chose Sloth. biggrin.gif It was a toss up between her, Envy and Gluttony really... Ecventually I went along with her since everybody seems to hail Envy's skills and I already chose Gluttony in the other thread similar to this one, so... smile.gif Sloth rocks in my opinion.

blink.gif Lust, 0 votes? Wha...?
phoenix dying
If you really think about it, having sharp growing nails that can impail people is kinda cool, but no.

I chosed envy
im choosing envy, basically everyone took my reasons, so just read the pages.
Queen of the dammed
Being able to turn into someone else is kinda cool....
Queen of the dammed
Before the red stone incident.....
So explain to me again why there are two threads of this?
Omakase Shimasu
The cool or adorable bit? biggrin.gif;; Because I still find him adorable in later episodes. OK, maybe not really adorable, but still cute. smile.gif
white dragon knight
Envy, because of him you can trust anybody, he might be one of them... that's why he has the best powers
Definitely not Wrath or Lust. I remember a couple of days ago wondering exactly what power Lust has and I thought, 'She probably makes her nails grow like Meg on that one Family Guy ep.' Whaddya know...

I pick Envy. The most useful power ever.
I am a stone cold lust lover. but did the way her fingers and nails were like connected to her sleeves irk anyone else. whenever i look at them i think of monkey hands for some reason.
I want Greed's powers. To have be the ultimate sheild in battle would be fun. You can easily get rid of your enemy without having to worry about injury. The only down side is that I couldn't reform limbs and use the ultimate sheild at teh same time.
I think Envy's powers would have the most advantage. I mean, he can practically fool anyone and that's pretty scary if you think about it.

Lust's claws wouldn't be too bad either, but they look really weird for some reason.
Although i'm not fond of Envy, his powers rock.

Edit: Although Wrath, if he used his powers to the best of his ability, would be freakin' invunerable.
I voted for Pride on this one. Sure, Greed may be impervious to physical damage and Envy can transform into whatever, but in a straight-out all 7 Sins duking it out brawl?

The first to go would be Wrath. His power's pretty useful, but he lacks battle experience and wouldn't be able to take on the older Sins.

Second would probably be Gluttony. Yeah, he may be super strong, but he doesn't seem to be too quick with his mouth (nor brain, for that matter) and will be killed often by the others before he could get the chance to eat anyone.

Lust'll probably be the next to go. Her power is useful against a lot of people, but when your remaining opponents are Sloth, Greed, Envy, and Pride, well.... see ya.

I dunno' about the next.... Sloth or Envy. The former can pretty much not get hurt because of her ability to turn into water, but she'll eventually run out of steam. Envy may have the extremely useful ability to transform into anyone, but it doesn't help any here where everyone knows the others' powers. Greed/Pride will take him down at some point.

Greed's strong as hell and if he transforms into complete carbon when going against Pride, well.... it will be one LONG fight. In the end, though, Pride has this one (plus, look at the manga dry.gif).
As much as I hate to admit it....I would have to say Envy. Being able to transform into anything or anyone gives him amazing advantages in battle and other missions so he's a deadly, sneaky opponent.
I love Envy's power. I'd love to have it, although if I had to be a cross-dressing palm tree to do it, I'll have to say pass. ^^;;
andres higuera
I think transforming is cool since i could turn into anybody i
want.That is good even though i do not think envy is cool.
I could turn into edward elric and get all the ladies and
fangirls all for myself.
If good powers= kill humans...
Envy's shapelifting power, definitely, is best.
Transform into a trusted of the victim, kill the victim. Victim dies in extra pain or even fail to defend. Perfect. *feels a little cold*
hmm Thats tough.

I say Lust.

If the question was which of the Homonculi is most capable of killing humans, the answer has to be Pride. His actions killed countless of people, for he unleashed a terrible wars across the world. And that had little do with his powers -I am sure he was picked for his role as a Fuehrer on purpose -he had the mental toughness to be a brutal dictator.
Ahhh. Good point Longsword. Im not sure if they meant like, physically, self doing or like what powers you have over the country though.

But thats an excellent point.
If the best is counted as a masscre of normal civilians, Pride and Lust would probably be the best (imagine using all ten fingernails at once!). But if the homoculi were fighting against each other, it would have to be Pride.
Yeah I was thinking Lust because, shes so damn fast, be the time your brain would THINK to move, youd be dead.
Totally Envy... -always thought it was cool to shape-shift- ^-^
..i have other reasons that are mainly why i hate envy ALOT, but i don't know how to spoiler tag. BUT BELEIVE ME. WHEN YOU SEE THE ENTIRE SERIES YOU"LL MOST LIKELY HATE ENVY TOO. Well, it depends,really.
I don't really like Envy, but I have to admit his power is really cool.
I voted for Gluttony because if he can eat anything if lust attacked him with her fingers. he could just eat them.
I voted for Gluttony because he can eat people.
(mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm tosty)
i know what envy,lust and gluttiny looks like but i got to see the other four

and Evny is a guy?!
I voted Envy.
i'll vote when i see all of those guys
i dont like Envy and her/his smile.gif powers. Greed is great with his body armor
I like Envy, but I chose Greed. I like him/
i dont hate envy
he just has mental problems
his power is pretty cool.
i mean he can sneak up on ANYONE and kill them
I didnt chose lust since she has a weakness; bending her fingers
Pride. His ultimate eye shows him every possible conclusion to every given scenario (Think of it like crystal-clear intuition, so he can dodge attacks easily). He can see they very strains of the wind.

I'd take that power over the others any day.
Now, I'm a huge Greed fan, and his powers are cool and all....And I'm definately no Envy or Pride fan...But I gotta say Pride or Envy
Hahaha,I knew it.Envy's gonna win again!
I think Envy has the coolest power, but I didn't vote for him out of pure spite >_>
Envy kicks ass envy a girl or a guy, kuz he looks like both o.O
QUOTE(HybridAlchemist @ Feb 7 2006, 07:07 PM) [snapback]347594[/snapback]

Envy kicks ass envy a girl or a guy, kuz he looks like both o.O

*sigh* He is a guy. I'm tempted to spoil how you can tell that he's a guy because this question has been asked so many times....Is it really that hard to tell?
I thought he was a girl kuz with the long hair and skirt like pants make him look like one
But he's totally flat and scrawny.
I personally like Evny just because Shapeshifting is always been one of my favorites.
Yeah, but u gotta think about wrath. He's Pretty awesome.
I'd say Envy has the best powers from what I've seen so far in the manga. :]
Full Metal Elf
Well...I picked Envy...just because...yea..awesome power!....

As far as..what Envy is......

[spoiler]In Anime...YES..we find out Envy is male.

In Manga...we don't know....Envy has no gender....Envy's true form is literally a monster.... [/spoiler]
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